As outlined in our product: Efficiency, before going down any endeavor a demand test should be done. So we’re going to do one right here from now through end of 2018. We’ll run this in the same way that is run. There will be two tiers.

  1. 400 word response $10
  2. 800 word response $20
  3. If paying with Bitcoin we’ll offer a 20% discount
  4. *DO NOT* send any payment unless we have confirmed we’ll answer the question. Email us first with the question and tier 1 or tier 2 in the title. If we say yes we proceed thanks. We will not do document reviews
  5. Common *specific* questions: investing, crypto currencies, websites to buy, career  moves

Simply send us an email ( with your question along with which tier you’d like for a response (answer will be sent within 24 hours). Multi-part questions will be ignored. To keep things fair, if we don’t know the answer we also won’t accept the payment or the question. The standard ~1-2 month Q&A for purchases of Efficiency will remain unchanged.

Questions we won’t answer surround vague and macro topics such as “predict the entire stock market”. If you have a specific question we will answer personal finance/investing questions but we are not going to answer broad questions that would take 10,000+ words. Thank you for the time!

Example of a yes: we can answer questions such as “do you invest in xyz” or “I have $x how would you allocate it” or “what do you think of crypto currencies”

Example of a no: “What do you think of the macro” or “give me a stock to buy”.