How to Have a Killer New Years Eve

Most people are amped up heading into the New Year. If you’ve been running full speed ahead all year, you likely had 2-4 days (even a week!) to recover from the effort you put into the year. Instead of doing what the masses do, expending excess energy on “partying” you should spend your time coming […]

2015 Review and 2016 Outlook

2015 is coming to an end. It has been the best year in history to make money. The best year in history to be single. And. The best year in history to start another company. 2016 is looking better than ever but instead of putting the cart in front of the horse we’ll review the […]

Investment Banking Compensation 2015

We are updating compensation numbers for 2015. Excluded from this overview is investment banking analysts as the variability has decreased. Simply put an investment banking analyst should make $150, $175K, and $200K in years one, two and three. The reason we have excluded the exact break out of base and bonus is two-fold: 1) analyst […]

The Brutal Truth About Friends

Everyone is trying to show the good side of their life. On Instagram people will take hundreds of photos in the exact same location and place the one out of 700 that match their “perfect life image”. It is a joke. The truth about friends is really simple. If you have more than 5 tier […]

What is Rich?

While we no longer answer questions on this blog we continue to receive this one over and over again. We’ll go ahead and answer the question and as always, no one will agree on the definition. But. Lets get started. Definition: “A rich person is someone who does not have to work and will be […]

Simple Examples of Thinking Differently.

There is nothing wrong with thinking like the masses in a survival situation. In reality, most people follow the herd because it is a survival instinct. If we dropped a random reader into a remote area of the world with no contacts, no social media (God forbid) and no electricity or access to shelter… The […]

Highlights from Twitter and Additional Details

We’ve received many requests for elongated explanations of some tweets so this won’t take us long. Below is a quick review of the top 10 tweets so far this year by numerous “twitter metrics”. We’ll go ahead and explain the comment in more detail below and provide a link to the content as well. 1) […]

Random Musings and a Stream of Consciousness

***As noted in our Start Here section we are no longer answering any questions, only during sporadic Q&A’s for subscribers and once every quarter or so on Twitter*** We held a Twitter Q&A relatively recently and came up with roughly 10-15 topics to discuss. Instead of inefficiently talking about each one in separate blog posts […]