New Years Resolutions

The formatting of this post is going to be undeniably screwed due to mobile but it needs to go up anyway for the new year (advanced apologies for the format). With that said we don’t believe in new years resolutions in the traditional sense. Instead we want to make larger strides in life themes (theme idea stolen from James Altucher).

Below are some major themes you should add to your life if you haven’t already.

1. Less Complaining: Yes there are skinnier girls in Russia. Yes there are fat ugly girls who think they are 9’s here and yes, there are many problems in the good ol’ USA. The problem? Complaining get you nowhere. No one cares about your problems because your goal in life should be… Solving people’s problems. With that said, it is damn near impossible to never complain, no one lives a perfect life, but you should see noticeable declines in the amount of time you spend whining.

“You can’t call yourself successful if you’re getting angry & complaining. No matter your definition, successful people don’t do either.” – WallStPlayboys

2. Less Analysis Paralysis: This is near zero at this point but for many it is a wide spread disease. Trapped in their own heads. If you’re able to successfully analyze a situation there is a way to capitalize on it. What does this mean? If you know people are going to do X there is an opportunity in doing Y instead. If girls all go for the “meathead” you should become a meathead and hit the gym. Find the solution. If you see that people are lazy and want a step by step guide for Y… Instead of analyzing this phenomenon… Go create the product. In short, actions are everything.

“If you can analyze a situation but you cannot capitalize on it… You’re not very good at analyzing the situation at all.” – WallStPlayboys

3. Less Negative People: The truth is, you really are the average of the people you speak to. Don’t waste your time talking to people who make you feel bad or spend too much time doing #1 and #2 above. You will notice a circular trend where those that are complaining and sitting on their hands thinking tend to be in the same position year after year. Don’t let this be you and continue to surround yourself with the opposite.

“What is everyone else doing? It’s probably a bad idea.”  – WallStPlayboys

4. Less Worrying: At the end of the day, in the USA you’re taught to worry about everything. Worry about meeting a stranger, worry about getting some crazy disease from food, worry about what other people think about your social media status and worry about the next collapse. Forget it. Worrying is unnecessary stress. We’re not saying to simply jump off a cliff but intelligently cutting out worry is a smart move to make. As an example: taking extreme measures to protect your identity is a smart move depending on who you are as you have too much to lose. On the flip side, worrying about when interest rates are going to move 0.25% is insanity, unless you’re Big Ben himself you’re simply wasting your time. Finally, from a game perspective, you should absolutely not worry about any approach that fails, you’re simply closer to your next success.

“Why worry about things you can’t control? You can’t control them so move on to things you can do today.”  – WallStPlayboys

5. Less Frivolous Spending: Always strive to be an efficient spender, or a minimalist. If you’ve got 9 digits in the bank and another 8 figures on the way, we have no idea why you’re reading this blog and enjoy the balling life style. For the rest of us, take a quick look through your spending patterns (use mint or something similar) and try to make a few tweaks that will improve the bottom line. A good starting point is throwing away your television and trading it in for books.

“Become a minimalist don’t be frugal” – WallStPlayboys

Time to move onto growth, here you will find things you always need more of.

1. More Mentors: January first is the best day of the year to review your contact list and look for a new mentor to add to your top 5. Maybe your goals have changed a bit and you want to spend more time gaining muscle or making money, in that case your mentor top 5 should automatically adjust. If the person you want to become is not in your phone, you better start hunting… yesterday.

“We have a guide to finding mentors… the more important question to ask is… Do you deserve help?” – WallStPlayboys

2. More Streams of Income: This one is for the older gents. If you’re fairly settled into. Your career it is certainly time for you to expand your streams of income. One day you’ll lose your job, we all will, and you want to have a hedge against this inevitable short-term failure period. This means setting up a few side businesses that can generate $500-1,000 a month (the more the better). We don’t know what your skillet is, but good information is the most valuable item in the world so find your niche and pass it on in a way that can help generate income. Become self reliant as fast as possible.

“Who do I trust? Me.” – WallStPlayboys

3. More Strength: Yep, no matter who you are you want to get physically stronger. Even if you’re in your 50’s or 60’s it’s time to turn back the clock. Start comparing yourself to your peers and ask “am I in the top 5% of my age bucket?” If you get there try to make it to the 1% etc etc. continue to get physically better. Build more muscle, increase muscular endurance, decrease body fat. No one has a great workout at the gym and then returns home to regret the workout. Never happened. Never will.

“If you can see straight after finishing your last set, you’re simply not lifting hard enough” – WallStPlayboys

4. More Control of Thoughts: Hopefully you can control the vast majority of your thought process but we all slip so it is a good refrigerator reminder. Take the most annoying people in the world and surround yourself with them once and a while (this is to be done in rare instances to avoid contradicting point 3 of avoiding negative people). The best way to do this is to simply go out and talk to a bunch of people, you’ll eventually run into the weirdos, see fat girls who think they are 9’s, girls who wear flip flops, guys who complain all day and dudes who talk politics 24/7 when they don’t have any political pull etc. etc. this is one of the hardest parts of self improvement but it needs to be done. We are what we think about, so learn to control what you think about.

“Rewire Your Brain to Frame Everything in Your Life as a Positive.” – WallStPlayboys

5. More Help: This is another one for the older gents. If you have a few solid mentors, it is time to pay it back. There are a lot of confused men out there taking advice from, 1) negative people, 2) keyboard jockeys, 3) feminist men/women etc. None of these people are good role models so spend some time finding one or maybe two fixable young up and comers and help guide them down the right path. The more successful you become the more these people find you so it will inevitable happen. Instead of shutting the door let a few in since it won’t take too much time to fix some of their beliefs. If you can’t drag someone out of the gutter, it means you’re still in it. So give back once you’re free.

“Your value as a man is not how much you have but how many people you can drag out of the gutter” – WallStPlayboys


  1. Sean says

    I hate complainers too! Complaining gets you no where! I admit I do this now and then but seriously fuck fuck fuck complainers!

  2. Motivated youngster says

    Thanks for this, can’t wait to hear more from you guys in the future gotta get to work no one is going to help me but me.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You’re welcome! The more readers like you that we get the more interested in blogging we become.

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