Overview of the Oil and Gas Sector

Hopefully this post will generate some debate with regards to profiting from the recent drop in oil prices. As we have done in the past, we will do a sector overview and we will unlikely hit on every aspect (that would require far too much work).  If Oil and Gas is not of interest to […]

You Are Taught to Be Poor.

This is the primary reason to avoid the mainstream media. The goal is to teach you to be poor. While most say they “wish they were rich” they harbor deep seeded negative beliefs about money. Call it Hocus Pocus if you wish. It is most certainly true. Negative associations with money will make life a […]

Frugality is a Feminine Quality

Our last post explained why Personal Finance on the Internet is Bogus. This post is going to focus specifically on frugality. Frugality is 1) a feminine quality, 2) will make you soft over time and 3) it will prevent you from reaching your potential. Why is it trending you ask? It is trending because people […]

Overview of the Consumer Sector

We have not done a Wall Street specific post in a while so here it is. If you’re looking for a different sector we have already covered the following: 1) Financial Institutions Group, 2) Technology Media and Telecom Part 1 and Technology Median and Telecom Part 2 and 3) Healthcare Let get started. Apparel Companies (ANF, GPS, GES, URBN) For this […]