Highlights from Twitter and Additional Details

We’ve received many requests for elongated explanations of some tweets so this won’t take us long. Below is a quick review of the top 10 tweets so far this year by numerous “twitter metrics”. We’ll go ahead and explain the comment in more detail below and provide a link to the content as well.

1) “People don’t understand. Money is not for a fancy car or home. It’s to be free. To say f*** you, I don’t need this… And mean it.”

While average intelligence people will read this blog and immediately assume it is about bottle service and fancy cars… It’s not. While there is nothing wrong with either of them, people simply don’t deserve high end lifestyles or a fancy car if they *have* to work for a living. Once you’re able to say “F-You” to anyone who tries to *limit your freedom* then you can do whatever you like with your money and time. Most people who reach a high net worth find a lot of value in working with other successful people. But. The decision to work with other people is entirely in your hands.

The main takeaway is simple. Until you don’t have to do a thing. Literally. To pay for rent, food, utilities, clothing and a couple thousand dollars for fun… You do not deserve a fancy car. Once you’ve made it to this point, feel free to buy that private island in Thailand with your extra money.

2) Losers: “Omg everyone inherits wealth” Winner: “No, look at a list of billionaires/millionaires *most* are self made” Loser: “Privilege!””

As you become more and more successful you will find the following trends: 1) people will claim you were born rich, 2) people will claim you got lucky and 3) people will claim you somehow used other people to get to where you are today. These are the three most common excuses for pathetic mediocre people who will never even make $150K/year (something you can make out of college at 21 years old).

The cold reality is this. Most people who become rich were not born rich. For those that don’t believe this, simply do the research (but “naw thats too much work man!” – another common excuse for mediocre people).

As soon as someone makes a comment that is akin to any of the three mentioned above, delete their number. They are of no use to you.

3) “7 deadly sins for a recent college grad (male): 1) consumer debt 2) kids 3) wife 4) mortgage 5) dead end friends 6) obesity 7) job you hate”

While we’ve moved away from talking about life advice for people in their twenties if you avoid the seven items above there is practically no way you will be below average. The average is extremely easy to beat and all you have to do is avoid the major pitfalls.

Most success advice or “life coaching” advice is about “becoming all you can be!!!”. The reality? by simply avoiding major mistakes you’re going to be much further ahead than all of the motivational kool-aid drinkers.

4) “Hating something implies it impacts your emotions. Have hate for no one. Let useless people drown in their own stupidity, misery & pessimism”

Hate is an overblown word. The best way to describe most people you dislike is this: “immaterial”. If you really hate someone or are triggered by them… Then they usually have a point. If on the other hand, they can yell in your face and you sit still emotionless… Then you really don’t care about them.

In general, most people are not worth talking to if you’re on large platforms (such as the internet) so simply give them the benefit of the doubt near-term and once you realize they have no value… Put them on ignore. This is similar to caller ID blocking on your iPhone, by the time you’re in your 30s… you will have at least 100 phone numbers blocked and sent straight to voice mail.

Don’t bother arguing with them, just ignore and move on. They will fail on their own.

5) “Hard work = number of problems solved; Idiotic belief of hard work = number of hours worked”

We have a separate tweet that helps explain this quote. If “hard work” is all that it takes to get rich then iPhone factory workers would be multi-billionaires. Instead? They are broke.

We have talked about hard work for three years on this blog and we stupidly didn’t realize people were misinterpreting the phrase. Hard work is *not* hours works. In fact hard work is 100% unrelated to “labor” and is tied to mental exhaustion instead.

Here is the definition of hard work when we talk about it: “Solve a Problem”.

Every second you spend digging a hole with a shovel while your competitors employ a construction crew with dump trucks is an embarrassing waste of time.

The more problems you solve the more *skills* you have by definition. Think about any field and the skills that people demand are always related to a problem they have. Find a way to efficiently solve problems.

6) “Politically correct people are always p******. Scared they might offend the losers in life who are upset by “tone” and the truth.”

Don’t need much explanation here. The vast majority of people care more about how you say something than what you actually said. This is sales 101 and a complete and utter joke to those with more than five brain cells.

When interacting with people, you have to conform to “feelings” and the “tone” of your message if you want to make money. There is no going around this. If you attempt to sell a product based entirely on facts you are going to lose every single time. The only person who will purchase based on the facts is an intelligent man/woman. That encompasses 5% or less of the entire human population.

Recognize that the “masses” is the best market in the world, so you need to sell them feelings to make money. Don’t forget it. Offend them in any way and they won’t pay.

Pro-tip: Never tell someone they are responsible for their current station in life. Place the blame on something else “out of their control” so they *feel* better about their previous decisions.

7) “Remember, if you apologize you are admitting you are wrong. Never apologize if it is simply a matter of “feelings” from the truth.”

Never, never, never apologize if you are correct. This goes for every single segment of your life. If you are correct, then there is no point in apologizing for any of your actions.

That said, this does not mean *never* apologize. If you are factually wrong then state that you were wrong. State it bluntly and never make the same mistake again.

If you apologize when you are correct you are telling the person or entity that they have more power over your life. The intelligent people who read this blog will be financially set by the time they are 30 which means that no apologies should ever be given unless factually incorrect.

Note: To people who are not financially set, you are *forced* to conform a bit. If you only have $200K in the bank, it is not worth it to ruffle the feathers of a multi-millionaire you dislike and you’re better off pretending to agree with all of their opinions. This is not a contradiction since you’re maximizing your own life by avoiding conflict to get ahead.  You want to be *free* which is the first step to living your real life.

8) “Talk to two people: Attractive girls and people who can help you make money. The rest are just wasting your time leeching”

This one is directed at older readers. By the time you’re financially set you’re going to have a small group of friends who are also in the same general ball park. Beyond that, you’re not going to want to waste your time with “value subtract” people.

Does this mean you only talk to people who are better than you? No.

If someone is young and has potential you may want to hire them. Keep in contact.

If someone is older and can generate business for you in the future. Keep in contact.

If someone is able to help you get into clubs and bars… Delete his number.

So on and so forth.

9) “Step one to success is not caring about the opinions of regular people. You’ll be so far ahead by simply avoiding their influence”

Honestly, spend fifteen minutes and look around.

Do you want the lives of the people you spend your time with? If not then you have to overhaul your contact list immediately.

If regular people had anything intelligent to say they wouldn’t be regular in the first place.

“That is so mean!” … Okay but is it true? If regular people that you *don’t* admire are all telling you to follow a specific life map then it is probably best to throw that map into the garbage.

In fact, you can use unsuccessful people as a litmus test. If you have an extreme idea that is financially profitable for you then ask a regular person if it makes sense. Naturally, they will shoot it down which means… it’s a brilliant idea.

When idiots disagree with you, you’ve got another positive proof point.

10) “Life cancers: 1) negative people, 2) a selfish family, 3) career you hate, 4) media consumption, 5) search for a quick fix. You’ll be ruined”

All five of these items are self explanatory and will ruin your trajectory over the long-term.

1) Negative people and complainers usually aren’t succeeding in anything… otherwise why would they spend their time complaining?

2) A supportive family is great. A selfish one is just going to drag you down.

3) Doing something you hate will create an unhealthy amount of cynicism over the long-term.

4) The media is targeted at the masses (remove the M in the last word for further explanation).

5) Nothing is fixed quickly. When you are young you’re a jetski and you can change directions quickly. Hopefully, you make the right *long-term* decisions as you turn into a sail boat going in the correct general direction. By the time you’re 40 you’re a tanker ship with the course practically decided, ideally towards that private island in Thailand.


As a side note, tweet of the year for 2015 goes to our friend Mike Cernovich hands down for this one:

“How to stop #cyberviolence:  1. Change notifications to “people you follow.” ; 2. Don’t name search yourself;  3. Have your 13th birthday”

Laughed out loud from this one. While other countries suffer from violence and starvation, the USA suffers from mean words on a screen.


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Updated for 2016 and beyond.


  1. Young Gun says

    Hypothetical situation: You’re 24 with $700k in the bank ($200-250k tax liability), explosive income environment (probably not sustainable). Could easily have $2 million net worth next year, but could also just implode and have no income. Who knows. I run app installs, and found a niche.

    Where would you suggest starting about learning about investments? Just S&P500 like you mentioned in your earlier post? Waste of time for now – just keep it in the bank?


    • Rodney says

      They said they’re not taking any *new* questions but you can find your answer in previous WSP posts.

      to summarize, dollar cost average into an ETF. Trying to beat the market will largely be a waste of time.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Correct. These types of questions are exactly why we shut down Q&A’s.

        Your time is always better spent starting a company than wasting time picking stocks if the CEO won’t even talk to you.

  2. says

    Nice one as usually. I especially liked #5. It really applies to a LOT of different situations. I have written a whole blog post about it actually. I would be willing to post it here as a reference (Let me know in case you are OK with that, since I would’t like it to be considered an ad or something).

    I really miss your posts thought. Come on, give them back to us!

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Generally playing dumb is when you’re trying to *extract information*. So if you meet someone who you’ve never spoken to, find what they claim to be good at then play dumb and let them spill their cards to you (ie: show if they know anything or not, when you already know the topic well). With this tactic you can see 1) if the person is a liar and 2) how they sell.

      For superiors, a case only to be dealt with in your 20s, then you’re trying to set the “bar lower”. Don’t say anything dumb. What you do is try to set expectations to a reasonable level so you can exceed them. Performance is always relative just like wealth.

      Why do you do that? It is the manager’s job to try and raise expectations to extract more value. Don’t be stepped on and don’t under deliver. Both result in failure.

      For clients, same steps as a superior. Give them the quick answer on why they should hire you and once they agree to a trial you over deliver.

  3. PraP says

    The line from the point no 8 is very confusing.
    If someone is able to help you get into clubs and bars… Delete his number.????
    May be a typo

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Not a typo. If someone’s only value is entrance in a club there is absolutely no reason to keep a serious relationship.

      Just tip be nice and move on.

      Don’t let them infiltrate your actual social circle because they will burn out by 35 anyway.

      • rio says

        Ok so the point is this person isn’t really valuable long term,and its better to invest your time elsewhere.

        Thanks for the clarification. I love how you guys are all about maximizing everything; my brother is the CFO for a small company,and it reminds me of how he talks about his job,but its especially cool to see this mindset applied to all aspects of life.

  4. Jon O says

    “Selfish family” in #10 is actually a big one. I’ve found that high potential people from recent immigrant or inner city black families tend to have this issue. Once they get out of college, parent(s) just expect them to shoulder their load instead of waiting for them to get going. They actually kick up their feet and try to live off of them. Happens with pro Athletes all the time for example.

    Cutting the cord is the only way to go, but it’s probably the toughest life cancer to get off one’s back.

  5. mk says

    The 80 hr/wk (80) advice was on point. The possibility of doing this was outside the scope of my reality until recently.

    The truth is, before accomplishing anything, you will have low self-esteem. You will think that you are going crazy. You will doubt your competence.

    The winning formula is:
    80 + Shut up = Traction

    100% verified. I’d put my life on it. That formula should not be altered.

    80 yields three benefits:
    Mental endurance increase
    Knowledge increase
    Distraction – you have no time for self-doubt when moving at this rate

    When working 80 I mean ‘hustling’….and you will know if you are lying to yourself.

    Every single morning I’d set a stopwatch to 11-12 hours, get on my computer, and try to figure out what exactly it was I was trying to figure out (not a typo).

    I would not have been able to work smart even if I wanted to.

    So, I did a little bit of everything – SEO, affiliate marketing, contract work, starting blogs, dropshipping, web design, cold calling….you get my point.

    How much did I make? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with “-” .

    After a few months of putting in the big 80 I found a winner. It pieces together several unrelated skills I picked up running circles. The mental endurance and confidence gained allow me to handle complex scaling issues that would have made my old self curl into the fetal position.

    If all you have is a shovel, use it.

    I know you were essentially saying ‘think for yourself, don’t just grind.’ But grinding is in and of itself a skillset that is crucial to master.

    This was my experience, anyway.

    Note: This post was getting a little too long winded but, “shut up” is equally important. People have auto-pilot responses to put you down whenever you do anything ambitious. You have zero room for additional doubt at the beginning.

      • mk says

        I know its a “no-no” to give away freebies but f-k it. I was once a lost soul on this blog.
        If you follow these steps to a tee you can turn 200 bucks into 100k (minimum) in 2016:

        Phase 1
        1) Buy the software ‘scrapebox’
        2) Watch youtube tutorial on how to scrape phone numbers / start scraping for google search [city][business]
        3) Locate legitimate affiliate offer that you, yourself would buy (perfect example “evoice”)

        a) FTC’s “do not call” list does not protect B2B calls
        b) Use small-med biz like lawyer, carwash, strip club, dentist, construction etc. When you factor in additional permutations like dui, divorce, worker comp (lawyers) you will see just how many options you have
        c) Execute. Do not train, do not write a script, just do it (do study the product your selling, however). I would listen to gangster rap and then start burning through numbers

        You have 30k+ numbers, do not waste time trying to win over someone who doesn’t want the product. Also, don’t waste time on the secretaries. The time:reward ratio is infinitively better if you’re a prick.

        Tried and true line for getting past secretaries:

        “This is [X]. Can i speak to [boss] please.” Sound annoyed, make it sound like an order. When she asks the reason for the call just say its urgent and repeat line one. After doing this a few dozen times you’ll actually start getting mad when they inconvenience you. The power trip is real.

        Its like picking up chicks – don’t waste time on high-maint when there are single/horny ones around the corner. Call, get past the gate keeper, then say whats up to the decision maker tell him what your selling and ask if he wants it.

        If you have a sweet offer, thousands of people on your list have thought about it at one time or another. I would buy the offer I mentioned above if you called me and sounded confident.

        Phase 2
        Repeat process with your own offer. Keep it all in house. Hire additional callers using craigslist or PUA forums because those guys are hungry as F-K.

        Bonus points for rebills.

        a) Use 1099-misc forms for any caller you pay over $600
        b) Your service needs to be somewhat expensive with good margins cause its hard to find callers for anything less than $100/conversion because people hate cold calling (except PUAs, seriously those guys stopped caring a long time ago)
        c) If you don’t have at least an LLC by this point GET ONE

        If you do exactly what I just said you will be rich, I promise. Good luck.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Ha! Definitely works.

        (note: you’ve received a few questions but we have deleted them since they can all be easily answered by Google and their own time. Thank you for the quality comment and if a good question arises that is directed to you we will let it stand but we won’t waste your time with questions that can be answered in 10 minutes.)

    • readyforachange says

      I love this site, I have been reading every post since I stumbled across it in the last week or so.

      I am particularly fascinated by this “freebie” posted by mk.

      I’m 27, I have always knew that sales was the best option for building a solid foundation money wise, my current situation is finding a position that pays based on performance that I actually qualify for.

      In the grand scheme of things, I have no college degree, the majority of my experience is in construction, somehow managed to win my way into a customer service/inside sales position (union job) which required a college degree. Started at the bottom, pretty much doubled my income in the last year and a half (not hard to double terrible wages) and even though we are making above average income for where I live, it is still a job and the room for growth to making REAL money is virtually non existent (max pay is about $37/hr) (average where I live is about 20-21/hr)

      Union jobs (to me) seem like they actually limit the growth of high performers while giving low performers the same benefits (from a sales standpoint anyway)

      I say all of that to say this, me making 150-200% of my goal every month where I stand on the pay scale today, does not put me in a better position financially than someone who has been there over 3 years and never makes their goal, ill get maybe a $400 bonus and they are still out earning me due to seniority. Doesn’t seem like much of a sales job if there is no incentive to actually sale.

      Which is why the post by mk stood out so much to me, I pretty much talk on the phone all day anyway, does not bother me one bit (outside of micromanaging supervisors) if I could apply the sales skills I have developed from my current position to that specific example, I would be light years ahead of where I am now.

      With that being said, I think I am missing some point there, if affiliate marketing is primarily internet sales, how does cold calling convert to an internet sale using an affiliate link?

      May be a dumb question that I would learn by researching affiliate marketing more?

      • readyforachange says

        after rereading my post, I feel like I answered my own question. seems like actually putting it out and reading it instead of thinking about it in my head it now makes sense.


      • PBateman says

        this is what I was wondering. Most affiliate programs are Internet based. seems many are not up for cold calling to get sales as I quote they said it’s “difficult to track” after proposing the offer to them

      • readyforachange says


        The answer I came up with after typing all of that out was pretty much using the cold call to make the sale and entering it into the system yourself with the info they provide you (contact info, email, payment info, etc) and then they get the confirmation for the sale or whatever to their email and set the rest up themselves.

        It makes sense to me only because this is exactly what I do at work now except the calls are incoming, also just thought about how Leo made that first sale of the penny stock on The Wolf of Wall street for some reason and it just made sense that that is kinda how it would work. As long as you get all the information you need to put the order through, you just click thru your own affiliate link and get the credit.

        With all of that being said, I could be absolutely wrong here, right now I am still figuring out how to use scrapebox as I am going to figure this out sooner or later, I have to because I wont last another year working here without going completely insane lol.

        From everything I read here, these types of “freebies” are a rare occurrence so I don’t expect anyone to respond to let us know if we are on the right track or not, but for me, putting my questions onto paper helps me get closer to an answer myself.

        Scrapebox was on sale for half price 3 days ago when I went to research it and I pulled the trigger instantly so, I’m already financially invested in this working so I am that much more committed to figuring this out haha

  6. mk says

    Oh and because everyone is going to think I have an incentive to advertise scrapebox and/or evoice (which I don’t):

    Use one of their competitors. I don’t give a F-k.

  7. RE Guy says

    1) Rings more true the more I learn about human nature. Always felt financial independence was #1 priority (for other reasons) but the propensity of regular people to be irrational unless there is some outside force compelling them is too great to ignore. It’d be a nice world if people were ethical without power compelling them, until that happens, get power over your own life and then have ethical relationships with others. And the answer to compelling without power, sales i.e. you have to work for it every time.

    2) Many times people will search for a reason to disbelieve you. If you claim you’re getting results and give them actionable advice, they’ll try to ask disqualifying questions that allow them to return to their comfortable mediocrity. You can see it in their body language when they think (or say) “Yeah, it figures, you had/have xyz.”

    3) Couldn’t agree more. #5 is one I have had to accept now more than ever. Funny one about #1, I was once talking to an attractive young woman and we were discussing hustle/business/money and how we viewed things. I told her when I got a check for $1,000 I thought of it as a piece of a house, stashed it and planned on my next acquisition. She thought of additional income in terms of how many pairs of shoes she could get.

    4) Good emotional lesson here. One thing I think about is there is no real difference between that person being dead or if I don’t know them, like the other 7 billion people on the planet I don’t know. Essentially I ignore 7 billion people every day, so one more is nothing really. They might as well not exist i.e. if they were dead would you spend time thinking about “what they think”, in other words simply see them as not real.
    And on arguments and rhetoric, if you’re a smart man who continues to learn throughout his life, you’ll far surpass most people by the time you’re in your 30’s. One reason not to argue with others is that there is so much most people don’t know, don’t care to know, have too many emotional disturbances to even begin to know, so arguing with them is almost like adopting a full grown retarded child. I’m trying to avoid having even my own children (see Tweet 3), let alone have to sell someone on the truth because I don’t have the power to force them to listen (Tweet 1). Which is, by the way, what raising children involves, turning irrational people who are dependent on you and have to listen to you into rational people while they are still under your control; if you neglect this and they grow up and can reasonably care for their own needs, then the opportunity to properly socialize them is largely lost and you have most SJW’s/Journalists.

    Tangential point: I remember these studies that showed people’s brains degraded after 25 or some such age, but what didn’t occur to me until later was that studies were/are conducted on regulars. If someone doesn’t practice mental discipline, consumes tones of TV / junk media, works a mediocre slave wage job etc. of course their peak mental capacity is right out of college.

    5) “Work on your business, not in your business.” Plugging the E-Myth Revisited here for a basic explanation. But yes, the problem with this is because most people have the middle class mentality of working for someone else, or trading time for money, they will see working hard as putting in more time, not finding levers (and even if they did find levers, who would benefit, their bosses?).

    6) Example of getting over low level Asperger’s here: Assuming others are going to be intelligent and rational. Major issue for me, but the upside is now that I understand this I am much better at dissecting “entertainment” and sales for their emotional appeals as opposed to logical merits. Ethos, Pathos, Logos. We knew about this stuff at one point, it’s worth going into (for me, and I’m guessing for a lot of others).

    7) I like the idea of viewing the situation as a discrepancy of expectations, and an opportunity to find and excel in upholding common values i.e. “Oh, so that’s how you feel? Well why is that? What were you expecting? What can we do together in the future so this doesn’t happen again?” – Staying focused on the future and solutions as opposed to the past and blame/problems. This brings both people together, but of course that would have to be your goal as opposed to simple self-protection.

    8) Agree with this mostly, except for the guys who are still figuring out how to be social. 1# It helps to simply make a point to engage with people on a day to day basis to have good emotional and social skills (if you need help building a baseline.) 2# If you are out socializing at a bar or club and you roll solo dolo (and especially sober), then talking to bouncers, bartenders etc. can help get you social, or even just random “non-targets” (to use geeky PUA terms). And of course, sometimes you have to be nice to the fat friend of the hot chick so she doesn’t interfere when you take her friend home.
    But talking more or less exclusively to the decision makers, the people with the ability to bring value into your life (and you into theirs), is something to strive for in game and in business.

    9) I like Charlie Munger’s (Warren Buffet’s business partner) idea of making friends with the “Eminent Dead”. Find examples of successful people in history and emulate their lives, act as if you were trying to live into their image. It’s interesting because Seneca said the same thing “A ruler to straighten our character” and Christians have the idea of “WWJD”. It’s the same concept, live up to the standards of a role model, but it feels better in the moment to agree with and connect with those around you (regulars mostly, till you’re successful), as opposed to being lonely but headed towards a goal only you can see and understand.

    10) Qualifying family as well as any person for time and attention is not something many are comfortable with, in my view an overactive maternal superego. Essentially feeling like they have to always be accepting and supportive of others, regardless of what the person is doing for themselves (i.e. what the paternal superego is compelling them to do; discipline). This is just an extension of everyone gets a trophy and you’re special” just because” sickness of this generation. And the answer is balanced out with the paternal superego, i.e. #5, work, discipline, patience etc.

    • E.S says

      Wow, I think you did a better job than WSPs explaining these tweets. One of the best comments I have ever seen!

    • Tito Manslaughter says

      RE Guy, are you gonna start blogging? I don’t even like most blogs but you always put out great material.

      • James Hunt says

        I have outgrown the big blogs ( you know which ones), they are credible but its time I reduce my information diet, and people selling out will be inevitable. A the end of the day they do need to put bread on the table, I don’t blame them if it is their sole source of income. However, WSP and Illimatbleman are the only two I follow for now. Illimatblemen’s headline is “what you always knew but could not articulate.” RE just did that here and it was gold. I have been festering on all those points for the past few weeks (funny how these articles always come in at the right time in your life), and RE Guy filled in those gaps. Seriously do a blog for hobby!

        #10 seems to strike a cord with everyone especially if you are the son of a BPD/NPD widow/single mother.Combo that with #9 and it is one of the hardest situations to endure if you have moved back home post-college graduation (harder if coming from a big social circle/fraternity where you had a ton of friends) and are in transitioning to career in big city. If your mom is NPD/BPD like mine, and I bet she is…good luck. She’ll support you to “get your shit together,” and then hate/distract you when you actually do. Fake illnesses pop up when you pursue the paternal superego, and then when you feel guilty and retort back to the maternal super ego she magically “feels better.” She should be taking care of you, not the other way around. You are not a parent, you’re the child.

        For the young twenty somethings who blame their parents for how they are… quit complaining. Re-frame this negative as a positive. A lot of what they did to you is going to give you the personality needed to make it to the top. Forget your friends who are taking victory laps “having the time of their lives,” they know the curtain closes and the show ends for them after college. Accept you’ll be a little fish in a big pond again. If you followed WSP advice, you’d already have things lined up post-graduation. If not, start embracing loneliness and get to work building a career.

      • Izzy says

        Agree with the comment as well. Def would love to read about more of your perspective on things RE.

    • RE Guy says

      I’m humbled by these responses.

      WSP mentioned this to me before, and I was considering it.

      I just went over to my guest post and found yet another comment.

      Ok, I’ll do it.

  8. says

    “7 deadly sins for a recent college grad (male): 1) consumer debt 2) kids 3) wife 4) mortgage 5) dead end friends 6) obesity 7) job you hate”

    Love this, an unbelievable number of my friends/acquaintances are getting married now. They don’t understand this is the end for their ambitions and future achievements. And all of them hate their jobs, but for some reason they don’t have the balls to quit and find something else…

    On that note, I want to thank you guys. 6 months ago I was a doctor, reading your posts (and financial samurai’s) about how you will never be rich in medicine. It was a massive hit to the ego, after 8 years studying, but I realised slowly but surely that you were completely right. There was a point where I didn’t know what I was going to do. I read other people comment about “side hustles”, “affiliate marketing” and your constant proselytisation about sales – I couldn’t see how I could ever get into sales, but I made it my goal to find a new way to become rich.

    Cue to now, I quit my medical training programme and I’m working part-time as a locum doctor 8 days/month and earning the same money I had been earning, and in the other days I am putting the finishing touches on my side hustle, where I have already made 10 sales in 10 days, 2 months after launching the site. I intend on quiting medicine fully once I have enough passive income.

    Getting an email in the morning to say you have just earned money whilst sleeping is a very special feeling. Beats any feeling I have ever had in medical practice – and f*ck anyone who thinks that is “cold-hearted”.

    I don’t know why I decided to spill this all here… but I suppose I just wanted to say keep up the awesome and inspiring work guys, there are people out there listening… and more importantly acting.


    PS I wrote a little more about my feelings in medicine vs online business in a blog post. Have a read if you’re interested (I don’t get anything from people visiting this blog (notice no affiliate links…yet!) as it has nothing to do with my side hustle, so I hope you don’t mind me linking it)


  9. Grivendal says

    ‘If you have money you are a cold hearted human being that lost the essence of love and life’. That’s what an old ‘friend’ told me when i was visiting family.I said to him that not being able to secure your kids and family is cold hearted and i couldn’t do it in a million years.
    There.Emotional reaction.He just started screaming about everything wrong with this country(not America btw) without adressing the cold hard facts.’F*** it’.That’s the word i was looking for.But i couldn;t say it.I felt genuiely sorry for him and the whole table was looking at me like i was a freak.
    A rhetorical question:what can you do in that situation?
    I guess i am too young.Its more ‘difficult'(*cough*:P ).People hate you instantly if you are financially independent.

  10. says

    “The solution to all problems in life: Self Reliance.
    When you want nothing, you get it all.”

    My understanding:
    If you desperately need things, you won’t be able to get them.

    But why? If you need something, isn’t that a reason to take them!

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      If you are self reliant you get everything you want.

      If you are *not* self reliant then the person who determines your fate will know that he is in control and has no reason to bend to your wants/needs.

    • Jash says

      Self-reliance all comes down to knowing your needs from your wants. Know your needs – your most basic needs – handle them with the barest minimum and you’re all set as everything else in life will fall in the category of your wants.

      The sole importance of knowing this distinction of your needs and your wants is that *your wants will never fulfill you*, ever. They are just as they are: things you want in life. With your basic needs handled you’ll find yourself coming from the right place – which is not from a place of desperation – you’ll end up levering your time figuring out the right things to get the things you want, and the right contexts for you to get them.

      When you know you don’t need something, there’s a delicious calmness on how you approach it. Of course on one side your best intentions is on things succeeding and falling in the right place as much as possible, but above all you are not attached to it, and do know that if things go south that you’ll be able to handle things effectively. All about taking losses. You take a deep breath, see where you fucked up here and there and then you bounce back.

  11. says

    this site is the best thing on the internet after making money and connecting/communicating with people. Thank you for taking the time and giving sth back.

    Can you elaborate on that tweet?
    The key to life:

    When you don’t need something, life always gives it to you.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      If you don’t need something then your intentions are pure and it is much harder to replace you and say no.

      That is why you will always get what you want when you don’t need it.

      No one likes a beggar.

  12. GraduateMathmo says

    Thanks for the post, followed the site for roughly 18 months. Personal transformation has been insane. And TBH less frequent posts have made the value of the blog go up in my eyes. If you can’t go through the entire website and find solutions. You don’t deserve success.

    “Hard work = number of problems solved” If young people understood this, they wouldn’t ask so many hypothetical questions or debate. Which I didn’t understand 18 months ago.

    Mediocrity is an easy decision for the lazy mind. Hence why the “deadly sins” for young men are so prevalent — debt, children too early, toxic friends/family etc, poor health etc. It’s a product of laziness, and sheep mentality. People don’t want to put in the work to solve their own life problems.

    P.S Comment section is a gold mine. No longer read the mainstream blogs, occasionally pop into Mike Cernovichs twitter when I want to laugh but that IllimitableMan guy is legit.

    Exactly what I needed for some guidance. As a young up and comer, it starts to get lonely when you can no longer relate to everyone around you including some family members who hate on your success.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Good luck and welcome!

      Debating is generally a waste of time, by the time you finish debating someone you could have tried both options and found out which one works.

      The debate would end and you’d stop debating in general.

      But losers gonna lose… By running hypothetical scenarios in things that never actually happen.

  13. Markximus says

    I really appreciate the nuggets of wisdom you guys just throw out for free.

    Could you please clarify your recent tweet:

    ‘The fastest way to waste your precious time is by building a company with people who actually need the money’

    Is the thought process that they are unsuccessful in the first place because they actually need the money so do not make good partners?


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