Life Changing Items to Be Aware of As You Get Older

We wrote efficiency since a lot of our youth was wasted. Reading about “hacks” for health, fitness, money, dating that were all an enormous waste of time. Since the vast majority will still search for special tricks, we’re going to highlight some things to be aware of as you get older. A lot of them are simply related to body decay over time (no way to argue that a 60 year old man is as nimble as a 20 year old man). But. Some of the other items are important if you’re looking to meet new friends with similar life expectations.


Fruits and Vegetables: We outline a clear diet in Efficiency and you’ll need to find ways to get the nutrients despite having a schedule that may change rapidly. If you’re traveling a lot, you’ll be forced to travel with items such as Chlorella and do quick google searches for organic juice stores (Whole Foods is typically the easiest spot). The one thing you’ll notice? When you change your diet you’ll physically feel the difference. If you miss a week or a month, your body will not act the same and this is due to aging. While you could drink a gallon of alcohol on Thursday night and still feel fine on Friday at age 21… doing the same at 40 is just not going to be realistic. The same concept applies to positive health changes. It takes a little bit more time for the positive effects to flow through.

Flexibility: If you do any repetitive task for a long period of time, you’re going to overuse certain muscles. This is going to lead to a host of problems: 1) bone alignment, 2) lactic acid build up, 3) muscles changing your posture and 4) consistent knots in certain areas. You’ll notice the changes occur as you get to around middle age. This is important since money will solve the vast majority of your issues. Since you’re following the right workout regimens that we have outlined in Efficiency you’ll feel your body change. When the inflexibility sets in you’ll want to have a slush fund for 1) deep tissue massages, 2) yoga sessions and 3) any additional joint issues.

Circulation: It is rare to see people in their 20s have heart attacks (unrelated to drugs) and this is due to circulation. You’ll find that flexibility, circulation and diet all impact your circulation. More importantly? When you fly on planes and rack up those air miles you’ll notice your feet and arms change after a long flight (bad for your body). To combat this you’ll likely take a single asprin during long flights and purchase compression socks and arm bracings. These will be life savers if you sleep on flights since business class and Jets do not protect you from cabin pressure. If you’re over 30 we strongly recommend trying this and you’ll feel 100x more refreshed when you land. Oh… and as you get older, you’ll need to do more sprints on the bike (we also recommend eating some cayenne pepper).

Skin: Ahh one of the best markets for affiliate marketing. There is a reason for this. Your skin will get wrinkled over time and this is simply due to aging. Instead of buying the insane products that are sold on the internet for cheap monthly subscription revenue fees… You can do your own research and look into collagen and internal fixes to the problem. Just like diet, the real fixes are never external. Read a single book on how the skin works and you’ll find a lot of interesting facts about preventing the declines (hint there is a reason why vegetarians have good skin and no we’re *not* recommending becoming vegetarians).

Recovery Time: The final one is recovery time. As you all know everything compounds. This is not just investments but physical investments as well. A nagging injury for 10 years will be much harder to get rid of. You can certainly optimize your body, but at the end of the day, it’s always easier to recover if you’re younger. So keep in tune with your body and make those adjustments.


Watch Out for the Snakes: When you cut the grass the snakes show up. In the case of money, this is extremely true. Many people (we’d say about 99% of them) get rich and don’t win at the other parts of life. They are either out of shape or are stuck in relationships they don’t like. Or worse… They are still desperate to earn money because it is tied to their identities. The vast majority believe their net-worth = their actual worth (ego). Be extremely cautious to take life advice from these individuals as you may end up like them. Would you want to have billions of dollars but an over bearing wife who runs you around like a chicken with its head cut off? Would you take $100M if we said you’d be in a wheel chair for life? The answer of course is no. Many people believe they would “just change that part of their life” and that’s just not how the game works. Be careful.

Stop Worrying About a Collapse: Once you’re rich (somewhere around 30-35 is our guess) you shouldn’t worry about protecting the rest of your cash. If you have say $5M and that’s earning you $250K a year in boring bonds/dividends at 5%… There is no reason to invest your future money “conservatively”. If your plan was to get to some number like $50M+, it also won’t happen with boring CD investments anyway. These guys who live for low single digit returns are typically the ones who have lived a meaningless life. They went to a top school, got a stable job, saved, married some mediocre person at 30, had a couple kids and are walking towards death with no life experiences. That sentence sounds brutal and pessimistic, yet look around. The vast majority choose the predictable and boring normal life as if they get another chance at it “later”. They don’t.

Don’t Go Off The Rails: While we’re encouraging people to take more risk, there is always a balance. *When* you get rich, it’s foolish to bet anything that would hurt your principal balance to live a good life. This means you should figure out where your line is and close that door for good. Put a balanced portfolio away to cover a comfortable lifestyle forever and under no circumstances do you touch it. None at all. Once you have that money set aside that will keep you set for life then live it up! Don’t buy CDs buy that fast car (if you’re into cars) buy the vacation house (if that’s what you like) and roll the dice on some intelligent gambles if that’s how you get your thrills. Take a look at the lives of rich people who go broke quickly and then go meet some corporate guy with a boring life driving a honda civic. There is a happy medium and that’s how it should be.

Before You Spend… You ever wonder why branding yourself as “high end” is beneficial? The answer is free stuff! Before you spend see if you can get it for free or make money from it. We’ll use an obvious example with actors/athletes. If they sponsor specific companies they get free cars, watches, trips etc. Not only do they get them for free as trials… they also get paid to use them! Talk about a sweet deal. We don’t know where you’ll be successful, just remember it is ideal to find a way to make money without doing anything or at minimum get it for free. Does anyone here really believe billionaires pay for their own travel and food? Usually someone else begs them to do it for a presentation and some money as well.

No Principal Pull Down: This is last because it’s our own rule. Every year, you’ll never touch the principal on your portfolio. This prevents your cash flow from going down in any year. Notice, we focus on cash flow since that’s the number you’re looking to protect and if your principal is going up every year you’re in good shape. In the years when we have recessions you should have a good cash fund that supports you without dipping into the cookie jar. Then buy up all the assets on the cheap and go back to your vacation home.

Friends and Contacts

People are Busy: You shouldn’t want a friend who wants to hang out every day. That means they live an uneventful life. All the “social rules” are simply mirroring successful people. If you are willing to drop everything to go and meet someone new… it means *they* are socially above you. We have no problems saying we’d drop everything to go and meet several billionaires we admire. The same applies to dating. When a thirsty guy is willing to drop everything for girl he just met, it means she out ranks him (a bad thing for him). As you get older you’ll see that all of your friends are just as busy as you are. While your phone will light up with messages they are typically soft contacts from people you actually want to meet. If you’re constantly talking to a specific set of people they are usually business contacts not really friends.

Most People Don’t Evolve: A good litmus test to see if a guy is successful without any access to financials is to ask them about random topics. If you talk to a new person for a couple of hours you’ve usually “drained the well”. This means all of their knowledge is around 1-2 topics at most. That’s a bad sign. It means they never actually built a wide range of skills. If however, you talk to someone and they are constantly in the weeds on a lot of topics to the point where you’d call them an expert… You can bet that they are doing well financially. Now remember, everyone has a niche the key part is being able to diversify your skills to prevent over reliance on one talent. Unless you’re a singer or sports star, diversification makes a big difference.

No Such Thing as Business Friends: Don’t trust anyone but yourself. By the time you turn 20-25, the vast majority of people are simply “angling” for some deal (99.99% of people). They could be your “business friend” for 5-10 years. And. At the end of the day you guys are not friends, you’re frenemies. They would be thrilled to see you fall off if it meant $10K for them. You’re going to spend more time talking to business contacts because your actual friends (i.e. never mix money with friends) are going to be busy working on projects as well. Just remember your co-workers, your boss (if you have one temporarily) and the people you manage are not your friends. Not even close. They will stab you in the back with an ear to ear smile. While this sounds awful, have an emotion-less response to it. Everyone has to find a way to make their cash so there is nothing wrong with some conflict. Just remember, now that you’ve been warned, if you make a mistake it’s the second part of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

Suddenly You’re Popular! Avoid fame. You’re going to suddenly see people emerge from the wood-work as soon as you get rich. They will suddenly be interested in “helping you succeed”. Simply ignore. The good part? If you avoid fame, this will be manageable. The best part? You’ll recognize other successful people. It’s another form of the matrix. Once you see the queues you’ll know who the $30,000 millionaires are and who the rich people are. Surprisingly, they could drive a civic and they could drive a Ferrari, the key way to tell is by how they speak and their body language. The ones that are difficult are the rich guys who are run by their wives spending all of their hard earned money. But. At the end of the day… you’ll learn to spot those as well. And. Avoid them.

Other Strange Stuff: Not long enough for a section of its own but here are some other strange things you’ll notice: 1) you’ll be extremely frustrated if you have to wait long-periods of time for things that burn your time; 2) if you’ve really made it you won’t even compare yourself to billionaires, you’ll be happy and relaxed at all times, 3) you’ll feel sorry for the rich guys with tons of stress chasing a few extra dollars at expense of their health and personalities, you won’t bother helping them out of the matrix because they are too certain that they are making the right decisions, 4) you’ll get more excitement out of helping a few friends make money (when they are significantly younger) since they are not colleagues and the money doesn’t really matter anymore for you, 5) you’ll get more excitement from learning something completely new since you’ll be in the top 0.1% if your specific field… anything new is fantastic in your eyes, 6) empathy is a lot harder due to success so you’ll be forced to manually work on it, 7) meditation will be better for stress relief than exercise – you’ll likely add it to your daily routine, 8) getting a regular sleeping schedule will be critical as your body will react to negative changes, 9) you’ll do a lot of things that are not financially beneficial to you since you’re looking for new interests/hobbies and 10) you’ll laugh at all the amount of stress you had to go through and will recognize it was a brilliant move to take the pain when you could (in your 20s). Finally, you may not even agree with these 10 hence why they are at the end and are simply things we have noticed.

On a final note… if you’re interested in learning more about making money, staying in shape and doing so without choking off your personality… You’ll probably like our book Efficiency. The benefits include:  1) How to get into the top 10% physically with one hour a day of exercise; 2) How to eat correctly to be in the top 10%; 3) How to figure out what type of intelligence you have; 4) How to use this type of intelligence to choose a career and the *right* company: Wall Street, Technology or Sales; 5) How to start an online business and sell (the basics and all you need to start); 6) Clear outline of how to create and start an online product business with correct copywriting; 7) How to go into affiliate marketing if someone wants to take a stab at the competitive space; 8) Overview of how affiliate marketing operates and how to do it and 9) How to do all of this and maintain a normal social life (avoid choking off your personality).


  1. says

    Great post as always WSP.

    “You’ll be extremely frustrated if you have to wait long-periods of time for things that burn your time”.

    …100% on the money, even standing in lines at stores is infuriating.

    Possible future post:

    “Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Offered by Your Company As Compensation”

    (If you have the time / motivation to share your knowledge!)

    Kind regards,

  2. YM says

    “The final one is recovery time.”

    I know you guys are probably referring to injuries here, but I would also assume muscle soreness and DOMs especially when compound lifting the large muscle groups heavily twice a week.

    Any reader’s suggestions on reducing muscle soreness and DOMs severity would be appreciated, especially as you get older!

  3. MedBrazil says

    Hey WSPs, I’ve been wondering, how old are you? Just to get some perspective.
    The way you guys talk about life, I’d guess 40~60, probably around 50.
    And do you enjoy other physical activities besides lifting? BJJ, dancing, whatever. I really enjoy Ido Portal’s view on physicality. Highly recommended.
    Great work with the book and the blog!

  4. Futurewhat says

    Something that makes me lose sleep in that mid to late 20s age range is finding NEW friends. I grew up around losers in an assbackwards town and even though it got somewhat better in college, what I see is friends as young as 25 marrying or at least heading towards that route.

    I feel like along with health and finance, things such as social life are also important (though not as much) to a man’s life.

    While I do alright with women and a nice date or an easy lay are enjoyable, what has been a struggle for me and one I would like get talked about not just here but anywhere really is how to make NEW friends once you go through that transformation.

    I feel as if so many friendships are formed in school and after that, you kinda have to keep going back to your school network or the past in order to look for a social life while ideally, I want to be able to do it more in the present or future.

    Like actually make it but find others in the same boat who are also that community of people who either made it or were close to it, guess you MIGHT have hinted at that when you mentioned popularity.

    It is something I wonder if I am really just dreaming about.

    Like the best you can expect past 30 with social life is a female companion.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Hahaha not true but yes you definitely don’t want to be some rich dude with nothing else but money going for him

      Those guys are incredibly boring and are sad on the inside. Lots of regrets on their death beds

      • Futurewhat says

        Well, then what rich dude you want to be in regards to social life is what I wonder, or to be more specific, what kind of realistic possibilities exist for social life after your school years. The message out there about social life after college is as depressing as depressing gets.

      • Impatient Bastard says

        Might I recommend to you guys developing a network that all these gents that are reading your shit can connect with each other?

    • Banana says

      Lol 5 yrs from now there’ll be wsp’s mastermind group/app. It’s like tinder but only for low key dudes who’ve eventually made it.

      $10k pax/yr.

      Problem solved.

    • Coming says

      What I’ve noticed is once you start meeting high quality girls, they can help you meet high quality guys in walks of life that you wouldn’t have any contact with on your own.

      That’s a reason to make some female friends (possible, but don’t expect them to act like your male friends)

  5. says

    Excellent post. Thanks to you guys I stopped wasting time reading books on investing & personal finance since all are dated. I have a question….what about reversing grey hair or keeping your natural color forever….any suggestions? Most younger women find it disgusting…thank you.

  6. Ash says

    “If someone is willing to drop everything to go and meet you it means they are socially above you.”

    Fix that sentence. Its the opposite of what you’re conveying.

    Another value-filled article.

  7. Silicon Valley Escapee says

    Hello, I love your blog.

    Short story about me: spent my 20s busting my ass in Silicon Valley startups. Eventually built enough of a reputation to get into a great one. I was an early employee and became a manager. Reached $1M at age 29. Retired at age 40 with a net worth of around $8M. That was about five years ago, now at around $15M due to the runup in the US equity markets.

    I’m really amazed by how true everything you say is. About health, women, money, relationships, politics, alcohol. I learned most of what you wrote on your blog and in your book from the University of Hard Knocks.

    I wish I could go back and give a copy of your book to the 19-year-old version of myself. But that guy was a dumbass, I’m not sure he would have believed what is written there. As someone who slogged it out, it’s clear as day that what you’ve written is completely true. But the inexperienced 19-year-old me had a hard time filtering good advice from bad advice…. and bad advice is pervasive.

  8. says

    “You’ll be extremely frustrated if you have to wait long-periods of time for things that burn your time”.


    I’m not anywhere near my income peak yet, and I already identify with this. It has absolutely nothing to do with impatience, and everything to do with how regular people waste your time at the gas pump, line in grocery, etc. The absolute worst is getting stuck behind slow drivers/people buying scratch/lottery tickets…

    I already want to pay someone else to do all that shit for me so I don’t have to deal with it (and I’m almost at the income level to be able to afford to do just that)! DELEGATE!

    Efficiency rules, I’ve had it since launch and it’s changing my daily routine most optimally! Thank you gentlemen for another amazing article as always.

      • says

        I just want to say, I’m 19 and incredibly incredibly grateful for Efficiency.

        You’ve already changed my life extremely significantly. Working on business / career in private equity (got an internship in private equity for next summer and almost done building e commerce software with people lined up to license it). Already was focused on fitness / health, but your advice has streamlined things. Not prioritizing sex right now because I have income producing assets to build and a career to pursue…

  9. Impatient Bastard says

    One of the single most important choices I’ve made in my life is following you guys. Thank you for everything man. You guys helped me out a lot. Grateful, for the riches to come bcuz of you!!!

  10. ReasonFromFirstPrinciples says

    Great post. 25 years old right now. Definitely not looking forward to getting old. F*** that.

    **Easily the best time of my life to date***

    My net worth is probably fraction of what yours, Wallstreetplayboys, is… My knowledge base and awareness is probably a fraction of what yours is… but…

    This period of life (mid twenties when you transition from being a complete dumbshit to somewhat competent) is SO much fun…

    Me, my balls, laptop, and FIRE to succeed.

    Waking up every day ready to CONQUER. Seeing a seemingly infinite runaway ahead of myself and (probably falsely) believing that anything ($X,XXX,XXX,XXX) is possible for me.

    Body is at peak health and has no issues. Was playing basketball the other day and wiped out on the pavement going full speed. Got up and shook it off with no residual health consequence. What a blessing.

    Starting to have some money for the first time in life… Upgraded from drinking piss water coffee from BJs Wholesale Club to Starbucks 3 dollar coffees…

    Bro, I am living the dream! Haha

  11. Kombuchito says

    For anyone interested…(especially young guys needing ideas) Only place i get to share this kind of info

    Have a friend who works as regular old banker

    They often open accts & work with minorities that speak little / no english and bring in $10k, $20k checks every week
    Most of them own commercial/residential
    painting biz
    A/C tech

    Theres money everywhere
    Just gotta take advantage of the opportunities

  12. Anonymous says

    Interesting dilemma.

    22 years old and I’m tempted to spend the next 8 years straight focusing purely on career/side business, with ZERO time spent on social life and women or ‘game’.

    Hit 30, hopefully have a liquid net worth of at least $1mm


    Are you outright opposed to this?

    I don’t want to be a ‘successful boring’ guy, but I feel like if I am, that can easily be fixed…whereas being a ‘cool guy who is broke’…can’t be so easily fixed.

      • Silicon Valley Baller says

        Work 70-80 hours per week for 3 years straight…and the ‘life toll’ will have been paid.

        Thank you.

    • says

      As WSP said, their answer is in the book, but let me ask you – have you tried this?

      Try only working for a month and then try a month with a few social hours every week. I’ve noticed for myself I actually get more done if I “waste” some time for game (simple – I probably am extroverted and need this to function properly)

      • TechSales says

        You can pay your dues in enterprise software for 3-5 years at 50-60 hours a week.

        At that point, you’re making 250k for 40-60 hours a work working from home.

  13. says

    Wsps….great tweet…vacation is a waste of time coming from a group of guys who according to an old post you mentioned that you guys have traveled to over 30 countries…sounds like you guys are contradicting yourselves…

  14. James says

    A very enjoyable article lads. Under “Suddenly you’re popular!” you have used “queues” where instead “cues” is correct, if these things are at all important to you.

    This blog continues to give insight after insight, it’s helped to focus my plans for the future a great deal going ahead into the first year of university, for which you have my thanks.

  15. says

    Great post as always,just wanted to give direct feedback on how this site has helped me and why everyone should purchase Efficiency even if it is just as a thank you to the value you’ve provided over the years.

    Age? 21 I’m going to graduate with a ~3.5 GPA in a business major 100% debt free.

    Money? Followed your old advice on DCA and made an average ~12% return in the past two years. Going to liquidate soon before the correction starts.

    Career? Secured a software sales role to get into straight after college when I graduate in 6 months time

    Business? Currently injecting all my spare cash into my lead gen hustle which if it goes well will make me think twice about even taking the S.S Job – no B.S

    Dating? Permanently deleted tinder ( cringe at how much time I wasted on it) & my last 2 notches have been girls I’ve met on the way home from work or social events. It’s freed up a ridiculous amount of time and added to my personality

    Social? Lol if you aren’t boring and have pretty girls in your circle cool guys will come to you but by that point – you won’t even care anymore. Which gives even more momentum! Funny how that works.

    Hobbies? Started dance classes, incredible how being a fraction above the beginners curve at any extroverted hobby makes you more interesting/attractive to the opposite sex and people in general.

    Next on the list? Taking Gym seriously. Although I’m not out of shape devoting time to it will make my dating life and general health a lot better.

    More good things come, thanks a bunch WSP’s!

    For the joke picking up on your book… Would you say life in general is more of an art than a science? 😉

  16. OakCharcoal says

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say that I find your blog amazing.

    Its helped me completely shift my mindset towards something intelligent and worthwhile.

    My family is poor, my parents are “hard-working” but financially illiterate. I have completed shifted my life after starting reading this blog since I was 16, now I am 19 and well on my way to financial independence within 10 years and possibly even for my entire family at 15.

  17. Houston Natural Gas Analyst says

    Always appreciate the life advice articles.

    These are the ones that have hit my life with extreme value add over the years of reading this blog, and one of the largest reasons as to why I continue to check in as much as my time permits.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post gents!

  18. BC says

    Informative post. To expound on your quote:

    “good litmus test to see if a guy is successful without any access to financials is to ask them about random topics. If you talk to a new person for a couple of hours you’ve usually “drained the well”. This means all of their knowledge is around 1-2 topics at most. ”

    This is so accurate. The key thing here is CURIOSITY. Successful people are proactively curious, meaning they question what they take in, instead of being a mere consumer of information. If the biggest topic of conversation is “Game of Thrones” or “fantasy football” you need to find new friends.

    I believe “curiosity” is a “skill” that plays a significant role in success. It not only gives them an advantage in one’s day job, but also permeates in every aspect of their lives such as athletic passions, hobbies, topics of interest, etc. – and you can bet their level of knowledge/skill in those said topics/athletics will be higher the average. Example: Just as successful investors question every adjustment to EBITDA in the QofE report with genuine curiosity, they similarly study and tweak their tennis game by analyzing their stroke, investing in coaches, etc.

  19. TechSales says

    You guys quoted me multiple times already on twitter and various posts, do you guys want a post on enterprise software sales and how to make it there?

  20. says

    So glad I found this blog when I was 22. You referenced the Matrix, well, in keeping with the trend, because of y’all I seen the golden code. Now, in the midst of a career, coming back to the blog once a week at the very least keeps me grounded and stable. Thanks again WSPB’s.

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