Studying Advice

One of our readers came up with a great idea for a post and we’re answering the question immediately. Many people are likely young and in college trying to learn the ropes as quickly as possible. The format will be best served for people in college but you can certainly change it to focus on […]

The Most Common Question We Receive

The most common question we have received over the last month has confirmed that there is literally no competition to get to the top. None. The most common question is as follows: “Isn’t it better to earn a smaller sum but be free to do what you want?!?!” This is the most hilarious question we […]

Work Life Balance

Lets state the obvious here. If you’re looking for a career or business opportunity with “work life balance”, you’ve already lost. The implied message by searching for this position is that you view work and life as separate. You don’t like your work. If you don’t like your work, you’ll be putting in the minimum, […]

Get Out of the Middle Class

We are unaware of a post that addresses the issues of the middle class mindset. We’re going to try and tackle this. The middle class mindset is essentially derived by mainstream propaganda, indoctrination during college and through branding and insecurity. The trick to keeping the middle class in the middle class? Focus their attention away […]