What is a Regular Person?

Cutting straight to the point, a regular person is someone who should not bother reading this blog. They should immediately close the browser and go to a motivational seminar or spend their money on self help books written by unsuccessful people. If they are really ambitious, they can go ahead and update their resume and find another hourly or salary job that requires no change in responsibility or skill-set.

In short? Regular people should be avoided at all costs and you can see the impact they can have on this blog alone. For one reason or another, traffic has tripled here (again), we have to automatically mark hundreds of comments as spam (again) and for some reason they think this blog is written for them (it isn’t). Regular people simply *slow you down*. This post is going to go borderline “nasty” in commentary towards regular people in an attempt to kick them off the website forever.

#1 Regular People are Impressed by $3,000 in Monthly Passive Income: No joke, they are impressed by this. Regular people believe that $3,000/month while doing nothing is an “accomplishment”. They believe that it is obtainable by starting a website catered to other imbeciles like themselves and that it will free them up to “see the world”. In reality? $3,000 a month doesn’t even pay for rent in a major city and should be achieved well before your 30th birthday. Think about it. Even at 7% returns all you would need is just over $500K to hit this marker.

#2 Regular People Never Fail: You would think that a regular person would be failing day and night to improve his current circumstances. But. In reality, he is busy being an expert on everything. You can compete professionally in tennis but somehow he will claim that he gave up his “potential” way back in high school. He “could have” been in the same position as you if he “wanted to”.

#3 Regular People Pass On Bad Advice: Since he has never accomplished anything… but… believes that he will be “successful in the future” he passes on more non-sense advice to anyone who will listen. He will give you advice on fitness (never even competed in college), money (doesn’t even make $250K), girls (he was the “man” in college) and your career (hasn’t gotten promoted in 5 years). Never challenge any of his ideas because he will get extremely upset. Much better to smile, nod and agree.

#4 Regular People Believe Wall Street Wants to Rip Them Off: Lets draw the line at tier 3 and above Wall Street professionals. This means you do not interact with retail clients at all. In short? Wall Street employees don’t even interact with regular people on a work basis let alone care about their pocket books. Wall Street is a fee based organization and a performance based entity as well. No employee on Wall Street is interested in squeezing out $50 from a guy who makes $100K a year. It is a waste of time. Front office Wall Street employees are only interested in major institutions and company management teams. A regular person’s Scott Trade account isn’t even on the radar.

#5 Regular People Live Above Their Means: Since regular people are smarter than you when it comes to… well… everything. They deserve the best. This means they have no problem ringing up hundreds or even thousands of dollars of credit card debt. In addition? They have the audacity to complain when they are charged late fees! They are living well beyond what they can afford to purchase but… because they “deserve it”… they believe all fees should be waved.

This is a major hint for those of you looking to make money. If you want to start a finance blog catered to the masses create one where you claim you were “up to your eyeballs in credit card debt but figured out how to solve your problems using this one quick trick!”.

#6 Regular People are Emotional: If you want to target the masses (idiots) you need to write extremely “moving pieces”. The best example of a way to speak to the masses is Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University. It had everything lined up perfectly to go viral with “regular people”. People saw the word Stanford and thought they were getting a sneak peek at “elite” advice. Of course Steve Jobs realizes he is on stage being recorded so his *audience* is really *the world* not just Stanford university students. So he created a pump up feel good speech that went viral. No doubt this helped his product sales. For those that actually read his book? You’ll realize he was a tyrant just like the vast majority of successful people. Beautifully delivered and well marketed.

If you want more examples of how to communicate with regular people, just pull up videos of viral motivational speeches. These are all targeted at regular people.

#7 Regular People are Influenced by Their Environment: The difference between elite and regular is subtle. Elite people adapt to their environment while regular people are *impacted* by their environment. Regular people are easily swayed by the opinions of strangers. Therefore, a new environment will actually change the way they think. Regular people are essentially chameleons. They are too scared to stand out so they will blend into whatever crowd you put them in.

Alternatively? Elite people will *adapt* to the new rules they are handed. Instead of simply trying to fit in like a chameleon they will figure out how to succeed in the new environment regardless of what other people are doing.

#8 Regular People are Liars: The difference between regular people and elite people is this. Regular people lie *up* elite people lie *down*. If a regular guy claims to make $100K a year he probably makes closer to $80K. Meanwhile. If an elite person tells you he makes $80K he probably makes $250K+. He is just giving a low ball number to avoid answering questions all day.

Of course there are new money elite people who like to flash cash, however, most rich people enjoy hiding their wealth. They have already been “hit up” for loans and favors by their closest friends and relatives so they decided to simply hide it.

Try and poke around for clues? They won’t have any interest in giving you information unless they find a way for both of you to benefit.

#9 Regular People Believe Rich People Are Mean: Another false assumption. Rich people are generally extremely logical. If you ask for a favor that you know he can easily do and he says “no” this does not imply that the person is mean. Instead? It implies that he has no reason to grant the favor.

Regular people expect hand outs and this is exactly why a rich person is never going to say yes. A smart person who is good at networking is going to ask for basic advice, execute on it and show results before asking for any hand outs.

Regular people expect rich people to simply give them something for “knowing them”. No joke. This is how they think. If they simply know the rich person they believe this entitles them to some sort of income.

#10 Regular People Rarely Improve: If you meet a regular person in 2015 and run into him in 2017, you will be talking to the exact same person. His income probably went up by 3-5%, he gained or lost 2-5 pounds and his face is slightly narrower due to the increase in age. You don’t have to ask him what he has been up to because he can summarize his entire two years in five minutes. He went to work for an hourly wage or annual salary. He hit the gym a few times but quit. He read a couple of self help books. The end.

It is very easy to tell when you’re dealing with a regular person since his life never changes. It’s the same story every single year and he has the same “accomplishments” to hang his hat on. The only difference is the accomplishments are now 2 years further in the past.

#11 Regular People Long for the Past: Over the last 10 years we have seen nothing but massive economic opportunity. Sure some cities have seen more benefits than others. But. Life in the USA has gone no where but up and to the right. This of course assumes that your life has improved. Regular people live for the past because they don’t think their future is going to be any better. In short, avoid anyone who talks about the past. No one talks about the past if their future is brighter.

#12 Regular People Ask Terrible Questions: This is what inspired this post in the first place. We missed a full post because of all the terrible questions and emails we received. Regular people cannot even ask a question without giving their life story as a back drop. Classic ways to tell if you’re talking to a regular person:

1) “Wow really great post I just had a quick question…. 10 sentences later… what are your thoughts on this” – We don’t care about your life story. No one does.

2) “I read this book written by so and so what do you think” – It doesn’t matter what we think. Reading more than 1 book every two months is a waste of time. Try the philosophies you learned and see if it works. That is your answer. If it doesn’t work then it was a terrible book. If it does work it was a great purchase.

3) “What do you think is going to happen to the economy” – We don’t care again. Even if the S&P 500 goes down by 50% it won’t change our lifestyles at all. Funny enough, in the comments people said we were at the peak. Of course the market is up another 20%+ since then. Again. Even if it corrects down by 50%, you should be running a company, so it will be meaningless anyway.

#13 Regular People Do the Minimum: The easiest way to sell a regular position on a wage slavery job is to tell them that it pays extremely high on a “per hour basis”. Once they believe that it is is the best position in terms of time for money exchange they will sign the dotted line. Why? They want to do the minimum. Without actually creating any value they believe that their time is valuable (it isn’t). Instead of creating enough value around them (forcing their time to become valuable) they assume that their time is valuable from day one which leads to a life of mediocrity.

#14 Regular People Like Rules: Since regular people refuse to create anything they will naturally avoid any revenue generating positions. They do not like risk or creativity. This is a given. Instead they expect to be handed a pamphlet that says do X then do Y then do Z. Make the pamphlet incredibly detailed so a robot could do the exact same thing. Then they will complain when a robot takes their job.

#15 Regular People Hate Sales: Naturally, if regular people dislike creating and thinking on their feet they will hate sales. Sales requires a person to be rejected hundreds of times per week (remember regular people never fail!) so this goes against their core belief system (they are “special”).

#16 Regular People Are Waiting for You to Slip: Regular people gossip more than soap operas. No joke. Since nothing is going on in their lives they will track your life like the CIA. In fact, even if you obtain a promotion at a different Company for the split second they find you “left” they will barrage you with emails and texts about how they “knew you were going to fail” (they assume you were let go). If you are on social media (you shouldn’t be) then this will be amplified 10x when your Linked-in profile is changed.

#17 Regular People Hate It When You Succeed: The bigger the divide between you and regular people becomes, the more they will hate you for it. They don’t have the guts to tell you to your face and instead will try to find ways to take you down. It is much better to build a large moat around your life instead. Blend into the crowd, don’t flash anything and avoid giving out information at all costs. Notably, even if you live in an upper middle class area, continue to do this since you may find that there is a large divide between you and your neighbors as well.

#18 Regular People Are Not Interesting: They are simply boring. Boring type A people that you would never want to spend your time with. They are so easy to figure out that you can have a single 15 minute lunch with them and know that you have no interest in meeting them ever again. Is this judgemental? Yes. Is it true? Yup. You can box up a regular person within fifteen minutes (tops).

#19 Regular People Believe They Are Socially Aware: This one is by far the most humorous. If someone is easily influenced by their environment then they are not socially aware by definition. We’re extremely aware that this blog has been raided by regular people over the last 2 months and have no problem calling it out and losing the “traffic” since it is junk traffic to begin with (we also know where it is coming from). Regular people believe they are smart and make their own decisions (thinking they are socially aware) but instead, the same tired old “tricks” will work on them. Look no further than the ad space on yahoo to prove this theory to be true.

#20 Regular People Are Easily Upset: Finally, regular people are easily upset. You can tell them that their favorite character on XYZ sitcom died and they will actually cry or become unhappy. In fact? Regular people may even hate an actor or actress if he is a Villain on a TV show! It isn’t even real!

Things like this are beyond comprehension for most of our readers (the ones around a few months ago).


With the rant over, we are going to allow comments for a total of 5 days before they are automatically shut off to avoid seeing more “comments” and “questions” from the regulars. We will search for an intern or someone else to monitor the comments on a weekly basis (we hope to have a solution by the end of the month).

In the mean time, since we’re clearly annoyed, feel free to fill the comments with bashing of regular people! They have temporarily ruined this blog so may as well get some entertainment out of it!


  1. BobbyJoeAnneMay says

    “#1 Regular People are Impressed by $3,000 in Monthly Passive Income: No joke, they are impressed by this. Regular people believe that $3,000/month while doing nothing is an “accomplishment”. They believe that it is obtainable by starting a website catered to other imbeciles like themselves and that it will free them up to “see the world”. In reality? $3,000 a month doesn’t even pay for rent in a major city and should be achieved well before your 30th birthday. Think about it. Even at 7% returns all you would need is just over $500K to hit this marker.”

    I mean, $3000 per month in a low cost of living country like Columbia or Thailand, completely passive, would go a long way to a very comfortable and fun-filled life. You could travel very well and have a great time… Just not in the US.

  2. Mark says

    suggestion: Delete your social media presence(or atleast social sharing widget) to prevent the easiest way to spread your blog around regular people.

    • BobbyJoeAnneMay says

      You seem to be missing that while this is projected to the elite, it’s actually targeting the masses. Everybody thinks their special and by making the reader feel like he too is not like everybody else, they keep them loyal.

      Remember, these guys are great salesmen.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Most certainly not the goal. Hopefully we can get some good jokes about regulars on here asap. This one is already a set of upper cuts and jabs. Just need someone to throw a few haymakers in there.

        The more direct the better, they won’t come back.

      • BMillennial says

        WSP is giving us all a phenomenal lesson in marketing here.

        The more that you guys try to exclude regular people from this blog, the more attractive it becomes. Growing your readership exponentially in the process!

        This blog is like a really hot blonde 9 cruising through a crowded walkway. She keeps pushing the random scrubs away, becoming even sexier and more unattainable in the process.

        Even MORE people now believe that this blog is becoming more and more exclusive, elite and confidential.

      • Abrar says

        Yup. That seems just about spot on. I think it was in the book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” that the author outlined how exclusivity would help in convincing a large mass of people that the material that they’re viewing is worthwhile. Napolean Hill did it, Tony Robbins does it, and Tai Lopez does it – they’re all great salesmen. There’s always some statement to the likening of, “98% of people won’t even bother reading this stuff, because they’re too busy being mediocre.” I understand that it would be in the author’s rational self-interest to disagree with accusations that they’re “duping” the readers.

        I like this blog. I think that the content that’s being presented here is good. Do I think that the author’s goal is to direct a larger number of people to visit this site? Absolutely. I think it’s annoying that “getting rid of mediocre people” is listed as goal in the articles – I end up having to skip the lines. It’s disingenuous…but is it somehow wrong that the author is being disingenuous? Not really. They are serving their own interests while they’ve provided something of value in return.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Not sure if serious.

        If we wanted to grow rapidly we would post much more than 1x every 1-2 weeks.

        Also we mark hundreds of comments as spam and generally no longer take questions.

        We’ll leave the comment up but it doesn’t hold much weight against regular old logic.

      • RE Guy says

        Here’s one:

        Regular people make identity attacks, directly or indirectly, to avoid processing information objectively. (They default to the Logical Fallacy of Ad Hominem)

        Example Abrar (he is serious)

        “I end up having to skip the lines.” (could not read / process) because “It’s disingenuous” (I don’t trust your motives / doubt your identity).

        Also he fails regular people rule #6, 7 and 20 to varying degrees with this statement:

        “I think it’s annoying that “getting rid of mediocre people” is listed as goal in the articles”

        And for anyone still confused about this I’m with WSP in getting rid of the regular people here, sincerely. As a successful guy, former type A boring type who has mostly transitioned out of it, and as someone who now gives back to younger people who are hungry and willing to grind I can certainly get the purpose of this site and of this post.

        When you’re successful, mentoring feels rewarding, probably similar to parenting. Giving back to qualified people is rewarding. Giving back to retarded people is frustrating by definition (they make no progress, thus the goal of helping them is “frustrated” and the time and energy put in is largely wasted).

        Essentially regular people are like children that require someone else to think for them. Only worth it if you’re getting paid 1K-2K+ per one you deal with on a one off basis, or if that regular person happens to be an 8+ you’re trying to bang that night.

  3. 1 more says

    20a) gets sincerely, and utterly upset, on verge of tears, when their favorite sports team loses or favorite player gets injured
    20b) thinks “elite” people that don’t get excited about sports are “weird” and “gay”

      • Stealthy1Percenter says

        20c. Spends hours debating what happened/should happen/won’t happen/might happen/could happen/should have happened in their favorite show. Then gets upset when someone else has a differing opinion. Can’t understand that it is entertainment that should make you happy no matter what.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        That’s an interesting one. Regular people are usually the doomsday prophets so they consistently worry about “situations”… Ie: things that aren’t happening and are unlikely to happen in their lifetimes.

        Brb going to think of how to spend $1B in the chance it is inherited down the line from a Nigerian Prince.

      • RE Guy says

        “Can’t understand that it is entertainment that should make you happy no matter what.”

        But here’s the key distinction. Entertainment is about a range of emotions, it’s not just happy.

        They are paying someone else to simulate life for them with all the ups and downs. The show takes the place of their normal life, that’s the purpose of it. They are engaged with the struggles of the characters as if they are their own (and to the exclusion of their own goals and struggles).

        Also, I think your point may have been that with entertainment if anything they should walk away having had a fun experience but also learning something about the human condition, ideally. Enjoy it, process it, and move on with their real lives.

      • says

        BRB treadmill work 3 hours per day, body-fat gradually increases and I become a floating mass blob.
        I see this everyday, smh and hit those deadlifts.

    • says

      That’s because they’re on FB/Instagram for a couple minutes in between each set letting everyone know how hard working and dedicated they are. And then they’ll brag about being in the gym for 2+ hours…

      Or they’ll give it a go for a couple months, not do it right, and quit because they don’t see a change. You can tell them exactly what to do and what to read if they want to learn how to train better and what not, but they won’t read it since they want to find the quick and easy way out. Their excuse? “My body is different, I’ve tried what you said it just doesn’t work for me.” Later that week they’ll talk about how much beer they drank and all the pizza they ate.

      At that point you realize some people just cannot be helped. Sucks if they’re family, but at least stuff like that can give you some insight as to who can actually provide value to your life.

      • chriogenix says


        There’s always that excuse Fat people bring up that somehow “things aren’t their fault”. This is just a physical manifestation of their inability to try things and adjust until getting the results wanted. (note see pic above)

  4. Pogy says

    Regular people LOVE the collective. Elite AVOIDS the collective. Evidence shows when a bunch of hot-headed patriots jumping up and down, singing their national anthem, thinking that their government actually give 2 shits about them.

    The reality – they service the 1%ers. That’s where they get their money from anyways.

    • Belgian Beau Gosse says

      Spoken like a true regular person. The world is against me and the government is against me and the government is run by Rothschild puppets.

      And the elites don’t avoid the collective. The elites use the collective while mentally keeping distance to use it to their advantage.

  5. Jeff says

    Hands down the best post I’ve read on here!

    This blog continues to get more blunt, direct, and to the point. Love it!

  6. Canadian says

    Hahaha don’t be so hard on the common folk. Im sure many here rely on them buying products and services everyday (renting apartments, buying subscriptions, clicking through ads, etc.) and providing grunt labour for things you don’t want to do (property management, garbage removal, cleaning, etc.). Keep doing what you’re doing: smile, nod, distance yourself.

  7. Anunnaki says

    Very insightful post,

    All of it revolves around ego. Regular people have such majestic self images… anything that may potentially suggest they aren’t as wonderful as they think themselves to be is the devil. Rejection, demonstrations of their lower status, etc. are deathly feared and to be avoided at all costs.

    Better to stay in the same spot, rack up thousands in debt, and make up excuses than to risk damaging their fragile little prides.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      It is funny they say rich people have obnoxious egos. In reality, they are extremely outward about what they want and do whatever it takes to get it.

      Having a big ego is actually what you describe. Lying about who you are. Pretending you have everything you need. While the credit card numbers go no where but up.

      Also, never tell a regular person to think for themselves (as mentioned in enjoying rules).

      Why? They can’t. They need hand holding and a set of “if then” statements

  8. wayne earl says

    Solid article – it amazes me at times how many words it takes to say, “Shut up, you ain’t shit, have a nice day”.

    I am currently mentoring a man who may be a good fit for your intern. He just started his first business two months ago, 500% ROI already and a strong brand out the gate – brings black tears to my evil heart. Let me know if you vet outside your stable and I can make introductions.

  9. The Guys Get Shirts says

    Nothing is ever their fault, and they love to tell you how hard they work.

    The people who complain that they’re not paid what they’re worth at their sh**** customer service jobs are the same people who will jump at the chance to rip off an artist/ writer/ etc by stealing free music and TV shows/movies.

    They can waste an hour standing in line for a free donut that costs less than a dollar on National Donut Day, but will piss away their entire measly paycheck at the casino at the slots, where they can sit like a hamster pushing buttons and hoping for a pellet to drop out.

    This isn’t fake, I seriously can’t stand poor people, and I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who created their own mess.

    [mod note: had to remove the f-bombs auto-filter on our spam protector. Beyond that hilarious comment!]

  10. Mid 20s says

    That was fun! I use to be on #1 when I first started out, what a joke…

    To add on a few points:

    Regular people will flash in your face their convertible car, their latest gadget and pretty much everything they can. Later, you find out they have thousands in credit cards and they are not ashamed. That’s totally cool to them.

    Second point. Get a considerable amount of money by inheritance or any other source than hard work. What to do with these money? Go traveling, buy a car, etc like they “earned it”.

  11. Ari says

    This blog is very much fun to read even when I am not in your target audience.
    I’m a programmer with three jobs:
    Self-employed + In the process of creating a business + salary job
    20 years old, finished training and university.

    One piece of advice I can give: While insourcing everything saves you money, outsourcing everything saves you time. And since your time is more valuable, you know what to do.

  12. Ed Latimore says

    I’m by no means rich, but my income and lifestyle has accelerated so much in the past 3 years I can relate to much of this-especially #2 and #3. Its amazing how many people have boxing advice for me the better I do. Ive learned to politely nod and keep grinding.

    As far as the social, mental and emotional stuff, the best thing I’ve done is insulate myself. And become an asshole. Between it being extremely hard to get my time (too busy with gym, school, military, writing, life) and appearing boring, I ward off most vampires looking for money or time handouts. A time handout is people trying to get shit by association: trying to roll with you for access to girls, parties, perks, etc. That’s a key one right there.

    I have also recently experienced subtle social media hate from people who knew me when I was closer to regular. The only thing more funny is people who dont ever like/comment on success do you think they aren’t following you, then smash the like button at any negative comment one of the haters puts so you know they’re doing that “CIA” tracking.

    All in all, spot on post. Ill just assume experiencing/objectively observing these things means I’m doing something right.

  13. says

    Rofl man. You pretty much nailed everything in the article. Theres not much I can add that hasn’t been said already. I will add this. “Regular people” will wait in line several hours to save a couple of dollars, “Regular People” absolutely loathe those who are more successful than they are. (See Lebron James haters). Regular people are conditioned to “follow regular people”. Regular people never bend/break the rules. Its always someone else’s fault when regular people dont succeed. Regular people are lazy and have no idea about what hard work is (intelligently) and the effort that the elite truly put in to be successful. (See Kobe Bryant’s 2009/2010 “Doing Work”)
    Last but not least, regular people seeks the easy road. Ayyy lmao, whats a pill I can take to lose this weight real quick? <——-I've heard this crap a million times.

  14. Fanat says

    May I contribute?

    #21: Regular people never have time

    Regular people don’t have time to start a side gig, to learn new skills, to meet new people, to pull an all nighter, to go to the gym, to visit new places, to stretch in the morning, etc etc…
    but ask them anything about any of the 100+ TV shows, current and old, and they’ll give you a synopsis of every episode + they will recount what each actor said on each talk show that they went on…

    I swear, every time I someone says the “I don’t have time” excuse, a SWAT helicopter should appear above them, with a dude zip lining down, punching them in the face, ziplinging back up and away.

  15. Stealthy1Percenter says

    This might be the best post yet. Hope it succeeds i driving away your non-target audience.

    Here’s a fun story about regular people. Recently hosted a large charity event. Some celebrities in attendance. Celebrities had access to VIP suite with upped security and limited access. Several “regular” attendees (who attended due to celebrity presence) complained that event was elitist because celebrity access was not readily available (meanwhile trying to snap surreptitious cellphone pics of said celebrities without asking). Specifically disclaimed any guarantee of “access” to celebrities. Had to explain that while possibly elitist, in order to ensure celebrities attend, they need to feel safe and secure and not worry about being bumrushed at will by starstruck fans.

    Next time will limit attendance of regular people. Comprised 90% of the attendees, yet contributions only totaled 3%.

    • sport says

      Reminds me of the time I was sitting next to a prominent NBA player at the bar during a corporate event I was at a few months back. The place was loaded with executives who didn’t give a shit about him, but sure enough all the bartenders, waitstaff, and valet workers lined up to take a picture with him and basically treated him like a zoo animal.

  16. Stealthy1Percenter says

    #21 – Regular people will kill each other to get at free stuff. Like leftover desserts at the office or any type of food brought in by a coworker. The look of concern on their faces says it all. “OMG, what if I don’t get my free donut today! That’s a $1.09 value! Maybe I should take two, or three donuts instead of just one!”

    Slow Monday. Some more regular people stories popping into my head.

    Overheard at the office: Employee talking about manager: “Well he got into Columbia back when it was easier to get into” says the state school attendee. Nothing wrong with state school, but why one would care about this is beyond me.

    Personal experience from a few weeks ago:

    Person: I’m pretty good at tennis.
    Me: I’m ok, you’ll probably beat me if you’re good. Let’s play.
    Match concludes (I win 6-0, 6-0). Finished in less than 30 minutes.
    Me: Lucky day I guess.
    Person: Yeah, I’m a little rusty, I used to be good, let’s play again in a few months.
    Me: No thanks.

      • Stealthy1Percenter says

        Forgot to mention that last two stories were meant to highlight unfounded elitism among regular people. Think they’re elite for no apparent reason. Bothersome at times, but mostly comical.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        It all stems from ego + insecurity. As you know, elite people generally lie down to avoid answering ridiculous questions from regulars.

        Pretend to be “just like them” until the competition begin.

      • Anon1 says

        Lack of self control would also seem to be an issue amongst regular folk.

        For example when I hear someone torrents some stuff, or somehow gets a ‘sneaky hack’ or ‘little known trick’ to share about how to get more coffee or some other BS it bugs the hell out of me.

        And I’m screaming in my head “Don’t be proud of being a leech.”

        But meh, what you gonna do. There are always gonna be slow movers in the serenghetti right. Eventually those wildebeest trample over each other while the lions sit in the sun all day and chill

  17. Yet Another Guy says


    Regular People people are afraid of the foreign.

    Regular people are subtly aware of their own incompetence, and if you are from someplace else, with a different background with different ideas and thoughts, then they will try to make you become regular.

    Superior people aren’t afraid. If anything, they’re curious to know what they may learn from another non-regular person.

  18. Lazer says

    Great post.

    #14-So true, and most of those rules do not exist until you start creating stuff, and regular people realize you are not playing their game anymore. So they invent rules (often contradicting and conflicted) to keep you constrained

    #16-Haha, and they always like to remind you of it. Even if you catch them in the act as well.

    #20-Plays in with #14 and #16. They invent rules, do not tell you, and then when you break them they get upset. Its almost like they enjoy wallowing negativity.

    These are the most true for me. I work with computers, so a lot of egos get popped when I RTFM and can do something that someone who went to college cant even do.

  19. Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

    This post was long overdue. One of the biggest reasons I stopped commenting here and ESPECIALLY reading the comments was because the comment section was inundated with tons and tons of regular people asking moronic questions and I would get annoyed reading them.

    Glad you gents are taking care of this!

    Hilarious note there about regular people getting angry about every little thing! Something I deal with on a daily basis haha they’ve never heard of constructive criticism which is exactly why they never improve… disgusting.

    PS I used to go by the old handle “Houston E&P Analyst” but as noted before – I made a career switch into the Physical Commodity trading business.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Congrats on the new gig!

      You’d be surprised to see how many views we’re getting so we lost control of the ship for a month or so.

      Currently working on an IP banning protocol so we don’t have to deal with the regulars anymore.

      • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

        Much appreciated! And that’s awesome – you will see me contribute once again now that everything is under control.

    • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

      PPS one more thing regular people *love* to do is get deeply involved in time wasting activities like playing video games and watching idiotic TV shows with huge “fan bases” like Game of Thrones.

      And then you have the ones that memorize every sports statistic in the book. Wasting their time worrying about Player Xs 49.5943852403% free throw avg as opposed to increasing their income by 49.5943852403% or maybe even improving their *own* shooting avg… in real life. What a joke.

  20. Law Student says

    Here’s another one: Regular People obsess over things they have no control over. Example: if they aren’t getting laid, it’s not because they are broke, out of shape, have no game and dress like slobs (all within their control), but because they are too short. Yeah, because a 5’7 dude who is in shape, with good social skills, wearing a nice tailored suit, and makes $1M a year has trouble getting girls.

  21. Ben says

    One that goes with doing the minimum: regular people hate responsibility. Since they don’t have confidence in their own abilities, they see any added responsibility as an unlucky break rather than a chance to shine.

    Great list to periodically review so you can purge yourself of bad habits!

  22. Scoobs says

    The great thing about the masses is that they present an opportunity. They’re all suckers who focus on being “right” or “wrong” without considering payoff. The best way to deal with them is to short them on the way down and try to find convexity in that process. Over some extended period of time, it’s a surefire bet that’s guaranteed success.

  23. DVY says

    I like this post, but the spectrum is much more varied than rich vs. poor.

    I’ve met tons of rich AND regular people.

    These are the millionaires next door types- clips coupons, married to same wife for xyz years, goes to the same spots every year (rotates 3-4 restaurants), works the same job. In short, they never really lived life.

    These are the people you also need to limit contact. Generic advice flows freely from them because they have limited understanding of the world around them.

    – “Go to school and get a good degree” – get stuck w/200k student debt
    – “Find a girl you love and marry her” – what is love?
    – “Happy wife happy life” – ????
    – “Work hard and you’ll have what I have” – Dude has a brand new 350k ferrari, yacht and mansion. Bro, you own a hotel in a tourist location. Work =/= FU money.

    These people are more dangerous than the regular people, because they have the outward trapping of success but no they spout recycled BS.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Comment made sense till the last bullet.

      If he’s driving a baller car, living it up but still runs a business… Nothing wrong with that.

      Doing nothing gets boring in less than 6 months.

      • Sasha says

        I think he’s saying the guy is giving bad advice in regards to how he got to 350k Ferrari, yacht and mansion status.

        At some point he ventured off the beaten path, launched a business, and reaped the rewards.

        Yet the advice being given = go to school, get a good degree/job, and work hard.

        As if it were career success opposed to business success that affords him what he currently has.

  24. Philipp says

    Regular people claim that money isn’t so important to them, yet 99% of their problems could be fixed with money. Listen to conversations that regular people have and it’s basically guaranteed that lack of money is the underlying issue:

    – Complaining about price increase of cheap item X “Ugh, can’t believe that salad is 99 cents now”
    – Complaining about sh**** boss
    – Complaining about not being able to travel
    – Complaining about bad relationships
    – Complaining about lack of time
    – Complaining about being stressed out
    – Blaming external forces which in reality have literally no influence on their life “No wonder I can’t get a good job with all the politicians donating billions to Greece”

    Logical response: Reward yourself for the hardships of life by using 100% of your available cash to buy products like overpriced gaming hardware, brand new cars that you can’t afford to drive except to get to work or vacations, because “I want to live now, not later.”

    Smile, nod, then sell tons of stuff to them

  25. Lean and hungry Cassius says

    Believe it or not, I kind of like the garden variety(read: idiotic) regular people. Well, “like” is a little much, what I like is the fact that they wear their mediocrity on their sleeves. It makes them easy to spot and immediately dismiss.

    Far more dangerous(to the young and insecure) is what Felix Dennis would call a Jeremiah, a person who actually possesses a modicum of intelligence and at first glance may even appear moderately “successful”. But they are extremely risk-adverse, and the way Felix Dennis it, they take a perverse pleasure in stating the obvious: that if something doesn’t succeed, it will fail. So they hide their lack of balls behind “reason” and “conventional wisdom” and “statistics” and “realism”.

    There was a quote I liked, I can’t remember who said it but the gist of it was “what a great it is to be a reasonable man! A reasonable man can find an excuse for anything.”

    These people are extremely toxic and I have known more than a few kids who didn’t live up to their potential because they had such people in their lives.

  26. Andy says

    “TGIF” is the battle cry of the regular person.

    They can’t fathom doing work on the weekend (or late on weeknights) and actually enjoying it. I relish the reactions that I get when I tell people, truthfully, that Monday is my favorite day of the week.

    A game that I like to play is “spot-the-impulse-purchase”. Odds are the person clipping coupons is the same person who will buy that trashy magazine or candy bar in the checkout line, with the cost of the impulse purchase > coupon “savings”.

  27. Brian says

    Great Post. Love the blog.

    I thought I’d drop an unconventional move that regular people rarely do, but has worked for me in the past half year — Tithing. You might ask, “How does giving away my money help me?” Here are the three upsides I’ve seen since starting my New Years resolution to give 10% of my income to charity (mostly church & local community, but some overseas where a dollar goes a lot further):

    1. Better Perspective On Money and Business

    Not going to lie, sometimes writing the check at the end of the month is painful. But usually when something is painful, it is a signal that you are growing in some way. Writing that check has made me less emotional about money. It gets you to see money as a means to an end, a means to solve problems. Problem: Malaria epidemic in Africa. Solution: Purchase mosquito nets. It makes you consider all the problems money really can solve, and the problems it can’t.

    It also has made me focus more on growing revenue. It’s like an extra 10% tax on your income—if I want to have the same lifestyle as before, I have to earn 11% more. Be like Hernando Cortez burning his ships after landing in the Americas – put some pressure on yourself to perform. The best thing about this “tax”? I can magically make it go away and increase my profitability any time I wish.

    2. Moral Peace

    Pass a bum on the street? Don’t feel bad for another second. You can now look him square in the eye knowing you’ve done your part. Maybe this was just me, but I always felt a little bit bad about having so much when others literally have nothing (even if it is their fault). Now I don’t. It’s also good to know that the money is going to a program that can potentially help them get on their feet rather than to the liquor store around the corner.

    3. New Experiences / Connections

    Didn’t anticipate doing this when I started the resolution, but I’ve sprinkled in a couple charity events to meet my quota. At both events, when I looked around at the people I was surrounded by, I said to myself: “This is an audience I want to be in.” The Venn diagram between the kind of people who go to charity galas and the kind of people you want to meet has a very large center. Plus, if you don’t get laid after taking a chick to a charity gala, either that’s on you or she’s a Mormon.

    So that’s my drop into the pool of knowledge; your mileage may vary. I do think the 10% number is important though—enough to sting but not enough to cripple. If you think you can handle it, give it a try. One piece of advice (this might go without saying on this blog)—be an adult and control the impulse to tell anyone about what you are doing. Yes, it might be a lot of money and yes, you probably will feel a little smug about it. But remember — you are doing this to grow yourself and to grow your community, not to grow your ego.

  28. Sasha says

    Regular people love, Love, LOVE;

    To dictate what is or isn’t possible.

    To give advice on matters they know nothing about.

    To get upset when their advice is rightfully ignored.

    To act as if personal agency “isn’t really a thing”.

    To ascribe luck to the success of others.

    To speak for the sake of speaking.

    To give more than zero cents worth a damn, about the opinions of those who do not matter (who cares about the Joneses?).

    And last but certainly not least…

    Regular people have an insidious effect on those who strive for greatness, in large because they do not value time or themselves for that matter.

    I mean, who else thinks people are entitled to your time and/or resources for reasons so compelling as being a good person?

  29. Greg Black says

    Regular people:
    – Complain and do not take action
    – Think they’re always right and will argue the fact
    – “Money isn’t important”
    – Buys expensive car they can’t afford, but uses coupons
    – Long for happy hour on Friday after work

    • Greg Black says

      – Always on social media seeing what others are doing
      – “You’re so lucky!”
      – “I wish I could do that :(”
      – Asks you for help and when you ask “What have you tried?” they respond with “Nothing….”

  30. DoubleLongDaddy says

    Regular people hate, elite people ignore. Regular people indulge, elite people persevere. Regular people are cheaters that get caught, elite people are the ones that figure out the test in advance. Regular people are like snakes, they shed their skin often so as to stay trendy and new. Elite people are like owls, they observe and wait or the right moment to take flight (event!).

  31. chicity says

    Average people:
    -Love distractions. For ex; Let me plan all my evenings around professionals playing a game. Sports are fantastic but professional sports, you have to pick and choose.
    -Don’t understand value. They think first comes the money and then comes the service/product.
    -Don’t understand risk. A coworker recently said it was “risky” for an ex colleague to start his own business. Because, yeah, having a corporation keep 85% of the profits isn’t risky long term.
    -Cannot communicate facts. They can only communicate in emotion.
    -Are living in denial of who they are and what they want out of life. “I’m a good person” yet their weekend consists of bars and more bars. Hasn’t seen the inside of a soup kitchen or action to improve themselves for themselves in years.
    -Let the outside world dictate their values.
    -Do not understand food. It takes 2 hours on a Sunday to prepare the majority of your meals. Easiest way to stay healthy long term is to be the Commander of the Kitchen.
    -use travelling as an escape as opposed to an exploration.

    FYI; I see what you are doing by encouraging commenters to disparage “average.” Great way to indirectly source your readers unexpressed values and attitudes.

    • Sun says

      “Don’t understand value. They think first comes the money and then comes the service/product.”

      they always go for the cheapest and complain about the quality afterwards. In my culture, we have a saying that goes something like this ” buy it expensive, cry one time, buy it cheap, cry everyday”

  32. Baystreetdryfter says

    The value of this post isn’t just intrinsic. Inadvertent or not, thank you WSP for putting together a condensed description and list of an extremely profitable, large target market that anyone paying attention could focus on building a product to serve. Masses spend masses, regular people spend before invest, there is a lot of value with this post with that in mind. Great work as usual.

  33. Gary says

    Regular people put too much attention into sex, notches, and how many bangs they had in their youth. Regular people choose entertainment over self improvement , education and work.

  34. Anonymous says

    Been following the weekly workout routine you guys posted and halfway through cycle two. In the changing rooms the other day and the most average of average person comments, “you’re getting in good shape, what’s been your *secret*.”

    Response: sighs and just laugh it off, he has already lost.

  35. Tate says

    10 Regular People Rarely Improve:
    HAHA I love this one, my favorite is the classic facebook post, “This new years resolution I’m going to get back into shape and eat healthy!” As if normal people are searching for the approval of others and still fail to follow up with results. So the first week of every year you have to deal with them. After that though, its smooth sailing until next year!

  36. says

    Regular people will suck up your time like a vacuum. They will ask to hang out, and go for a ride in their car only to talk your head off about their ideas. When you ask them what they have done to take action, they don’t have anything to say, or show, but dust in the wind.

    Regular people will ask you the same question over and over again. For example: “how to lose weight”. When you give them a few simple tips that could help them drastically, they don’t do it. This repeats every time you see them… and they only get fatter.

    Regular people forget about the debts they owe you… don’t expect them to pay you back with cash, or something of equal value. They merely take.

    Regular people have no direct expression, when it’s time to speak up… they don’t. They default to the fetal position. To make eye contact, and say what’s on their mind in that particular moment is foreign to them. They rather write in their diary about it later that night.

    Regular people only read fiction. To pick up a self-development book, and actually implement the concepts, is out of their reality. They live vicariously through the characters, but they’ll never be them.

    Regular people never schedule their objectives and outcomes. They don’t believe “what gets scheduled, gets done”. They simply wake up everyday following the same routine as if they are puppets, obeying the puppeteers direction.

    Regular people put trash in their bodies at a young age thinking that they can get away with it because of their “fast metabolism”. Little do they know they’ve already wrecked their physical foundation, but it’s okay… they can take the pain killers and anti-depressants when they’re older.

    This list could go on for days…

    Thanks for reading.

    – Poyan

    • Cosmopolitan says

      100% true! As soon as you hear this you know that you’re dealing with a mediocre and intellectually lazy person.

  37. Sailor Terry says

    Regular People: “Money can’t buy happiness, stop working so much”
    Me: “I’m happy when when the bills are paid on time, I am also good at what I do so I am always happy”

    Regular People: “You shouldn’t be itemizing so much on your taxes”
    Me: “If I don’t spend the money and itemize my deductions the Fed’s will hand out my money to undeserving regular people. I pay more in taxes than what you earn in a year regular person!”

    Regular People: “You can’t write off more than the standard deduction anyways, the feds will get you.”
    Me: “Been playing this game for the past 10 yrs, thank you for you expert insight on my finances. If you were my CPA and told me that, I would fire you!”

    Regular People: “I’ve got this great idea, I just need your capital, your connections, and your equipment to see it through.”
    Me: “Leech, go sell yourself on the curb to raise your own capital”

    Regular People: “With the current interest rates being so low you could have leveraged and gotten a bigger house, and refinanced, and pull out equity, and taken a 2nd mortgage, and…”
    Me: “Silly regular person, I never keep debts longer than 5 yrs on my books”

    I read this post and needed to vent on regular people

    WallStreetPlayboys Rock on

  38. Gary says

    Wow…excellent tweet. I always heard that constantly…I like her but she’s such a gold digger…f-her.

  39. Adam (a different one) says

    Regular people spend too much time arguing over the internet. I used to be impressed by people who could skillfully debate Greece’s debt problem, or Gay Day, or who is going to be the next presidential candidate, evolution vs. creationism, etc, etc. Now I see all that debate for what it is: wasting time and brain resources. Who cares if you understand everything about Greece’s debt crisis, you can’t do shit about it (same goes for all the rest). This site taught me not to waste time on the internet, particularly in interacting with other people. Anyone who bitches about their problems? Next them and cut off all contact. You don’t have time to talk to people with bad attitudes IRL, you definitely don’t have time to interact with them online. Also, all the normal people seeking attention online are losers. They don’t know what to do with their time and are content to waste their life, this goes for all of those sexy women who seek FB, instagram, etc validation.

    On the other hand, if you’re like Joe Girard and can convince all of these normal blokes that you like them, love them even, you can make absolute bank out of your career in direct sales.

  40. Joe says

    I really like the site and ideas. I’m just cut from a far different cloth.

    I grew up in the pacific northwest. All I’ve ever done is log. I’m 28 now and been doing it since the day after graduating high school. My job is dangerous but it keeps me strong and I love my crew. I push them hard and expect a lot, but were like brothers.

    I only make 85k per year and I couldn’t spend all that unless I tried to. I save a ton of money every month. I’ve got a beautiful home on 10 acres, motorcycles and elk hunt like a mad man. My wife only works part time and doesn’t make much but I like her to be comfy at home anyway.

    I just understand how you guys spend so much money? I seriously wouldn’t even know what to do with it if I made 300k or more a year. I’d probably just give it to my friends and family or help out with the dog pound.

  41. efe says

    I started to read from old articles. Best article is this. About number one. If you are living in a country in 3rd world, you will be the king in that country. Lots of people are doing it. Thailand, Turkey(my country), Latin countries etc. In my opinion it is not a good choice. Even if you are “king”, environment is not good as in USA or Europe. I lived in Spain, it was great even though my money was “less” when you convert it.

  42. Ally says

    I think that there is a category of people that you are constantly missing in your blog. You never discuss people who are “average” in their work ethic and the way they think and behave but who are rich because they inherited their wealth from their parents (trust fund kids). I had met some people like that and ended up being able to manipulate them and use them to my advantage (get a loan that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get as an international student, get an internship my senior year of High School, etc…). So I think the “trust fund kids” are an exception to the rule of “avoiding average people”. Although they are not average in terms of wealth and connections, a lot of them are in terms of intelligence and work ethic.

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