Guest Post: Game and Business Intersections

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Game and Business Intersections

The purpose of this post is to explain some ways in which business and the seduction of women overlaps both as subjects and gaming women as a business (rich) man. A lot of these issues have been discussed here in one way or another and what I’ll do is offer my unique perspective as well as my personal experience. Also my main business is real estate so I’ll use examples from that mostly since I know it best.

Don’t fall in love with a house.

Overvaluing any one girl you haven’t slept with.

When it comes to making a profitable investment in real estate I have a well-reasoned and repeatable (in fact repeated) model for how to do it. Because of this I know that if I’m not finding deals, I’m not looking at enough houses and making enough offers, that is I’m not filling my pipeline and following up on leads. It’s easy when I start looking at a property and start negotiating to imagine how much money I’m going to be making and to start losing sight of the real goal which is to get in there at a good price. That is there is a temptation to rationalize paying more in the moment, especially with an adversarial party interested in extracting additional cash from me. This is the same mechanism at work with overvaluing women before you’ve had sex, and time spent trying to figure her out (if you’re spending time and energy thinking about her, you’re investing in her, what’s your ROI?). And she is (generally) trying to maximally extract time, attention, emotional energy and money before sex.

If I told you I needed to have this one house, no matter what the seller wanted to pay, and I was spending my time analyzing and angling with very little progress, you’d (rightly) think I was a poor investor; same with women.

90% of problems in game past the beginner stage (no basic model) are a lack of prospects. If you just grind out the sets and analyze your failures against the model (thus building a better model over time), you’ll get the lays and figure it out. Approach women regularly, gain experience over time and be totally detached from getting any one girl.

Have multiple sources of income.

Date multiple women.

Dating multiple women seems a common goal and question here. I’ve done this the right way, so I’ll offer some insights.

Similar to the above point about feeding your pipeline to create a realistic sense of value, if you only date one woman and have no workable model for finding others  there is a much greater risk you will over time tend to overvalue her and enter into a bad deal (i.e. marriage).

So starting with basics, why even have multiple sources of income, and when would it make sense to (temporarily) ignore this advice? My understanding is that multiple sources of income are to mitigate risk that any one source goes south, and expose you to more possible upside that any one source has exceptional opportunities. This is same rationale for multiple women, any one relationship can fail, and any one girl may prove an exceptional opportunity (should you be looking for that). You can also mix active and passive income to have flexibility in how to spend your time with a baseline income even if focusing elsewhere, similarly having a main girl or girls and the ability to go out shooting for one night stands.

The temporary exception may happen when you have a solid early career opportunity where you would work 70-80+ hours a week and make real money in short order. In this case it may make sense to just forget about working on multiple sources for now and focus on the one (while you become established). Similarly the standard way of thinking about multiple women is date 2 or possibly 3 7’s and then commit when you get an 8 or 9. But this is wrong. The problem is you’re tempted to start rationalizing every new girl who’s a little better looking or has a little better personality, instead of setting a firm goal that exists outside of any individual girl. That goal is to only commit when you have the opportunity and desire to have children, hence creating a “real” relationship (it’s going to last for the rest of your life). This has been discussed with the marriage post, but it seems by how some people are looking at dating multiple women that they haven’t made the connection all the way to

Not planning to have children now (or ever) = No real commitment to any single woman

This doesn’t mean don’t see girls for the long term, or invest in them and be supportive of each other, it just means until you want to create something permanent with her (a new person), there’s no good reason to remove yourself from the dating market (potential upsides). Generally speaking the women who will be most open to this will be in their late teens to their early to mid-twenties. Further if you’re better than 90% of guys out there because of all the work you’ve put into self-improvement, she will naturally become monogamous with you. The regular mindset works in reverse too; you’re the “9” to all the other “7’s”. As a side note you might drift into unofficial monogamy with any one, particularly if you have great opportunities at work and consequently ignore your pipeline/other girls. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t make the mistake of turning it official or seeing her more than 3X a week (seeing her more than 3X a week by the way, will very quickly turn it effectively official in her mind and you are almost guaranteed to have her put pressure on you to commit).

Also dating younger women is a value proposition like renovating real estate. For instance when I have to fix up houses, I’m finding them in various states of distress. I take on the headaches and enjoy the spoils. This is the same with dating younger women only with psychological and emotional distress (even with bubbly and mostly happy women a lack of wisdom = irrational thoughts/behavior = drama until teaching them). Now I could also find houses at market price, try to make them work, and some would be overall good packages while some would just look nice on the outside and have a ton of hidden problems (usually from deferred maintenance); older women are the same. Either way I’d need to alter my model drastically to make it a good deal.

The way to look at the situation is the same as when you have a job making 70k/y. You’re not going to get rich with that, you need to actively build out other options or you need to switch to a career with a lot more opportunity. You’re not going to have children with this girl (at least not now) so you need to focus on You Inc. to keep your options open (and she should do the same, growing, improving etc.), and as long as you have this proper focus the proper thoughts and behaviors will follow.

A final point, the reason of “not having kids” is what many modern American women use to justify continuing to be in casual relationships only (and often to the emotionally distorted point of “hating” kids). Good for them if they are rational about it (i.e. “I don’t want kids now but I do around when I’m 30”), although it makes her less likely to drift into monogamy with you. However, the ones to watch out for are the ones who “hate kids” when they are young (and often compensate by sublimating the maternal drive into small animals), because often that maternal drive will return with a vengeance around 27-29 and then they will want kids with reckless abandon.

Capitalism as a capitalist means creatively combining resources to produce value; Money, Labor, Land, Knowledge, Technology, Network etc.

Seduction as a man means creatively combining resources to produce value; Money, Looks, Status, Game.

Now we can look at the “Rich guy can’t get laid” trope and see where it comes from and how to avoid it.

Being rich only works against you if you rely on it via leading in with it i.e. “Can I buy you (and your friends) a drink?” or if you become a charmless type A person in pursuit of becoming rich.

If you try to get a girl to evaluate you based on your resume, don’t be surprised when she takes it as a boyfriend application.

I’m speaking from experience here because I fell into this trap which is easy when spending a large portion of time making money and having a well above average income. It’s just easier to buy girls drinks when a $200-$300 night doesn’t even register, but it’s cancer to your game. I also found my way out.

So the main problem with “Rich Guy Game” is that a girl sees the guy as high value, but that value has to be extracted over time and it’s not of the sexual kind. This can lead to girls trying to slow down the seduction process either in general or as last minute resistance (leaves the bar with you, sees your car/house, turns into a “good girl”). But here’s the important point:

With wealth or any high value trait you have the girl’s attention, what you do with that attention is a function of sales.

Here’s how to deal with it, and this applies to any high value trait other than looks (i.e. intelligence):

Patient gentle persuasion that sex with me will count for, not against her. (“I see, I’ve always noticed i get along well and fast with all my previous long-term girlfriends”)

As an aside, this should be true anyway. Why would you value someone more who doesn’t give you want you want and less if they give you what you want? That’s neurosis. And to be clear I’m not referring to banging a six one night because it’s easy and quick but not even bothering to take her number (or taking her number, texting her you had fun, and never attempting to meet her again), or the gradual dulling of pleasure from banging the same girl for months (or years).

I explain that I will prioritize my time with a girl who I’m having sex with over one who I’m not, all things being equal. The same is true with all people, someone who intellectually engages me, and is giving me constructive emotions will be someone whose company I enjoy, now add that we’re going to be making bank together and I’ve got a potential new lifelong friend. Occasionally rich guys without game if they get this far at all use the wrong methods, like looking at it as they need to value their time (true) and actually verbalizing something like that (bad idea, she’ll feel objectified).

I’ll add here an observation and an anecdote.

Simple example that is gratuitous and easy to see: Dan Bilzerian. He’s fit, has decent fashion, has game (saw him eating with mystery, at a minimum he’s learned the formal theory) and he not only has money but he spends it. He appears to be with a parade of 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.  He also has status in the form of fame and otherwise. So he’s an example of a rich guy who gets laid like crazy (it seems).

An example of a rich guy who doesn’t get laid (or pays far too much for it):

I was once at a big name festival where I met an attractive young girl. She was being taken care of by a rich guy, her and 9 other girls. They each were given a VIP ticket, hotel accommodations, travel was paid for, and they got spending money. This had to run him at least 2k-3k per girl. But he was fat, had bad fashion and little game. When I met one of these girls I along with two of my friends each paired off with her and two of her friends and we all got laid. The end result was that this guy paid 10k for three random guys to bang three girls (thanks for the room service!). Now all the girls claimed they didn’t hookup with this guy and just took his money (I believe they associated with him on an ongoing basis), and that’s probably not true. I would be surprised if he kept paying for their expenses and never got anything out of it. But they were all embarrassed to be associated with him sexually, and they were eager to each find a fit, cool guy to hook up with instead if they could do so without him finding out (they ditched him to come with us).

Two guys, both rich, drastically different results depending on all the other factors besides money (and I’m sure if the guy could spend 30k+ for a weekend he could afford a nutritionist, personal trainer and social skills coach).

If a man can’t tell the difference between a rich guy without fitness/fashion/game and a rich guy with fitness/fashion/game, then that man does not possess good fitness/fashion/game. Thus any guy claiming rich guys can’t /don’t get laid lacks good fitness/fashion/game.

Now is there a school of thought that says be her “Alpha bad boy” or something and make it clear you can only offer her sex etc.? Yes. Does this get good results? I don’t know; I haven’t seriously pretended to be poor (although I will joke about it, which is funny because I’m clearly not). I don’t hide my success or flaunt it upfront; I use it like a tool when it’s appropriate. I’m fairly certain that this other technique is a way for guys with less financial success to occupy a niche and grind out better results than they could get in more regular markets. Good for them. I don’t begrudge anyone in a capitalist pursuit; if anything I intend to learn what I can from their experience and discard what doesn’t apply to me. Logically however, if the choice is between being the “Total Package” or having to angle to make up for deficiencies, having it all will always be better than not. This leads me to my next point:

Become a millionaire through real estate investing with no money down.

Bang hot models with game and without looks, money or status.

I have several friends who have done exactly that, millionaire in three to five years, real estate investing with no money down (none of their money that is). Here’s the common traits:

1) Relentless hustle

2) Singular focus

3) Willingness to let other areas of their lives slide

4) Very good or great at sales / persuasion

On the other hand I don’t know anyone who bangs hot models without looks, money or status (guess we don’t run in the same circles). However I’m inclined to believe he could exist if he had all four of those traits (and lived in an environment where they were abundant, i.e. New York, Maimi, LA). But why do that? If you’re going to sacrifice other areas of your life (3) then you’re far better off having an abundance of the most readily convertible form of social value at the end of it (that is the literal purpose of money, they’re “social checks”). And before the claim is made to use game to make money etc. refer to number 4, I know there are a lot of definitions of “game” around but (4) + sexual intent/skills is one most reasonable people would agree on (perhaps add the ability to relax, have fun, joke around, have an off switch if you don’t include that in (4) etc.).

So if you wanted a clear explanation of why to focus on business first and game second, that’s it.

And if you wanted an example of someone who focused on business first, became financially independent, and then focused on game, that’s me. I’m not saying do what I did and neglect your social skills in favor of making money, but I am saying it’s a lot easier to fix that or any problem when you’re able to remove any financial constraints from your time.

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  1. Jeff says

    Solid post that makes perfect sense. I’ve read several comments from RE Guy on this blog in the past. The guy gets it!

  2. Recent graduate says

    I’m in the beginning stage where I’m working 80+ hrs/wk (I run a restaurant). I keep just one girl around, but mainly because of convenience since I’m working everyday most weeks.

    The multiple income source point is legit, but I’m arguing that when you work 70-80+ hr/wk on one career, it’s ironically easier to think of a business idea. The main reason is that your mind is on the entrepreneur mode most the time.
    Entrepreneur mode is simple: you temporarily turn into a nagging 60 yr old woman and you view your world as a place full of problems and imperfections.

    For me, I hate it when my employee half-ass something. I wish I can hire machines to make food………light bulb moment.

    A month later, I have a prototype ready for a food product. This summer is for figuring out how to manufacture and package it. Maybe sell a small sample first, I’m not sure. The chicken and/or the egg problem is not easy.

    Anyways, RE guy isn’t lying when he says he’s a real estates guy. His writing style is exactly what you’ll find in residential/commercial leases: extremely precise and clear, just need to read twice 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    • RE Guy says

      Keeping just one girl around as your main girl is a huge boon to a productive life. Chasing women takes up a lot of time. However if you see her too much you wind up not being able to execute on other opportunities that arise.

      There isn’t one answer, you do what’s right for you at the time, if you make her your “girlfriend” then you will enjoy seeing her more regularly now (and get more “support”) at the cost of having to “break up” with her later if you want to sleep with someone else (or cheat, but I don’t believe you need to lie / cheat in relationships, especially if you have good information going in).

      Fully agree that it’s easier to think of other business ideas, that’s ego psychology, what you do influences in a positively reinforcing way what you think about, what you think about influences in a positively reinforcing way what you do. That’s when you find hungry young business partners who can bring a lot of hustle to the table while you bring knowledge (and later finances and connections).

      Do yourself a favor, remove the word “hate” from your vocabulary. It holds you back because you’ve limited your possibilities to find a solution, you have become emotional about the issue and it’s distorted. Instead you dislike the situation, how can you fix it? I see that you found a solution here, so I’m sure you’re doing it mostly right (and opening your own business soon after graduation too), but by eliminating that word you can be a little better.

      That point about my writing style made me laugh. Thanks.

      • JX says

        “Do yourself a favor, remove the word “hate” from your vocabulary. It holds you back because you’ve limited your possibilities to find a solution, you have become emotional about the issue and it’s distorted. Instead you dislike the situation, how can you fix it?”

        Genius. Think “how can I fix” instead of “how can I hate”, and you’ll open the door to plenty of opportunities (in addition to the requisite hard work). Thanks for the insight! Was also good to hear what Recent graduate had to say – also currently around that sort of low (i.e. the beginning stage) and digging myself out.

  3. richard says

    Welcome bro!

    Loved how you used the term overpriced,

    Plus your prespective on playing the numbers game..

    • RE Guy says

      Rational thought (and action) on business, game and life is what this blog is about.

      Feel free to share your perspectives also.

  4. Anonrichkid says

    RE Guy…. I can empathise with you on so many levels. One of the best posts I’ve ever read. I’m wealthy 20 mill dollars plus. Live in a nice apartment in the centre of London. I’ve had ugly friends who spend ridiculous amounts on flashy lifestyles to get girls, and whilst it does work. They will never know if the girl likes them for them, or what they have. I’ve never flaunted my Wealth, but I’ve never hid it entirely. Other aspects such as becoming the boyfriend also resonate with me. I’ve had so much trouble with girls claiming they are good girls and don’t have sex so quickly. I’m working on that, but it’s nice to know there’s others like me! Thanks again mate

    • n says

      I’ve seen that happen. The second they realize you’re not some schmuck they seem to do that to try to reel you in and keep you around.

    • RE Guy says

      Congratulations on your improvement, you seem to be confronting your issues. I’ll just throw some ideas out there for you to think about, consider them and see if there is some value for you.

      One of your possible hangups is the idea of them liking you for “you” as opposed to your money. As long as you think in terms of identities like this, you won’t be able to get past the girl telling you she’s a “good girl”.

      There is no “you” separate from your money. Of course you have thoughts, feelings, behaviors and such, but all of that is influenced by your finances (and all you life circumstances and experiences). You can’t forget that you’re rich and suddenly become a different person or erase it’s effect on you. Further it provides you with plenty of time to improve yourself in any number of ways, thus you are in shape, have good fashion, have read good books in part because you had wealth (at least going forward in your life).

      The reason I’m pointing all this out is that you shouldn’t judge yourself for your own wealth, or you give these girls permission to judge you for it (I’m not saying you’re necessarily doing this, but watch your own process and if you are desiring to be “known” separate from your wealth, as if that will validate you). So possibly instead of becoming a positive benefit you use to sell in the creation of scarcity (20 Mil, that’s great, basically that’s what a “Millionaire” was worth correcting for inflation back when the term was coined), you may be allowing it to be a negative or even shameful (people being jealous of you, discounting your good qualities etc.).

      Just understand that this is the same as a girl with a great rack who is worried that guys just like her for that, and never really like her for “her”. Is there really this other “her” that grew up without the great rack and all the attention it got her and all the automatic commitment it got from men who otherwise might have simply pumped and dumped her etc.? This “other her” is an illusion and an example of neurotic thinking, she has to accept the influence her attractiveness has had on her life experience and personality before she can stop sabotaging herself.

      What I’m saying is if you start to think about things like this it’ll help you to understand your own mental process better as well as the process of the girl who wants to be seen as a “good girl” because she fears being seen as a “slut” in the same way you might fear being seen as the “rich guy” or the “boyfriend” etc.

  5. Houston Natural Gas Analyst says

    Excellent post here – really digging the guest post idea for long time commenters. RE Guys comments are always dead on and you can tell these are words coming from someone with success and they nuanced understanding of what it takes to be a winner.

    I would also be willing to write a guest post someday should the owners of this blog so desire. I feel like I could contribute some value with my understanding of energy markets – given there has been growing interest in physical commodities – and the nightlife scene in Houston and in the south in general.

      • Houston Natural Gas Analyst says

        Sounds great my man! Let me know if you need certain contact info etc and I’d be happy to throw something together for you guys.

    • RE Guy says

      Thank you Houston Natural Gas Analyst.

      I’m happy that my nuanced analysis finds people who can understand and appreciate it.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You got rope a doped!

      What would you say is the greatest book ever of all time?

      Would you say hard work or luck is more important?

      How many cups of coffee is too many cups?

      What do you think of bonds versus personal loans? Good idea bad idea?

      If you could be anyone in history who would it be and why? Would you trade places with a homeless man for a day?

      Just wondering not at all trolling


      • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

        LOL! Absolutely on point.

        You forgot the worst kind:

        How can I get a job on Wall Street out of University of Sioux Falls with an online MBA? Currently 32 and working in retail.

      • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

        P.S. Just noticed – when posting from mobile name shows up as analyst and from laptop shows up as Nat Gas Desk. Will fix in the future so it displays the same name to avoid confusion.

    • James Jones says

      Not going to deny that I am more regular than some who post on here. I will hopefully make mid 6 figures by age 32 (without any debt or parental support). I legitimately have no idea how much time people waste on the Internet and want to reduce that time to what other successful people are doing. Sorry if it came off as trolling.

      • James Jones says

        Actually this was a stupid comment. The answer is probably very close to zero.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Wow well done. Honestly surprised when we get questions like that it usually follows with irrelevant hate mail.

        That said we deleted it because it is irrelevant. No one tracks their *free* time. They simply spend it on the most efficient ways to maximize their own happiness.

        If you’re financially set you could spend a whole week playing video games or doing nothing if you want. Realistically a person who is well off has more interesting things to do however.

        So the real question is are you personally wasting time to achieve your goals. That’s something you have to answer.

        The hobbies of rich people vary drastically, not worth wasting time debating what someone else deems as fun.

        As aways control what you can control, the hobbies of other people is certainly irrelevant.

      • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

        You’re thinking about this question from the wrong angle. It shouldn’t matter how much time the typical ‘successful’ person spends engaged in leisure activity. The time will vary from person to person – instead of trying to base your life decisions off of what other people do, you’re going to need to be honest with yourself and determine how much leisure time is too much leisure time given your personal circumstances and where you currently stand in relation to the person you are striving to become.

        If you are not yet financially independent then there should be no such thing as ‘relaxing.’ People who are striving to be something more and to make something of themselves learn to enjoy the grind and working on their own business or working overtime on a strong revenue generating career. These things will *become* your favorite pass time.

        At the end of the day, when you ‘relax’ you’re not improving socially, you’re becoming less fit, and you’re becoming dumber. Might as well hop in a casket next because you’re already dead.

        One caveat to this is trying new hobbies and reading information which will materially add value to your life. Although this is not technically ‘relaxing’ as both an interesting hobby and reading value-add material ultimately contribute to you becoming a better version of yourself and require some form of exertion be it mental or physical.

      • chriogenix says

        you can use rescuetime to track what you do on the internet. this is entirely hands off. You can then go through each week and see how to improve how you spend your time. if you have a mac you could use SelfControl to block those sites during certain times and work on improving your business, or social life. all in all though, one knows when one is messing around or getting results. act accordingly.

      • RE Guy says

        Another perspective:

        Empty space means that the person does not know how they want to “spend” their life; it’s the sign of an incomplete ego.

        Thinking about it as leisure time, or down time, or spare time is fallacious, there are so such things; only life time.

        You should have a plan for your life with many interconnected goals and be spending as much as your energy as possible in pursuit of these goals.

        One difference that I may have from WSP is that I include consumption of the higher forms of artistic entertainment as part of what I use to learn about the human condition. Then again I was behind in this regard so I made it a point to focus on understanding people.

        Which is a circuitous way to suggest the elite spend their “leisure” time consuming elitist forms of entertainment (ex. can a regular understand the subtleties of Shakespeare, or would they either bother trying if they weren’t forced in to in high school?), but the point wasn’t to consume to impress others or to have something insightful to speak about at dinner parties, simply playing the status game albeit more competently.

        The point is to figure out what you yourself consider a good life even with no one else’s knowledge or input and live that way for as much of any given day as possible.

      • n says

        Is this helping me move forward in some fashion?

        Yes — Do it.

        No — stop doing it.

        Is there ANYTHING I can do to move forward in life at this point? (IE, you’ve already worked out, gone to work, and cleaned for the day).

        No — Cool, I can screw off. (Read some books, etc. Something productive).

        Yes — Go do it.

        Then look up every one in a while to see how far you’ve gone. If you’re truly pushing, the scenery can sometimes change quick.

      • RE Guy says

        “That last paragraph could be straight from the book.

        Zen Mind beginners mind.”

        I’m not surprised. I’ve studied Buddhist Psychology, Stoic Psychology, Western Psychology both Ego and otherwise, and they all seem to arrive at this same point for what constitutes an “Adult”.

        Further the fear and aversion of the empty mental space, of boredom, is precisely the opposite of the seeking of stillness or silence in Buddhist Psychology.

    • Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

      O&G isn’t suffering as bad as one would think. The integrated companies have strong downstream operations which help to sustain them during times of low oil prices and their trading operations allow them to generate extra profits on the side. BP and Shell in particular make very large bets on the market and fortunately for them they have been paying off… For now.

      Small E&Ps with high leverage and poor hedging are already wiped out and if not it’s because they have hedges allowing them to sell oil between $75 and as high as $95/bbl but these hedges will be running out at some point in 2016 forcing these guys to re-hedge at current market prices which could cause us to see another wave of small E&Ps going out of business. Particularly those that will not be able to service their debt without the hedges.

      OFS companies have been the hardest hit of all due to the fact that E&Ps and integrated firms have been forced to cut their rig counts in order to lower CapEx and conserve capital. Gone are the days of 150%+ CapEx outspends and companies consolidate and gather their assets to weather this volatile environment.

      Although the sector has taken a hit physicals trading – the business that I’m in – hasn’t felt much pain as we are able to profit both when the market falls and when it’s on the rise and my desk in particular has made a very good profit QTD

  6. Wholesaler says

    Good post, RE Guy.

    Would you mind sharing your niche in RE? It sounds like residential fix/flip?

    I’ve wholesaled 10+ houses (direct marketing to private sellers), and I’m thinking of getting my license for the option of making money as an agent and for direct access to the MLS.

  7. says

    Can you explain or link to an article explaining how money is “social checks?”

    I found that sentence particularly interesting.

    Thanks man

    • RE Guy says

      I first heard it described exactly that way from Warren Buffet when he was describing how he could have a thousand sculptors create a thousand busts of himself simultaneously in a mansion.

      He was making the point that money = social power and thus the ability to manipulate the world to your liking through the effort and attention of humans (even if it’s largely pointless, like making a thousand copies of the same sculpture).

      But the concept as I understand it comes from how in any economy you’ve either got a direct barter system where everything has to be haggled on and there is little to no credit i.e. I’ll give you this goat for 20 bushels of wheat or something along those lines, or there is a creation of a store of value like money that reflects value contributed to the society i.e. give me $1000 for this goat and now I can pay $200 for some wheat from a second person and $200 to get some corn seeds from a third person to plant for the next harvest and I’ll put $600 away for an emergency fund or to save up for a new house etc.

      Also allows for looser relationships, i.e. I can pay 10 guys who I don’t know each $1,000 to build my house instead of having to get my “clan” together. Money gives you a way to organize people around a common goal without them having to be blood kin or something along those lines.

      See also cigarettes in prisons. Gold (what coins used to be made of) etc.

  8. says

    Quick update: I’m the 25% bodyfat Asian guy that posted a couple months ago

    Since WSPB told me to lose weight, and that it was a “red alert emergency”, I have lost 20 pounds so far.

    I’m a millionaire after taxes now at age 22 from the Affiliate Marketing stuff (a method of $$$ making that WSPB advocates, high volume sales)

    Their advice is solid! Nobody else told me harshly enough that I was a fat. Thanks WSPB!

    • says

      This comment is mostly meant for the WSPB authors to read real quickly so they feel a little dopamine rush for helping someone out. I know nobody is going to read this but them.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Congrats! Hopefully you can build up some muscle and have ~10% body fat and you should be feeling great.

        Eat healthy and avoid drugs you’re too young to need anything beyond a clean diet and effort.

      • says

        Yeah I also stopped using those orals…

        I have a decent amount of lean tissue and strength already actually, from when I was in shape and the two mini cycles I did. My main focus is cutting down, I’ll still look relatively big after it’s all said and done.

        Europe travels really helped cut the weight. Portions are normal there, instead of “American Sized”

  9. says

    Jesus, RE guy is on point. I’m rereading this right now right after I’ve over invested in a “10” i met from cold approach… needed this man, thanks

    I’m an affiliate marketing millionaire after 1-2 years of grinding, and after financial independence i have game and fitness as primary goals now, so we probably have a lot in common.

    How do I reach you bro?

  10. Distressed Unrest says

    Would love to get in contact with you as well. I know you’re getting ready to start your own blog (which you should — you and WSPB are the realest guys on the net), but I’m a young Big Law attorney hoping to build a substantial CRE portfolio on the side of my biz development grind. Would love to learn more about aff. marketing and copywriting, but I think the law and RE will be my main hustles if I can learn to build them synergistically.

    Thank you to all of you guys.

  11. Young Gun says

    Hey RE Guy

    I understand you deal with rental properties – right? You gave me some great advice about the position I am in about 4 months ago. Right now I have about $700k in assets and to defer some taxes I want to exercise starting a rental income business. Was just wondering where you would suggest to start. I have 2-months until year end, so I have to invest quite quickly. I figure with all the taxes I’ll be saving that I can afford to make some errors, but wanted to get your 2 cents.

    Appreciate the advice. I do marketing. Let me know if I can provide anything to you.

  12. says

    Sensational post.

    I like the real estate analogies to game and life.

    One I’d add:

    You make your money on the front end (purchase) not the back end (sale).

    Smart buying decisions are what always drive profits in real estate. Make a bad buy and you’re saddled with a too high cost basis, likely too much debt, and cash flow problems – all with no way out aside from a restructuring (divorce).

    Increase your buying power by maximizing your status and value, before you ever buy a relationship.

    Screening your investments hard pre-purchase will almost assure a life-time of cash flow and ultimate return.

    Be the Warren Buffet of relationships. Buy well cared for, undervalued, family-owned (oriented) assets that pay off right away with positive cash flow and a loyal dedicated customer base (you). Buy and hold to get maximum return with the lowest amount of risk.

    Conduct your due diligence by screening hard and let the shiny fancy toys pass you by. Rent those, don’t buy them.

    Only buy an asset that pays an immediate reward and is built on shared values, in an industry you understand intimately (maximize game knowledge).

    Make all your money upfront, lock in long-term value, and maximize utility.

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