The Life.

Most people won’t make it. In fact, most won’t even come close and will fail at achieving every single one of the “Big Three”: Money, Girls and Freedom. Most people will hit thirty and make one major mistake which will prevent them from ever reaching their potential. Mistakes include: 1) relying on someone else for income – not starting a business, 2) giving up your life by getting legally married – no logical reason to do so and 3) never making progress in their life to earn large sums of income remotely.

“The Life” – Version for Failures and Losers.

– Go to a mediocre college that doesn’t offer a high ROI on education. Make $60K a year.

– Try to become a regular at a dive bar to date many women (primarily 5s and 6s who have higher notch counts than the males in the bar)

– Start to see physical declines in their late twenties due to overdose on beer, shots and fast food

– The group of regular friends start to drop off like flies as they march down the path of castration (marriage)

– Become insecure and believe that it is time to settle down (early to mid-thirties at the latest)

– Get married, get one promotion to an “amazing” $100K/year

– Take life savings of $100K and buy a home now that they are married… she’ll get half in the 50% chance case they get divorced

– Hit 40 and begin planning for kids, retirement and eventual death at 65

– Have kids

– Curve ball. Get divorced

– Hit mid-life crisis and finally… die with nothing worthy enough to be written on a tombstone

“The Life” – Version for the Top 20% (more failures)

– Realize the system is rigged for failure, decide to work on health and looks

– Play the field and do quite well, after all they spent time on their looks, clothes and social skills

– Begin to see some gains around thirty, they didn’t bite the bullet and feel great about their accomplishments and even make $150K a year

– Their old buddies got married but they knew better so they continue the course for the next five to ten

– Forty is an ugly year, the girls they used to get aren’t interested in them anymore since they don’t seem to offer anything beyond their charisma and slowly fading looks

– Time to settle down and find a decent good woman

– Live a simple life with some income, a decent girl and a kid or two

– Die

The Life

It is all a game. You have spent time looking decades ahead into the future with a rolodex that spands 5 decades. One decade behind to make sure you’re on top of the new trends and a full four decades forward to find the issues you will eventually face. The blueprint isn’t pretty. But. You have a blueprint.


– You’re already in shape. You have real advice from real athletes not that big guy at the gym

– You’re sharp, you went to a top tier college as a back up plan to earn a few hundred grand a year in the near future in: Engineering, Wall Street or Sales

– Your notch count is lower than the 20%ers, your notch count is *higher* than the regulars. Why? You’re already starting a side business and don’t have as much time. You have *better* priorities.

Twenty Five

– The dividends are already coming in. There is no doubt you have a clear and obvious path towards $1M in liquid money by thirty

– While your friends spend three nights at the club every week, you’re spending one night at max since the other days are spent… at the bank

– You’re scratching at multiple 6 figures in income and a sold 20% or more of that income is not from taking orders working for someone who is owned by his wife or over the top mortgage


– It was all a bad dream

– You’re already financially free and you decide to quit your profession (or not depending on who is reading this) and you have stopped wasting your time with “dating”

– Your life is as direct as can be, just like a strong sales message you don’t beat around the bush and the girl either “gets it” or doesn’t

– Only upside from here since your finances will push you far away from the competition where they will protect their ego saying they were able to “once out pull a multi-millionaire” ignoring the other 10,000 times they will lose to him

– The fun has begun

The Traps

While this post is titled “The Life” to refer to the third section, the real meat of the post is surrounding the thousands of traps you will see once you’re happy and free.

If you have the big three: Money, Girls and Freedom… Almost no one will like you

Your only friends will be those that have the big three as well and the rest will try to weasel their way into your wallet. You will be saying the word “no” more than you breathe by the time you’re cruising along in your thirties.

Business Partner:  Never do business with a “friend”. You can help someone with a hobby but make no mistake there is a major difference between friend and business partner. They are one or the other. Once they jump the gap into the business partner section, the friendship dies forever.

Simple Definition: A friend is someone you never loan money to. It is given to them and never expected to be seen again. A business partner? The only thing that matters is how much money is being made (break every rule possible, just don’t break the law). Nothing matters but the black net income line.

Family: Even the top tier 1% winners in the world have a high chance of being owned down the line by someone else. It could mean being sucked into a marriage or it could be a terrible family member draining the bank account every single week as you’re trying to be a “good guy”. Both of these items are traps.

Simple Solution: You never tell anyone how much you really make. You lie down to your friends and to your family. If they are ever in need for something serious (family member reference) you show up with the money and never explain how it was obtained.

Dating: Expect a lot of hate. The most common jab you will receive is that “some woman must have done a number on you”. In reality, you’ll likely cause many women to cry and show up years later begging for a second chance. Don’t get emotional, it’s not your problem.

Simple Solution: Make basic comments about the “economics of dating” to people you meet to see if they are part of the winners circle. Most won’t be. Use this to build out a set of new friends and if they talk like regular people about their ability to “charm away the wives of millionaires” just throw the contact away as he’ll be another Joe Schmoe by 45.

Unnecessary Financial Risk: Even though you’re well positioned to take materially higher financial risk (no need to work ever again) you should avoid feeding the ego and always have $X million in boring investments (bonds, CDs etc) to cover *all* of your costs of living.

Simple Solution: Once you have $X million invested away at guaranteed returns to cover your cost of living you’re never allowed to touch the principal. This prevents you from ever dipping “into the red” even if you believe a new opportunity is phenomenal. It is never worth the *risk to return* profile.

Dead Weight Loss: Take the dead weight out of your life aggressively. Once you have the big three you should see a 50%+ reduction in the number of contacts you have. Your only goal at this point is building up your own business and freeing up more time as that is the only valuable asset to you at this level of success.

Simple Solution: Take a look at every single contact. Unless you have known them for 10+ years (an actual friend) then they are to be removed. The only exceptions will be: 1) young people you know will succeed and that you will help and 2) extremely successful people you believe won’t falter and will pass your 10 year rule test. The rest? Dead weight.


This post is short and to the point. We’ll be posting a longer form item on “high end” office politics and how to exit your career on Wall Street (now that we’re done). Our goal is to hide this into the archives over time as most people will not get it. We hope you do and see you soon… Living “The Life”.

As Usual No Questions


  1. Tony says

    What would you guys consider a “mediocre college”? I’m 17 and plan on going to the University of Miami for finance.I want to go there because I know a few people who work at some of the major banks in downtown Miami. Is that a good enough school to “make it” in finance, or should I try and get into a better Uni?

  2. AC says

    Pretty nice piece.

    I’d add that the girls’ appearance will have significantly declined by 25 (before 30). As a (girl) friend said:

    “when we were 20, me and my friends never paid for our drinks”. (Hint: now they do)

    Nice to see you are out of WS, godspeed!

      • says

        I can speak on this as well. I was close to marrying my high school sweetheart, but I moved away. She was a year older at the time. That would have been the biggest mistake of my life. Men age like Whiskey, women like beer. The strong will always date younger women, since women are defined by their fertility and men on their assets.

    • Will B. Hard says

      2 things to do with post 25 girls on FB

      1) Whenever they post a “sexy” pic, especially one where they’re trying too hard, comment and say, “LOL”.

      Do NOT answer any questions about it or reply.

      2) When a girl first adds you, go find one pic when she was younger than 25 where she was at her peak and smoking hot. “Like” the pic. You’re telling her in a subtle way she’s past her prime.

      And again, do NOT answer her questions about it. Your goal is to be subtle, not debate about it.

  3. DropOutSoftwareEngineer says

    I really like the part regarding the “Business Partner” friend and the “Dead Weight Loss”. I know for me personally being a guy in his early 20s, I used to and I still sometimes care way too much about how other people are and what they think about me.

    This “caring” has caused me and I can assume other young men a great deal of emotional drain. This emotional drain seems to come primarily from those who are closest (friends and family) that bog us down sometimes because they can’t understand you wanting more than what’s “normal”.

    I would add to the simple solution that in order to deal with bad “business partners” or
    “dead weight” is to able to as Felix Dennis suggests in “How to Get Rich”, ruthlessly and relentlessly see the Life you want and constantly knock down all the emotional barriers to make sure it becomes reality.

  4. w says

    Thank you for clarifying business partner / friend.

    When you’re young you think all your friends are going to make it and you’re all gonna be hustlin together like a Chief Keef music video.

    After this post I understand why that won’t happen.

  5. Marcofornominee says

    The more I read Wall Street Playboys, the more I realize that it is a blog that is actually meant for high school kids or just people with a clean slate in general in terms of career, finance, and making money. Kids that might have messed up a bit in high school but now have a fresh chance to go the community college route and transfer to a top university, eventually pursuing a career in finance. For kids in that situation, I think that this blog is such a life-saver and arguably the best guide on the internet for having an awesome life in terms of money and career at least.

    I don’t think that the entire blog is really meant for guys who have made some major mistakes such as:

    1. Not going to a top tier university.

    2. Not getting the good grades because they either didn’t care or were too busy chasing girls/partying.

    3. Not choosing the right major that earns you money.

    It does seem like if you screwed up your early 20s, you have more or less screwed yourself out of “the life” for good.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Not really, the primary income is from online biz since we quit Wall Street already.

      That doesn’t even require a college degree. So not sure how you came with that conclusion.

      It is true however, if you’re not even smart enough to get into a top university you probably won’t be any good at business anyway. Hence why most founders of start ups are drop outs from *top* universities.

      Telling a mediocre person at 35 (when he was lazy for 35 years) that he can turn it around is of course also bullshit. He will likely fail because he wasn’t smart enough to change courses a decade ago.

      You can always sell the future failures a big dream though, that’s a good way to make money. Motivation for everyone!

      • John says

        This is the same vibe I get. I’m 25 and didn’t have this knowledge before college.

        I’m currently working on a MA in psychology to become an education psychologist.

        And don’t want to commit to an MBA. I also make 600 US a month in passive income on top of my salary.

        If I continue to grow my side businesses, I see no reason why I can’t make as much as someone from a top university.

    • DropOutSoftwareEngineer says

      I don’t agree with Marcofornominee or John. I don’t think you’ve been reading the blog intentionally or just aren’t taking an initiative in your life and feel like you guys are whining.

      If you check out the post where they talk about making a million dollars in 7 years, you’ll see that they say that its OK if you mess up and that it gets progressively harder after you get past 30 years old because of patterns of stupidity and usually people are complacent by that age.

      Your life isn’t linear as the guys in this blog will tell you and its entirely up to you to get the knowledge and experience and more importantly do something about it.

      I’m 22 years old and I dropped out of a crappy college with one semester left because I taught myself how to program and got a job where I’m making $70k/year. I was an idiot to major in Politics and am now in $38k of debt, but because I allowed myself to see what was going on around me, I invested my time and resources to learning how to code. Now I’m on my 2-3 year plan where I’m working 60-70 hrs a week perfecting my skills and working on my software business. I will have a net worth of over $1 million by the time I’m 30 because I know I’m smart enough to pay attention to what’s happening around me.

      Moral is yes you will mess up, but ultimately its up to you to change course. You still have the time to live the Life, but it gets harder as you get older because of complacency. Complacency is the killer of not living the life you want, not banging the girls you want, and not having the freedom you want.

  6. Marcofornominee says

    I love quick replies 🙂

    Makes sense, I read on one article how people who were smart enough to get into top universities but decided not to go ended up making just as much as those who went to top universities. I was wondering more about the 24 or 25 year olds who fell into society’s trap but then found this blog and ended up agreeing with most of the stuff on it, yet weren’t fortunate enough to come across this blog in their college days.

    You guys might disagree with me here and I guess what I am going to say is highly controversial but your social class and upbringing have a huge say in what college you end up at. Even the Ivies don’t take in too many transfers (some flat out refuse to accept transfers). I find that most of the kids I met at my university (top 10 public university) were from upper middle class and wealthier families. My cousin ended up going to an Ivy where he said mostly all of the kids were from affluent families with certain number being from poor families, those were usually URMs (under-represented minorities).

    All in all, wish this blog existed when I was applying for colleges!!!!

    • A says

      I found several careers that you can make 200k with almost any college degree within a few years. If you care about the future that much you can do your research and find them.

      Hint: They’re in sales.

      • James Hunt says

        Seconded. I have gotten sales interviews with ZERO SALES experience for just beelining a direct email to the VP or district managers with an attached resume and a burning desire to add value and sell

        Note* this was for high end med devices and SaaS where it typically requires 1-2 years of copier sales.

        Noticed some mental blocks by your comments:

        ” 2. Not getting the good grades because they either didn’t care or were too busy chasing girls/partying.”

        I have seen dumb kids who can’t get girls and never partied. I have seen the kids who get good grades, get girls, do drugs etc (I do not condone the latter two at the expense of the former). The two are not mutually exclusive, and your dichotomous thinking blinds you.

        “I find that most of the kids I met at my university (top 10 public university) were from upper middle class and wealthier families. My cousin ended up going to an Ivy where he said mostly all of the kids were from affluent families with certain number being from poor families, those were usually URMs (under-represented minorities).”

        Go tell the Asian kids who get a 4.0 with perfect SATs and get rejected from all the Ivy schools. They have to go to a non-target, some find a business, and some become millionaires or at least do well off. Are they complaining about not getting into any Ivy league? Contrast this to some of the URMs at Ivy who graduate and don’t get the best job because their education was mismatched with their overall lack of capabilities and work ethic. A lot of times it comes down to the person regardless of education.

        You are young, and have a 2nd shot at getting an Ivy or top MBA since you missed the boat. Older men who have failed don’t even have that option.

      • Anonymous says

        Also wanted to second this google “Software Sales”

        Can legitimately make nearly $300,000 a year in 4 years, if you’re willing to put the work in.

        The world is your oyster. Do the opposite. Think outside the box. And you can make a life for yourself
        that others could only dream of.

  7. Nit PIcky says

    It’s really hard not to brag about your success for validation when you have young money. I just crossed the $1M mark, and am hurdling over the $2M mark before June (post-tax), and I will NEVER say those numbers to anyone, but allude to it waaaaaaaaaay too often.

    I need to stop.

  8. WSP123 says

    We’ll be posting a longer form item on “high end” office politics and how to exit your career on Wall Street (now that we’re done).

    Fuck yeah! Looking forward to what’s coming up – definitely the main vague parts of my own blueprint are:
    -Why to get out
    -When to get out (I mean, seriously, I have no idea how guys calculate when to leave)
    -What to do when out

    Think I’m missing a concrete ‘goal’ other than: Reach Hedge Fund -> Profit

    Great stuff. I appreciate you still putting your stuff out for free.

  9. peterlikesmilk says

    Just want to say thank you.

    Two years after uni in my mid-20s I’m a senior accountant at a Big 4 audit firm. I hate this ‘job’, which is not even close to a ‘career’ by WSP standards, even though I got the best performance rating in the firm and was early-promoted. I guess I’m the typical hard-working, quiet, Asian male, coming from China and was lucky to get an accounting job in Down Under.

    In Oct 15 I failed my first ever bulge bracket IB interview (equity research), then I found WSP and read all articles under ‘Wall St’ and ‘Life’ sections. I cold-called/emailed almost all senior directors & partners in my Big 4 corporate finance division, and used the same techniques to contact senior peoples in IB equity research. It was tough to face many many rejections, but I learnt how to sell myself and I simply enjoyed doing it again and again.

    3 months later I’m going to be transferred to my Big 4 firm’s corporate finance team (infrastructure M&A), and today I received an offer from BB equity research (strategy).

    It won’t be an easy choice between these two offers, but I know it’s all about follow your skills, not your dream.

    Thanks again and all the best with your new life after Wall St.

  10. jett says

    Valuable article. Two great ones in a row.

    Thanks for continuing to post some of the highest quality information out there, at 0 cost.

    The first two examples of the “Life” are simply horrifying to read, in a good way.

    Since finding this blog I have constantly been implementing the advice that is preached in an effort to reach the “Life”… the one that is actually worth living that is.

    so again, thanks, and keep up the great content!

    • Anon1 says

      Yep, its in their recommended section for a reason

      I’ve learned a lot of atypical knowledge from this blog.

      One of the biggest takeaways was that if you follow the consensus/majority opinion you are always going to be behind.

  11. Young Manhattan says

    Great post, and another reminder to “keep going”.

    Almost 25, and while I’m currently on Wall Street (and i got in late seeing as I had to break in from a non-target), my 100% goal is to get a business off the ground (online, product based).

    That being said, the option has crossed my mind of switching into a “Strategy/Corp Fin/FP&A/Corp Dev” role making $100-$150k base, working much less in lower stress environment. Giving solid enough cash flow to start a business, and 2x-3x the amount of time available to work on a real business. Obviously this would have to be done with a serious commitment to starting that business and not an excuse to jump into an “easier role”.

    Know you guys would probably say no, but wondering if any other readers felt the same. It seems like a good idea on one-hand and bad on another.

    Thanks again guys!


    • AspiringPlayboy says

      I’m in exactly the same situation. I look around my shop and 90% of associates, whether politically well aligned or not, get nailed on hours.

      Starting a business is no joke and I don’t see how you can beat the competition with 2/3 hours (Max!) in the evening to work on your biz (I’m trying myself and it it’s slow going).

      It’s looking like mid-market PE is the answr for me – strong long-term outlook with more “free” time (deal flow depending) to ramp up the biz to make the long-term irrelevant.

      That being said it sounds like WSP started their businesses while analysts so it can be done, though you may need to stock up on red bull/adderall!

      Good luck!

      • James Hunt says

        I think WSP mentioned that forgoing the buy side to become an associate is not a bad option. Many people who go PE route, go to MBA, and then cannot get back into post-MBA PE slot due to lack of spots and competition. For the people that do get in, your head is still on the chopping block if your investment ideas go south unlike the sell side. Some go to corp dev after the failed golden ticket. By that time, your peers would be a a 1st year VP w/o the student loans and wasted time on MBA. Banks are now starting fast track promotes for exceptional candidates and protected weekends. It really comes down to risk profile, properly assessing your strong suits, and risk profile.

  12. says

    Yo great post bros

    Ive been folllowing parts of that plan “naturally” over the last couple months, since all I did fof years was do drugs, party and fuck chicks (100+)

    However now I have a website under my real name where I teach other dudes how to do the same (lift weights, fuck mad girls, make money) and its only been online 2 months…

    … and ive already made couple $hundred’s.

    People told me i wouldnt make any money for a year online, so i laughed and said “haha fuck you bro yes i will”

    Just like you guys said above that most people will hate you-

    -ive got only 1 friend left after the years of fucking mad girls, making money (i had a successful personal training business before i dove into my website fulltime), and saying the word “no”.

    However, unlike all of them –

    – Im single
    – Have money
    – Have a couple fuckbuddies
    – Already worked on getting over anxiety talking to chicks/style/sex/etc.
    – Put systems in place ($$$) to secure future, ive seen a lot of people (old friends) lose their jobs
    – Invest 60-80% back into my health

    – Have a smile on my face on any given day

    BTW – I’m only 21 years old, my 1 friend i talked about is 25 (same thing, he makes bank, fucks chicks, etc.)

    See you in “The Life” bros

    • says

      Holy shit dude, you’re killin’ it! Been seeing you all over Twitter as well, LOL.

      On topic – yeah that’s what happens to most “regular” guys. Although I would argue the majority of people in this world don’t even try to achieve anything great.

  13. Grivendal says

    This is a scary post.The worst thing now is that if you fail,you will know how your life would have been if you didn’t.And you are aware of the reasons why you failed.

    If that doesnt give you a big push,what else will…

    • Anon1 says

      Its not scary, it’s factual.

      If i had a time machine i would say to my past self that experience is more important than knowledge.

      But as i don’t, you have to work with what you got.

      I’m still young, no dependents or fixed costs. It’s going to be harder than if i was 21 but its possible. Requires working more and problem solving.

  14. Bob smith says

    WSP is the big brother everybody needs and nobody has.

    Thanks to your guidance I’ll be joining a top M&A group as a summer analyst this year.
    I go to a non-target.

    It is true to say that this blog changed the trajectory of my life for the better.

  15. says

    Hey WSP,

    Thanks for the informative post. The segment on talking to 5’s and 6’s at a local dive bar is truly alarming. I’m going to do everything in my right mind to avoid that kind of lifestyle.

    I attend the undergraduate business school at UMass Amherst, and because of your advice, I will be applying to 12 target schools as a junior year transfer. If I am accepted into any of them I will have you guys to thank. I’m hoping to get that M&A SA offer in the near future!

    Look forward to the next post on office politics,

  16. WSPAnon says

    Want to thank you guys enormously. This blog has had the single biggest impact on my life of anything I’ve read over the last year. Stats: 30, college dropout, strength is numerics.

    In September 2015 was basically static. Guaranteed $75k+ for the rest of my life in analytics-related roles but wanted more. WSP opened up a gaping wound between actual me and potential me and I went into depression. Realized I was a loser and had to start fixing stuff.

    January 2016. Changed jobs twice. First into operations of WS-related tech firm. Second into sales of said firm. I’m derpy as fuck with phones (perhaps other introverts can relate?) but have run into enough walls to find the correct path. WS guys still try to out-acronym me but now it’s a fun game.

    A/O February 2016. Base this year should be ~$100k with large equity grant (startup). Hint-hint numerics guys if you can learn to talk just a little bit your value goes up exponentially. Involved in a couple of online side hustles in incredibly emotional markets. Figure out the marketing and the product can always be reverse-engineered.

  17. Ray says

    Fantastic article, damn it is ruff though to find out that your a regular joe schmoe and not want to get rid of any of the dead weight in you’re life. Welp time for the ultimatum.

  18. Lion says

    Fantastic article once again guys!

    for some reason I’m subscribed to your email list but I never receive the emails, oh well I check the site a least once a week!

  19. Dylan says

    I think the main thing I’ve taken away from this blog is that complacency and lust for comfort will kill any chances you have at living “the life”.

    I’m 19 attending a “top-tier” private university, but after reading this blog (along with many others and books) I’ve noticed a few things about college students in relation to their futures.

    1) Most at a top-tier uni like mine come from priveleged but by no means rich families, and are comforted by what society will give them. They’ll accept a 75-100k/yr job after mom and dad pay for college and live just as their parents did.
    2) Most will never question why it’s so easy to glide through college, even at a top-tier uni. My first year here as a mechanical engineering major I operated at probably 40% (foolishly), and an alarm went off. Why is this so fucking easy? This alarm will never sound for most students, so self-guided learning will never realize itself as long as that GPA is above a 3.0!
    3) Very few are thinking about making money NOW. With the internet and social media skills college students have, it would be easy for many to make money online, and at little cost, but most deem it out of reach. I’m fortunate to have been exposed to this blog and realize that I can literally start a business anytime.

    If I hadn’t stumbled across this blog (and others), decided it was time to educate myself, focus on health, and become an entrepreneur, I’d be happily living out a five year illusion. Eventually of course ending in the, fuck what do I do stage at 24. Most likely with a nice 100k a yr job that I hate and 3 nights a week to blow my check at a club. Woo.

    I’ve decided my 40k a yr can be spent better elsewhere, and will be transferring to a public uni to pursue a marketing degree at 1/4 of the cost, which I’ll hopefully be able to cover with a side business venture.

    The most valuable thing I’ve learned from WSP is the stupidity of trading time for money. Sure I’ll have to grind 70-80 hrs a week in the coming years to get started, but at least I’ll steer clear of those first two life examples. Can’t thank you guys enough, still have a long way to go.

  20. Anotheros says

    Good post. You guys really write consistent quality content and has become one of the few blogs/websites I follow.

    With that said, I notice you point out failures in the “Top 20%” when they pass 40, saying women come much harder and they eventually settle down with an average woman and have kids.

    I don’t see how that changes whether you’re making 15 million or 150k. By staying in great shape, it’s definitely possible to push the limit from 40 to 50 or even 55, but you don’t write much about your plans past 30. You write from personal experience and that produces high quality posts, but how do you see things going forward after your thirties?* I’m assuming you’re aiming for a Hugh Heffner lifestyle, but it would be nice to see you guys explore some forward planning.

    *Topic for future post, not a question.

  21. Bob Smith says

    No matter what century or location you’re in…..

    The game of life stays the same

    The players stay the same

    It’s only the venue that changes.

    The skills and virtues needed to succeed in 1016, 2016, and 3016 will be the same

  22. zrefanz1 says

    I’ve read most of this blog and I strongly resonate with what you guys say. Managed to get an analyst role in a bulge bracket in asset finance. just turned 23. Switching areas internally I need to start to work out to move towards CIB(You can work it out which bank I mean). Especially with regards to the political process. I’ve had an investment management internship at one of those companies you mentioned in the other blog and I’m from a non target.

    Any advice WSPB?

    This is my rationale for investing in myself:

    If I just did my job and took all my holidays and I didn’t invest myself, What is mark to market? . Then create a financial projection of my mark to market in a years time. I would earn the same salary maybe slightly higher but not significantly higher. Which is why using your time dividends (Holidays, non working hours) to invest in yourself.

  23. Sergio says

    Loved it! Your writing is insightful, motivational(without falling into the motivational speaker cliches) and spot on.
    My issue for the longest has been the part about the girls. But the longer I have been thinking about it(mostly after reading this and other of your articles), the less I am worried. My reasoning is that right now as a 21 year old sophomore at a community college ready to transfer into my major(going there for the price, have been going there for free with scholarships.) I am at the point where I have to pay my dues and bust my tail with near minimum wage jobs and long hours of studying to get my foot in the door and learn.
    However, once I cement my wealth and success, it will be there, whereas girlfriends come and go. It’s pointless to worry about impressing women now because If shit hits the fan, I know they won’t pay the bills and feed me. On the other hand, even If I have love mishaps, it will be a drop in a bucket compared to the satisfaction of having ownership of my life. Just a matter of finding a new girl.
    Right now I am focusing on getting into FSU(not a target-school, but it has a good quality for it’s price, I live in the city, plus after doing the math If I pick up some part-time work I can graduate debt free.) while also getting involved in the local entrepreneur scene to get my feet wet and hopefully launch a business after I have greater liquidity(hence the urgency to graduate debt free). I also want to begin creating some retirement funds to have a safety net.
    Keep up the great work!
    Greetings from Tallahassee.

  24. a says

    I went to a top engineering school. #1-5. Surprisingly most of the geniuses I knew are now working for 50-100k (software dev, other analytical roles).

    Quite a few are in big oil and some might go on to start their own oil company one day, that is a pretty common trend.

    But it is interesting to see. Genius is not correlated to making money at all. In fact a lot of acquaintances are now hippies.

    • Hopsin says

      I went to an average state university for com sci. I’m 25 and making 100k contracting in the Midwest. I take month-long paid vacations to travel Asia and Europe. There’s no shortage of demand for talented software engineers, and it doesn’t require you to be a genius or to attend a top tier uni.

  25. says

    Hey WSP,

    I’m a female working in tech sales in my mid-20s and I love this blog.

    Two reasons:

    1. You get people to *feel* something. Enough said. ($$)
    2. Women who ARE top-performers would not be offended by your take on relationships with women who ARE NOT also top performers.

    Top-performing women face the same issues with unimpressive men and relationships.

    Overall, success is the result of a *rational approach* which includes self-awareness. If people are biased against me for being a woman, ect., I can use that to my advantage.

  26. Ezrawr says

    CRAP! Forgot the “we don’t answer questions rule”, so please ignore my questions at the end. Cannot edit the post so I would just like to leave the last one as a comment and say it might be of great benefit to a lot of your readers who had a rough start to their 20s on how they can get back on their feet, a post for those that didn’t have a rockstar start to their 20s (aka most young fuckups who want a way to get that second chance).

    I have read on your site as to how an MBA might be a great idea but I hear they care a lot about GPAs/UG performance for that.

    Given the knowledge and the straightforward/no bullshit demeanor you guys have, I am certain a post like that would change the life of a good number of 20 somethings who want that second chance in life after messing up in college and are trying to find a way to put their life on a positive trajectory while they have the youth and energy to do so.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      We already answered this in the post $1M in 10 years. Have to start a company, going $150K+ in debt is not going to help if you only earn $125 a year because it will take 8 years just to break even on that investment.

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