How to Pick Up a Sexy Latina

It has been a bit tense around here (after killing all of our haters in two simple posts!)… so lets lighten the mood.

Most information out there just isn’t good enough. It is too vague and offers the same cookie cutter advice. This post is going to take an extremely deep look into the nuances of Latinas. If you believe that literally all women across all cultures are *exactly* the same… Well… you haven’t traveled much.

Here is the outline:

1) Useful Items and Skills – the Basics

2) Nitty Gritty Based on Your Skills and Look

3) Interesting Traits

4) Adjustments to Make to Your Crib

5) Fun Facts to Use On Your Dates

6) The Downside

1) Useful Items and Skills – the Basics

Before we add direct value with *actionable advice* we need to comb over the basics (all actionable of course). Most people won’t even get through the basics so you’ll be far ahead of your peers before you even land in Mexico City, Santo Domingo, Medellin, Rio or otherwise. Lets begin:

Language: You need to obtain conversational Spanish or Portuguese. This will take you roughly one year. If you fail to do this, you’re going to settle for mediocrity (not something we approve of). There is no point in showing up. If you’re going to go without learning anything… Then your best bet is Rio de Janeiro. In Rio de Janeiro many people will speak fluent English and have an interest in foreigners. The second best city for someone who speaks no Spanish is Mexico City. Tinder is extremely popular there and you can get by with Google Translate if you have the right look. Again.. Tinder and showing up in Rio with no language skills are both things we would never approve of , but if your thirsty friend wants to tag along…

Logistics: This applies to any girl. We’re only putting it in here because you need to do your due diligence on the city. Make sure you stay within a 5-10 minute cab ride of all your date locations. You should have a list of clubs and bars that have been vetted by friends who have been there in the past. Finally, if you’re looking to break into the higher tiers, you’re going to need a nice place. As stated in the past, attractive women have options and your hostel is not going to attract anything worth bragging about (unless you look like a model or some such insane circumstance).

They Play Dumb: Latin women play dumb. This is why many people complain about their “flakiness”. The real defining feature of a Latina is that she knows you’re hitting on her from hello. This is also why direct game works better. Use indirect game and she’ll assume you’re a little kid.

Remember, they will do everything in their power to remain happy, bubbly and girly (at least the good ones do). Make no mistake. They are playing dumb. If you want to avoid the flakiness (you won’t) your best bet is to obtain solid and strong eye contact. Unlike other women, Latin girls tend to show lots of interest by holding long eye contact with you (this is across all countries).

Salsa: This is not a necessity but it will help (Brasil is excluded, they dance forro/samba, both of which are unnecessary). If you’re going to the Dominican Republic work on your Bachata (Aventura, Prince Royce). If you’re going to Colombia work on your Cumbia (Joe Arroyo). If you’re going to Mexico work on your Mambo (Tito Rodriguez). Learn to dance “on one”. If you already know how to dance on one, on two and on three… No need to learn anymore.

In short, if you’re looking to gain an edge you should have *decent* salsa skills. Naturally, speaking the language is a much more needed skill. Finally, once you’re competent at dancing you do the opposite… You lie down. Your friends who are also good at salsa are going to talk a big game and tell everyone that they are great at dancing. Do the opposite. Explain that you’re just a “beginner”. Then you can show off your intermediate skills and impress. Besides, if you talk a big game… there are literally millions of better salsa dancers in Latin America. Don’t bother competing in that category. You’ll get crushed.

Heightened Sense of Smell: Couldn’t come up with a better tagline. Oh well. You should definitely invest in a solid cologne. Go to a store with 2-3 different girls and ask their opinions on the colognes. They don’t need to be girls you’re dating just bring a few girls you know as acquaintances. If you don’t have any friends at all… Then go with something basic like Georgio Armani. Colognes and perfumes are extremely popular in Latin America and they will notice.

Do not ask the girl who works at the store. She just wants to make a sale and doesn’t care about your sex life.

WhatsApp: Download it. We have said it before. You need this application for international communication.

Concluding Remarks: This is the bare-bones framework for doing well with Latin girls. This is also where most advice ends. If speaking the language at a basic level, knowing basic dance moves and having a good cologne is too much work… You shouldn’t even book your flight. Stay at home. Go back to watching useless motivational videos and motivational text.

2) Nitty Gritty Details Based on Your Skills and Look

Before we begin… Some comments in here are going to give advice based on your race and look. Somewhat controversial. That said, we have *zero* respect for racist people. They always end up embarrassing themselves because they are insecure idiots.

This section is called Nitty Gritty for a reason. Some cultures have biases based on specific looks and you can utilize this based on your personality.

You decide to take your first trip. Unlike other people you have set the date a full year in advance.

You spend one year learning both the language and the basic dancing skills (congrats you’re ahead of 99.5% of the pack).

We only have experience with the following countries: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela (Venezuela has serious issues at this point so it will be left out). We apologize in advance if we missed the country you’re going to but we don’t type about stuff we don’t know (you guys know this already).

In order of ease: Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico City, Rio, Medellin, Buenos Aires

Facial attractiveness: Argentina, Medellin, Mexico City, Rio, Dominican Republic, Peru

Body type attractiveness: Rio, Argentina, Medellin, Domincan Republic, Mexico City, Peru

Feel free to make small adjustments to the order above. But. Anyone who has been to all six is going to understand the order. Facial attractiveness is not really debatable, as it is based on the symmetry of the face. Body type, however, will vary.

If you’re into extremely petite girls… Rio would drop down the list and if you absolutely hate thinner bodies then Argentina and Medellin would drop down as well. Finally, just like everything else in life, the more attractive the women the harder it is to do well in that city. Not rocket science.

To get top tier girls, you need to be a top tier guy (in their eyes).

Now onto the more controversial stuff…

Where you should go based on…

Ethnicity: White – Brasil/Peru/Mexico, Black – Mexico/Dominican Republic, Asian – Brasil/Peru, Indian – Dominican Republic/Brasil

If You’re Rich: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico City

If You’re on a Budget: Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil

If You’re in Incredible Shape: Brasil, Peru, Some Cities in Mexico

If You’re an Extremely Sharp Dresser: Mexico – you will get face controlled or dress code controlled rapidly if you do not know how to dress sharp at the top venues

If you’re 100% Fluent in the Language: Colombia, Argentina, Mexico

Now that we’ve given you the actionable steps and the destinations here is the overview and why it is set up this way.

Basic Destination Overview:

Brasil: Generally speaking, you’re not expected to know much Portuguese. So if you only have one year to prepare, it ends up being a great destination for anyone across multiple ethnicities.

Why? The major cities have had a lot of international influence so there is less racism. In many parts of Latin America, your skin color does matter and anyone who says otherwise is simply a liar and has never travelled there. That or they are socially inept and cannot tell how people are treated differently. We’re here to give the truth.

Cliff Notes: 1) lower expectation of language abilities in major cities – more so outside of Rio and Sao Paulo, 2) being in shape is practically a necessity, 3) lots of exposure to many cultures, 4) expensive destination these days, 5) extremely friendly relative to other countries, a great place for a newbie

Peru: This place has a negative stigma against an Indian look or a darker skinned person. Hence why it drops off the list for black guys and Indian guys. In addition, Peru has had an Asian president so the stigma against Asian men in Peru is much lighter than other areas in Latin America.  To reiterate, not trying to start a pissing battle just telling it how it is. The attractiveness of the women isn’t that great but they are much more interested in foreigners relative to the other countries.

Cliff Notes: 1) basic Spanish will do fine, 2) girls are extremely receptive to foreigners, 3) downside is this is one of the least attractive of the 6 countries mentioned, 4) can take advantage of the beach, 5) this is the most racist of the 6 countries against people with an Indian type look or darker skin

Mexico: Specifically, Mexico city, has a lot of international influence. For one reason or another black guys tend to do extremely well here. Broken record. Not trying to race bait just telling you the reality and how to capitalize upon it. If you go to smaller towns you’re playing roulette but Mexico city is a great destination for practically anyone given how large the population is… If you can’t find a few girls who are interested in you (city of 10 million people) the problem is in the mirror.

Cliff Notes: 1) Huge city gives huge advantages if you play the numbers game, 2) tinder is extremely popular but of course… it is unnecessary, 3) Nightlife is extremely fruitful, 4) parks are great for meeting girls during the day, 5) lots of museums and art if you’re into that.

Colombia: Relative to the three countries above, Spanish is pretty much a must. Unless you’ve got a lot going on for you… you’re going to need *beyond* 1 year of basic Spanish to do well. Unless you want to go and hook up with 5s in hostels. In addition, of the countries mentioned here, money is extremely important. You’re going to be paying for cab rides, strong logistics etc. It matters.

Cliff Notes: 1) more than 1 year of Spanish is a *necessity*, 2) need to have your wits about you and night game is practically a waste of time, 3) women will be receptive during the day, you’ll deal with flakiness, 4) better for longer term stays, 5) much more attractive probably #2 of the six… Not good for beginners

Argentina: Social class is king here. While many will say Colombian women are notorious and shifty gold diggers… Money is practically a necessity in Argentina. It will help you immensely. There is a great stigma in both Argentina and Colombia based on “class”.

Cliff Notes: 1) the most attractive overall, 2) not smart to come here for short durations, 3) class matters more than skin tone, ie: make that money!, 4) dancing will help a lot particularly if your Spanish isn’t great, 5) similar to Colombia, strong Spanish is practically a necessity

Dominican Republic: This has a lot of similar characteristics as Peru. The difference is the skin tone and music choice. Bachata will help you here and you’ll experience much lower levels of outright racism. Don’t worry. Just like all other Latin countries they’ll try to find a way to scam you for your money! Ha.

Cliff Notes: 1) one of the easier countries but lower on the attractiveness scale, 2) not expensive so it competes with Brasil as a good starter destination, 3) Bachata will help you quite a bit, 4) being in shape helps quite a bit but still ranks below Brasil if you’re extremely fit, 5) no problem for a short trip, you can see the vast majority of the city in a couple of weeks due to the size

Concluding Remarks: For those that are unable to read between the lines, the clear choices for beginner countries are Mexico, the DR, Brasil and Peru. Leaving Colombia and Argentina for those with more money, Spanish skills and connections. In addition, we’ve given you a basic outline that you can use based on what your ethnicity is and how in shape you are. Now it’s time to move onto more detailed and actionable information.

3) Interesting Traits

Unlike other countries in Latin America, it is frowned upon to be a weak man. In short, it is okay to be masculine. Hence the proliferation of “machismo” personalities across various cultures. If you would describe yourself as a hipster… you’re best off avoiding Latin America in general. All else equal, you will get paved.

Responsive to Story Telling Not Sarcasm: Latin culture is not okay with sarcasm. It is a waste. You should also avoid all sarcastic women (all sarcastic women are horrifying to be around). Your best bet to create a connection is through a fun story involving something dangerous. If you don’t have 5-10 interesting/somewhat dangerous stories then your life has been quite dull.

Only Sexual After Sex: There is no point in bringing up sex during any conversation. Unless of course you’ve already had sex. She already knows you are hitting on her (see the beginners guide on all Latin girls “playing dumb”).

Generally speaking, after sex they are going to be perfectly fine walking around topless in your place. They do not play “games” anymore and once they have committed to having sex with you… you’re in the clear. Finally, for some reason they prefer to be taken from the back and will even request this. If you think that sentence is odd… don’t believe us. Ask someone you know who has slept with a lot of Latin girls. Their eyes will light up as they say “hmm that’s oddly true”.

One last odd sexual trait. They have a strange habit of going to sleep with their bra “on”. When they are really tired and about to sleep… they’ll take it off and throw it to the side. Get used to it.

They are Claustrophobic – Spanish Speaking *only*: They do not like tight spaces. One defining characteristic of Latin America is that the nicer areas are all extremely wide and tall. Unnecessarily so. Take a look at a bathroom in Latin America and you’ll find large oval or circular sinks. The clubs are also extremely large and if you are the type to get sloppy drunk and knock into people… You’ll be kicked out quickly.

Notably, this claustrophobia is applicable primarily to Spanish speaking Latinas.

**This does not apply to Brasil** In Brasil they will frequently touch you and expect a kiss extremely quickly.

First and Last or Move On: This applies quite a bit to all women. But. If you want to *decrease* the chances of a flake, the interested ones will give you both her first and last name when you grab her number. The uninterested ones, or less likely ones, only hand out a first name. You can use this to quickly get rid of junk numbers… or roll the dice. Up to you.

Happy to Admit Money Matters: Once the gloves are off, Latin girls are happy to admit they do like money. Unlike other groups, they understand that money does help get girls and they will respect men with money. They don’t care how you made it (hence the laundry list of attractive women who date drug dealers).

Given this trait, the status/wealth effect is magnified. Nice cars, nice location and nice clothes are necessary for every single girl worth dating. That said, it is magnified 2x when dealing with Latin girls.

Concluding Remarks: Some of these apply to all women (no woman is going to dislike a man because he has money for example). But the remainder are odd quirks applicable to Latin girls. Now lets move on to adjustments to your home.

4) Adjustments to Make to Your Crib

After the previous traits you’re probably wondering… How do I use this information to my advantage! Of course you’ve come to the right blog.

Bathroom Upgrade: If you’re specifically looking to gain a small edge… Invest in your bathroom. Latin girls will go through your stuff. Seriously, they will. Every Latin girl has later admitted to going through the medicine cabinet etc. Just to see “what’s in there”.

Your bathroom should be much nicer if you are specifically interested in Latin girls. It means the following: adding girly soap, some air freshener, upgrading the sink to one of the annoyingly large sinks and perhaps putting a small amount of drugs in the cabinet (wink wink… sort of… depending on the girl you nabbed). It is up to you to utilize the knowledge that she will absolutely go through your entire medicine cabinet.

Food and Drinks: Go with the likely candidates. Most Latin girls like spicy food, citrous foods or seafood. Those three are your best candidates. You may catch a few who don’t like any of those but we’ll bet that 90% will love those three items. In addition, for drinks they generally do not get “white girl wasted” they are much more careful and smart about what they consume so you should have a good mix at your place.

Here are some specific ideas: 1) flaming hot cheetos – if you’re a college guy, 2) fish/shrimp tacos – small sized of course, 3) mango juice for margaritas – mangoes are particularly common in Mexico, 4) the young girls tend to like jack and coke (no idea why) or moscato and 5) champagne, practically everyone likes this so it is a good last second idea.

If you have all five of those items on hand… you’re good to go.

Music: As mentioned above… You’re going to know basic dance moves. You will have a basic understanding of Latin music. Now the key part… What type of Latin music should you play and what type of Latin music should you avoid? Again… You’ve come to the right place.

Practically any song from Romeo Santos is going to be in the “okay” zone (always double check). He is well known enough for you to have knowledge of him and not *too niche* that people will think you are crazy/overly eccentric.

That was a simple example. You can go ahead and try to stick to something from Marc Anthony, but he is almost *too well known* so it won’t be clear that you have some interest in Latin culture. On the flip side here is an example of going too far.

You’ve gone too far. Abort mission.

It was painful to even post this video! The song is too cheesy. Too much of a romantic backdrop. Not really surprising as Prince Royce is a younger singer. This song would be equivalent to playing Justin Bieber in your place… Not a good idea!

We’ve given you two clear examples: one good choice and one terrible one. The rest is your call. Look up the lyrics and listen to the tone and you should be able to read between the lines. It is an art not a science. But. We’ve handed you clear examples.

Concluding Remarks: If you have normal to good game, your apartment/home/crib is already set up with the necessary items. So we’ve simply added three tweaks to make if you’re specifically looking to date Latin girls.

5) Fun Facts to Use On Your Dates

Lets say you run out of material. Here are some basic things to bring up in your conversations, depending on who you’re talking to.

– Talk about how gangs use Banda music to communicate assassinations (it is true, this is a Mexico comment)

– Talk about different styles of dance by region (Colombia – cumbia, mexico – mambo, DR – bachata etc.)

– Talk about how all Latin people seem to defend their countries to death! Joke about how all Brasilians believe Brasil is the best place in the world and all other South American countries suck. This is a general trend in all of Latin culture.

– Joke about their favorite alcohol being garbage. This is a slippery slope because they love their country but deep down they know that aguardiente (Colombia), Mezcal (Mexico) <– these two in particular; Caipirinha (Brasil), Presidente’s (DR) are wayyyy over the top.

– Make specific cultural observations: square napkins in mexico (shows you’re willing to eat at some of the sketchy food carts), clavos in Colombia (sketchy cab drivers), extremely touchy behavior of brasilian girls, wine obsession in Argentina etc.

Concluding Remarks: Nothing too crazy in here but you can utilize all of those talking points if you get into a rut. Or lead the conversation to basic items like this to get the flow of the conversation going into lighthearted territory.

6) The Downside

What sounds too good to be true… Usually is! Latin girls also have a few qualities that are going to drive you nuts so you should be aware. In particular:

1) Disorganized / Written Communication Issues: Could just be a personal thing, but it’s tough to communicate via text with Latin girls. Best to call. Expect a lot of emojis.

2) Consistently Late:  Add 45 minutes to all activities in your brain. This is applicable to all women but more so Latin girls. Just assume she’ll be 30 minutes late at minimum and again… expect flakes!

3) Extremely Jealous: If you’re out at night and she says “sure go have fun talk to whoever you like” then sees you talking to an attractive girl… she’s going to get mad. It was just a test. It is always a test. She will even send attractive girls your way to “test you” and see what you do. If you’re there with a girl, don’t fall for these tricks. If she is really just a friend, then of course go for it.

4) Extremely Aggressive Ex-boyfriends: This is not for the girls. If you are dating a Latin girl and she has an ex-boyfriend who gets jealous… he is literally going to go after you. They have no sense of regular fighting and will go full blown crazy.

None of the four items above are meant to deter you. Just be aware of them.


There you have it. Actionable steps, nuances and some “controversial” advice.

Why are we giving this away for free? Simple. Practically no one is going to put in the work.

In addition? Once you have enough connections you’ll find an “in” to many groups. The world is a large place. If you have strong game, a large stack of money and maximized your looks… You’re always going to do well. So there is no reason to worry about increasing competition.

Finally. If you end up making a good amount of money, having solid game and are able to do well in every country… We’re more likely to be friends than competitors.

That’s how the world works. Everything flows to the top. Get to the top.


  1. salsa says

    Great post and perfect actionable advice.

    Couple questions, first being – do you consider this transferrable to latinas in major US cities ie NYC, Miami? Or is this 100% latina in the countries mentioned throughout the article.

    Second – extremely interested in picking up salsa or similar as an external hobby as noted in your most recent article before this. Located in a major city, do you recommend learning on your own via youtube videos, etc. or going to an actual class that has good reviews?


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      If you want to improve quickly you need an instructor.

      If you’re on a budget… YouTube and video taping yourself should work… But you need a dancing partner in that case.

      We recommend basic classes and a couple of private classes. You’ll be good to go in a year.

      Yes all of this can be transferred to the usa.

      Please do not play cheesy Prince royce love songs.

  2. Rap Music says

    Since you guys have come through with a lot of music lately, do you have any recommendations for something that would be more equivalent to gangster rap in american terms?

    Thanks man

  3. asdasasasasdasdas says

    are you guys as confident in your take on the Russian/FSU girls as with latinas? would love your take on them if you have a chance.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      This is far too vague. Everything in terms of quality of life is relative.

      A billionaire would laugh at an answer like $10K a month. A traveling guy on a budget would also say $10K is insanely high.

      The best answer is take the place you would like to live and multiply by 4x (minimum).

      So if you want to live in a one bedroom in Rio which costs closer to $2K in the nice areas… The answer is $8K. If you want to live in a small town in brasil where rent would be $700…the answer is probably $3K.

      What city. What area. What type of life.

      Go on to get a guideline.

      If you have a specific set of criteria: city, area to live in, # of dinners, # of days to go out every week, we could give a much better answer.

      We would give you the same answer in the USA. Living on $4K a month in NYC is not quality living (a one bedroom is $3K a month already at minimum). Having $4K in a small town in Texas and you’re doing fine.

      • Anon1 says

        This one of those comments where i remember how damn clever you guys are. Anyone else would take what you just wrote as a comment, and make an entire 3 page blog post on it.

        You guys shoot for super specific, concise, rule of thumb and actionable.

        There so much to take away from this if you really think about it.

    • CollegeBoy says

      If you are travelling on a budget, you shouldn’t compromise on a centrally located apartment/entertainment costs (think clubs, shows, dates, etc.)
      The best way to cut down on expenses if you absolutely need to is learning to cook. Stocking up on groceries and cooking your own meals for breakfast/lunch and all the meals in between can save you a lot.
      Also, the 4x rule of thumb estimate varies vastly depending on the region. In Asian cities, property is high but expenses are low so you can have a 1:2 rent:living cost ratio.

      A great, cheap and extremely underrated city is Belgrade. Your living expenses are ridiculously low, the women are beautiful and it has a great nightlife. I would definitely add this to my list.

  4. Jason says

    Great post. I’m latino and agree with everything mentioned here especially about the ex boyfriends being crazy and possessive. Can you give more actionable advice on picking up white girls in nyc especially. During. Day game? I love the athletic white girls. The ones that run a lot and do yoga but a simple hello and how are you doing doesn’t work. If you join the high end gyms like. Equinox gym the majority looks good but don’t give you the time of day. I prefer these girls more because I. Have. Had. A lot of latinas in the USA and overseas and like you said they are too flaky and money hungry. I prefer american white women especially the athletic ones. Any tips…thank you.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Join the same sports as them, there are many athletic groups.

      Beyond that your question cannot be answered in a comment, but would start there… by getting involved in the same sports.

      Don’t bother with the gym if it doesn’t work for you. Better to get into the social circle.

  5. Canadian says

    Great job on the blog, it’s always interesting to see your (roughly) weekly updates. As a Canadian, I find most of your writing directly applicable to my line of work (wealth management), although comp wise it is clearly substantially more lucrative up here (for now). i.e if you are good at what you do, you can make mid 6 figures by early to mid 30s.

    Having dated a few Latinas and lived in South America for a year, on top of extended trips, I can say you’re spot on with your points above. Importantly, being direct is key, and obviously the language is essential. The best way to learn is by doing, so while books on tape will help, the only real way to get better is to practice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, most people you chat with will be excited to have a foreigner who wants to speak Spanish.

    I don’t 100 percent agree with the advice to the commenter above re: YouTube dancing lessons. Again, better to learn by doing and go to a real dance lesson. This is a case where perfect practice makes perfect. If you are practicing at home and missing a step every time, you will be in trouble when it comes time to dance for real.

    Things I thought you omitted:
    -I find Latinas to be a bit sneaky. Example: one girl I dated was actually engaged to someone overseas, and she disappeared after a couple of months.
    -most Latin people in general are late, not just the girls. My Latin friends would tell the locals a time to get together for sports, and would tell me right after to show up one hour later than that. Different way of life.
    -Buenos Aires is amazing, but a huge adjustment for most. A couple of weeks will not do it, dinner is at 10pm, people don’t go out until 2, and some of the clubs only open at 9am. Not for the faint of heart, but if you are able to commit more time and effort, the girls are phenomenal.

    Keep up the good work, you guys are a breath of fresh air.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yep the youtube comment was written under the assumption that he does not have the money for real instructions.

      The rest of the comments appear to be in-line with our post, add-ons and clarifications. Agree with your points.

  6. Jason says

    I also want to add some pointers to this post tjat applies to latinas overseas and in the states. Latinas love a guy that dresses well,shoes and a nice watch are very important, well groomed, smells good, slim and maybe athletic however they don’t care too much for muscular guys because they see it as overcompensation for something that they lack, definitely some dancing skills, social, and knows how to talk. Money is also very important more than muscles. Oh and good in bed. You nail these down and you would be considered what we call a don Juan.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Ha. It is funny that there is a stereotype of latin people being dirty. But in reality, of all ethnic groups, they are by far the most hygenic.

      Grooming, clothing, perfumes, colognes etc.

      Not sure how that sterotype even exists.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      We already explained this 10 times.

      People who *want* to be recognized in public are all idiots or broke. It is a bad decision and should be avoided. (only go public if forced to, ie: you are an actor or something extreme)

      We have no interest in fame or being recognized in public by “regular people”. See harassment from losers.

      We realize that this will hurt credibility, but we don’t care. We don’t cater to dumb people. If someone isn’t smart enough to figure it out, they should leave and will have an extremely tough time succeeding in life since it takes 5 minutes to figure out.

      The information here is literally impossible to fake so we end up weeding out the dumb people who can’t figure it out.

      Again, recognition in public = harassment from regular people. Hell no.

      • says

        I certainly see your point, but unless you revealed your location the odds of someone seeing a picture here and then calling you out on the street seem incredibly slim.

        Even if you had thousands of unique readers for years it still may never happen.

        If it did happen, give that lottery winner your Indiana Jones hat and step into your limo.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        You have left some great comments. That said there is a reason we do everything here and your comment has a lot of embedded assumptions that you are not currently aware of.

        Not being passive aggressive and not calling you dumb (you are neither) simply mis-informed with regards to the industry and people you are interacting with.

        Keep up the great comments tho!

  7. Ian says

    I learned how to dance a night or two a week at a community college after work. It was like $20 bucks a semester. Don’t pay the internet bill for a month if cost is that much of an issue.

    Love the garbage liquor conversation topic. Don’t know the ones you listed, but Argentina’s Fernets came to mind immediately.

    In fact, love the conversation topics in general. Besides this being another reminder that I need to learn Spanish (being in Mexico and trying to flirt through a translating friend wasn’t enough), the conversation piece is an excellent takeaway. Good article.

  8. Benjamin says

    Awesome article. Been to Colombia and Brasil so far, argentina is next on the list. Pretty impressive that you have been to Colombia, i haven’t met any other American who has been there. Fluent spanish is def needed and LOL @ agurdiente.

  9. Stephen says

    Did one of you guys really meet Mike Cernovich? Also how do we know for sure you’re not the G manifesto, the information is somewhat comparable. Please elaborate…

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yes please use the search bar for the name cernovich for our takeaways. We rarely meet. Maybe 1x a year but he’s a great guy and is literally 900x nicer than any of us. He’s willing to help more people than us (a good thing for his readers)

      Your second question is a good LOL. We only interact randomly with “the gmanifesto” account on Twitter.

      Our typing style, opinions and information are not that similar to be honest but again you’ll never really *know*. But we are telling you straight he does not write here.

  10. Rebel says

    The Body is a maravilloso track to bang with a fly chica. Checking in from Ecuador on a hostel budget. But will try my luck in Peru next week with your tips

  11. Engineer says


    Great post!
    I have mainly two questions:

    1) Which of these countries should a middle-eastern guy just newly graduated head to? (You referred to Indian guys in the text, is that the same in your opinion?)

    2) I know some Spanish, but it is kind of rusty (I know the basic conversation routines, not any specific), do you think it still needs to be improved?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!

    • Engineer says

      *Side comment*
      I’m born and raised in Sweden, but my parents are from Iran (If that makes a difference to question one)

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Stick with the DR/Peru as a first trip.

        No you don’t get a free pass. No one does. You need to be able to hold a conversation. Practice for a year

        Get in shape, 1 year spanish, 1 year some bachata and the DR should be fine.

        As usual… If you put in the work the easier it will be.

  12. CollegeBoy says

    Another great article! I’ve spent the last year learning to speak Spanish (fluently), taking latin dance lessons, and staying shredded. I’m planning on spending my first solo international vacation in a Spanish speaking country; I’m currently debating between the Dominican Republic and Spain.
    I’m nineteen and brown, although I’m racially ambiguous/pretty good looking and wealthy (though not private jet wealthy… yet). What would you guys recommend?

  13. says

    Right on about Latinas knowing your directness no matter what way you approach them. They do think you’re a pussy if you beat around the bush too much.

    The way I see it, is that it’s best not to show too much interest, but not hide it either. Just be genuine and don’t be eager about it.

    Also, playing with sexual tension with Latinas especially works wonders. If you’re touching her plenty, comfortable being close, and she’s receptive and closing in for you to make the kiss, delay it a little bit. Move in close to her as if you’re going to kiss but just touch her face gently instead. Run your fingers around her eyes, jawline and neck.

    Move in when both of you can no longer suppress the tension.

  14. Jake says

    What about facially handsome to very handsome tall guys (6 foot 2 and up)? Would these guys do well in all of the countries you listed or more so in other countries? I notice a lot of Latina girls with wide hips and busty figures and gorgeous faces will date very muscular men that have average looking faces but look masculine. By handsome I don’t mean feminine looking (like Justin Bieber) – I mean a mix of masculine and feminine features (think a young Rob Lowe).

  15. Jason says

    What are your thoughts on pua, mystery, and neil strauss from the game? These guys always talked about looks are not important, game, pea cocking, etc?

  16. says

    I once dated a German girl who lived in Mexico for four years and she introduced me to some latin music.

    I understand that only four years in Mexico, does not a latin girl make, but I’ll ask anyway.

    How would you classify Aventura, Daddy Yankee, or J Alvarez?

    My hunch is that liking such music publicly paints me as a gringo with little class or cultural awareness.


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Depends… Aventura is “ok”, daddy Yankee is more gringo too popularized this would be equal to “Danza Kuduro” and other bad music.

      J Alvarez is hit or miss.

      As always need to know what type of girl you’re talking to.

      Good luck!

      • says

        I’ve since separated from German girl, started dating an El Salvadorian girl right as it ended.

        I only asked out of curiosity because the last three girlfriends of mine all speak Spanish.

        1) Turkish, English, Spanish
        2) German, English, Spanish
        3) Spanish, English

        Seems like God wants me to learn Spanish.

        I appreciate the swift reply.


  17. Tom says

    Do you think it’s better to start investing asap in the voo ticker that you mentioned before or wait until you get rich to start doing it? Thank you..

  18. Jason says

    I have a 3 year old son. I would like for him to be well off by 18 so that he can be his own boss and never work for anyone ever. What type of account or investment should I make continuously that will compound by that age where he would be financially free and independent? Some people recommended an roth ira, i-bond, tip, etc…thank you.

  19. Chuck says

    Love the blog. Apologies for unrelated post.

    There isn’t enough here about stock brokers. What you have included is they have low pay, but you have also identified sales as a good career. Stock broker is the highest paid sales job, because his income is directly related to the number of accounts that he opens. After developing a big enough client base, a broker makes 300-500k with little effort.

  20. anon says

    Sorry for the unrelated post.

    When you guys mention ‘Use your off days to learn new skills, related or not related to your business, when do you guys transfer from one skill to another? Do you use the same principle of “When people tell you you’re good, you’re good”?

    I use your career advice at this time during my week days and I also have specific goals that I will reach within 10-15 years (22 now). I know that after I reach those goals I want to start all over again with something that I learned now (I could start a business in audio now but I like to finish what I started). Actually, I want to learn more skills but I also want to know how you maintain a skill after you learned it? (Maybe a max of 2 hours a week on sunday to keep it maintained?)

    Others interests that I have: Webdesign, economics and believe it or not: Fashion.

  21. JackJack says

    How dangerous are all the places you mentioned. Aren’t they full of criminals and extremely violent people similar to the Tuco Salamanca character from Breaking Bad?

    • Wall Street Playboys says


      This comment is too funny. None of the places are that dangerous if you stay in the high end areas and don’t act like a fool.

      We don’t know what breaking bad is (beyond a TV show), but watching TV in general gives you a horrific picture of the real world. They are not related at all.

      Step one: toss your TV in the garbage.

  22. Escalate says

    Find I can make a great first impression game is great in the venue or wherever it may be and can get the girl back, but one thing I have an issue with is sexual escalation. Usually it happens randomly through conversation/banter, but do you have any *actionable* advice on building sexual tension and escalating better.

    I have a feeling I am too stifled with my actions and care whether she will be accepting of the escalations, but not completely positive.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Not enough info but based on this… Only escalate in private.

      Generally they are not okay with public escalation. Ie: you need to invite them to your place before you waste your time trying to make out at the club/bar.

      You’ll lose every time.

  23. RE Guy says

    I did this several weeks ago with an attractive latina on the dance floor. I started by telling her how sexy she looked while dancing, to encourage her. Then when her friend left to go to the bathroom we started dancing closer and I told her I wanted to kiss her (expressed my desire, I didn’t ask). She said she didn’t do public makeouts since middle school, to which I responded “just a peck”, and then we kissed a few times, which is all you want anyway. You shouldn’t makeout with a girl unless you are in a location where sex can happen, regardless of race.

      • RE Guy says

        Makeouts in public are a rookie mistake, agreed. Unless you are literally about to extract, avoid doing it.

        I didn’t try to makeout with her, she just interpreted my statement that way, and I clarified that I only wanted to kiss her a small amount. Girls like a little comfort kissing, but on the other hand I have had success leaving the tension there till the end of the night and having an explosive burst of desire when we are alone (and many guys swear by the later method).

        Reading her emotions she was a bit shy and wanted to know that I liked her (comfort).

        In this case it set the proper tone and we ended up back at her place.

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