Overcoming Depression

Similar to everything else in life anything that requires you to change your entire mental state of mind, be it social skills or depression requires several years of work. Unfortunately, no one wants to put in the work and instead they turn to over the counter drugs (Big Pharmacy profits) or talking about their problems (getting stuck in their own head). You will never cure your depression with outward expressions or thoughts, instead you should continue to focus on your internal self. Below is how you should tackle the problem.

Mental: This is an old book that has been pushed to the wayside and needs to be purchased by anyone you know that is suffering from depression “A Guide to Rational Living”. The book has sold millions of copies world wide. It will take roughly 2-3 years to internalize all of the concepts in the book, if you want a cliff notes version you will not succeed. As a review the main points are as follows: 1) don’t expect people to act in a specific way in-line with your beliefs, 2) always remember to ask yourself if your emotions are reasonable and 3) worry is a wasted action where you exaggerate the actual impact of a negative event. We consistently feel the way we think, this book will help you train your thoughts and improve your quality of life.

Nutrition: The brain always comes first, however the second most under-rated point is your stomach. Most people continue to eat and drink products manufactured by mankind which will only accelerate your depression and well being. You have to overhaul your entire diet, from the inside out. Increase vegetable and fruit consumption to 2-3x the prescribed ideal and you’ll quickly see an impact from a decrease in brain fog to an increase in natural energy levels. Stop eating food out of a box. We have recommended this site before and simply visit it for additional information on juicing: fit-juice.com

Exercise: Most of our readers are heavily interested in fitness, yet if you go to the gym on a regular basis (6 days a week), you’ll notice people lift incorrectly, check their cell phones at the gym and spend more time sending text messages than doing sets. In fact we would bet people send more text messages at the gym than they do sets at the gym, it’s that bad. With that said, if you’re in a higher state of depression when you enter the gym your goal is to have high intensity workouts. You should be dripping sweat and you should be sore after every single gym session. If you are lifting aggressively with proper form you’ll have a hard time thinking about anything beyond the task at hand.

Get Out of Your Head: This is very similar to working on your belief system through the recommended book above however you need to address your depression through actionable steps. This means doing activities that will force you out of depression. Simple activities include 1) playing sports, 2) learning a new language and 3) taking up an instrument. We tweeted this earlier but it applies to depression as well:

“No one in the history off man kind has found his “purpose” in life sitting at home thinking and listening to emo music. Not one”

Similarly, you will not cure your depression by thinking about how depressed you are. If you think about depression you become depressed. Your happiness is driven by your thoughts.

Get Off the Media: This is great advice at any point in time, but most depressed people spend an enormous amount of time reading terrible articles from Yahoo! News, reading Facebook feeds and watching horribly boring sitcoms on TV. Throw it all away. If you want to know what is on mainstream media here is the quick run down: 1) some new diet trick to avoid actual exercise, 2) some “man or woman” who luckily finds money – which is a trick to make you believe money is all about “luck”, 3) Top X retirement destinations – to remind you to have blind faith in your 401K , 4) articles about the life of an average man today versus many years ago – designed to make you feel bad and 5) some updated tech gadget – to decrease your attention span.

Now that you’ve read every single article on the internet you can spend your time outside reading books, getting a new job and spending time in the gym. You’re growing or you’re dying and every second you spend reading mainstream media is a small drop of poison.

Accept Responsibility: The final piece of the puzzle will not come out of a psychiatrists mouth. “Take responsibility for yourself”. No one will tell you this, however the only way to get out of a depression is to do it yourself. You can’t look for anyone to hold your hand, you can’t spend your time waiting for a solution. Go through the steps outlined above and do this for the rest of your life.

Generally life is going to throw curveballs at you and no one is going to help you.

After you recover from your depression, subsequent negative events will become easier and easier to over come. Remember that you will always be defined by what you can recover from, think of a battle with depression as step one in a long-term battle against life.


  1. Bryce Laliberte says

    These are all useful recommendations no matter one’s state of mind, though I would qualify in saying doing these things might be able to help. For many, depression is just something one is stuck with no matter what one is doing. There is a lot of evidence that depression and related mental health problems can be due to imbalances and deficiencies in the brain, e.g. in the production of serotonin, and all the change in the world won’t change the fundamental way in which the brain operates.

    Sometimes drugs are the answer.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      The majority also give up, overall from experience, it takes about 2-3 years to fully get rid of depression. No meds used.

    • monster221 says

      serotonin is a tryptamine, and its production is directly related to protein intake. just an example. majority of problems with depression and other commonly diagnosed mental issues generally stem from ones own choices, the above example being the choice of what our diet will consist of. im sure there are rare circumstances where drugs are the only thing that can help, but in a large majority of cases the problem is simply the persons refusal to recognize the causes for their problems and the solutions which almost always involve self directed hard work. every single problem is a consequence and every single cause is a choice. it is very rare that a real debilitating problem is out of the hands of the sufferer.

  2. monster221 says

    yeah dude spot on. have not been keeping up around here as im not involved in wall street and some of it isnt really useful to me. but i check around and read things applicable to my life.

    i dont think theres a single thing in this article that is wrong. its funny because i used to be all mopey and shit and then i realized most of this shit and never felt better since i started counting on myself and nobody else. nobody tells you this shit man, everybody tells you the bullshit that gets you nowhere. this is shit most of us who have figured it out had to entirely on our own. and the best part is that that is what is so empowering and uplifting.

    it sounds depressing and hopeless to people who dont get it. but if you get it its more uplifting than a million “cheer up, everythings ok”s. thats bullshit and has never solved a single problem in anybodys life ever. the truth: all your problems stem from your own action, your emotions and state of mind are your choices and are well within your control, and the only person who can change anything is you. and in the rare event that something is truly not your fault and beyond your control, my boss who was a peice of shit taught me something infinitely more valuable than the fucking AA prayer: “it might not be your fault, but it is your fucking problem”. didnt cause it? doesnt matter. get to work and fix that shit.

  3. GreedIsGuud says


    Thought I’d leave a comment because I owe you guys an apology. At first I criticized this website because let’s be honest, there’s some douchebaggery in there. But hey, I continued reading some of your articles, and I feel like the website has grown.

    I think the important here is the wider array of your articles, it’s not all “#game, #bottles, #models, #work hard”. I’m not saying these things are bad, they’re great , but it’s easy to tell someone to work hard, go to the gym and be the baddest motherfucker out there. It’s harder to tell him how to, not quoting “the game”, and actually teaching him how to grow confidence. Because that single thing is the key: genuine, simple confidence. And goddamn that thing is hard to get; it’s an unstable feeling, you might feel like you’re the king of the world one day, and feel like shit the other day. It requires effort, strength, motivation to be confident. It’s not a simple thing. And that’s why you grow confidence, you don’t acquire it, you don’t buy it, you’re not born with it (to a certain extent), you motherfucking grow it. And once you’re confident enough, depression is out of question, motivation is not a boost but an actual constant feeling, and the world is yours.

    Anyways, good article. Thanks for proving me wrong. Stay awesome.


  4. Eric S. Mueller says

    I’ve never dealt with clinical depression, but I have had occasionally bouts of depression due to things in my life being out of whack. This past year I went through a divorce after years of a bad marriage. I definitely got depressed. I made whatever changes in my life and schedule I could, tried to different teas, and found some friends to spend time with. Those all helped. I knew eventually the depression would work itself out.

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