Making the Case That You Are Underpaid! (Featuring a Blogging Buddy)

We’ve started interacting here and there with “J. Money” from Budgets are Sexy. Now the most interesting thing is he found our blog (so we think?) right around when he got a one-time *event* of $75,000 in a single day! (December 2016). Coincidence? We think not. Now that said, we’ll put a spin on two of his latest posts to see if we can get more people on board the money making *bullet* train versus the cutting costs normal train. If we can convince just 1% of the individuals to make the jump we’ll call it a success (yes double meaning on 1% intended).

Disclaimer: we are not backing away from our belief that a time for money exchange is bad, instead the post is set up to prove that everyone, including hourly income individuals, generate incomes well below what they can get as a solo shop. We believe no one is maximizing their income, it just isn’t possible due to market inefficiencies.

Quick Overview of J’s Blog: From what we can tell he is passionate about the blog (you can see it in the writing). He seems to be a workaholic doing tons of personal finance type projects and that’s usually a good sign of someone who is interested in the topic. As Naval Ravikant would say, you’re moving in the right direction when… “It won’t feel like hard work to you but will look like work to everyone else”.  We have nothing against cutting costs (you can’t get rich if you spend 100% of what you make) but we do think it is more efficient to focus on making more money (hence our blog is about ways to make $$$!). With that out of the way, he has two posts one on him giving away $100 a month and the second on what to do if you have a $2,000 emergency (we’ll address both here).

What to do With $100 a Month (Anyone)

We’ll start with the latest, if someone gives you $100 today and you have a handful of skills the answer is to launch a small website immediately. We’ve focused primarily on product sales (most are not ready for this it seems) but we’ll give yet another idea… Start a basic consulting/services practice. If you have niche knowledge in any topic, you’re underpaid. Take a look at this chart.


Now we’ve certainly made this chart extremely simple. It looks exactly like your typical “supply and demand” chart. Essentially the first customer plot 1, is willing to give you $6 worth of profit. The second customer needs you less and would be willing to give you about $5 worth of profit. So on and so forth. This occurs until customer 6 where they are no longer worth your time. Importantly, this can be either your time (services) or a product sale (price point)

Now here comes the depressing part, how does this work if you actually work for someone else? Well take a look at one small edit… Now you’ll see what is going on. Absolutely no Company is going to give you more money than you are worth (assuming you’re an actual good employee – many companies have “inefficiencies” as well). If profits were to go negative for an extended period of time the Company would be in quite a big heap of trouble! So there you have it, two extremely simply charts to prove you’re underpaid!


Now back to the original question on what to do. We would go and open up a basic website (cost around $200 for the domain/hosting/decent template design), saving the first Benjamin (writing your sales page in the meantime) then getting to work in month two. Now you go and start a small website and link everyone on your social media accounts to that website (most have social media even with a few hundred “friends”). Then… kaboom you start your basic practice with either 1) what you already do or 2) with something *else* you are an expert in. Everyone has talent in something, so we would wager that every single person reading this is in the top 20% in at least two items. That is all it takes (two items) if you don’t want to have a conflicting businesses with your current job/career. You can then immediately acquire a handful of customers and make back the $200 (assumes a 3% conversion rate on 200 customers = 6 customers at $50 each… or a $100 profit in your first day “in business”). This is not unreasonable at all.

Now once that’s done you keep the first $100 you made and when the second $100 comes in you use it to outsource your customer reviews (if you have a ton of time do it yourself). Your customer reviews will be organized by someone else dealing with the back and forth emails and paid on a quick contact (easy to do on fiverr). Your second page on your site is going to be customer reviews of your service/product because you better *over deliver in a big way* to your first set of customers. This leads to several positive reviews and will then make it easier to keep your conversion rate at ~3%. You’re already rolling. Top cap it off, the most clear example we see every single day is in the gym. Several in shape guys (who need extra money) spend their time with headsets on ignoring everyone. Since “material” on working out is practically all a scam on the same old basic concepts (compound lifting) the special sauce is in the sale/services. They are typically standing right next to out of shape people with tons of money and can’t get the lightbulb to go on!

To put the nail in the coffin… if you end up getting more customers than you can handle you will now have the option to 1) raise prices or 2) hire others to do the work! In short? You’ve Set up a Potential *Event*. We have talked about *events* many times. But. This is important to understanding when you’re building something basic like this with scale. You can either 1) sell a stake in it like J. Money did, 2) see how much pricing power you have giving you immediate income off of the same amount of work or 3) outsource the work creating a semi-passive income stream (we would do number 3 most likely).

How to Come Up With a Quick $2,000

We read the entire article and agree that unprepared individuals would struggle to deal with a $2,000 payment. That said, if this was truly a “one time charge” (or restructuring charge as the finance community would call it) you could offset the cost by simply using the internet! That’s right, if you had ~1 year to generate $2,000 in a random one-time event there are many, many, ways to do it. Since we’re focused on keeping it basic for this post, anyone will be able to do this.

Step 1 – Internet Access: If you live in the United States (the greatest country on earth), practically every public library will have access to the internet. This means you will have free internet access if you need it. There are no excuses here, being born in the United States is a gift in its own right.

Step 2 – Zero Percent 18 month APR Credit Card: Now if you’re going to do something on the internet you’ll need a credit card. There are several credit cards that offer 18 month zero percent interest as long as you pay a very small fraction of the total balance each month. You’ll use this type of card for the return we’re dealing with about $2,000 is the goal.

Step 3 – Coming Up With Minimum Payment: To really get rid of the negativity (excuses), for a $2,000 balance… you’ll need a grand total of $20 a month. Now… Just in case someone is going to lie to us and say they can’t figure out how to get $20 we will happily say that you can come up with $20 looking for change on Wall Street over the course of a week (joke). For a grand total of $20, you can simply trade your time for money by working one extra hour for the month. If someone really can’t even do that… then become an Uber driver during rush hour one time or go recycle some plastic bottles. In short, there is no excuse for not being able to come up with $20 and anyone who disagrees should re-read this paragraph.

Step 4 – Get On Social Media: Now once you have that set up, you’re going to become a stalker! Not stalking other “friends” you know. But. Becoming a real stalker of what is “hot”. To make a quick turn around you’re looking for any product that has extremely high demand and limited supply. During our last Q&A someone asked about a quick “buck” to pay rent and that’s essentially what this situation would be. Your answer is the following: Technology devices (gaming products,most popular iPhones, etc.), Sporting events (limited seating), Concerts/Music festivals (limited units), 100s of collectable items that are limited edition.

Now that you’ve got the main items to search for on Google (listed above), you’ll narrow down to a set of maybe 5-10 items that are coming up in the next few months that will undoubtedly sell out. You then take these items to social media to help confirm or deny the trend. Kaboom! You’ve got at least 3-5 items that will definitely sell out so you get your hands on it.

Step 5 – Shipping: If you’re doing something that has tickets (sporting events for example) you won’t have to worry about it (congrats this got 100x easier!). If you’re doing a product here’s an easy way to set it up. You order the item (pre-order) on Amazon… Since you won’t actually get the product since you’re pre-ordering it before the sale you then want to *sell* the product just before the release. Why? You charge a shipping cost to the order! Now you won’t have to pay the shipping cost, it’ll pad your profits as you login to Amazon and simply change the shipping address. Ta Da! Update please see comment from “internet dude” below for the spam approach which also works where you flood the web with links.

How to Come Up With a Quick $100

Now come on guys, saying someone can’t come up with $100 is just crazy talk. Pull out your credit card go into “credit card debt” of $100 for the month (float it). You now have 30 full days to go ahead and generate an extra $100. Since this is significantly easier we wouldn’t even do the five step research process above. You’ll simply go and look up all the local stores that purchase goods (used auto parts, used books, used technology widgets etc.). Now all you have to do is look up all the “garage sales” where they give a way a bunch of free stuff or items at a deep discount and go “arbitrage” the difference. (Any affiliate marketer knows all about that arbitrage!)

Dying With Debt

This is a bit of a strange one. In theory dying in debt isn’t really a bad thing. If you’ve accumulated a million bucks then went crazy wild into debt towards the end in a ball of flames then that’s how it’s done!!! Definitely don’t want to die with $1,000,000 in the bank if you don’t have any family members to give it to. The flip side, if this is all student loans for a degree that didn’t help that is certainly sad and we don’t have much to add there. At this rate (we think education is massively overpriced now), the government should find a way to have the money forgiven.

Women Value a Man’s Wallet

All we will say is yep! If you’ve got 7 figures in the bank you’re always a seven! Instead of reviewing the entire post we’ll highlight the most important part of the article which is this… You have to know your income breakdown by city. Here is the general rule to follow.

“Unlike other places on the Internet, we are going to break down the income brackets for you in a simple graph.


As you can see by the graph, you need to make *at least* the median income in order to consistently date girls in the 6-7 range. If you are extremely good looking or have extremely high status (musician, DJ etc.) you can break these rules. But. Nothing else will help you if you’re below the median. If you have incredible social skills but can’t even afford to live in the city, the girl is going to ditch you. A girl who is a solid 7 still has dating options.”

School Debt Isn’t Viewed as Unattractive as Credit Card or Car Debt

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. We don’t view them as all that different. If someone decided to major in a Humanities degree that won’t make them any more money and paid $200,000 to obtain that degree… That is *worse* than having some car payment (easier to clean out). If someone has $40,000 in student loan debt but a degree in software engineering and a Career offer from Google… Well we 100% agree. Unless the debt is giving you a positive *return* we view almost all of it equally.


Now some of you are wondering why we’re linking to a personal finance blog that focuses more on saving/budgeting… Well we actually think he’s figured out how to get rich! Maybe we’re wrong but we think so (at current rates we predict he’ll become a multi-millionaire sooner than he thinks). If you can create a one time event of $75,000 in a single day (after building up an interesting business) why couldn’t you create a one time event of $750,000!!!! He could without a doubt in our mind. With that said here are the quick points:

1) You’re underpaid! Please feel free to argue against the two basic charts. And. The charts do *not* even include operating margins which means most businesses do not even take business that don’t generate a *meaningful* profit!….. 2) All you need is a credit card and internet access to obtain the ability to generate $2,000 in “one time” event…… 3) not being able to come up with $100 in 30 days is just a lie unless someone is lazy….. 4) women value money surprise surprise, a “politically incorrect truth” just like how men value looks (another shocker!)….. 5) unless debt is *earning* you a return it isn’t good debt plain and simple to us!….. 6) one of our young smart readers should use our outline and figure out a way to use his giveaway to start a biz!

Importantly, for those that are serious about developing multiple streams of income and a high net worth, we can recommend Personal Capital. The Company offers *free* software tools with the following four key features: 1) ability to avoid losing money by tracking all fees associated with an investment product allowing you to choose the best possible fund for your future, 2) portfolio analysis where your risk profile is stacked up against your current age and retirement goals, 3) in addition to these free tools, you can also track your net worth and path to becoming a millionaire and 4) when you hit $100K in networth you’ll receive a free one time consultation with an investment professional at Personal Capital. After linking up all of your accounts you’ll be able to sit back and watch as your net worth goes up and your fees remain minimal over the next several years. We strongly believe that Personal Capital is the premier personal finance software tool when compared to its competitors such as Mint.


  1. Raymond III says

    This is definitely a post more geared to anyone and can’t agree more that $2,000 to $100 is some fear mongering machine from the mainstream media about the plight of everything. It seems like the mainstream news is just set up to make people depressed when it comes to personal finance stuff like this and there is noooooo wayyyyyyyy a smart person cannot come up with $100 that is just an exaggeration.

    Interesting to see that the only one that seemed reasonable to you guys was the college debt one, where the US government, and liberal indoctrination system forces people to get 100s of thousands in debt for degrees without a return.

    As Trump would say: Sad!

  2. IvanM says

    Coming from a software engineering background, I can say that working for a big company can have its benefits and the potential to make more money than you would ever make from a one-man outfit, with little downside. The key is leverage – you have a specific talent or niche skill, and you leverage the company’s massive infrastructure to deliver huge impact.

    For instance, you’re working for Google or Facebook, and you’ve shipped a feature that increases ad revenue by 0.5%. Well, for FB example, that’s 50 million dollars annually (even more for Google), and there’s no way you could have such an impact as a one-man company in such a short amount of time. The career/financial rewards will follow, as top-tier companies are highly meritocratic.

    The other option is to found a startup, where the upside is unlimited, but the chance of success is much lower (~10% generally speaking) as you depend a lot more on external factors that can make you or break you (market miss, hiring wrong employees, investor whims, etc.).

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      That is 100% true. Essentially in that case you have the ability to change something but need a massive install base to get revenue off of it. A Great example is if you were to have control of WhatsApp and suddenly put in one tiny banner ad that would generate $100M easily.

      That’s why we include it as a Career.

      On a side note anyone remember when “facebook buying WhatsApp was a terrible idea”… That’s exactly why we don’t read the news hahaha.

      • IvanM says

        Lol I remember myself bitching about the Instagram acquisition back in the day. Just another photo sharing app? In what world are they worth 1 billion?

        Needless to say I know better now 🙂

  3. internet dude says

    If only minimal wage workers knew that one can make $15/hr+ manually posting aff links around the web.

    I’m telling you, it would completely disrupt the nation.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      That’s a great one should have been added in. Just troll a bunch of websites with affiliate links into “real” comments everywhere and just bank roll on those

      IE: Spam works.

      Just imagine a world where a bunch of minimum wage workers overloaded a library to just copy links everywhere, would be quite hilarious (and would work)

      Note: added it and gave you credit its a hilarious strategy but works. “Trolling to Survive” Tactics.

      • says

        If you see the comments on videos from popular youtubers you’ll 1000s of links there.
        Kids with credit cards(not unusual) are not very smart.

        Shady but if you’re starving,hey….

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Gotta do what you gotta do if you’re really starving.

        (Note: we adjusted your comment as our auto spam marks anything with cuss words as spam, even ones that have the * format)

    • Mariano says

      Wow, wait a minute. What are you talking about? what kind of links do you mean? can you show me an example?

      If this is what I think it is… then yes, it’s a shady but doable way to make money.

      … just imagine doing a program that automatically post links! *whoops, who said that?

  4. YM says

    Even junior level bankers (analyst + associate) often get paid less than they are worth (obviously), especially at some very niche boutiques.

    If someone is paying you less than you’re worth (and you know it) while telling you what to do, governing 40 hours (minimum) of your life, and making you speak “politically correct” and choking off your personality isn’t motivation to grind out of the “corporate life”, who knows what is.

    • Mike says

      Making you speak politically correct and choking off your personality. Man that hits close to home! Gotta grind it out!!

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Very true for those that got in on merit. For the guys in there becuase mom and dad hooked them up typically not so much… they have no ability to think for themselves and are massively overpaid as the bank looks to “capitalize” on their relationships.

      Two groups in that industry as you’re well aware. Good to be born rich!

  5. RE Guy says

    On school debt: The reason it’s not viewed as negatively by the masses is there is a collective, collaborative delusion where just about all people are indoctrinated into the “college is always a good value” when they are in mandatory state schooling, have still developing brains, lack appreciable life experience, and lack outside knowledge or alternative perspectives.

    They also don’t pursue the life experience or outside knowledge generally due to being forced to learn the “information” in the mandatory schooling (memorization, and a general use intellectual worker/laborer knowledge base) and having that consume their time and energy, while also the vast majority of information given to them is consistent with the “college is always a good value” hypothesis so they lack a stepping off point for a different perspective.

    Capitalism is setup like The Matrix to produce new human batteries from babies. After years of being plugged in they perpetuate the delusion for both others and themselves, everyone is a potential agent.

    The process that has to occur to both escape AND control is to first recognize the flaws in being a battery of the system (a la Marx, for instance), and then ALSO to have the courage and discipline to create for yourself a capital machine.

    Those who don’t take that second step just become losers and complainers, which ironically, the actually do worse then those who simply stay plugged in and do their best to succeed within the Matrix (think, middle-managers who buy into the company credo 100% vs. perpetually entry level “do the minimum because what’s the point?” people).

    To be a capitalist, to own one’s life and future, to be “successful”, requires both steps.

    Ditto for game.

    Since you mentioned women valuing money, and of course the various game factions will have opinions etc. here’s a simple way to get it from principles of economics and game, and then look at it from what’s politically correct.

    Money = A Store of Someone Else’s Time = Stored Social Power
    Women value Social Proof / Social Influence / Social Status = Social Power
    Money is abstracted Social Proof / Social Influence / Social Status

    (Notice I didn’t say money is a store of your own time, you can’t buy your own time back you can only spend it or prevent it’s wasting by buying someone else’s)

    Or, you can convince someone to do something, they may do it because they like you/you are their friend, you may offer to do them a favor in exchange, or you can pay them. Same difference.

    Money is a system to get someone to do something for you without them having to like you or trust that you’ll return the favor in the future.

    The reason for all the confusion is a lack of understanding of what money is, and what money does, in the game community. Not surprising, if they had a correct understanding of how to use money effectively for social influence and lifestyle enhancement (along with the ability to acquire said funds) they likely wouldn’t need the same technical understanding of game for a similar result.

    To go at it from the opposite erroneous perspective, the politically correct (capitalist indoctrination) one, to understand women valuing money and being accepting of that would require the above understanding of money and time and social power. This would then raise the question of is the person wasting their life by selling it so cheaply, and would become a “triggering” form of cognitive dissonance until corrective action is taken.

    In other words the incorrect belief about women and money is connected to the incorrect belief about selling one’s time for money and can not be disconnected, one must change if the other is to, or there will be a persistent emotional disturbance. Hence the issue of convincing a wage slave of said truth.

    • OwnMyHood says

      Dude. You really break this stuff down to the base elements. Well said.

      Tying in Marx (in a semi positive manner) on what could be construed as a hypercapitalist site gets you bonus points.

      And I thought this was just some Wall Street blog…

      • RE Guy says

        Hahaha. Thank you.

        I’d also say there are spots here where similar has been done before i.e. the talks about minimalism, the “it’s easier to sell a click obsessed facebook addict than a Buddhist monk” (paraphrased) etc.

        Marx (and his successors) saw correctly that capitalism functions by separating the individual from their needs and desires (creating a “lack”), and then selling them back the “solution” to that lack in the form of goods and services.

        If you understand it like this then both the restrictive sexual norms placed on women, making sex “scarce”, the advertisements with hot women next to expensive cars, selling the solution to “sex with hot women” as “buy this car”, are in fact two parts of the same system.

        Probably the main difference for how I respond to this knowledge comes from how much I view the individual as being responsible for the regulation of their emotions and acquisition of wisdom and how much I think the responsibility should be borne by the big Other (government or media (political left), religion (political right)). (That is why it makes more sense to a modern feminist to have a media campaign or government program to promote “fat acceptance” than it does to go on a diet)

        Or to put it another way, whether or not I think an adult should have to develop their own well rounded superego instead of outsourcing it to a collective entity, and whether or not an adult should seek out their own sources of knowledge instead of relying on others to provide it to them and to be honest.

        I’m sure you can imagine the surprise I get from the SJW crowd when I articulate Marx’s ideas and reveal myself as a capitalist.

        (I haven’t done this in a while though, now that I avoid engaging Regulars in debate, thanks in part to this blog, and in part because I’ve realize I can only reasonably sell them on something such as liking me instead of thinking I can completely alter their worldview with all the attendant emotional disruption)

        They think the only proper response is to stop showering, shaving their body hair, and dressing like garbage as some sort of capitalist protest.

        They never saw that it could help them build their playbook.

        They never understand that acquiring power first by succeeding within the capitalist system is the best way to ultimately have power to change the things around them they are dissatisfied with, as opposed to you know, just complaining about them (building “awareness” lol).

        Now whom do I know who succeeded in business first and then went on to make drastic changes to the society he cared about? Hmmm. Tough!

    • StefMOB says

      This single comment is actually life-changing.

      I’ve known about the importance of building a capital machine, but it helps to process the underlying reasons why building one is so necessary.

      There literally aren’t any other options.

      Sure, you can play mental gymnastics with yourself all day long about “geoarbitrage”, tax minimization, and other lifestyle hacks that are constantly being sold to you.

      Or, you can focus all of your energy on building a sustainable capital machine like little else matters.

      I think the second option wins most of the time.

  6. SouthernArb says

    “Sporting events (limited seating), Concerts/Music festivals (limited units)”

    +1 – Relatively easy way to make a quick buck if you’re in a pinch. Research what events will sell out and what your profit margin will look like. You can often sell the tickets the same day you buy them (thus never have a cash outflow assuming you buy on a credit card). Don’t waste your money on an eBook explaining how to do this; there are plenty of free resources online.

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