How to Create a Robot

With all of the hype, noise and emotion around AI and robotics, we thought it would be good to highlight a way to create a “human robot”. Since we’re still several years away from robotics, we may as well create human robots in the near-term. Besides, a human robot can still be underpaid and deliver results that are beneficial for any business/government. There are still risks to robotics at this time and by creating human robots we’ll maintain our higher margin businesses for the foreseeable future

Step 1 – Learn to Break Them Down Mentally: By going after someone from a physical perspective, we can see a lot of risks in the future. Physical pain can result in strength gains and the ones who survive physical abuse will likely live the longest making the future generations stronger and stronger. This is a bad thing as we don’t want to have “human robots” with more and more strength. Instead… By slowly breaking the human down from a mental perspective he will 1) think that this is “just the way things are”, 2) will be trapped in the “I deserve something for doing nothing” mental model and 3) is more likely to preach the same ideas to future generations since everyone believes they are above average intelligence. The third part is likely the most important as we have never met a single person who says “I am below average on the intelligence spectrum”.

Step 2 – Linear Path Model: Now that everyone is on the same page: “breaking down a human mentally is the smartest route” we have to create system that is contained. Lets go with a “linear progression model” in a standardized school system. We’ll let the extremely intelligent humans take slightly more advanced classes (maybe a grade above) so they feel like they are progressing at a faster rate than the average students. By placing some barriers around learning (making it difficult for them to take calculus at age 10 for example) we can prevent them from learning at advanced rates of speed. We’ll keep them in this system for as long as possible, 13 years for starters and encourage them to continue down the linear model for as long as possible (college). Slowly but surely they will move up to the next level of learning in very stable and boring functions (linear) which gives us more time to “teach them” how to progress.

Step 3 – Make Them Commit to the System: As you can see the system is pretty brilliant. Everyone appears to be progressing at their own rate (we’ve made it appear as if the smarter students are progressing faster, even if it is miniscule). During this time we’ll give them the phrases “You’re perfect the way you are” and “Any issues you have are genetic and cannot be changed (whisper – we also have pills to fix any problems)”. Now that everyone believes the world works in a linear fashion we encourage them to *buy in* to the system by going to college. They will attend a college that is in-line with their performance within the linear learning system. By making the individual pay to attend the University/College they are even more committed to the system (classic sales trick where once someone pays a large amount of money for an item they rationalize that it was worth it!)

Step 4 – Indoctrinate and Separate: Ah yes, now they are committed we have to separate the groups a little bit. We have to make sure that the ones with more influential parents (rich ones) are the ones who get the better paying jobs so they also believe in the system. The best way to do this? Unpaid internships! By creating unpaid internship programs, the only people who will have the luxury to get work experience for free will be those who… you guessed it… aren’t loaded up with debt. The remaining students with debt are already trapped so we’re fine with them progressing and getting that mediocre job post college (job not career). By the time this process is up and running (around their 2nd year in college) the separation between the Have’s and Have Not’s has already started!

Step 5 – Pit Them Against Each Other: During the four years, we’ll have to create a “fake excuse”. The fake excuse will be that the rich people are purposely out to screw the poor and that the poor people are not “smart enough” to get rich. This takes the limelight away from the original system (the human robot system of linear progression). This will make it even harder for the two groups to ever get along, which is essentially the difference between keeping the rich parents happy (their kid got better experience) and the poor people remain relatively content (their kid got a mediocre job but better than working for a wage that doesn’t require a “prestigious degree”

Pause and Review Steps 1-5: At this point, the human robots are primed and ready to go. Lets review the nuances and important points: 1) they believe progression is linear, it doesn’t get more straight line than first, second, third… 2) they believe that their skill/talent level is genetic and they are perfect the way they are, 3) if they have any sort of mental/physical issue we’ll tell them it is fixable with a pill since we don’t fix any issue naturally they will become dependent on a substance, 4) we have to keep the richer groups of people happy by making sure their kids succeed, the unpaid internship will feel as if they have “paid their dues”, 5) during the indoctrination program the wealthier students will be painted as evil “money is the root of all evil” which will naturally cause a riff between the richer students and the poorer ones. The result so far? You have created a group of people who think linearly, believe they cannot change without medications and the rich and poor and now angry at one another. The poor believe life isn’t fair and they can’t succeed without some medications and the rich believe the poor hate them. Perfect cocktail… Lets move on.

Step 6 – Encourage Long Hours: Long hours are to be praised aggressively. It should be seen as a badge of honor. Encourage all high paying people to work long hours and even if they are not working long hours, they should tell the public “I work 100 hours a week!” Of course the majority of this time will be spent doing nothing (social media, website surfing and idling) but we have to make sure everyone believes long hours working for someone else is the most standard way to become successful. Since they are spending most of their time indoors, their ability to go out and meet people of different backgrounds diminishes (easier to control a herd in a ringed fence) and their health will likely suffer a slow death by a thousand paper cuts. By the end of this step, the discrepancy in income is being tied to “long-hours at a company” which rationalizes the difference in skills between those who did well in “the system” and those that did not.

Step 7 – Create A Few More Systems: While we’re almost certain that our human robots will be content *enough* in the system we’ve created, we’ll go an extra step to make sure they do not jump off the treadmill. We’ll make the herd believe that people who are physically stronger are typically mentally weaker (something they will never want). We’ll take shell companies that are started every second and claim those are failed start-ups to inflate the number of companies that fail every year. We’ll encourage marriage and children at around the age of 28-33 right when we increase their wages by a notable amount (shackling them into more responsibility). All of these steps act as the final curtain call as they enter adult hood to perpetuate the same advice later on. Right as they have paid off all of their debts from the University System, they’ll need to spend money to create a family on our designated timeline.

Step 8 – Tweak the System: With the big picture in place we can now make periodic adjustments to make sure everything is going well. If we find that our robots are saving too much money after completing the indoctrination program, we’ll increase the costs a bit. If they try to teach themselves the same material for a job we’ll add a “university degree required” stipulation to all employment contracts (if it gets bad enough we’ll require degrees for low-end positions). To cap it all off, we’ll glorify alcoholism, drugs, hook up culture and more if we need to create distractions during the 20-30 years of age time frame.

Step 9 – Control Speech: This is another big one. While it is difficult to control speech outright, we can create ramifications for *public* displays of “bad comments”. If we don’t like what you’re saying publicly under your own name, we’ll gut your livelihood by taking out your income stream (Job/Career/Business). While we can’t do anything about the strange ones who talk privately, it is unlikely that they will ever grow to meaningful size since people need “social approval” to trust a source of information. If someone gets rich and wants to speak out with differentiated thoughts publicly, we’ll hold the keys to hurt his business and career at all times.

Step 10 – Encourage Them to Slip: Unfortunately, human robots will always have defects. Some of them will still find a way out of this web, so the ideal solution is to get them to feel “shame” for communicating as private individuals. We don’t want any soft of uprising, so we’ll encourage them to show their cards at all times. Once they do, we go in for the kill and go after their business/career/job with no regard for their livelihood. Since the majority will agree that we are allowed to do as stated in an ambiguous employment/government contract most will cheer in approval.

Steps 6-10 Summarized: At this point, we’ve made it quite difficult to break out of the system. Unfortunately, human robots cannot be programmed as well as our future robots, but it will do for now. We’ll provide the correct medications, encourage the defects to step into traps and work them to death as it will be seen as a badge of honor (most of their time will be spent staring at random screens). They are now reliant on the system and we’re glad to have them… At least until the real robots come.

Do You Want to Be a Robot? We have no doubt that every single person reading this page knows a human robot. The human robot shows flashes of interest in breaking out of the system in the form of meaningless motivational pump up sessions. They walk around with slightly drooping shoulders, hands in their pockets and an opaque flatness in the color of their eyes. Since they don’t know how to succeed if they meet someone who has they usually go on the defensive with passive aggressive behavior (or worse accuse you of being passive aggressive) since they have to justify their life in the system. What the bright side of all of this you ask? We all know the answer to that. Since 97% of people are stuck in the system… there is no competition for you… They are busying being emotionally hyped up with inspirational videos by people who don’t care about them.


  1. ironautodidact says

    I graduated college with way too much debt, no decent job. I was supposed to be on the treadmill and mine wouldn’t turn on.

    It quickly became obvious that if I didn’t start a business, yesterday, I would be in debt for most of my life.

    Thankfully I did that (starting with no money and no job at 25 SUCKS) and the future is looking much brighter.

    I’m just glad I woke up and found some decent information before 30.

    • derpderpblahblah says

      Think of it less like a person and more like coalitions of interest groups.

      Go look at the Democratic or Republican parties. There is no organizing philosophy to the platforms of the parties.

      Banning abortion and making gay marriage illegal and protecting gun rights and requiring free market capitalism? Did these positions get combined because of some coherent philosophy?

      Or allowing transexuals to use women’s bathrooms and reparations for slavery and banning school vouchers and strict environmental regulations? What the hell do these have to do with one another?

      Answer: in both cases they are the product of a coalition of interest groups. Interest groups pick sides. The groups form alliances based not on philosophy, but on self-interest. Often those self-interests conflict, forcing groups on one side or the other.

      So transexuals and gays are forced to the Democrats because their interests conflict with evangelical Christians who are using the Republican party as a vehicle to advance their own agenda.

      Small businesses are forced to the Republican side to advance their interests in weaker regulation because environmentalists are on the Democratic side trying to get regulations passed.

      On and on and on. And ALL of these coalitions are led by people who do not care about the purported cause, but instead themselves. Preachers who just want to exploit people for money lead the religious. “Non-profits” which are really slush funds for their employees lead the environmentalists and many other causes. Unions lead the teachers, while using their dues to pay for giant golf courses and million dollar salaries for union leaders.

      Once you understand this, it is easy to understand the system. It is designed this way because it benefits the LEADERS of these coalitions of interest groups. The higher education system is the way it is because it’s a big ponzi scheme for administrators to get rich off of. Grade schools are organized to benefit union leaders (which is why they hate vouchers). Feminism is organized to create cushy jobs for lazy rich women who don’t want to compete.

      The system is supported by the leaders of whichever coalitions currently benefit from the system. As long as changes do not hurt them personally (i.e., allowing a feminism infestation of colleges does not affect the income of administrators), then their interests do not conflict, and they act as allies.

      The system will always be organized to benefit a coalition of leaders of other larger coalitions. Most of the benefits will go to the leaders. If the system is changed, it will only mean bringing in a coalition that is currently “out” (gun owners, Christians, whatever) and kicking out a group that is in. This is all about personal benefit. If kicking out the feminists in favor of teaching radical Christianity raises college revenues, they will do that in a heartbeat.

      The corporate system is designed to organize labor in a way that benefits the few (equity owners).

      If you are not an equity owner, the only way to become one is to labor for yourself outside the system.

      It will always be few against many, with the smarter and more sociopathic ones rising to the top to exploit the labor and stupid political or religious beliefs of others.

  2. Vinnie says

    This article almost makes me wish I had a child so I could sit them down, read this to them, and jackhammer “Do everything opposite of this in your life” into their heads…

    Excellent work as always gentlemen.

  3. IvanM says

    Too many people will take this post literally. There’s no conspiracy to keep people down, that’s just how the world and civilization work.

    Someone has to dig the trenches and clean the toilets. Make sure it’s not you 🙂

      • Michael says

        “When you’re young, you look at television and think, There’s a
        conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But
        when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks
        are in business to give people exactly what they want. That’s a far
        more depressing thought. Conspiracy is optimistic! You can shoot
        the bastards! We can have a revolution! But the networks are really
        in business to give people what they want. It’s the truth.”

        ― Steve Jobs

    • Commenter says

      Good comment. The economy and society is infinitely complex — there is no “New World Order”, the World is just Ordered.

    • RE Guy says

      No conspiracy necessary, just a summation of wants to create order.

      You want an iphone, Apple wants to make $600 profit per phone, China wants to sell cheap labor in the form of de facto human slaves.

      Add all those up and the order is you want slave labor in China.

      You didn’t conspire with Apple (or China) to get the work of slaves. And Apple (probably) didn’t influence China to treat it’s people like slaves (China was doing it before, is doing with other products now, and will likely be doing it into the future).

      It’s just that if you add up all the force vectors of wants you get the order of the system, just like in physics.

      Also, isn’t it interesting that what China does is a more blatant example of what America does? Only that America has to have more complex mental pens instead of physical ones, why? Because educated people produce more but wouldn’t agree to be locked in cages? Because of a history of enlightenment and democracy that is slowly being marginalized?

      Stay woke indeed!

  4. FinanceMajor says

    Step 2 really reminds me of how my high school wouldn’t let 9th grade kids take highest level 10th grade classes. Told them to stfu and just move me up one year.

    Graduated college at 19, was lucky enough family paid for all that but if they weren’t paying I wouldn’t go to college in the first place – started grade school one year early then skipped one year in high school, two in college by doubling the course load. Because ain’t nobody tells me how fast I learn. (Got a job out of college and quit after a year, having started a small online business; ain’t nobody tells me how fast I earn.)

    Never told anybody what I was doing in college to avoid pointless arguments, my college adviser had no idea what/how many classes I was taking, and when I called home after having gone to college for two years telling them I had some “big news” (I was graduating) and they better hold on to their hats, they thought I got someone pregnant.

  5. Al says

    Nice post.

    I noticed robots all around my college campus. Every time I hear someone talk about I loan, i just begun to cringe. I haven’t spent a dime of my own money on this nor will I have to pay anything back.

    If that wasn’t the case, then I wouldn’t have gone. I told a couple friends this back when I was in high school and they looked at me crazy. Quickly, I learned that you shouldn’t tell your plans, especially robots.

    • Ali Abiba says

      Unfortunately it is the “robots” that cannot stand a well reasoned argument against their own choices. In order to actually influence people of a standard intelligence without looking “autistic” (for lack of a better term) you have to use fallacies and emotion.

  6. YM says

    Some robots short circuit between Step 6 and Step 10 and go off the schematic. This may be an extremely “angry” moment during its progression through the system.

    When they short circuit their hardware wipes for a short period of time and they have a moment of clarity as to the system they are in and that there is a “free world” out there. The problem is that if the robot wants to enter the “free world”, it will have to undergo a brutal reprogramming process and create its *own* system in order to get there.

    The short circuited hardware eventually reboots and the robot then has a choice of whether to take the path of least resistance – its already programmed, system driven hardware. Or painfully reprogram itself and break out of the system.

    Most robots can’t find the motivation to the do the latter.

  7. Hauke says

    Corresponding with point 6, people are given the feeling of doing “extremly important” tasks, although it is brainless work, which could be done by a monkey (but of course just after finishing a “prestigious degree”). Some robots *feel*, how they do not “deserve” this much responsibility. Few realize how meaningless their tasks actually are. Both listen to motivational pump-up how they are made “for something bigger”, which creates even more anxiety. The longer people work on “their responsibilities”, the more they feel they are not replaceable, which is of course as senseless as a “believe in yourself-seminars”.

  8. Jack says

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts regarding how a young man should dress in 2017.

    Personally I’m part of the ‘dress for success’ crowd. I dress business professional at work, and business casual when doing other activities (shopping at mall, reading/working at library, etc.). I think and feel different when dressed sharp.

    It will also be interesting to hear your opinions on brands that sell formal attire like Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, etc.. Which ones to buy from and which ones to avoid.

  9. Leo says

    Another great post. You are amazing guys. I just signed papers for my first company. It is time to build a business!

  10. Stef says

    Thank you guys for keeping your website raw and real.

    I think this is the only site that publishes the truth about how society really works without any BS attached.

    Will be buying efficiency in support of the truth!

  11. Ali Abiba says

    Have you guys heard of the Praxis Academy (

    Essentially they have you do coursework for a couple months then have you work for a startup or new company for the rest of the year. They teach entrepreneurial skills as well as business and tech skills.

    I was accepted but my parents and I simply could not afford to send me because there are no scholarships for it or even loans. After reading this I can see how this option is facing barriers because it is not a traditional education.

    What’s your opinion on such a program, and do you think it stands a chance against colleges?

    • Belgian BG says

      Someone with a decent college degree would never sign up for this. There’s no way he should need a middle man to land a job, especially at a start up. Too many crappy start ups begging young, talented, people to work for them, with very little to offer.

      Btw, teaching entrepeneurial skills is a load of BS in my opinion. It goes against the meaning of the word. If you’ve tried starting something on your own, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      Before you sign up for stuff like this, have you tried just cold calling/mailing to companies?

  12. Brent says

    Let me be the 1st to admit that I am below average intelligence as per the WAIS IQ test, but I have 5 figures in the bank, 3 super hot foreign girls that I get to screw, many amazing female and male friends, great entrepreneurs parents and mentors.

    After getting hurt in the militray I started a succsful career in E-commerce and boe I’m tiree of having a physical product (more headaches) amd am learning affiliate marketing in San Diego and I’m failing at it but still persevering. All these people help me makeup for what I lack. Perservearance is the only skill I have that got me success.

    Anyone here is free to add me on social media:

    Instagram: brent.laclair
    Snapchat: turtlepowerd
    Facebook: Brent Laclair
    Email: aflaclair@gmail

  13. SeeYouAtTheTop says

    I’ve followed and read WSPs for years and this is the most lucid post ever written. It instantly reminded me of Scott Adam’s theory of “Squishy Robots” (To change your operating system aka brain/personality you must change your behavior/actions first)

    There is a much deeper point to your post in regard to sales also — people are a herd and have the same reactions to a given stimulus.

    Excited for Efficiency.

  14. says

    Great article.

    “We’ll make the herd believe that people who are physically stronger are typically mentally weaker (something they will never want)”- Phenomenal observation and relevant to my experience.

    Started lifting in 8th grade=Varsity Middle linebacker for 3 years=Labeled Dumb Jock.

    Believed it myself for many years-Self fulfilling prophecy-ruined my college and high school academic record.Woke up at 20, that the fool wasn’t me, but all the people I was surrounded with. Broke off down Wall street playboys path.

    Now 22 and in the best situation physically/financially compared to all old friends/enemies who thought I was a dumb jock.

    The best is running into parents of friends, who always told their kids that I was just a dumb jock and would “fail” because I had great physical advantage.Once they are done with their interrogative questions about my life(I even lie down) they bow humbling when they look at their own child. Piss drunk, out of shape, and heading for a 60k job at best. LOL

  15. Futurewhat says

    You forgot the biggest part of it all in steps 1-5.

    Overhype college as the end all be all to life in general.

    Friends? Last chance to get that in college.

    Fun? “The College Experience”

    Meaningful social experiences? Only in college.

    After that you get “old” and “adult life” kicks in.

    Now have media, Hollywood, and society promote that 24/7 and say it is true.

      • Futurewhat says

        In a way, it is a powerful statement because of how effective it is.

        Spread the narrative that life after college sucks and spread it aggressively. Have “average” people give their life story after college yet show the college experience of trust fund babies, then portray that as normal. Invest millions in making yet another Zac Efron or James Franco flick about college life, make sure everyone buys into it.

        Have parents aggressively telling this to kids.

        Have movies doing so.

        Make Google do so and have others write tons of articles on why college is so awesome.

        At the same time diss life after college and being “an adult” as this depressing hell, talk about how it is impossible to have fun or make new friends.

        There you have it, modern day college marketing working effectively.

        Because no 18 year old wants to go to college to get an education, most want to do it for social reasons. Exploit that need, really capitalize on it, and diss all opposition.

        Now there you have it, a modern day college mess.

        Why not major in liberal arts? It is way less time consuming than STEM and you get to party more.

        Why not take out loans to go to a fancy party school? You only get these 4 years right?

        TBH, it has worked on me a lot in the past but luckily I graduated college debt free and feel like I am on the right path right now.

  16. Codemonkey says

    Great article as always. Slightly off topic, but udemy have a massive sale on right now (until tomorrow), most courses are going for £10 – a lot of content on there that’ll be of interest to you guys on here.

  17. Dan says

    After reading this I realize: I’m kinda a robot. If it weren’t for this site I don’t know where I’d be

  18. jeremy says

    The glorifying of drugs, alchohol and plain old stupid behavior of all sorts is weird because the rich kids now want to be the poor kids so they can drink, smoke, and do whatever they please. The worst part is they are spoiled on top of it. Prof‘s will say its just a phase or they need medicine until its too late.

  19. Bob Smith says

    “We’ll take shell companies that are started every second and claim those are failed start-ups to inflate the number of companies that fail every year.”

    Curiousvas to what the REAL rate if startup success vs failure is.

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