How to Remain Happy at All Times

With this “one bizarre trick” you will always be happy!… Alright… bad affiliate marketing joke. The truth is that consistent happiness is going to take years of work. Not weeks. Not months. Years. As we have mentioned in the past the goal is to live a balanced life and if you are unhappy this means that your life is out of balance. We are 100% certain that this is an important topic since the most commonly clicked on link is “A Guide to Rational Living” which talks about overcoming depression.

Outline below:

1) Why it is Normal to Feel Unhappy When You’re in Your Early 20s

2) How to Strategically Fix Your Life and Become in Balance

3) Avoiding Junk Reading and Why We Don’t Post Much

4) Avoiding Hero Worship

5) Continuing to Progress Once You’ve “Made it”

As usual, if you already understand a section based on the headline alone… Don’t read it.

1) Why it is Normal to Feel Unhappy When You’re in Your Early 20s

We get a ton of emails. We get so many emails that we *rarely* respond and only allow comments. Most of the questions? Surround happiness and imbalance… The problem with a lot of these emails and questions is that it is normal to be unhappy/frustrated in your early 20s

Anyone who says otherwise is likely an older *boy* who is passing on his insecurities to you. “If I was your age I would be thrilled to be alive! I would do….”. Congratulations, you’ve met a retard. Full retard. Smile, nod, agree and ignore. All of these older people who claim that they would be thrilled to trade places with you *without any actionable advice* are all insecure morons. The worst part? They probably make $150K a year and have the audacity to give life advice. What a joke. If the person cannot give you actionable steps to improve your well being starting *right now*, you should ignore him completely.

Here is why it is normal to be unhappy/frustrated in your early twenties.

Distance: The person you want to become and the person you are today are far, far, far apart. The person you want to become seems to be on a different planet and this causes a lot of *frustration* because you want to improve rapidly. The problem? Improvement is never linear. This is exactly why you should only make self to self comparisons. Do not compare yourself (today) to the person you want to be in 20 years. This is not fair to you and your psyche. Compare yourself to who you were *last year* and see what happened. If you didn’t improve drastically, you know you’re taking advice from the wrong people.

Social Life Issues: Here is a fun fact. Most people who read this blog (ones that will eventually succeed) likely have very few friends right now (introverted)! Bet you weren’t expecting that. Why? If you are doing the opposite, then you are going to ostracize yourself quite a bit from “regular people”.  You’re going to watch as many people party hard (hook-up) while you focus significantly more on building a business or pursuing a career (or both!).

Low Value: In the eyes of society, just like a brand new bottle of wine, you’re not going to matter much. You’re just getting started. Everyone is telling you that they are “jealous of your youth” and yet you’re actually going to be jealous of the people who already have what you want! It’s a conundrum. People are yelling in your face that they wish they were your age. But. Society doesn’t care about you. There is nothing you can do to reverse your value in a short period of time. Instead of dwelling on this fact, simply go out and find *actionable information* to fix your issues.

Money: Even if you get an investment banking analyst job paying ~$150K a year… You’re going to be broke. As we have explained many times in the past, no one gets rich making $200K a year and no one ever will. While this sounds like a lot of money to a person who is still in college… Anyone who has actually succeeded in life and is aspiring for more, knows that it is nothing.

The Truth Hurts: Finally, the *biggest reason* for being unhappy in your twenties is exposure to the truth. Smart people consistently look for the truth and you go through huge amounts of frustration when you recognize reality for what it is. You cannot change reality. You realize the following truths: 1) Six figures is nothing, 2) your college degree was practically useless, excluding maybe 3-5 courses, 3) real life is significantly harder than college, 4) girls do not like younger men (don’t worry, it gets better as you close in on 30), 5) everyone and their mom is trying to prevent you from going up the ladder because *no one likes to see someone below them exceed them*. That is a lot of harsh truths to swallow. A LOT. The only thing you can do is change your strategy. Realize the truth for what it is and grind. You will be rewarded in about 5-10 years not 2-3 years.

Concluding Remarks: It is normal to be unhappy/frustrated in your early 20s. Everyone is lying. Your colleagues are going to load up photos of their posh lives (on credit) hook ups on “tinder” (photoshop) and do everything in their power to make you feel insecure. Here’s a tip. Know they are lying. Simply ignore all of it and amplify their comments back to them. “Congrats I’m glad things are going well! (smile, nod)” and move on with your life. It is going to take an immense amount of discipline and self restraint to follow the rules outlined on this blog which is exactly why we give it away for free. 99.9% of people won’t follow through and would rather “read about success” than do what it takes to actually succeed. The choice is yours.

*Note: For a pro-tip, start referring to times when you’re frustrated/unhappy as “annoyed” you’ll find that your word choice will temporarily change how you feel. As your life improves, you’ll find it easier to remain in a state of happiness. We simply used the words frustrated and unhappy because this is how most people will describe their current state.

2) How to Strategically Fix Your Life and Become in Balance

Now that we’ve destroyed the myth of being happy all the time in your early 20s (if you’re not grinding and pushing your limits… you won’t succeed), lets move onto the more important topic of how to actually fix your issues. As always… No action steps = waste of time.

We have mentioned that the most important items in your life are as follows: Health -> Money -> Friends/Relationships. This order is 100% true. You can only make money and have friends if you are healthy. If you have a lot of money… you have time to make more friends and establish relationships. On the flip side… If your health declines rapidly… You will likely lose both money and friends. Your money goes to fixing your health and your relationships falter as people are *busy* and the world does not revolved around you. Period.

Health: First of all, you should not sleep 8+ hours per day. This is complete BS. A rule created by mediocre people who haven’t accomplished anything. Throw this in the trash. You do not need more than ~6 hours of sleep on average when you’re under 25 because your body can take an immense amount of stress. As you get older, you won’t be able to do this, but an all night work-a-thon here and there is not going to harm you… At all.

With that myth broken down, here’s a high level way to think about fixing your health. 1) maintain a healthy diet, 2) have a solid exercise schedule and 3) begin eliminating stress *after* you achieve your financial goals.

We rarely use the word must. But. You absolutely must have a healthy eating and exercise routine. No exceptions.

Since this is an overview post here are some clear steps to fixing your health: 1) get into juicing – read Mike Cernovich’s book on juicing right here (No affiliate, we don’t have the time to set it up, we read it and it’s great), 2) stop stressing about things you cannot control – you will always feel bad if you think you can control the uncontrollable… stop it!, 3) exercise at minimum 5 days a week, we have a full 7 day a week schedule because it sets the bar higher and will likely result in people exercising for 5 days, 4) get more money… the more money you have the lower your anxiety levels and 5) stop taking health advice from people you don’t want to look like.

That should cover the high level actionable advice. If you’re juicing, eating healthy, working out and seeing your investments grow at rapid rates… Your health will improve. Finally, please do not “stress out” if you miss a workout or you can’t juice for a day (life gets in the way 10-20 times a year). That defeats the entire purpose of eating healthy and working out.

Money: Stop reading “about” money and only read actionable advice about getting money. If you’re one of those people who follows the Instagram account of a rich celeb such as Dan Bilzerian, you’re pathetic. A complete and utter loser. Trying to *associate* with someone who is living the life is like wearing a sports jersey. You are not getting any closer to becoming an “MVP” by wearing that jersey. Stop trying to win by association. This is how losers operate.


You are going to find your talents. You’re going to do this the HARD way. You are going to try a bunch of stuff utilizing the power of 1% and you’re going to see what you have a “knack” for. Maybe you’re a great chef… then you need to create a business after 5-7 years of working in the restaurant industry. Maybe you are a fantastic fiction writer… Get to work on that first book. So on and so forth.

Now. Once you know exactly where your talents lie… Start marketing/branding your talents. Help a winner become even more successful. Reiteration. Help a winner become even more successful.

If you truly have a knack for a topic, we’ll draw the line at top 5% in your industry/space, then you will find a way to add value to the guys in the top 1% or 0.5%. No doubt about it. Instead of spamming your “heroes” (more on this later) you are going to find a way to expand his/her bottom line. This is the path to success. Once you can successfully improve the business of the elite, you will now have an *opportunity* to succeed. Emphasis on opportunity.

The true elite will happily give you a shot if you show your worth. But. Nothing is given away for free. Stand in the limelight and do everything in your power to succeed.

There is a clear point here. If your money is not “in balance” then you need to de-emphasize other areas of your life and start going through our clear posts on how to make money (business or career).

Friends/Relationships: For some reason… Young people in their twenties think that successful people have hundreds of friends that they talk to *all of the time*. As usual… Complete BS.

Successful people have a laundry list of friends that they connect with on *rare* occasions. How can you possibly have your health and money together if you’re spending 20+ hours a week talking to your friends about “life”? Not possible. This is what gossipy women do. They chit chat all day about what is going on around them. No one succeeds like this. You will have a group of people you talk to in order to grow your sales/business and then you will have a laundry list of contacts that you speak to on an “off and on” basis.

Secondly, your sex life is going to be directly proportional to 1) your value as a man + 2) your time commitment to meeting new women. You know our rules. Two days a week of night life is more than enough (Thursday/Saturday).

Think about it. If you know that your value as a man and your time commitment to “pick up”, are the only factors to achieve success with women… what’s the best *long-term solution*? The best long-term solution is to become a high value man. You cannot change the number of hours in a day.

Spending 40 hours a week day gaming and night gaming to pick up girls at the expense of your overall value is… insane. Unless you plan to make a living off of “pick up”, you are going to become a deranged person.

Concluding Remarks: Prioritize correctly. Health -> Money -> Friends/Relationships. If you are lacking in one of these categories (severely) you are going to become unhappy. This is why you can find people who have 50+ girls a year that are unhappy (usually broke) and guys who have $1M + that are also unhappy (usually terrible with women). Stop and address the issue. Remember. The order of priorities are the same…If you end up having $1M+ and a fit body… You really need to work on your social skills if you are unhappy. Take time off and work on it.

3) Avoiding Junk Reading and Why We Don’t Post Much

This section is also going to piss off a lot of people… A LOT of people. Just because you are reading something doesn’t mean you’re learning anything *applicable*.

Information overload is legitimate and it is taking place all over the world. As we’ve said before, if the blog post or book does not have anything actionable in it… you should chuck it into the trash can (beating a dead horse). You should have a 90% action 10% consumption mentality. Reiteration. 90% action, 10% consumption.

Example 1: Lets say you just got your first investment banking bonus of $70K. You want to reward yourself with a trip to Latin America next year. Perfect. You read the post we just linked to and then you get to work. Notice… If you do not have plans to ever visit Latin America… Then there is no need to read the post! We realize this is negative and will likely decrease page views to the post but it does not matter. If you don’t need the information then why are you reading it?!

Example 2: Lets say you want to get into Wall Street. Great. You should absolutely stick around, read our investment banking Q&A and go through all of our Wall Street posts. The Catch? Do not read a post that does not pertain to you. It does not make sense to read our post on office politics if you have not even obtained an internship on Wall Street… correct? Correct again! Be honest about where you are in your career or business and read the posts that pertain to your situation.

Example 3: Reading for motivation. Get out and never come back to this blog. We have ended those posts forever. You should be able to give motivational speeches not be on the receiving end of emotional non-sense.

Example 4: Wasting the time of successful people with irrelevant questions after reading a post that does not pertain to you. If you are not in position to take action it makes no logical sense at all.

With the examples out of the way you should take a hard look at what you are consuming. Where are you today? Where do you want to be? Now choose a few select posts to read and keep track of information that you find valuable.

News flash. Anything that makes you *feel* something is not useful. Feelings are for people who want to be entertained.

4) Avoiding Hero Worship

We’re getting closer to the finish line. You have read the first three sections and have a written down *game plan* of what you need to improve upon. If you are unhappy but rich… you have clearly circled “game” as a top priority. If you are doing well with women, have money and are suffering from back pain… Health is now a screaming number 1 priority. So on and so forth.

With the priorities out of the way you’re only reading for *actionable* advice and have cut out the useless blogs/books. If it is not giving you anything you can actually use, you’re not going to take the click bait.

Now… onto the avoidance of hero worship…

There are several solid blogs and books out there. It is absolutely fantastic to keep in touch with those authors and make sure you build a relationship so they answer your questions for you in the future. But. These authors are human beings and they are not immune to ups and downs in life. Do not beg for “retweets”, “page links”, “promotions” etc. Earn it yourself (money section 2 of this post). Once you earn your keep by delivering *value*, when you ask for signaling of a new product or special post people are going to happily oblige. Delivering no value and begging for promotions because you have been a “long time follower” is retardation.

Deliver value and signal when important issues arise.

There is a huge trend where people are thirsty for approval from their mentors. This is not healthy.

Stop sucking up and start moving up.

Everyone reading this blog is going to be talented at *something*. Find that talent. Build that career or business. When you’re getting traction, reach out and flag it when one of your “heroes” has a problem in the same space. Since we like examples, here’s a great one.

Example: You are a fantastic style consultant. You find that one of your “heroes” (see guy who has helped you in the past with his blog/book) is going on television for the first time. *Opportunity to shine*. You reach out to this person and you say you’ve been a style consultant for 5+ years. You then help him with his wardrobe for free and *boom* he is happy to send new business your way for the next several years! That is how it is done. (this may or may not be a real life example, wink wink)

Concluding Remarks: No one is a hero. Everyone fails in life. If you are gaining value from a specific person, keep them in mind as you build out *your own dreams* not a “copy cat dream”. When you are following your own path and find your own niche, the opportunities are going to arise over time and you can build a much better relationship that way.

5) Continuing to Progress Once You’ve “Made it”

The final frontier. You have it all. So you *think*. You’re healthy well off and you have no problems socially. What else is left? The answer is giving it all away (no we don’t mean the money which you can give away when you’re dead)

People keep asking us, why are you giving away all this information. Most people charge for interview guides, they charge for the finance advice you guys know and they charge tons of money for your sector overviews. The answer is simple, philanthropy is best served through results.

Everyone else believes that giving money away is the best way to improve a person’s life. It is not. We’re happy to donate money here and there but whenever you donate money without the person earning it? You end up creating a person who is reliant instead of *self-reliant*. Homeless people get money all the time and yet they end up on the same street corner 3 years later.

We teach self reliance.

Finally, for those that are wondering why we’ll end up selling a product… Two reasons. 1) for fun, to prove that we can and 2) psychologically people realize a paid for product will be even better than the blog.

Conclusions and TL;DR Version: Our posts are much longer in length (an average of roughly 3,500 to 4,000 words nowadays) and if you’re smart you probably want a summary of the actionable steps to become happy. Below are the tiers, clearly laid out since a lot of description was given.

1) When you’re young, being frustrated (annoyed) is a *normal part of life*. You are in transition and you are going to go through the pain to improve. Embrace the pain. Don’t complain.

2) People are unhappy when their life is not in balance which is primarily related to health -> money -> friends/relationships.

3) Find your imbalance and shift your time to that activity (summary of each piece in the section 2)

4) Stop reading junk you don’t need. Don’t read a post on how to take a company public if you don’t even have a business. Don’t ask about “hiring a sales team” if you haven’t even sold 10,000 units. You’re wasting time. Mental masturbation.

5) Stop sucking up and start moving up. Find a way to add value to a person’s life and he/she is going to help you as well. This is how life works. This is why the rich get richer and you should be *happy that this is the case*. If you’re not trying to suck up then you’re going to move up the stack in a *non-linear* fashion.

6) When you are truly excellent at a task, you can begin giving it all away. This is far down the road. When you have everything you want you should teach the basics without ruining your life. You’ll be happy when all of the successful emails come in. If anyone is counting we have now cleared over 100+ acceptances into Wall Street (still 100% placement ratio from non-targets that we have specifically worked with.)

There you have it. The truth about being happy is that you need to enjoy the process and it definitely DOES get easier. We realize the “tone” here is not “happy” because that is not reality. You have to *earn* happiness just like anything else in life. Ten years later? You’ll only care about one thing.

Happiness is Being Rich! Despite being told that money doesn’t buy happiness we can happily say it helps! In addition,  Personal Capital can help you organize all of your investments in one clean software platform as you sit back and watch your happiness increase. The Company offers *free* software tools with the following four key features: 1) ability to avoid losing money by tracking all fees associated with an investment product allowing you to choose the best possible fund for your future, 2) portfolio analysis where your risk profile is stacked up against your current age and retirement goals, 3) in addition to these free tools, you can also track your net worth and path to becoming a millionaire and 4) when you hit $100K in networth you’ll receive a free one time consultation with an investment professional at Personal Capital. After linking up all of your accounts you’ll be able to sit back and watch as your net worth goes up and your fees remain minimal over the next several years. We strongly believe that Personal Capital is the premier personal finance software tool when compared to its competitors such as Mint.


  1. Norman says

    First of all the quality here has gone through the roof!! You guys have been holding out on us.

    Quick question, how do you guys deal with people copying your content? Any tips or opinions?

    • Wall Street Playboys says


      Our approach is different to copy cats.

      1) Do not bother calling them out (gives them traffic). All of our current content is free so it doesn’t matter, everyone will know where the original was from (us of course).

      2) The copies/clones will never succeed anyway. So if you let them copy your *free* content then they end up wasting their life/time trying to do the same crap over and over again. That is a much better punishment. Force them to waste their time. They will never get that wasted time back

      3) If you have an actual product that is being poached, that’s different and is related to real business (again our current stuff is free so it’s different)

      4) If you want to be extremely intelligent… Think about this. Who would copy and “follow” every single post of one blogger. The answer a *sheep*. Sheep do nothing but follow and never actually make anything so… You know these are the same idiots who fall for get rich quick schemes… That is enough help right there.

      Finally, do not confuse copying with similar views. As an example, if a few blogs call out the obvious truth that you don’t get rich without a business… Then that’s not necessarily copying. Read the content and delivery.

      Similarly (pun intended), if 3 different blogs agree that getting muscles helps get girls… It does not mean all three blogs are the exact same. One may focus on aesthetics, the other on football, the other on XYZ. So on and so forth.

  2. Analyst says

    Amazing post. Definitely agree with being frustrated before 25.

    One of the harder times I (and friends) have is landing an IB stint, making 70-80 base whatever it may be, and living in NYC – you are still broke (especially going out twice a week in the city). You are still working 70+ hour weeks, bonus is not coming for a year, not much time to start a side income stream, and still grinding and landing yourself in the top bucket.

    Embracing the grind.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Great attitude. As you get into the Associate/VP level you’re going to free up a ton of time. For projects, dating, healthy living etc.

      Pay your dues.

      Unless you find a real scalable business… Then rolling the dice is always up to you.

      Sounds like you understand the game very well!

      Just another beat the dead horse reminder. Most people don’t survive past year 5. Year 5 is where income really accelerates and you get more free time AND you meet more interesting people.

      It really is about getting into the 1% (ie: cracking VP).

      • Analyst says

        Thank you for the detailed response. Knowing that money is the area of my life that I’m most concerned with right now:

        The plan (right now) is to learn copy (have been recommended the Gary Halbert 30 day copywriting “challenge) to newbies. This is easily done as stated before in downtime, and for an hour or so late night after work or before.

        Once copy is learned, sell someone else’s products for now via. an affiliate network, and earn commission…. choose product… utilize copy skills on landing page… create ad… place on xyz traffic source.

        Noting that you said rolling the dice is up to me, I would think that experimenting with paid traffic once copy is learnt is an example of “rolling the dice”. Any final recommendations for someone going down this route, in my shoes when it comes to paid traffic? (answer could be don’t do it)

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Sounds like you are getting a bit ahead of yourself.

        First succeed with making small scale sales (you won’t make much) then once you’re good at it, you can start experimenting with paid traffic. Do not jump straight into risking every penny you have when you have literally 0 experience in what you’re doing (IE: don’t start spending $10K a day for no reason). Many will disagree with us but that is our opinion. If your paid traffic succeeds…. You know what to do… Keep spending.

        You use paid for traffic when you are certain you have the basics down. Overall your strategy sounds pretty solid.

      • VinceZK says

        What would you guys recommend if not using paid traffic to make “small scale sales” online, or did you mean “start small with paid traffic and don’t lose your a** “?

      • Wall Street Playboys says


        If the product is legitimate and you can’t even sell it to people who absolutely *need* it… Then your paid traffic is going to flop anyway.

        Once you know it is a good product and there is demand for it then start paying for traffic.

        Again, why would you waste money on paid traffic if you can’t even sell one unit.

        The obvious message here is that your first sale does not need to be a stranger. It also shouldn’t be your best friend who is simply going to buy it “just because”.

  3. DoubleLongDaddy says

    WSPs would you say a 17 year old guy would be best served just trying out as many skills/talents to see where his true strenght lies?

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Absolutely. You are only 17. Learn a lot about multiple topics (*try them as well*) and find out if you are skilled at one of them.

      Just remember… Learning is *not* earning. So if you’re good at something and can learn it quickly, make sure you can actually make money off of it in the future. Otherwise it’s a waste.

      Example 1: good enough at volleyball to get a D-1 scholarship? Yes this is worth pursuing.

      Example 2: Good at manual labor… Not worth pursuing. But remember this in case you ever hit a rough patch and need $ fast (or end up fixing a property)

      Be flexible.

  4. Zoloo says

    Thank you for passing the ball for the next generations.

    Majority of my mentors, were self-made people who loved to share a piece of wisdom with a youngster.

    I would say No Flex Zone for all the people copying content from WSPs!

    Agree on feeling frustrated in my twenties.

    My cure is meditating and being mindful and appreciative of all the good things, like reading your posts.

    Spending time on hobbies and having a real conversation is also a great pleasure to have. Especially with someone smart, experienced with life and older.

  5. Tom says

    Thank you for all the valuable information. Another hit as usual. My question pertains spending money clubbing, drinking or celebrating. How do you guys celebrate your birthday? do you guys do the opposite of everyone else or party like crazy?

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Ha do whatever you like.

      Don’t know what every single birthday looks like. Some are parties. Sometimes you end up working. Sometimes you take a vacation. It is simply a day in the calendar. If you feel like partying go for it.

      Do you.

  6. says

    Thanks for the mention.

    >>>> Friends/Relationships: For some reason… Young people in their twenties think that successful people have hundreds of friends that they talk to *all of the time*. As usual… Complete BS.

    So true.

    You are the first to point this out.

    People who sit around texting their acquaintances/play on social media aren’t successful whatsoever.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You bastard. You beat us to the Twitter linkage, ours is going out tomorrow.

      Yes it is 100% true. Successful people focus a ton on their actual business/career etc. That leads to *soft touch* relationships.

      Young people have watched 100 too many episodes of “friends” and think that they need 700 dudes to hang out with all the damn time.

      Simply isn’t reality.

  7. G says

    It seems like you guys have a lot of experience with copywriting/affiliate marketing/online businesses. Where did you find the time to learn all this while working IB hours, and would you recommend someone in IB learn those things?


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Apologize for the short and blunt response but we have answered this 20x times.

      1) your hours drop to 50 or so per week after year 5-6 if you are good and run the political game (this leaves 50+ hours to learn whatever you want, a massive amount of time)
      2) learn any skill that you can *scale* and has *demand*

      Again no need to copy the path of any one person/entity. It never works anyway as described in the post. Do you. Do what you are actually *good* at.

      If you’re good at marketing? Then absolutely, go for it.

  8. E&P Houston says

    As always great post!! The section about grinding in your 20s without massive amounts of “friendszzssz” reminded me of one of my favorite songs “Speaker Knockerz – Lonely” judging by the music y’all post on here I think you’d like it to!! Give it a listen when you get a chance haha

    Keep the great quality content coming.


    • Wall Street Playboys says


      It is “lonely at the top” is just another pathetic excuse not to succeed.

      Why do you need the approval of regular people if you’re winning? You don’t.

      But go ahead and wear that T-shirt that says Michael Jordan because we all know you ain’t winning crap with that 96 bulls jersey on.

      Then… when you randomly have a large meet up with your soft touch friends, feel free to bring out the champagne.

      • E&P Houston says

        Kobe said it best “I have “like minds.” You know, I’ve been fortunate to play in Los Angeles, where there are a lot of people like me. Actors. Musicians. Businessmen. Obsessives. People who feel like God put them on earth to do whatever it is that they do. Now, do we have time to build great relationships? Do we have time to build great friendships? No. Do we have time to socialize and to hangout aimlessly? No. Do we want to do that? No. We want to work. I enjoy working.”

  9. X says

    Ah! This was what you guys were talking about. Point 1 resonates so clearly with my current situation. Thanks!!!

    What is your take on a “friend” / acquaintance who is just as or more successful than you are, but has a shitty personality (e.g. selfish or arrogant to the bone). Is it worth suffering through their company and avoid burning bridges for future career opportunities?

    On an unrelated note, does it make sense to save a little during the 2-year stint as an analyst to live in Astoria or Long Island City if the office is at Midtown? From a poor background and not really big on the nightlife scene.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      1) that is going to be your call. Sometimes you have to deal with horrible people to succeed. This is art not science and is part of your long-term learning experience

      2) Absolutely not. You are going to work terrible hours (paying dues). Just get roomates and live close to work. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll be able to run into the office if there is a fire drill. The commute is not worth it.

      Finally, we edited your name, no need to ever use your full name on here we don’t want people getting spammed with BS.

  10. CX says

    Have a question.

    I recently talked to a guy who used to work on wall street, mid office from what he says.

    I’m currently waiting to enter college (Born in Asia, applied to US colleges), so we got around to talking about major choices. He recommended against pursuing finance as a major and by extension a career.

    I’ll paraphrase his comments: the world developed into its current state due to the combined growth of the USA, Russia and China. The USA is approaching its peak (about to reach the point where growth is going to slow down immensely), the combined growth of the other developing countries in the world is unlikely to surpass what the USA had in the past 3 decades. Finance is a shrinking industry and joining is like catching a falling knife.

    Since this blog is set up to help people get into the finance industry I’m guessing your views are contrary to this. What’s the hole in his argument? I’m guessing it’s the assumption that the USA’s growth is slowing as there’s still room to develop, but I have no stats to back that up.

    Might also be worth mentioning that he’s currently still an associate of a major international bank (Asian branch), still mid office, aged mid 30s.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Lol @ that entire story.

      If you can sell you will always have a career as an investment banker. This is like saying “companies in the USA will no longer go public and companies will no longer be sold”. FFS Alibaba went public in the USA (NYSE) not in China.

      This is full retard.

      Why are you taking advice from an associate anyway? Even if you don’t want to listen to this blog or other blogs… Go connect with someone who actually matters. IE: a Managing Director and get the other side of the story.

      Sectors will go up and down. Recessions/bull markets come and go.

      Again… Wall Street is primarily SALES. This will always be the case.

      Will sales ever go away? No.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Ha no worries.

        It is always the same story. When someone is “doom and gloom” you know his life is going terribly.

        Therefore it makes sense that the guy is a 35+ year old associate. Obviously, he is jaded and bitter he was never promoted. Life is tough. Move on.

        Get an opinion from someone doing well. Get an opinion from someone who isn’t doing well. Make your own call.

  11. says

    Section 3 hit a chord. I’m naturally curious, thirst for knowledge on any topic. I have no plan to go to Latin America yet i read the article. Waste of time.

    I usually don’t comment, nothing of value to add, already know what your answers would be if i’m honest enough with myself, and shake my head at some commenters wasting your time.

    But this time it’s different. You made me realize my own curiosity is what’s holding me back. Gotta do better.


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      If you want to read it for fun… Then read it for fun by quickly skimming it.

      Flag it for later if you end up needing it.

      Otherwise back to work!

      No one gets rich by “learning” all day.

  12. hedgehog says

    I’ve been following your posts for a while which have all been helpful to me and my career goals, but I’ve always wondered whether you’d provide the same advice to a female also.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts, as a lot of your posts are geared towards the male audience (which I’m sure is far greater than your female audience)

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      All of the same points apply to women.

      In fact, if you are a woman on wall street you already have a *leg up*.

      You will get priorty hiring preferences at the junior level (analyst and associate). You will also be preferred for promotions.

      The problem? If you don’t perform at the VP level or beyond you will be let go extremely quickly. This is the reason why they typically quit (see get fired)at the generation role, no money coming in = easiest person to fire. The review has a zero on it and there is no way the company can get a lawsuit for firing them. No performance = no career.

      So our advice for women is the same.

      Work LONGER hours than the men. This way you are prepared when you get promoted. Or you can become a career associate and consistently work lower hours than men.

      TL;DR: produce work in-line with your peers and you’ll always get the nod ahead of everyone else. HR has your back.

      • hedgehog says

        Thanks for the reply!

        But how can we work longer hours if ideally at some point we’d like to have children, get married at some point.

        Haha, it seems like I’m asking for life advice but I just think for a guy it’s so much simpler!

      • Wall Street Playboys says


        Don’t ask us for advice on kids (we don’t recommend them)

        You’re best off talking to a director/managing director *female* and ask them how *they* did it.

        Good luck! We can’t give advice on stuff we don’t know.

  13. anon says

    Posted this in the other post but it should be better here:

    When you guys mention ‘Use your off days to learn new skills, related or not related to your business, when do you guys transfer from one skill to another? Do you use the same principle of “When people tell you you’re good, you’re good”?

    I use your career advice at this time during my week days and I also have specific goals that I will reach within 10-15 years (22 now). I know that after I reach those goals I want to start all over again with something that I learned now (I could start a business in audio now but I like to finish what I started). Actually, I want to learn more skills but I also want to know how you maintain a skill after you learned it? (Maybe a max of 2 hours a week on sunday to keep it maintained?)

    Others interests that I have: Webdesign, economics and believe it or not: Fashion.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Hobby skills are like riding a bike. It takes 3 to 6 weeks to get back to normal (even if you quit for 6 months to a year). So there is no need to juggle 20+ hobbies at a time.

      If it is making you money… Then it is not a hobby.

      Sticking with sports analogies… Even michael Jordan stopped playing basketball professionally and came back fine.

      All hobbies: sports, game, art are like riding a bike. If you’re good you will return to the same level quickly.

  14. says

    Great post. I tell people that Financial Samurai is secretly a happiness blog, because money is just a means to a end: a better, happier life.

    There’s definitely a lot of pressure to succeed thanks to the internet constantly reminding how other people we know are succeeding.

    It was tough going in Manhattan for the first couple of years, but I thanked my stars every day for just having a job. If we keep comparing ourselves to others who have more, we’ll never be happy.

    Make enough on Wall Street so you can have the freedom to do something else!


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yep or as you would say…

      Get your money and then get laid off!

      Finally, if you enjoy the work there is no reason to quit.

      Ps: we helped you sell another book this week. One of our friends is done and wants to retire from the industry.

      • says

        Nice! The book will be a 1000 bagger in terms of ROI.

        I just helped someone engineer their layoff after 10 years. She was going to quit, but instead, she got four months of salary as severance and a couple more weeks of vacation days as payout (vacation counts as salary).

        Know your rights people! Everything is a negotiation.

  15. says

    I’m glad to see that someone finally wrote about unhappiness in your 20s. I deal with this feeling everyday. Not sure why more people haven’t written about it.

    You spoke about the truth but I have one thing to add. In your 20s you will have more questions than you have answers. Each new truth I am exposed to uncovers more questions. I know just enough to realize that I don’t understand anything. As I improve my life I realize that there is more room for improvement than I originally thought.

    I think this is why a lot of high value men hit their stride in their 30s. By the time you hit 30 you should have enough knowledge and life experience to really understand your life.

    “The person you want to become and the person you are today are far, far, far apart.”

    This could not be more accurate.

    • Wall Street Playboys says


      Also we have it all linked up to one person so he’d make a lot of money off defamation lawsuits galore (especially since the person has never contributed an article here).

      We would never choose to go public. Being famous is stupid.

      We only cater to smart people, those same smart people can feel free to read elsewhere.

  16. Jason says

    I know you say that men become more attractive in their 30s however there are a lot of younger and older women who love younger men especially under 25. Call them cougars but its spreading like feminism fast in the states. That’s why you have these hot young female teachers who are sleeping with teenagers. They love that young dick. What are your thoughts on this…

  17. young man says

    Damn strange you guys published this when you did….
    I was just questioning happiness, its relationship to success,and if ‘standing on my tippy toes’ looking for the future was a bad thing.

    Success is a matter of inches, daily.

  18. early20s says

    You guys just made my day! I just got internship offers from few BBs but I am still unhappy. Now I understand why I am unhappy and going to fix it. Just want to say thank you so much for doing an amazing job and giving good advice!

  19. says

    Guys, you’re killing me. Great post ended with that turd-excuse for music.

    Hopefully tongue in cheek, though not sure if serious. Just seeing it on the page makes my skin crawl.

  20. Jason says

    Where did this whole idea came from that we have to sleep 8 hours a night? I’m not going to lie to you I fell for it too. Thank to you guys for clearing things up. Whenever I didn’t sleep for 8 hours I would feel guilty. People always told me that sleeping any less ages you faster and lower your test levels. I also was guilty of reading a lit based on the whole idea that leaders are readers and that all successful people read daily but after reading your material I guess I have to change those habits…

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yes you *should* read daily.

      The point is read with a purpose.

      Reading about “how to make crack” is useless unless you intend on selling and making crack.

      When you are set, you can read for entertainment.

    • Mate says

      Playboys, re sleep – what about when you exercise? Surely you need plenty of sleep for your body to recover after an intense strength workout? And you are advocating a busy exercise schedule. How do you make it work on 7/6 hours of sleep?

  21. Jay says

    You guys have confirmed that I’m doing life right. I am indeed unhappy, and I keep hearing stuff like “Even if you’re an engineering student, you can still be happy by doing XYZ!” and I wonder if I’m doing life wrong. Well if all I wanted was to end up at a mediocre tech firm trading time for money and saving a paltry 10% of my paycheck, I would be happy. Except you guys say avoiding short term pain is clearly asking for long term pain. So no.

    I want to become a flash boy when I graduate. My father tells me to be happy with a government job due to stability and lifetime benefits (hahaha, as if the government is stronger than free markets, just look at the drug economy), and my mother wants me “just to be happy for once” in life. Sorry, it’s impossible to be happy as a young man for me when I won’t be surrounded by high value women and have no ability to say “fuck you”.

    I am kept wondering though, I do indeed see a lot of people around me texting their friends on Facebook, and mind you this is at a top tech university (Where Google and Facebook and quant funds recruit at). Do I lose out by not having them as contacts? I’m just so absorbed in my work that I generally don’t hang out much and if I need mentors/guidance, I just go to office hours. You guys say to network network network and I don’t know if my peers are people that matter. To me, the ones that matter are the recruiters in career fairs so I do my fair share of cocksucking there (Not even ashamed of it, I’m the one who will have the money right?). Should I network more with my peers (In regards to the opportunity cost of perhaps getting a lower GPA, or lesser ability to perform in technical interviews)?

    • Jesus Christ says

      Wall Street Playboys..

      Your style is impeccable, your personality is respectable. The playboys are unstoppable, when they say something they do it! They are 100% aristocratic, higher nobility than the royal family. They are deities, supernatural beings, in the same class as saraswati or ganesh. The common people shouldn’t even be allowed to breath the same air as these truly godly beings. It is a blasphemy that there eyes even make contact with such low class per(Rats)sons. Wall Street Playboys, please have mercy on such dreaded human beings.


      Jesus Christ

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      When has your peer ever gotten you a *career* at age 22? Never.

      Network with people older than you, linked-in is a decent professional network. Your alumni is generally the best.

      You don’t lose out by not using facebook etc. Don’t worry about it.

      • SoonToBeBanker says

        Me: On track to secure IBD job in London. Use 95% of the advise on this site. Already secured placement in Corporate Finance at Top Non-Banks. Have a final round to place at a large boutique firm tomorrow. So thank you first.

        Moving on – Your comment about Facebook is 100% dead on. [using a proxy as typing this – tightening down *big* time on security on everything I use]

        It’s a waste of time. I thought I “needed” it for the longest time to network — if you’re speaking someone who doesn’t have LinkedIn they are really not worth you talking to. If they are a Trust Fund baby – get their WhatsApp/Mobile number/E-mail. Alternatively don’t worry about it – it will take them 5-6 years with rehab thrown in before they are even worth speaking to.

        If you’re using FB under the age of 25 i.e. actually posting photos, writing your political commentary, your “thoughts” on life – you are a moron. It is an easy way to get enemies/people to track you etc.

        FB for young-people is like a micro-version of Fame.

        —– “200 likes – 200 friends – I’m doing pretty well for myself” – The only person I would spend more than 10 seconds speaking to with dumb ideas like this is a hot female.

  22. says

    Printed the first 2 points.

    This is the best article I’ve read in a very long time.

    Your blog has improved massively the past few months and is one of my favorites now even though I don’t plan to work in finance.

  23. says

    I come here purely for pleasure (I quit finance and I’m not going back) and I’ve been getting more and more of that out of the site lately.

    Great work.

    I enjoy the truth-telling here, and I’m happy someone with a loud online voice tells youngsters how the real world works. I’m too doing what I can in that area, but so far I’m farting into a hurricane.

    Regarding sales, an educated guess (qualified in my book) is that I would have at least 10x my current net worth, if I had paid attention to marketing.

    Sales IS everything – no matter if it’s money or spreading wisdom you’re after.

    • Anonymous says

      I’m learning marketing in my spare time in college. I can see how it would immensely help.

      You actually learn to push products onto the marketplace instead of sitting there “How does this work”?

      Good marketing you can push shitty products (IE shitty diet ebooks)

      Without good marketing your products are dead in the water.

  24. Performance says

    Hi.. “Difference between $1M by 30 and $1M by 45? Easy. One guy is boring the other is not.”

    Usually you say type A, work-only people are boring. Are you saying the 30-year-old is more boring?

  25. young man says

    I’ve been searching for methods to speak less,and there doesn’t seem to be anything usefull outthere so an actionalbe blog post on this would be pretty helpfull for those who need it.

    Do you guys have any resources or personal experience with being really extroverted,and learning to speak less? Did this stop becoming as much as an issue when you moved out,because mom wasn’t there to listen to how you’re day was?

    Been getting better with this,but can still leave a conversation thinking “damn i should have said so much” or “woah that really wasn’t necessary to say”.

    • FastResponse says

      You already identified your own issue. This is purely from personal experience. It takes years of practice to master. And I’m still trying to master it myself.

      To keep it short/systematic:

      (1) Never say verbalise anything negative about (a) the weather or any other small talk (b) problems in your general life (c) other people.

      By doing (1) and working your way up the levels A–>C you essentially eradicate 50-70%+ of what normal people talk about/potential issues = happier person with few conflicts, more people who think you’re their friend than an enemy/competition.

      Even if someone disrespects or insults you, always obey rule 1. Deal with the conflict without making character attacks to the person/institution/revolving Parties.

      If you can’t do this – your not ready for networking/politics in the real world.

      Then secondly if you find yourself saying stupid things – then you are not confident in yourself or lack social experience. Easy fix. Anytime you have a break during the day – say hello. If you’re at Starbucks – speak to the person serving you etc etc.

      Like the WSPs previous article, the Rule of 1% it builds up over time.

      You eventually will be able to hold a conversation with anyone. Force yourself to learn how to do this regardless of how you might feel on the inside.

      Financial institutions recruit from the military for the exact outlines above.

      • young man says

        thanks man, since reading this i’ve actually found myself about to say something then realize “wait that’s kind of negative”,or come to my senses after the fact.
        created a ‘mental rule’ of Say nothing negative ,and polishing could be negative statments with positivity [*gasp* lying about you’re true feelings!]to get started.

  26. Chick says

    Thank you WSPs for the great post. Since I started to follow your blog, I’ve learned to focus and strategically work on my issues. My life overall has improved tremendously.

    I wonder if this is too trivial for a new post (and I did search “confident” but it yielded no relevant result), but do you have any advice for becoming more confident? I’ve realized that I am easily intimidated by people whom I know have a higher status or social/professional standing than I do. Maybe my mentality is still weak, plus my petite physique works against me. When I speak with them, I am not able to show my full potential. Talking about how to stay calm and prove you’re qualified when interviewing with a cocky/intimidating manager/MD/etc.

    Thank you again and keep up the awesome work!

    • Wayne Earl says

      Confidence is simply resilience born from experience. To focus on developing it, one should spend time reviewing strengths/weaknesses at multiple points during, for example, a project’s lifecycle. Capitalize on the successes, build upon them. Learn from the mistakes, eliminate or incrementally improve upon them.

      It is important to do this systematically – written, metrics that can be measured. The written results impacts behavior much like a to-do list that’s been checked off – the Avalanche of success begins with a single snowball.

      Keep it short, sweet, and do not obsess or ruminate – uncover, discover, discard, move on. Do this long enough, and confidence will be based on results, not inflated ego.

  27. emotion says

    Obviously no girl or stranger should impact your emotional control.

    However as an analyst in a high stress situation with a psycho MD (pressures you to go quickly over and over when you need to be perfect), how do you keep your cool and confidence?

    Any books/actionable ways to improve emotional control in high stress situations? (semi-related to remaining happy at all times)

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        That is quite unrelated to this post but we’ll keep it in mind as an idea.

        It doesn’t sound like a problem to be honest. Just do your best and try to hit his standards at all times.

        You can’t control what he wants.

        But you can control how you react to the situation.

        Finally, you should be thrilled he is on your case. You should only worry when people *stop* giving you work/criticism. That’s when you’re getting fired.

  28. says

    Your points from section 1 and 4 both struck a chord with me.

    1) I’m by no means a recluse, but I find the company of most people tiresome and a waste of time. I only have a few close friends at any one time and a handful of mentors (father and two other men).

    Having traveled a bunch, I’ve had to make and break many friendships. Friends and mentors come and go – only the truly worthwhile ones stand the test of time and distance.

    4) I despise hero worship. I can understand learning from mentors, or learning from past greats of history, but I dislike how many people are slaves to sports teams and have one or two players they absolutely look up to! I don’t follow sports, I play them when I want. I don’t have a favorite player or a hero – I want to be my own hero in my story. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve already taken the first 100 steps of the 1,000 step journey.


  29. money says

    Large anxiety point is working long hours with nothing yet to show for it (IB on 75-80K base, still broke in an expensive city), want to learn to and *actually* start stacking more money so I have more freedom to improve other aspects of life (dance lessons, better clothes, etc).

    I suppose this is what this post is about, and need to start learning online selling efficiently as I can.

  30. Alephant says

    “You’re going to watch as many people party hard (hook-up) while you focus significantly more on building a business or pursuing a career (or both!).”

    Tell me about it! That shit kills me on the inside, especially with social media the way it is right now. The post on social life in general is what gets me, not the part about girls, but that part of not wanting to be lonely anymore. Didn’t make any good friends in high school and had a lot of unreliable friends in college. We might have chatted now and then but no partying or any of that for me.

    Just that feeling of seeing other guys playing intramurals and going on spring breaks or out to bars with their bros while I was all lonely. Then to read that it is hard to make friends as you get older, just another truth I’ll have to swallow I guess.

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