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This is a hobby blog created in 2012 and run solely by front office Wall Street professionals (Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Sales & Trading, Equity Research and Venture Capital) along with some online sales professionals. Minimum criteria for posting on this blog: 8+ years of Wall Street Experience or $1M+ net worth. We created this blog because most people who give life advice do not have real life experience to back it up.

Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin

Importantly, we think everyone deserves a *blueprint* to getting rich (yes that includes YOU!) and provide as much detail as possible to allow that to happen (no one will give away their business for free, otherwise they would go broke very quickly!). Notably, we are keeping the blog private at this time and take it seriously… Since this blog is anonymous, we create detailed posts that usually cost money to obtain (lots of money!).

Finally, we have met a few people personally through this blog and provide other ways to check:

1) Buy an interview guide. You’ll see that it is the exact same material as our Q&A

2) Read a sector overview and hand it to someone who works in the same sector (A Detailed Look at Financial Institutions Group; Overview of Leveraged Finance;Overview of the Consumer Sector; Overview of the Healthcare Sector; Overview of the Oil and Gas SectorA Detailed Look at Technology Media and Telecom (TMT)... also find Part 2 here)

3) Buy a compensation report from Glocap and compare it to the numbers we have on this blog (it will match but we give the numbers away for free!)

4) There are a few public figures with Wall Street experience who comment on our blog (they could have said the information here is fake)

5) Finally, to really drive the nail in the coffin… as stated above we’ve met people personally from here and interact with them both on the blog and social media.


The goal of this site is to provide *actionable* advice on 1) Life, 2) Personal Finance and 3) Wall Street. This is not a place for people who are driven by emotion, people who need excessive hand holding, or people that need “motivation” to get started.

To reiterate. This blog is not for people who believe they are average or regular. If you believe you’re average then how will you succeed? We want to help those that are *willing to help themselves*. These people will win. We believe everyone deserves access to the tools for success. What you do with those tools is entirely up to you. Anyone can go from average to a million dollars!!!  (or more!)

“We can give you the blueprint but we cannot execute it for you”

Life: This is an extremely broad topic and we receive readers from a wide range (15 to 50 years old). Overall, there are really 3 keys to happiness.

1) How healthy you are. Are you healthy mentally, physically and spiritually?

2) How financially free you are. Do you work for money or does your money work for *you*?

3) How is your social life. Do you have friends and are you happy with your relationships?

Life is certainly complex. But. If you can answer positively to all three questions… you are likely happy. You worked extremely hard and earned it.

Personal Finance: This is an extremely touchy topic. Ever since you were born you have been fed a lie. Work for an hourly wage, save every penny like a monk and pray you can finally “live” at age 60+. In short, personal finance advice on the internet is bogus. We are tackling this topic head on. If you’re looking for the overview, simply memorize these three beliefs:

1) You absolutely must find what type of intelligence *you* have. Leverage this type of intelligence as much as possible.

2) The only way to get *wealthy* is to start a company. The only way to become *well off* is to go into Sales, Wall Street or Silicon Valley. The fastest way to stay poor is by trading your time for money (hourly wage). No one gets rich this way.

3) If you are worth less than $1M there is no point in trying to trade the financial markets (hedge funds, quants etc. will eat you alive). You simply dollar cost average into an index fund for a decade or so. If you want to trade the market? Make sure you are *financially independent* at minimum. Then we do not care what you do with excess cash since you don’t have to work for a living. “Never invest more than you are willing to lose”

4) Nobody cares more about your money than you. You should leverage the internet and use a free financial platform like Personal Capital to track your net worth, analyze your portfolio for excessive fees, and make sure your financial freedom date is on track. Using an Excel spreadsheet is fine, but why bother when you’ve got financial tech companies out there who’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars building free products for you to manage your money? Get on top of your finances so you can grow richer in the process.

Personal Capital Retirement Planner
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Wall Street: Most advice on the internet is also bogus. Primarily written by people who no longer work in the industry or do not even work in a front office position.

1) Do not bother spending $500+ on financial modeling courses. Wall Street has company specific templates and if you *process* instead of *learn* how to model… You will make significantly more mistakes than you should (unable to think and are simply going through the motions).

2) Wall Street is extremely competitive. People are also human. You must learn how to work the politics in an office to give yourself an edge over the competition.

3) Once you are financially set, please do not work for a team or group you do not like. There are a lot of terrible people in the industry. You do not want to work for them once you have already *paid your dues*. It is simply not worth it.


In short, if you leave comments that are of low quality they will be ignored. Your comments will be marked as spam or deleted. We delete comments since it lowers the quality of the blog. Historically, we allowed everyone to comment. But. That changed when the blog’s traffic started to increase materially Most of our readers are incredibly bright and ambitious. We will not let people bicker in the comments over mundane things such as bonuses being $130K for an associate or $160K.

Since we have an intense monitoring system for the comments here is how *you benefit*.

1) We no longer allow low quality comments and offer *free* Q&As on Facebook once and a while which are announced on our twitter handle.

2) If you leave a bad comment it does not mean you are banned for life. We believe people can change. In addition, if someone goes from leaving good comments to bad comments they will also be deleted. The best example of a bad comment is one that is entirely unrelated to the post (example: Wall Street specific post with a comment on sports).

3) There is no gossiping allowed. If you want to talk about other people on the Internet… do that on a forum. Not on our blog. If you want to promote your own blog, that is fine. However. You must be the actual owner and writer of the blog.

The advice here is direct, blunt and to the point. *YOUR* time is just as valuable as ours. It is the only asset we never get back. There are lots of rich people… But… No one lives forever. We save as much time as possible here.

“It is better to be punched in the face with the truth than kissed with a lie”

Welcome and good luck! If you grind it out, you won’t need it!


Disclosure: This website is unaffiliated with any financial institution. None of the opinions or text within is intended to be deemed legal or financial advise, please consult with a professional.

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