The Greatest Time in History to Be Alive

Lets look back a mere 40 years. In 1977, we didn’t even have the internet. We didn’t have electric cars. We didn’t have “low cost airlines”. We didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t even have a CD player! There are so many things that we did not have that it could take a full day just to list them into a single post. That said we’ll highlight every reason to believe this is the greatest time to be alive. We cannot come up with a single solid reason to go back in time to “live in the past” because every single day gets better and better.


This is the #1 reason to us. Information can be obtained in less than five seconds. If you have a smartphone or access to a computer (even at a *free* library) you can learn about any topic in the world. You can learn about sports, stocks, automobiles, fitness, technology, dieting, etc. All the information is already on the web and it requires $0 to obtain since you can access this information by walking into a public library.

Obtaining Information: Since we’ve started with getting things you need, we can see that obtaining information is quite easy. There are websites and blogs today run by people with decades of experience. In addition, they don’t even receive a high number of page views. If a regular person wants to feel good for a moment he can simply search for “motivational speech/website” and get pumped up for nothing. If a smart person wants to learn how to sell, that is also available in a simple search as well. There is no barrier to obtaining information today.

Sending Information: Sending information is now free as well. If you wanted to tell your closest friends about a new investment? You had to either use a telephone or send physical mail. Now? You can simply go into the internet and click send from an email address. Free. Sending large documents was once costly, and is now completely free as well. If you wanted to send a 2,000 page report to someone… You would be forced to use standard mail. Now? You simply send it as an attachment. There are zero barriers to sending information today.

Storing Information: For those that worked in investment banking… Can you imagine going to a physical Data room versus a secure internet based data room? Well… That is exactly how it was done in the past. To obtain SEC filings they had to be sent in the mail. Documents were stored in physical storage containers. It is simply unbelievable to see how much has changed. There are zero barriers to storing sensitive information.

Securing Information: Even for the cynics out there, we don’t see any barrier to securing information as well. If someone absolutely needed to write a document and secure it forever, that can be done with a basic computer. Never connect the device to the internet, write the document, place it on a USB stick and delete the document (destroying the computer as well). No one needs to go to this level of extremity, however it can be done. There are zero barriers to securing information.

Accurate Information: With a little bit of intelligence, you can be certain that the information you are obtaining is also accurate. Why? Only go for information that can be tested and proven. While going for nothing but *proven* information, you’ll never get a *material* edge on the competition, you can build a fundamental baseline of skills. This is an incredible advantage. 95% of people want to be entertained so they will spend their time getting information related to pop culture and “feelings”… They will consume millions of stories about making money that give no practice advice.  You on the other hand? With a few clicks you can build baseline skills for practically anything… for free. There are zero barriers to obtaining accurate information.

Conclusion: For free. We cannot stress this enough. For Free. You can obtain, send, store and secure information. In addition, with a little bit of intelligence you can see if the information is accurate or mumbo jumbo used to attract the masses. This section alone makes today the greatest time in history to be alive. All of these things used to cost real money. But it gets better.

Making Money

Anyone can make money if they simply want to try. If someone cannot make money today, they are saying quite literally: “I have no skills and am unwilling to acquire any”. Even if someone is located on a mountain in a remote part of the United States… All they need is an internet connection. After obtaining an Internet connection they can offer services to people in wealthy parts of the United States. These basic services can include cooking, cleaning and fitness training. They don’t even need to be there before they obtain their new line of work. How much does it cost to travel across the entire country? About $200 by train. While this is an example of the extreme low-end… lets look at more logical examples.

Internet Customers: It can cost $100,000 to start a brick and mortar (commercial real estate can get expensive). With that $100,000… You could buy millions of entrants to your website! Depending on the cost per click (what region you’re targeting) you could get well over 1 million visitors in a day for the same price. Lets think about that scale for a second. How long would it take to get 1 million visitors into a single brick and mortar? A Year? A decade?! We don’t even want to know because we’ll never get into that business. Ever.

No Barriers: How much does it cost to sell someone else’s product? $0. That is right. With a few clicks on a computer screen you can start selling someone else’s product today. You don’t even need to own the product or be on their staff! All it takes is a few clicks and typing information into a computer screen. This means you can have two income streams with lightning quickness. Not only that but if you’re smart, you can buy a few accounts and make sure none of the sales are linked physically to you (unnecessary, but for those uninterested in fame/publicity it can be done).

Shift in Business: We’ve moved on from two industries in less than 5-6 years. Lets think about that for a second. In just 5-6 years there have been *two* business shifts. You can start with a career on Wall Street, shift into online sales and shift into selling your own product within less than 5-6 years. Can you imagine trying to do this in 1977? “Hi, I’m going to sell Jewelry to women after 5 years of being an automobile mechanic”… Back then people would laugh at you. Today? Not so much because you could begin this process *while* you’re still fixing cars to keep the lights on and the bills paid.

Honey Pots: There are two ways to make good money: 1) go where the money is or 2) go where the money will be in the future. If you go where the honey pot is today, it may not be there in a 10 years. But. You can absolutely put some money away to get your neck well above water. Once your neck is above water you can then spend all your time focusing on where the money will go. Finally, if you’re brilliant, you’ll know where the money is going to go. We all know what that means. Use what is making money *now* to fund new projects… where the money will go. Back in 1977? Information was consolidated into special groups and it was difficult to get up to speed.

Acquisition Prices are Low: Put a dollar in and get a dollar back within a year… The rest will be profit. If you told someone this back in 1977, someone like Warren Buffet would buy it with millions of dollars before anyone had the chance. The funny thing? This is happening right now. You can buy e-commerce companies that are poorly run for 1-2 times earnings and get your money back within a year (the remaining pure profit). You don’t need a million bucks, you don’t even need $100,000. What do you need? Information… Which is free!

Services Through the Roof: Lets take the final item, the “low-end”. If someone doesn’t want to do anything listed above. They don’t want to work in a career. They don’t want to start a business. They don’t want to make a lot of money, they just want to get by. The answer? Move to where rich people live. Rich people do not want to feel an ounce of “discomfort” in any way. Offer a service. This can be babysitting, cooking, fitness help, etc. By targeting the wealthy, you’ll earn a median wage with relative ease.

Investing: We now have access to *practically* any type of investment project we like. If you’re interested in private real estate deals? That is available to you right now with no need to be an institutional investor. If you want to invest in the entire S&P 500… that can be done now. If you want to buy options? That can be done with a few clicks. So on and so forth. Oh and one last thing… it can be done for a few dollars with thin spreads (Anyone else remember when stock prices were listed in newspapers with numbers such as 1/8? We do.)

Conclusion: Everything that is needed to make money can be acquired for significantly smaller prices. You can obtain the information for free. Start the company for a fraction of the cost. Acquire customers for nickels and dimes. Run multiple businesses at the same time. Start a new one without dropping the ball on your current project and worst case scenario? Offer a service to keep the lights on.


Time and health are the most valuable items in our lives. Better health gets you more time and time is the only thing that you can never get back (money comes and goes but you can always get it back). All that said, it is third in this list because it was possible to live a healthy life 40 years ago as well.

Technology: With advances in technology we are living longer. Since we can use a computer to make money, our bodies last longer. In addition, healthcare technology continues to get better. Surgeries are more accurate and the medicines being created today continue to be more and more potent solving more and more issues. Overall? Technology has helped improve our healthcare system.

Data and Analytics: With more information on longevity, we can now come up with our own conclusions on how to live longer. We have information on the life expectancy by country (take a look below)


This means we can go ahead and make some broad conclusions. As you travel the world (undoubtedly you will or already have), take some mental notes on the life styles of the people in each country. Use this to create a basic “mosaic” of the keys to a long life. Are the people happy? What do they typically eat? How do they exercise? How much rest do they get? Are they physically bigger, smaller, taller or shorter. So on and so forth. Can you imagine trying to get this information 40 years ago…. We don’t even know where we would begin.

Access to Equipment: Obtaining a gym membership can cost you a grand total of ~$1 a day. While it can certainly cost more, if you simply need access to all the equipment necessary to train without buying it all (thousands of dollars) you can do so for about a dollar a day. By the time you’re done, using all of the equipment for a few short years (lets say you spent $1,000), your body will see a parabolic improvement. If we wanted to do this 40 years ago, exercise equipment was difficult to access.

Personal Life

It does not matter what your interests are. You could be interested in cats and dogs. You could be interested in making money. And. You could be interested in fiction books. With the internet you can easily connect to someone with the same interests as you.

The Other Side of the Screen: While everyone assumes that the “other person” writing comments, blog posts, forum posts etc. “must be a loser” this is simply not the case. If you provide high quality information on a topic, people in the *know* will immediately reach out to you. It is simply not possible to have 3.2 billion people connected to the internet and have 99% of them be “losers”.  In fact, several readers of this blog have already figured out what industries we left (we have left two so far in just five years!). Why? They simply read the blog posts.

What does this mean from a social perspective? It means that there is no real barrier to meeting new people. You can find someone who lives in Chicago even if you live in Rome. The person in Chicago can then click on Skype and call you to discuss a topic you’re both interested in. Naturally, no one *needs* to do this, however it is possible with the internet. As you can imagine, we don’t recommend socializing on the Internet, but… it can be done.

Live Information: There is no need for a relay of information. Those days are long gone. A news report seen “Tonight at 6pm” is typically old news. You can now receive information *from the source* as it happens with a simple click of a button. Why would you take information from someone who spent 2-4 hours to decide how it should be displayed when you can see it live right now? It doesn’t make much sense.

From a personal life/social perspective, you can now obtain accurate information real-time and dissect the meaning yourself. No need for an intermediary anymore.

Concluding Remarks: This post was written in less than an hour. We’re not saying it was done intelligently, but we are saying there are too many reasons to list. We could probably write for 5 hours and not even scratch the surface! If there are more reasons to add please leave them in the comments.


  1. Tom says

    Without having such widespread access to information I would have never found this site when I was 16, and – without being ‘too’ dramatic – that’s quite frankly a good enough reason to state that this is the best time to be alive.

    To think I could have been taking art and drama in college right now.

  2. YM says

    On that honey pot grind! On that note, once you find the honey pot that’s working right now, don’t give it away!

  3. says

    You think all that is amazing??? take a look at some private research and data gathering I’ve done over the years and put into this chart.

    It extrapolates out, based on reliable sources, what technological advances we should see over the next 20+ years. Obviously predicting the specific future is impossible but this tries to predict when groundbreaking new technologies (eg. 5G LTE) should emerge instead of what company will “make it big” using that technology. This path usually has a much higher accuracy.

    The next 10 years will be more of the same amazing technological revelations that we’ve had but once we get into advanced molecular assembly and atomically precise manufacturing you’re looking at mind bogglingly insane advances. Batteries that pack 1000x the energy density, computers that are 1000x smaller and 100x faster and AI that can pass the Turing Test.

    The chart certainly doesn’t cover everything, but I find it incredibly useful in trying to figure out as you put it “where the money will be”. It also allows you to figure out when multiple technologies should combine to make something previously impossible, possible. For example camera advances, battery advances and small computers combined to build the brand new drone industry.

    I hear people complain all the time about now being “dangerous times” or wanting for the “good old days”. I’m constantly astonished at the awesome things we can do and the new things we will soon be able to do. Personally I’m hoping to live forever through advanced nanorobotics 😀 haha

  4. says

    Access information not allowed by the ‘traditional media agenda’. What was previously undisputed is now being debated. The traditional media such as newspapers, TV, etc., can not print the *colossal* influence that they had previously printed. Power has been wiped out and broken up into several other sources, and the audience has, in general, become much more critical.

    An example? This site. Where would we find room for the publication of articles by former Wall Street bankers in the form of anonymity under such themes as Life, Women, Money, and other valuable subjects? It would probably be rejected by the few means of information transmission of the 70s, 80s and 90s, by the lack of connection with the mainstream agenda.

    It was not only the mass media that changed their power. The academic milieu and its control of divergent opinions to the ‘status quo’ as well. We have access to a number of works – those that describe the deepest theories about science and those that present the most compelling philosophies to be used as an instrument toward goals – that were previously restricted to public or private library shelves.

    Not only that. Articles, books, and reviews that do not mesh with the ‘academy’s status quo’ also gain their space for public appreciation in an internet environment. Works and theories that would be vehemently rejected in academia have the opportunity to fluoresce in the middle of the internet. And how we found valuable material in this way!

    We are experiencing an era in which it is possible to build human beings with unbeatable knowledge. Notice the great men of history. Great Emperors, Kings, Strategists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians. They have achieved incredible feats with far less access to knowledge than 3.2 billion people in the world of 2017 have at their disposal.

    This Era provides all the material needed for a man to become epic.

  5. says

    It boggles my mind thinking about the technology advancements just in the past 10-20 years! We have a two-year-old son and I feel completely out of my league trying to navigate parenthood in a world that is so different from when I grew up… and I was born in the (very) late 80s!

  6. Recent graduate says

    Thinking about it, there are so many resources today that allow you to teach yourself any skill you want AND be competent in a month (or less), mind boggling.

    Even looking back just 10 yrs ago, we’d all have to go through 4 yrs of college to learn a skill, whoops….

  7. PhiX says

    Great post, it is truly wonderful to be alive today, but for me, one of the biggest issues about information is that I often have problems with information overload and abundance.

    When I try to learn about topic X, there is so much free information from multiple sources that just makes me procrastinate.

    Even when I want to lose time, like deciding if I should play video game, read a book or watch a movie – I have so much choice that I end up not doing anything.

    Surely there are ways to control information current so you don’t become overloaded but it can be a challenge!

      • Dheeraj Dadhich says

        I learned that as a kid when dad brought home Chapman book of “general knowledge” aka factoids in preinternet days , which contained contradictory information. You learn that source matters. No information overload for me. Worked with 2G internet which seldom worked in India while in college.. So only could download books. When books replace news, there is no info overload.

    • Ally says

      Everybody seems to be either freaking out about AI/automation or not knowing about what’s coming now days. I think that the whole “AI will take over everyone’s job” panic is too overhyped. Yes. Some people will probably lose their jobs. Some jobs will probably stop existing. But I’m pretty sure not every job in the world will get destroyed by AI or automation + new jobs will most likely form as a result of it, creating new opportunities for smart people.

  8. Mr. Gray says

    Thank you for this.

    I’m 18 and we forget how well life really is. Life is so fucking great right now, there really in no better time then now.

    I’ll put this into perspective. I grew up in a town of 1,000 people. I started reading books on how to get rich, improve my health, and find my “purpose”. This was all when I was 15.

    I now have a fitness company that is making a substantial amount of money.

    It doesn’t matter where you live. You he information is out there.

    Thank you for your blog, you guys have partly changed my life!

  9. Playing Catch Up says

    The one demographic the modern times have helped the most are guys who grew up in bumfuck towns. I grew up in a very ass backwards town full of self-righteous religious lunatics and people who as a whole thought like losers from what your pasts posts have said about losers. Crabs in a bucket mixed in with some depressed characters, a place mostly everyone wanted to get out of.

    Sales? Oh they’re slimy!

    Bankers? They’re evil and have no family!

    Money? Look there are people in third world countries happier than people in rich nations okay!

    Being on the internet single-handedly changed my entire life. I would be a stressed out PhD student throwing away his 20s or a stressed out med student putting himself in debt, all because I listened to society and parents, until I finally did the research on it all. Now I work in software sales and while it isn’t easy, I have found that I am much happier about my future and even myself as an individual.

    The one thing I do wonder is how the internet age and people getting married much later in life will change social life as you get older. It used to be in American culture (not sure if it still is), that social life ended after college and you just never made new friends or anything after that because it was strange.

    I wonder how soon before technology makes it easy to get a social circle of like minded people together as you please. WSPs this might be the best time to be alive but the best part is, it has potential to get EVEN BETTER!

  10. Admardian says

    Funny thing about a personal life story, goes back to your post about San Francisco vs New York.

    So I found work in San Francisco (industry should be obvious) after college and I heard great things about the city from some liberal friends in school. Moved out there and found that I was struggling in the social sense, thought it was me for a while but then I hopped online. I started hearing more and more and more complaints about the city from various people as well as how stuck up everyone is.

    Then I also found that men of my background (Indian) were just highly looked down upon in that city, was wondering why I never saw those rich brown dudes in the city with anything other than girls in arranged marriages. LOL I would approach girls at bars and be ignored right off the bat, although it was tough to find anything above a 7 there.

    Took a job offer to a midwestern city where the pay was six figures but COL much much lower. Get more bang for my buck in every sense of the word lol. I have received more Tinder matches than ever before, tons of matches on Bumble, and I have managed to sleep with over 4 women this year who are beautiful (tall, blonde, fit body, and pretty face). Funny thing is I heard from an Indian guy in Chicago how good the dating culture there was for guys like us and made that move.

    Without the internet, I’d be stuck in San Fran chasing 4s.

  11. says

    People forget about libraries.

    They don’t know new perks either.

    A free library card in my city gets me access to 3 different paid websites on how to learn programming.

    Being a loser is a choice in 2017. Not a forced position.

    • JL says

      Love this.

      On top of this even BOOKS got electronic EBOOK versions right now.

      From search, to checkout, to reading in your screen – all in a span of 5 to 10 minutes.

      People with domain expertise even have blogs and newsletters right now. Their ‘recommendations’ are even just couple damn clicks away.

      Best time to be alive. Ever.

  12. Leo says

    What a great article!

    This article reminded me what Jack Ma said:

    “The worst people to serve are the Poor people. Give them free, they think it’s a trap. Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say can’t earn much. Tell them to come in big, they’ll say no money. Tell them to try new things, they’ll say no experience. Tell them it’s traditional business, they’ll say hard to do. Tell them it’s a new business model, they’ll say it’s MLM. Tell them to run a shop, they’ll say no freedom. Tell them to run new business, they’ll say no expertise. They do have some things in common: They love to ask Google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them, they think more than a university professor and do less than a blind man.

    Just ask them, what can they do. They won’t be able to answer you. My conclusion: Instead of your heart beats faster, why not you just act faster a bit; instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it. Poor people fail because of one common behavior: Their Whole Life is About Waiting.”

  13. ETA says

    I too see our time as the greatest in history, but for different reasons. Power and happiness is the ultimate goal for most people, but they are contextual and relative.
    The average person of today lives a better and more comfortable life than the kings of 500 years ago. Yet, they are usually miserable. That’s because of their position within our current society. We’re status driven.
    Telling ourselves that we have a better life than who lived before us does not give us power or make us more happy. Because we are not competing with previous generations, we are competing with who’s alive today. And if we want to dissect it even further. We are competing with any functional adult from age 18 to 60.
    WSPs has made that point when they tweet about whether it is better to have $1 Million at age 30 or $100 Million at age 60.

    Humans are hierarchical by nature, no matter the context we always organize in a pyramid structure. And what makes this as the greatest time in human history is POPULATION GROWTH. For every 1000 new born, you know you will have at least 10 rich/powerful people(and 1 ultra rich/powerful) America already experienced this stage with the generation of the Baby Boomers.
    Life is about having an edge in order to be on top, and access to technology and information takes that edge away. That’s why it’s population growth that “creates” new seats at the top for status and power.
    But population growth is predicted to peak at around 10 Billion people, so the space for power and wealth will be soon saturated.

    Since Capitalism is the framework within which we operate,then in order to be on top you have to sell to those to the bottom(middle class) You start selling physical goods to them. But there’s a limit to how much physical goods one can consume. At this point you can sell services/experiences (ex:subscriptions) When you have a well developed middle class, then you have saturated that market.
    This is the time when you shift your activity to undeveloped markets(ex:Asia). But even those market are getting saturated for the past 20 years.
    If you look at the net income of the biggest Billion dollar companies, their net profits plateau at around $50 Billion/year. That is a reflection of the ceiling of how much goods and services the current “world middle class” can consume. The only new frontier I see is Africa. The Chinese investors have already picked up on it, and started to invest there. The population there is still growing and the middle class is still far from developed.

    Once the world population peaks at 10 billion and along with it the “middle class”‘s capacity to consume, there will be a fixed number of Seats at the top, and everyone will compete for them. And it’s already happening in America(See Amazon vs Sears, Khols, Target). The new is replacing the old, in an already saturated market.
    Not easy times to be around, if you’re wealth driven.
    There’s so much social engineering going on in this process that I can’t put all my thoughts down.

    But, if anyone has as their goal to build a Dynasty, our generation and that of our kids, will most likely be the last to have it so easy to get to the top.

  14. Anonymous says

    Can I just say about the Internet vs B&M thing…

    1. Internet mainly works for lower hanging fruit. Buyers tend to be flaky. Try selling $50k enterprise software only through a website.

    2. You never mentioned $$ required to turn 1m+ views into customers. Avg cold conversion is 2%-5%.

    3. Try getting 1m+ views for “knitting” or something. You’d be surprised at how focused the Internet is in terms of potential readership.

    B&M has several major benefits.

    Whilst the barriers are higher, *if* you have a brand, customer base and world-class offering, it makes perfect sense to invest into B&M. Perfect way to defeat competitors.

    For example, if you have commercial software biz, much better to have a small downtown office w/ 5 employees than remote workers. This way, when you network you’re able to bring clients to the office to encourage higher $$ SLA’s etc.

    Further, most people make mistake with B&M in trying to tap into foot flow. The secret to making business work is to bring your own audience.

    The method, as was the case in the days of direct mail, is to start with small time buyers via low cost advertising, and use that momentum to get whales (huge client accounts). The B&M argument comes when you’re fishing for those larger accounts.

  15. invencivel says

    Everything that was stated is this article is true. I agree that information is the key. But there is another side to that coin.

    40 years ago you could only really compare yourself to your friends and people you personally knew. And chances are good that not one of them was winning in all the facets of life. So even if you were a loser, you weren’t fully aware to what extent you were losing. The rest of the human population, 99.9999% of people, you knew absolutely nothing about. They didn’t exist in your world.

    Fast forward to 2017, you can compare yourself to anyone and everyone on earth. Thanks to the internet and social media, you see the life highlights of top players in every single industry, niche and aspect of life. Business, sports, art, game, money, looks, power, popularity, fame, wisdom, you name it. Some guy/girl who is *seemingly* doing better than you is always in your pocket, one click away. This makes the masses miserable. This also makes our generation the most insecure generation of people to have ever lived.

    The solution is obvious. Realize that lying through pictures has become more popular than lying through words. Delete all social media and only compare yourself to your past self. This skill takes years to master.

    40 years ago, you didn’t really have much choice regarding how you spent your time. You could either work, hang out with family and friends, engage in some hobby or watch television. Work felt rewarding. Being with family and friends felt rewarding. Having a hobby felt rewarding. Watching TV certainly didn’t feel rewarding, but one could only watch so much 70’s TV. It would get boring after a while and you would be left mostly with rewarding ways to spend your time.

    Something very insidious is happening today. Because of the vast explosion of *free* information, people are consuming way more than ever before in human history. Millions upon millions of people will waste their entire lives on information. Completely irrelevant *unrewarding* information. Information that was carefully designed to exploit your nature and hook you in. Forever.

    Pop culture, politics, Netflix, ‘viral news’, memes, Youtube, pornography, computer games… The list goes on. All of it exists to make you an *information addict*. A perpetual, robotic consumer of words, sounds and pictures. Novelty on demand is the name of the game here. And there are very few things the human brain finds more irresistible that novel information.

    Think about it like this. How much unnatural stimulation has to be there for you to sit completely still for 2 hours and stare into a glowing rectangle? I’ll tell you – 172,800 novel pictures flashing before your eyes at the insane speed of 24/second. Anyone in a mood for a movie?

    (Notice that consuming TV goes hand in hand with consuming man-made carbs (ex. candy bars and chips), which also happens to be an addictive substance. The rabbit hole goes deep.)

    You can imagine the damage VR will do once it is fully integrated with pornography and video games. Those will be sad times.

    The implication of this rampant social engineering is that the lives of *hundreds of millions of people* will be spent looking at screens. Switching from the small one to the big one. From the big one to the small one. Again and again. Every day until they die. Unbelievable regret and chronic depression come with the territory.

    The masses spend their days wishing for the “good ol’ days” to come back because they were content with that slow, inefficient, low information, but for them rewarding lifestyle. Today, they are human batteries being used and abused. There is no hope for them.

    But for the top 1% and upwards, for the authors and readers of this blog, for you and me, this is by far the best time in history to be alive. And it is only getting better. The era of no limitations is coming.

    Buying health and time with money? It is happening. The already massive utility of money is rapidly expanding. Having millions has never been more important. Ever.

    The best part? Making serious money has never been easier and more available to those with raw ambition. If you want it – you can have it.

    Start an online business. Crate a valuable product. Give people what they want. Rake in the cash.

    So which one is objectively the best time to be alive then, today or the good ol’ times?

    It is both. 40 years ago for the irrational. Today and tomorrow for the rational.

    I will leave you with my favorite quote of all time, coming straight from the greatest salesman who ever lived:

    “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

    • Jeremy says

      One’s well being will be decided on whether one can effectively utilize and sell the current and next wave of innovations, or make oneself obsolete by becoming addicted to them.

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