What if Game was a Category in Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek is ready to start the show and for some reason “Game” is the drop down category. You sit back and smile. By god almighty if you don’t sweep this category you’re going to be back handed by your boys when you get home.


Lets start with some $200 category questions shall we? Alex Trebek gets on stage… You are selected and state…“Game for $200 please”

1) This permanent mark suggests the girl has slept with 20+ men.
“What is a Tattoo?” – correct for $200!

2) This night is the easiest day of the weekend to get a one night stand.
“What is Saturday night?” – correct for $200!

3) This t-shirt is worn by weak competition on a night out.
“What is a striped collared shirt?” – correct for $200!

4) This object is used to pay for drinks by beginners.
“What is a credit card?” – correct for $200!

5) A man with no game will place his hands in this area while standing at the bar.
“What are his pockets?” – correct for $200


Alright, this was too easy lets go to the $400 questions shall we. “Game for $400 please”

1) This day is chosen for maximizing your date during the week.
“What is Thursday Night?” – correct for $400!

2) This ethnicity will have selfies taken in a car.
“What are Latinas?” – correct for $400!

3) This ethnicity will have selfies taken in a bathroom.
“What are white girls?” – correct for $400!

4) Both Asians and White girls will purchase this smartphone.
“What is an iPhone?” – correct for $400! (Note Samsung for Latinas)

5) If a girl contacts you out of the blue she is looking for this.
“What is sex?” – correct for $400!


Lets move on to the harder questions, “Game for $600 Alex”

1) This ethnicity is most likely to touch your chest on the dance floor.
“What is a white girl?” – correct for $600! (Note Latinas usually flirt with a knee touch when sitting and Asian girls will more likely do a light jab on your shoulder)

2) These two statements are made when you get a girl back to your place.
“What are ‘we’re not having sex tonight’ and ‘I’ve never done this before!'” – correct for $600!

3) This can be used as an opener for both day and night game.
“What is an assumption?” – correct for $600!

4) This metric is used to determine if your proportions are aesthetically pleasing.
“What is the waist to shoulder ratio?” – correct for $600!

5) This ethnicity is most likely to text with proper grammar.
“What is an Indian girl?” – correct for $600!


Getting to the home stretch here, “Game for $800 please”

1) This color is best used as a pocket square to draw attention at night.
“What is red?” – correct for $800

2) This shirt will work for all game scenarios, day and night.
“What is a fitted white collar shirt?” – correct for $800

3) This message is best used to spark or restart a conversation.
“What is a picture message?” – correct for $800

4) This is the most effective statement to close an American girl you meet at night.
“What is ‘lets go.'” – correct for $800

5) This ethnicity sends the most emojis, emoticons and smiley faces.
“What is a Latina” – correct for $800


Final section of the game, let’s close it out strong here. “Game for $1,000 Alex”

1) These two drugs and five types of alcohol will help you the most in attracting 7+s.
“What is ecstasy, cocaine, vodka, champagne, wine, beer and rum” – correct for $1,000 (long answer for that one… you should be sweating now)

2) After this event, condom usage for women declines by at least 3x.
“What is college graduation?” – correct for $1,000

3) A girl enters her information into your phone. After seeing this item you know your chances of hooking up are high.
“What is her last name?” – correct for $1,000

4) A girl mentions her ex-boyfriend before you’ve had sex, your chances of hooking up are now this.
“What is zero mother f****** percent” – correct for $1,000

5) You can begin teaching game when it takes you X days of going out to obtain a new notch.
“What is 7 days?” – correct for $1,000


Ahh screw it lets have some daily doubles.

1) These colors should be used for your first suit.
“What are navy blue and grey?” Correct!

2) This is the minimum percentage tip used to lock down a bartender.
“What is 50%?” Correct!

3) If you are in a mini relationship this is the maximum days per week you should see each other.
“What is two?” Correct!

4) A girl claims she has slept with 5 men in her life, this number represents the truth.
“What is 15?” Correct!

5) Two 7s are in a restaurant with their boyfriends, you should observe this man for 5 minutes before leaving.
“What is the ugliest guy?” Correct!



Final Jeopardy… The question flashes up.

This is the easiest city in the United States for Game.
“What is New York City” – Correct!

How did you do in Game Jeopardy? We may need to make this more difficult…


  1. Wall Street PlayGirl says

    Actually, my opinion doesn’t matter since I have never tried to F___ a girl.

    I got two wrong.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You can pick up a rebound bang in rare instances but once she starts complaining about her ex using your “shoulder to cry on” either 1) your game was bad or 2) shir simply isn’t available for that rare day and you won’t recover.

      Charge it to the game.

      • Wall Street PlayGirl says

        It’s the Wash cycle we were talking about the other day. So if she does bang, then your game isn’t weak. Win. Plus she’ll be too into her bf to want to bang again, more win. Haha.

  2. College Girl says

    Can you explain this one?

    5) Two 7s are in a restaurant with their boyfriends, you should observe this man for 5 minutes before leaving.
    “What is the ugliest guy?” Correct!

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Easy, game is entirely about outperformance.

      If a guy is a 7 and he is dating a 7 his game isn’t that great.

      If he is a 5 and the girl is a 7… Looking to take notes

      Only a hater would “assume he is rich”.

  3. Wall Street Playboys says

    Nah. Las Vegas is the easiest *weekend city* however NYC has every single day and night to go out.

    Love it

    By that logic, Mexico spring break would be the easiest of the easiest.

  4. vitaminwater says

    Hey guys, I just started a blog. Is it okay if I link to your blog on mine under the “Influences” section? Once I figure out how to add said section. Let me know if you want to see the blog first. I don’t want to post it here and get yelled at for advertising.


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Unsure what you mean, but we don’t allow people to back-link to a product/wesbite do not approve of. IE: Spam

      • vitaminwater says

        [link removed]
        Scroll down. See where is says, “My E-Homies” and links to other blogs? I want to do that kind of thing.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        You can link to any blog you wish, it is your website. But we don’t allow back links, ie: why we removed the link above.

        Good luck with the blog!

      • vitaminwater says

        Do you guys wanna be called WallStreetPlayboys or Wall Street Playboys?

  5. Skinny says

    Friday has always been my night to score.

    Girls go straight out after work, just to drink, with co-workers who they don’t mind bailing on. Good vibe, less suburban slack-jaws and college guys.

    Saturday girls are out with their friends, made up to the max looking for intra-friend drama and often have plans to get home together.

  6. Matthew says

    Can you explain this one?
    4) A girl mentions her ex-boyfriend before you’ve had sex, your chances of hooking up are now this.
    “What is zero mother f****** percent” – correct for $1,000

    Don’t sometimes girls try to display value by mentioning a previous ex (in a negative way like “i hated when this guy did that). Obviously I’m not expert with chicks otherwise i wouldnt be on this site – but girls have mentioned an ex to me in passing or something and we have proceeded to hook up afterwards…I might be misunderstanding what the actual quote is supposed to mean

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