New York vs. San Francisco. Landslide for New York City.

For fun we had a twitter back and forth with our friend Sam who claims that San Francisco is far and away better than New York City. Needless to say, we disagree 1,000 fold. Comparing Man Francisco to the greatest city in the entire United States, is like comparing a European Model to an Overweight Vegan…. Wait… That is the exact same comparison.

The Only Positives About San Francisco

The following people will enjoy Man Francisco: 1) Married couples, 2) liberals, 3) people who dislike hygiene, 4) vegans, 5) tattoo artists, 6) those who enjoy soy and 7) unattractive individuals with low self esteem.

The following benefits of Man Francisco: 1) the weather and 2) produce/farmers market.

If you do not like any of the items above, you’re not going to enjoy Man Francisco relative to NYC. Lets go ahead and kill this topic as the only benefits have been outlined above. This will be long as there are practically no benefits at all. Lets start with the people.

The People In NYC Are Much Better

1) Cheap People: The vast majority of people living in San Francisco are cheap. Sharing apps came about not because of the value it gives to society but because the society believes in making items as free as possible. Ignore the fact that this has the adverse consequence of filling your entire city with people who will prefer “Pabst” beer and a $9 twenty pound burritos. No surprise… this does not bring in attractive clientele and leads to the next problem…

In NYC: The people are not cheap and they will spend at will for a good time. You do not have to worry about calculating checks to the exact dollar and cents on a group dinner. When you leave healthy tips, the bartenders and bouncers will remember you forever and will show appreciation for it. 

2) Fat People: Make no mistake, anyone who says Man Francisco is full of in shape people relative to NYC is a liar. They are either married or have low standards which makes them turn a blind eye to the extreme obesity and disgusting bodies of people in the city. You are more likely to find an overweight gluten free vegan than an attractive female. Honestly. If someone eats gluten free, sugar free, vegan poptarts for breakfast how did they get fat? Add it to the list of unexplained world mysteries. On that note, you are also more likely to find overweight homeless people than an attractive female above the 6 range.

In NYC: There are general door policies. While there are fat people all over the place, there are ground rules for being in shape and attending nicer venues. If you look terrible and don’t have a large amount of money the venue knows you’re not going to add any value to the event. Bring something to the table. Don’t show up in terrible clothing, overweight and unsuccessful expecting access to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. You will be laughed at… Politely… As they won’t let you in. This is called having standards

3) Homeless People: On the topic of homeless people, they run the city. Back in 1968 there was a single homeless person who used to sell pencils nearby union square who suffered a horrific accident due to a war and didn’t have legs. Today? You can’t walk around union square without jumping over homeless people like a game of Mario. Oh and don’t worry. They are also fat.

The problem is so large we would like our readers to read this quote: “We encourage people and dogs alike to do their business in other places, like a proper restroom or one of our fire hydrants, which are stronger and made out of cast iron.” 

Pause for a second. A lamp post was literally taken down by public urination and San Francisco has resorted to comparing humans to dogs with the statement “people and dogs alike” not… “dogs and people alike”. We are not trolling, here is the article.

Since we are comparing people and dogs like its no big deal it is fair to say the people also look like dogs as well.

In NYC: There are homeless people and it is extremely unfortunate. The climate in NYC is not good for homeless men and women, however, they are not *entitled* homeless people. A trip to downtown San Francisco compared to NYC will set the record straight. The number of homeless people in SF is ridiculously higher and they are entitled/aggressive as well.  

4) The People are Unattractive: Before people jump all over the sentence above and say “omg that was so mean!” we are going to go ahead and allow you to decide for yourself. Type in the phrase “san francisco women” and then type in the phrase “New York City women” into google images. Here’s a rough idea of the difference.

1463155_10100833897659203_1057983173_n  images





Now there is nothing wrong if you believe that it’s about “who you are is on the inside” (we know you’re lying) but lets accept this as a fact. The problem? The women is Man Francisco have the worst attitudes you will ever see relative to their looks. The standard joke is that the city is full of 49ers (fours who believe they are nines). The joke is true.

In general, you can tell if a city is good based on the delta between the girl and the guy. Typically a girl will be at least a point more attractive than her man because this is how the world generally works. In Man Francisco, it will be reversed. In the rare situation where a guy is roughly equal in physical attractiveness to the girl… Make no mistake, she is the exact same age as him or within a couple of meaningless years.

In short, your dating options are exactly the same as Stephen Curry. You’re gonna be hitting a lot of threes.

In NYC: There are too many industries not to find a group of attractive people you enjoy hanging out with. You have many popular industries including Media and Fashion causing the average person to remain roughly above average if you stay in the nice neighborhoods. 

5) Diversity: This is a joke of a topic since NYC is actually more diverse in terms of cultures, however, if you want to date a female who is not overweight your only choice will be Asian women. There is nothing wrong with this, but, you better have that yellow fever otherwise you’re going to be in pain for a long time. Therefore you can see that the only type of person who would be okay from a personal life standpoint would have to be either 1) married or 2) interested in Asia or both. If you’re not in one of these buckets you’ll be puking into one shortly.

In NYC: The city has 9+ million people. Re-read that again. There are so many people in the city that you will inevitably find a group or section of town that is enjoyable. Not everyone can live in SoHo in a decked out apartment. But. There are just too many options every single day of the week. You’ll find a great spot in no time regardless of your nationality. In SF, you’re Asian or White. 

6) Extreme Liberalism Gone Wrong: San Francisco is feminism ground zero. Ground zero. In addition, if you are not a Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton supporter you’re instantly labeled a monster. More importantly, outside of your political affiliation, the city looks a bit like a circus. It is halloween 24/7/365 and not the good kind with attractive women running around in sexy outfits.

We did a quick google search and even this month there was an outrageously disgusting event called “Brides of March”. In this event “men” dress up in wedding gowns along with women and parade the city. Please see for yourself (we apologize for the eye damage).

Yes…. That is chest hair…. and we tried to clean up the comparison with a NYC fashion show.






In NYC: The city is generally more left leaning, however it is within reason. If you lean more right-winged… people will not throw a fit and call you a racist “xenophobe” monster. You can even have debates on the topic and still get along just fine. Try telling the group of guys above that you’re not a Bernie Sanders supporter. 

7) Passive Aggressive Losers: In New York City a girl will tell you straight if she is not interested. In San Francisco, a girl will talk to you and then bad mouth you to the only 7/10 in the group while you leave to the restroom (no worries she won’t be a San Francisco native).  Everyone is afraid to offend everyone else so they end up getting on their iPhones and sending cryptic passive aggressive nonsense behind your back. Everyone walks on egg shells to avoid offending any specific group which then makes it impossible to have standards. And… When you don’t have standards you get the aforementioned event above.

In NYC: People are extremely to the point and blunt. There is no point in wasting time there because everyone is trying to hustle on to the next level in life. This is actually a great feeling. No one wakes up in the morning and says “I want to have the same life forever and just be a free spirit”. If you have thick skin you will love NYC as people will tell you up front if they are interested or not. No time is wasted here. 

8) A Technology County: Sure… Technology is a great way to make money. The problem? The vast majority of engineers are Aspies with no social skills and are terribly boring. Say what you will but the stereotype is generally true, most math related/tech related individuals are dorks. You’re probably better off taking acid and talking to yourself than hitting the local bar filled with unicorn employees. Sadly, even the word unicorn doesn’t have the greatest connotation to it.

In NYC: There is no Technology culture in NYC. Well.. There is a bit, however it is contained. Unlike San Francisco where you cannot go five feet without hearing about the the “cool unicorn” you can avoid the entire industry as a whole which is full of aforementioned Aspies and passive aggressive boring people. 

9) Lack of Style: We have mentioned this in the above but it deserves a full paragraph. The people who live in San Francisco dress like absolute garbage. They will commonly wear hoodies, flip flops and do disgusting things to their bodies such as neck tattoos, chest tattoos, septum piercings and create large holes in their ears. Not only do they wear terrible products… they don’t even fit. It costs $20 to get clothing fitted and it would take 1 hour of effort to find a brand that fits “close enough” if someone cared about their image at all. They don’t.








In NYC: There is a large fashion community and girls know how to dress. This also pertains to getting into bars and clubs. If you’re a male wearing an ill fitted outfit, everyone in the venue is going to know and you’re going to be ostracized pretty quickly. It takes less than 10-15 minutes to make sure you look nice and that is a quality that goes a long way in the city that never sleeps. The jokester above would never be allowed into any venue worth entering. In SF… He’s embraced with open arms as being “different”. 

10) Homosexuality: There is a large community of homosexuals in the city. If that is your thing you will enjoy Man Francisco. We are heterosexual.

In NYC: Similar answer there are 9M+ people so there is likely a homosexual community as well. It is unlikely as large as San Francisco.

In Summary: The people in San Francisco are just terrible compared to New York. If you are offended by everything and are a weak human being then you may prefer the people in SF. In addition, assuming you meet some of the stranger metrics (vegan, yellow fever, boring personality who has never done drugs or drank in his life) then you just might find a niche with all the autistic people in the Tech Capital of the country.

The Actual Cities Are Not Comparable

1) NYC Nightlife is Outstanding: Sure nightlife is a bit more expensive than SF… the catch? It is worth it. The funniest part about that statement is the phrase “Catch” also describes a great venue in NYC… another double meaning.

If you go to a typical bar or even club in San Francisco, people will stand around in groups with their hands in their pockets and circle the following topics: 1) recent tech start up, 2) non-profits and 3) work related drama. It is absolutely fine to have minimal topics if you’re shy… But why does the group have to be afraid of “outsiders”. Trying to break into a group of people in San Francisco is like robbing a radioactive nuclear power plant. It is incredible that you broke into the plant with such skill. But. Now you have cancer.

In NYC: You can go out during any day of the week. That means Monday through Sunday and find absolutely outstanding venues. There is not a single day where you won’t find a good venue and you’d be hard pressed to find one in the entire year that is not popping off. Last call in NYC is never and in SF it is 2am. It is not even worth talking about this topic anymore, it would be insulting to the city of NYC to do so. 

2) Day Time Venues Still Win in NYC: San Francisco has several great tourist attractions. It really does. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the SF MOMA to the Marina District. There are great places to have a fun day trip, the problem is it ends there. Your choices of consistent day time activities starts to fall.

In NYC: You have the same relative value with the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Empire State building etc. The difference lies in the choices for theatre, plays, matinee sports games (Brooklyn, Madison Square Garden) all of these venues are not even seen in San Francisco… They have one sports team and that is all. More importantly, the activities are far more crowded and bustling compared to San Francisco. 

3) Public Transportation is a Joke: Complain all you like about the crowded subway systems in New York but they are better than anything San Francisco has to offer. You have three options in San Francisco, Muni, BART and the Bus. You would think that SF would have an elaborate city that allows for you to move about the town at all hours of the night (Tech Capital!). Unfortunately, you do not. BART shuts down around midnight and we have no idea what the bus system is about… it is too crowded, slow and complicated to bother with. You’ll be forced to download the Uber app.

In NYC: Sure the subways are crowded but at least you can move about town seamlessly. They run at all hours of the night and if you’re in a jam you’ll find a way to make it back to your destination even if the other options are dead (Taxi’s, Uber etc.). More importantly, the seats are not made of actual cloth like the disgusting BART station and you will find more attractive girls on the subway than inside an SF nightclub. 

4) Restaurants and Shopping Are Better: Union Square, Sushi and huge burritos. Congratulations you’ve exhausted your options in San Francisco. The best part is if you find a nicer venue you’ll have to 1) book outrageously ahead of time and 2) deal with expensive prices relative to the value. On a second thought, lets throw money out the window and it still isn’t worth it. You’ll be fighting tooth and nail to get into the good joints with no value add since there is no one to talk to in the closed off structure of the venue.

In NYC: Stores everywhere. You can walk into hundreds of areas alone and spark up conversations within minutes. If you have mediocre social skills you’ll find yourself picking up new contacts along with the check every single time. It would be difficult to fail in the open structure of many venues unless you were having a rough day and wanted to relax by yourself. Good luck sitting down in an open setting and *not* interacting with someone. You’d have to be an aspie. 

5) Produce, Vegan Food and Lack of Hygiene: The one category that San Francisco dominates. If you are into gluten free vegan butternut cookies made by a guy who doesn’t wash his hands… You’re in luck! You can find organic everything made by elves from Ireland if you wanted to. They have it all.

In NYC: Unfortunately, the options are not comparable. You will have to risk your life and eat food that is not purely vegan all of the time and you might even have to buy a non-organic banana once and a while. Tough sacrifices. 

Concluding Remarks

This was by far the most entertaining post of all time for us. Comparing NYC to San Francisco is an absolute disgrace. The only people who will enjoy San Francisco are mentioned above: 1) married people, 2) unattractive people, 3) cheap people, 4) homeless people, 5) passive aggressive people, 6) techies, 7) those with extreme levels of yellow fever, 8) homosexuals, 9) people with no sense of style and 10) Aspies.

Before the hater comments come in, we do not care about the ten people who will enjoy SF above (the minority). We are simply saying… if you don’t heavily identify with one of these groups you will unlikely enjoy the city. Maybe you’ll be forced to spend some time there… If so… Get out as fast as you can.

Importantly, for those that are serious about developing multiple streams of income and to help avoid living in a dreadful city like San Francisco, we can recommend Personal Capital. The Company offers *free* software tools with the following four key features: 1) ability to avoid losing money by tracking all fees associated with an investment product allowing you to choose the best possible fund for your future, 2) portfolio analysis where your risk profile is stacked up against your current age and retirement goals, 3) in addition to these free tools, you can also track your net worth and path to becoming a millionaire and 4) when you hit $100K in networth you’ll receive a free one time consultation with an investment professional at Personal Capital. After linking up all of your accounts you’ll be able to sit back and watch as your net worth goes up and your fees remain minimal over the next several years. We strongly believe that Personal Capital is the premier personal finance software tool when compared to its competitors such as Mint. If you’re looking to avoid personal financial collapse, it makes sense to track everything in one place for *free*.

We hope you enjoyed this click bait post = )


  1. says

    Lmao’ed pretty hard. (Lived in SF at one point).

    4-to-9’er syndrome everywhere. When you don’t follow those girls like a lost puppy or act like a cuck around the tech bros, their heads explode.

    Look on the bright side! At least you can use their reactions to judge your overall success.

    P.S. They all resented me. Guess I must be doing something right.

  2. Albert says

    Stanford student here. Palo alto is even worse than SF with almost nothing to do at night. If I weren’t here for the outsized opportunities in tech, I’d see no reason to live here. (Liberal PC culture, ridiculous rent prices, oversaturation of males).

    You guys hit the nail on the head!

  3. Bob Smith says

    Spent the last week in SF for business. Leaving NOW

    I live in DC (great place for game by the way…..logistics suck though)
    People and women in DC seem to be the same as those in New York

  4. Graeme says

    This might be your most hysterical post yet! I visited SF when I was younger in the 2000’s, even then it was weird.

  5. w says

    Savage. By far the most entertaining post on this site.

    Whoever wrote this should try standup. This has Bill Burr written all over it.

  6. WahlstreetReader says

    One more thing about San Francisco since you guys did a thread on it, don’t bother even trying with the dating game there unless you’re a white or maybe a black guy. San Francisco (and California in general) are loaded with self-hating ethnic women (Asian and Latina) who absolutely despise men of their own race and want absolutely nothing to do with them, will often take a white guy who is a 6 over an Asian guy who is an 8. On top of that, the white women in the area are fairly close minded when it comes to going for ethnic guys.

    With that said, I believe that Miami and Chicago can compete with NYC when it comes to nightlife and quality of women.

      • Zim says

        Amen to this! went down to SF for a week to visit a buddy from college and never seen so many ham beasts in my life. At a pub he was chatting up two women, when they went to the bathroom he asked me if I could take the grenade(I never do this, this isn’t fucking Iwo Gima) I was shocked because I didn’t know which one he was referring to, they were both fat and ugly. After that I knew it was time to go home.

      • WahlstreetReader says

        I was saying that guys who are Asian, Indian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern (any race but black or white) would be wise to avoid San Francisco because:

        1. Women of their own race there are sell outs that go crazy over white guys, especially true for the Asian women there.

        2. White women won’t be dating guys of those minority groups either.

        Guaranteed loneliness.

  7. Don says

    San Francisco is beyond awful. I was there on a business trip about a month ago. Tried hitting three of the “hot spots” one evening on Polk Street only to find two of them completely empty and the third with a 12-1 ratio of men to women. Never again.

    Would be great to see your take on New York vs. Los Angeles. I’ve lived in both cities and Los Angeles can compete with NYC.

      • bkbk says

        I’ve lived in all 3 (back in NYC) – and couldn’t agree more!

        though i have to say logistics in LA has improved 10-fold …downtown LA is basically unrecognizable to what it was a decade ago (clubs, restaurants, chic hotels all over the place) – you’re def seeing a lot more people out at night now with all the ride sharing apps available. This def was not the case pre uber/lyft.

        i’ll be in NYC forever but laying plans now for a 2nd home, preferably either right off the beach or up in the hills.

  8. Young Manhattan says

    You are more likely to interact with a walrus on Pier 39 on San Francisco than an attractive woman.

  9. Lemniscate says

    Having lived in NYC for a while and visited SF numerous times, I can’t get over how accurate this is. Hilarious as well – I felt like I was reading a greentext.

    The worst part about SF is that the overwhelmingly liberal climate means there is a level of disdain towards people who are worth something and who actually contribute something meaningful to society (“stop the corporations maaan”). In NYC it’s a complete inversion; successful people are actually respected and appreciated.

  10. Grey Wolf says

    Love every single one of your posts, this one especially so. I’ve never been to NYC(gonna change that), but I have been to California. Everything you wrote is true about all of California, just more so in San Francisco. California should probably just drop into the ocean and quit being a disgrace to America and to itself.

    P.S. I would love it if you guys would post more often

    • WahlstreetReader says

      California has just fallen off big time. I am going to sound somewhat like a racist saying this but the truth is, women in California used to be of much higher quality in the 80s and 90s when the state was known for having the hot blonde Baywatch types. Now the entire state is mostly poor ethnic immigrants whose women are generally not that attractive.

      As soon as California’s white population started to dramatically decrease, the quality of women and life in the state went down. Reason for that is because the immigrants the state received were largely illegals, lower class workers, and H1b visa fraud types. Now the state is just a lot of ethnic people everywhere.

      Florida is the new California when it comes to women and nightlife though. Tons of hot Latinas and pretty looking white girls to go around. The beaches are amazing and the party/nightlife scene is off the maps.

  11. Ambitious says

    I’ve only been to NYC once, and didn’t really like it, but I spent my time at ASW meetings and stayed at the convention center in Time Square (terrible choice)

    I gotta check it out – currently living in Austin, and it’s really great here, but I’ve heard such great things about New York.

    Yes, San Fran does suck. The weather is also foggy/depressing a decent portion of the time. I went there & am perplexed that anyone thinks it’s a top 10 city.

  12. says

    SF is shit. I live in San Jose, not bad, but no one beats NYC. Anyone to tell you is most likely a liar. New York is also headquartered with old money, business money, where SF is tech and startup money. More of an illusion than anything.

    • WahlstreetReader says

      If we’re talking quality of girls and nightlife, I think that Miami and Chicago can both give NYC a run for its money. I would have said LA but unfortunately there is a 2:1 ratio of single men to single women.

  13. Groneg says

    Ded. Post had me crying. It used to drive me crazy when I would go there for work and my coworkers would ask if “we were going out in ‘the city’ at night”.

    After 5 times I asked if they could cut that shit out. Sorry there’s only one City in the country.

  14. says

    What is great is that San Francisco, a city with 1/10th the population of NYC is always in a head to head comparison That in it of itself means SF is clearly #1 on a market cap weighted basis.

    There are plenty of attractive women in SF who are looking for love and a good time. You just have to NOT be a socially awkward person who still doesn’t have his own place. That’s easier for normal people. Therefore, if you are normal or above normal, you do very, very well.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      That is a straight up lie.

      Gonna have to call it out.

      Any good looking man with options is going to have a “cross country” girlfriend because the girls are either old or ugly as shit. Anyone forced to live there can attest to it (unless they are okay with ugly women)

      If you are forced to visit San Francisco your best option is to do a bunch of work. If forced to live there go to Miami, NYC, or Texas and get a long-distance girlfriend unless you want to date disgusting women.

      Let’s throw salt in the wounds and throw out the reminder you had a post about some 31 year old washed up hag who wanted to “gold dig” a lawyer becuase he made $200K+ a year but didn’t make her “feel in love”.

      The city is a cancer for any non-married male with standards.

      *mic drop*

      • Jeffrey Johnson says

        San Francisco is the arm pit of the world. I lived in the Bay Area my whole life and finally escaped last year. The girls are horrific and have terrible attitudes. The guys are pathetic hipster faggots. I just wish I escaped sooner. Anybody who thinks San Francisco is good for men needs to get out more.

  15. twattertoil says

    Just stumbled across this blog (website?) via twitter and have to laugh, everything is spot on. I lived in SF for nearly three years until recently and I’m still reeling with post traumatic stress from how much I hated living there. Everything in that city is absolute garbage with the exception of the weather and the proximity to the ocean/mountains/anything outdoors. The worst part? The horrible people that live there think it’s paradise and any deviation from their joyful idiocy is met with the typical leftist desire to silence any opinion other than their own.

  16. Gochu says

    SF sounds like Seattle’s older brother.

    I’ve been stuck here for a couple of years and can’t wait to get the hell out.

    Any readers who’re in SF, just know it could be worse!

  17. says

    I live in NYC and have been to San Fran several times. San Fran is a great city, but yes, NYC is better.

    Nightlife is no comparison, public transportation, food and diversity of jobs.

    But, I am not hating on San Fran. It’s like that famous saying “there are 3 cities in the US, NYC, SAN FRAN and New Orleans, everywhere else is Cleveland”

  18. DB says

    Canadian here. San Francisco sounds like the American equivalent of Toronto for us. Both cities have the Stench of Liberal and Feminist Death. Absolutely terrible.

    It’s funny, because people here actually believe that Toronto is similar to NYC. HAHAHA.

  19. Mario says

    SF is good for a layover. But LA? Overrated. Beaches are full of bums, Girls are over valued. Highest concentration of lonely men in the West Coast unless you are in the entertainment industry. Horrible traffic and air quality. Highest concentration of homeless people in The US. Most people dress horrible, and the list goes on. I always have a good time in Miami and NYC.

  20. JL says

    Actually wanna go there because of Silicon Valley. Guy in early 20’s here, well of course I’m curious as hell on what’s there.

    But for fucks sake this is too much LOL to handle, hahaha.

    Will still go there though, gotta see it myself (need the first-hand experience of laughing about it geez).

  21. Menace says

    I’ve only visited SF, never lived there. Certainly SF is a beautiful city, and the weather is great. I was usually there on work or with a girl, so that is obviously a very different experience than living there. I think my overall positive impression of SF comes from the fact that I never really have to interact with local strangers that much or to pick up girls.

    Under these circumstances you don’t have to deal with the out of control liberal culture there. The homeless there are beyond aggressive and are basically human litter tumbling around the city. There are a lot of grungy urine-smelling places….looking at you Tenderloin district.

    The movement of tech companies into SF can only make things worse for normal, well adjusted people. Tech guys are aspie as hell and you just cannot hang out with them. However, that is true of 95% of guys, so maybe I shouldn’t pick on them.

    Girls there is obviously no comparison. Even Asian girls in SF are not as hot or plentiful as they are in NYC.

    SF is basically a niche city, while NYC is a world in itself.

  22. TS says

    #7 is ALL I need to hear to come to a conclusion and know which city to pick.

    Straightforward, direct people > Passive aggressive, indirect people


  23. Myron Gaines says

    Coming from someone who prefers Asian girls, the Asian girls aren’t even as hot in San Francisco as their counterparts in Southern California and the competition for the available 5/6 Asian girls is insane.

  24. GG says

    These are all definitely 100% true. Please never set foot in SF. It’s awful! I mean it! You will really be best off staying far, far away from us. Thanks for sharing this info among your like-minded friends.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      No problem! Please continue to recruit your friends to SF as well. Makes everything better.

      Thank you for highlighting the passive aggressive nature of SF people as well with your terribly sarcastic comment. As we said SF is for passive aggressive losers. Peace out dork! Have fun dating old people and eating gluten free cupcakes.

  25. Mary says

    I GREW UP in SF, went to college in the Bay Area, lived in SF a couple years and now live in New York. I can 100% attest to everything you have written. It’s a great place though if you are female and never want to work but want to enjoy a very comfortable life style. If you are a remotely attractive woman you can land a fairly wealthy techie and “work” at a non-profit 20 hours a week.

    Another thing about SF: stress is for some reason treated like the plague. God forbid anybody there say they are stressed out. It pissed me off. Being stressed out means you are actually doing something more with your life than opening up a food co-op for pale losers who look bad in shorts. Also at one work meeting I had a superior complain (completely seriously) that they did not get the quote “warm and fuzzies” from the client we were working with. I also never saw so much crying at the workplace.

    Been lurking around your website for a couple weeks and have enjoyed the posts. Good luck to you!

  26. Grivendal says

    Yup,spent 2 weeks in SF for a seminar.First time in America.I was in the toilet for the first week.Can’t say much more,except that for some reason i was taller than 99% of every male in Sillicon Valley.Just a fun fact!

  27. Champ_in_the_making says

    Looks like London is just as worse as in SF. Losers everywhere. Haha. Complaint boxes. (Although easier access to European girls)

    what about a post on Wall Street vs. The City?

  28. Bob says

    4 years in bay area, can attest to everything here. Only partially offset by weather + fresh produce.

    In tokyo now, hard comp against NYC. Women are top-notch, feminine (minus points for breast/butt but thats azn) though culture is oppressive in many ways. Even more important to be top dog here

  29. Tristan says

    Thanks for the post. I’ll go there for a day to check out the tourist attractions and then leave to somewhere nicer.

  30. Londoner says

    I have been reading this blog for a while and agree with most of the content. Your book list is amazing.

    But looking at this post, I was wondering are these are all reasons why London is better than NYC?

    Lets start with people:

    There are less fat people in London than nyc.

    You are also more likely to meet a 9, given the large number of Eastern European girls that settled here. And as your preferred candidate for President has demonstrated,once you go eastern European you do not go back :).

    I lived in both places and found the homeless people in London more polite.

    On diversity, it is difficult to beat London, given the 200 languages spoken here and 44% of the population foreign born.

    When it comes to cleanliness and efficiency of public transport i have also found London quite a bit cleaner.

    When I lived on the Upper East Side in NYC, people put trash out the streets. In the summer which is quite smelly. In London you do not nearly see that amount of trash on the street. Probably because they became better organised re trash disposal since the black plague.

    While the Weather is better in nyc in the summer, london is year round mild with many warm European destinations just one hour away by air and convenient to get to.

    In terms of food, i have tried Michelin star restaurants in both and for European and Indian Asian food London wins, in terms of price and quality. But east Asian and Latin American food is better in NYC.

    I have not gone clubbing in nyc, but in terms of daytime stuff there is an amazing amount to do and all of the world class museums are free.

    I sm very keen to hear your view, but in my view London is slightly ahead of NYC.

    • WahlstreetReader says

      One reason NYC is better than London? Less Brits and a lot less British women. I hate to say it but of all the European women, British women are by far the least attractive. NYC is a worldclass city, London is slowly turning into a hellhole for the most part. The dating market in London also sucks, tons of plain looking women once you get outside of the Eastern Euro broads.

      Sorry but the only European city that can hold its own against NYC is probably Paris.

  31. soycheese says

    This is so true, I was born in NY but unfortunately have lived here in the SF Bay area for nearly the entirety of my life. All of the non-vegan, street-smart geniunely cool people have long ago left for greener pastures such as LA, NY or Europe.

    The nouveau riche passive-aggressive aspies, the annoying, invasive stares of sheltered hay seeds, the inferiority complexes of the socially-crippled masking as don’t-give-a-fuck-confidence, the over-compensating tech bros who give drunkenly awkward fist bumps to the back homeless guy selling the Street Sheet.

    It’s all fucking true. You nailed it and it hurts! My sides are aching in laughter. The schadenfreude of seeing people who used to sneer at non-San Franciscans as ‘bridge and tunnel douches’ now having to cross the bridge into Oakland to have a good time is poetic justice.


  32. lol@SF says

    Who da fuck wants to live in SF?

    It’s all doom and gloom. Crap weather. shitty hills and crowded streets.

    Been in Socal all my life, I can’t see how people can go up north.

    My goal is to move to Santa Monica. dimes everywhere you go. I live about 15 minutes away from DTLA currently.

  33. 3313373 says

    This article is on point. SF blows chunks. However, NYC pales in comparison to Los Angeles. Los Angeles just absolutely crushes NYC on every level. Caveat: Los Angeles will suck for you if you are remotely unattractive or poor. If you are good looking, no need to go to paradise to get your 72 virgins. Just move to LA.
    If you are ugly, yeah…that just sucks.

  34. says

    This article is Gold! I am from the Bay Area and have encountered all these strange species mentioned. The freaks made me feel as if I am abnormal. NYC is by far a much better place to be.

  35. Henry iv says

    Nailed it. Never really paid any attention to the city when I flew into sfo over the last couple years to go wine country or camping in NorCal. Couple weeks ago read the article and flew out to visit family, stopped in downtown SF right after I got off the plane.(united w/vegan layflat option) Was checking out marina/North point area for 3 hours. Came back to the rental car having a smashed window for a jacket and bag. Called the cops for report, transfered me to there operating service. The guy taking the report is more concerned about the address so he can get the “glass cleaned up” since there’s 250 car burgurlies a day. God for bid someone couldn’t sleep on that section of the sidewalk. Drove by the next day glass was clean up, police report came 10 days later via email.

  36. PSG you choked says

    One thing you forgot to mention about San Francisco that might not apply to everyone, the culture there is racist towards Asian and ESPECIALLY Indian men. I had a 6’3 Indian friend with male model looks, the guy would talk to women who would be interested until he told them he was Indian and they dismissed him. No big loss because since it is San Francisco, the women there are ugly anyways.

    For all the social justice shit they preach there, the folks are truly some of the most racist people you will encounter and they’re very under-handed with their racism. Most will be cautious of being racist towards blacks but towards ethnic men, it is indeed open season.

    Luckily my Indian friend moved to Chicago where he is absolutely killing it on Tinder, Bumble, and in real life while he couldn’t get anything in San Fran.

    A lot of self-hating ethnic girls alongside white girls that are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

    While I think ALL men should stay away from Man Francisco, I think that if you’re Asian and ESPECIALLY Indian, stay away from Man Francisco, Man Jose, Sacramento, and the Bay Area in general. Truly some of the most racist people I have encountered and I have lived in the south, midwest, and NYC.

    Seriously, Man Francisco, one of the most racist cities in the entire country.

  37. Dylan Smith Mahoney says

    Thank god for this article. Every word, every comment- I haven’t seen so much truth organized into one scroll of a page in a long time. SF is like a clogged garbage drain of pretentious garbage

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