Frugality is a Feminine Quality

Our last post explained why Personal Finance on the Internet is Bogus. This post is going to focus specifically on frugality. Frugality is 1) a feminine quality, 2) will make you soft over time and 3) it will prevent you from reaching your potential.

Why is it trending you ask?

It is trending because people are weak. Period. Everyone is slaving away earning less than they are worth (they wouldn’t hire you if they could not profit from you) and instead of standing up and fighting the big battle they are scrimping by keeping the crumbs. Is it a coincidence that frugality is the newest trend and people are suffering from low testosterone?

Of course it isn’t.


“Frugality is a Feminine Quality” – Wall Street Playboys


1) How is Frugality a Feminine Quality?

Restraint is a basic feminine quality and frugality is just that, an act of restraint. Let that sink in. When you think of a high quality sexy woman… what are some things most guys want if they are looking for an actual relationship?

They want her to be:

– Loyal, a form of restraint when presented with her desire to “trade up”

– Thrifty, a form of restraint against materialism

– Not an Alcoholic, a simple example of restraint

These are clear forms of restraint. They are great qualities in a girlfriend. Not a successful male.

Is it a “coincidence” that most men who are not in charge of their marriage/relationship constantly complain about their wife/girlfriend spending too much money?! Of course it isn’t. Their wife/girlfriend is running the show! Or in old school language, “she wears the pants in the relationship”. She doesn’t need to show any restraint!

Frugality can be a great quality for a potential girlfriend, not for living your dream.

No. Not one bit.

Frugality Teaches You to “Relax”: This is a great concept. The catch? It is not a masculine quality. Successful men do not stop and “relax” for the rest of their lives. This is another feminine quality. Feminine girls want to sit on the beach drink Mai Thai’s and do their nails. Awesome. Flip it around. Apply it to a man.

“Hey guys I want to sit on the beach and do nothing. I really need a vacation because life is hard and I don’t want to live life anymore I’d rather just chill and relax. Instead of trying to see how good I can be I’m going to hang out on the beach”

How many of you would run to take his advice? None. He would simply be a cool guy to “chill and relax with”. After that he is of no value because he has no reason to be alive anymore.


“Soft Like Charmin!” – Kobe Bryant


2) How Does Frugality Teach You to be Soft?

When our post dropped last Friday a reader quickly emailed… We didn’t respond.

“You guys just need to flex your frugality muscles and get used to living with less.”

In younger generation language… WTF is a frugality muscle?! Is this something hipsters have in their Skinny Jeans?… After a spike of annoyance we realized the reader was missing the point. What he was really confusing is the following:

Are you trying to be rich or are you settling for happiness only.

They are not the same.

You can absolutely be both, but they are not the same.

If you are able to teach yourself to live with less you will be happier because you are decreasing your expectations relative to your results. However. This is a big capitalized HOWEVER. You will not get rich.

If you go down the path of frugality you will live off a modest amount of money, call it $50-75K or so. You will not get rich.

This blog is about getting rich AND being happy. Not just being happy.


“Frugality is Boring as F***.” – Wall Street Playboys


3) How Does Frugality Prevent You From Reaching Your Potential 

This one is obvious. You are drowning in a risk averse sewer. If you remain frugal for life you will now suffer from the worst feeling in the world.

It won’t happen now but it will happen when you least expect it. On your death bed. If you do not believe this, go work at a hospital. The hospital is going to be filled with people telling you they wish they “lived for themselves”. This is another way of saying, I wish I pursued my passion.

You should listen up when someone is about to die. They have no reason to lie.




The Wall Street Playboys Solution

We are not telling you to start a business… yet. We are not telling you to quit your job… yet. Not everyone needs to do that or wants to do that…


1) Build Skills: You will have a passion for something. If it is blogging, that is great. We don’t think it’s a good idea but there is a lot of money in setting up blogs for people.

2) Do Not Copy: Do it the hard way. Find your skills the hard way. Why? You will be unique. No one can replicate you anymore.

3) Reinvest Aggressively: Keep building your skills. Be selfish. Invest in You. Every morning stand in front of the mirror and say that the only company that matters is “ME Inc.”.

4) Wait for the Calling: You are not good enough if you tell people you are good. You are not ready. You wait. Keep investing, learning and growing… Wait until other people tell you that you’re good. You’re now ready.

5) Network: You know you are good enough now. You will feel it. Reach out to people in your space/sector/passion. They will welcome you.

6) Pull the trigger.

7) An Event.




One last thing.

When you are ready, calculate the risks and spend. Spend as much as you like.

Laugh in the face of frugality as you continue to spend to earn.

Buy people’s time.


    • Recent graduate says

      That’s why only 1% of the population are self made multimillionaires.

      Frugality wants you to be content with yourself and spend more time trying to get more out of your current situation AKA Frugality wants you to trade your potential for your current self.

      Frugality wants you to know that good enough is good enough. But good enough is never good enough when you’re running a business. You have to constantly evolve or else competitors will beat you by copying your product and making them better. You have to constantly pay attention to details or else your employees will slack off and deliver shit to your customers.

      Frugality is like trying to be a body builder but only eating very little to save up — LOL good luck!

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Welcome to the blog !!! Comment of the month !!!

        We didn’t expect anyone to understand the post. You are the reason this blog even exists. Not a joke.

        If you read this please send us an email if you have any questions. Happy to help with anything privately for you.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      If you want to be rich. You must focus solely on expanding your means. If you do this you will be forced to live below your means by default.

      Expand your means. Expand your Rolodex.

      Grow or die. The choice is yours.

  1. John D says

    There are entrepreneurs and there are investors.

    Entrepreneurs are aware of risk but they don’t calculate them. They go by their gut and feelings. Investors are always calculating risk. Although WSP advocate taking risks, in the spectrum of men out there conquering the world, WSP are quite risk aversive. Many of the blog posts here are charts and models measuring and comparing risk in order to arrive at the best decision. Trust me, entrepreneurs do not do that.

    I am not saying who is right or wrong. It’s just 2 different breed. However, it is kind of hypocritical for someone who is rather risk aversive (to the extent that he is afraid of marriage) to be talking about masculine and feminine traits in regarding frugality and finance.

    Guys who make it big in this world take chances. They follow their instinct. Many fail. They bang and marry hot bitches. They don’t worry about alimony. I’ll let you decide who is masculine or feminine. Or maybe is irrelevant, just do you you feel is most true to yourself.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Your very first paragraph is incredibly true. Disagree with a lot of the remaining points.

      You have made a large assumption that every authorS on here makes money in nothing but Wall Street. That is false.

      Your marriage comment makes no sense as well, just read Felix Dennis’s book on how to get rich. Never married and $100M+ net worth (can’t be calculated)

      As stated in a previous post, rich people range the spectrum.

      You can become rich without getting married. You can get rich while being married. That is irrelevant.

      Finally, why is getting married a risk every rich man needs to do? There is risk and then there is unnecessary risk. They are not the same.

      Is Felix Dennis not rich enough?

      Therefore, we can agree to disagree.

      • John D says

        I am here to learn, but I do have a tendency to argue.

        I did a quick search. Most billionaire are married. The biggest portion of them made money in finance. I suppose the investors beat out the entrepreneurs after all. In terms of masculine or feminine, I think it’s quite a stretch to apply to financial habits. But I will stop here.

        I will read up on Felix Dennis. I am sure I will learn something from him.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        It is funny. We know why you assumed that. People really believe we are doing this blog for a “living”.

        None of our authors have to work for a living. That has zero to do with working for a company forever.

        Yes frugality is a womanly trait. It is incredibly obvious.

  2. - says

    Awesome post and a great start to my day.

    “Do it the hard way. Find your skills the hard way. Why? You will be unique. No one can replicate you anymore.”

    What do you mean “find your skills the hard way”? Can you elaborate when you get a second?

    Thanks guys

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Don’t try to copy other people. Just do new things everyday until you find something you like doing. Then it will click.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      No he is not. He spends to earn. He is a shark.

      He is a minimalist, not frugal. There is a material difference.

      • William says

        Maybe this article has a problem of semantics.

        Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

        frugal /ˈfruːɡəl/
        practising economy; living without waste; thrifty
        not costly; meagre

        He is very thrifty buying stocks.
        Even his website is very thrifty:

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        There is no problem of semantics. Your comment actually solidifies the point.

        We can agree to disagree.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Hahaha thanks French!

      yeah this blog is lazy, we can’t afford to spend more than 2 hours on this a week

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Of course not. Why would you network when you’re not ready to network?

      If you don’t have any value when you try to network, you’re going to piss the person off and he is not going to pick up your phone call in the future. That potential money tree is dead. Forever. You wasted his time.

      When you are ready, you’ll know becuase someone will show up. That is how life works.

      No value = no bid = no reason for him/her to help you.

  3. big ol stevey says

    Had an ephiphony after finishing this article:
    The more time you spend on yourself,and the less time you waste on stupid shit also. (not signifigant amount but its just an ironic part about being content on a middle class salary,obviously the time spent/other costs are a bigger deal.)
    some examples
    -sitting down watching TV ($) potatoe chips ($).
    -Buying clothes that don’t last long.(buying t-shirts from walmart,, spending HOURS looking for the ‘best deals’ in the clearance section)
    -a big one I realized last night was I spend a lot of time on youtube for music. Most videos have ads. All those 5- 30 seconds add the fuck up after a while.
    -Stopping at starbucks,parking,waiting in line,waiting for your order,just for breakfast and coffee instead of taking care of business before you left the door.
    -getting virus’s because of pirated software
    -video games.

    Also at the level you guy’s are at not spending money literally costs you money.
    -Dressing nice for business.
    -If you skimped on the internet phone plan now your internet’s low as a dinosaur that’s going to cost you time checking emails,relevant news to your industry.
    -limited time at the bar/restaurant. You tip them well,and bring in business. They know not to waste your time with slow service.
    -Not worth spending an hour on the phone with some indian customer service agent for a 12$ refund.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You also get it.

      When we pull the trigger to redesign the blog do you think we’re going to do it ourselves?

      Honestly LOL @ clicking around on word press.

      This blog wasn’t even created by the authors. Only the content.

      • ssd says

        I think the website layout is clear. it is functional. Very readable on BB and everything is about the content. How it looks like is often how the qualities are.

  4. revealation says

    this is so damn true. women are often concerned with the small things in life that don’t matter, i.e. saving a few dollars at the grocery store when there are on sale items but end up buying a truck load of groceries that often go to waste, nagging about how kids can get hurt around the house, complaining about why you haven’t called and suspecting that you are cheating on them. Inherently, they do this because they are insecure by DNA. However, the most taxing element to men is the sum of the parts that add to the constant distraction of not being able to focus on make f-you money. You can’t take risks because they fear you will eventually fail and end up losing the house and go bankrupt. My understanding of this article is cheapness instead of frugality. Frugality to me is not spending on things that offer any value but then again, everyone has their own interpretation of everything.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      You are so very close to understanding.

      Look frugality means you WASTE time thinking about how to SAVE a few dollars that could have been spent MAKING money.

  5. asdsadsasss says

    This really resonated with me. I started on the fearful side of the spectra; wasting an hour to save a few dollars. But once I learned game, I realized I had to also take my finances to the next level, and saw that the most important thing is *time*

    Some think I am frugal as I do not own a car or a tv. Yet they cannot wrap my head around why I would spend thousands to attend a business seminar or fly to another country just to network with people at higher levels of success than me. Some acquaintances are not sure if I am rich or poor when they look at my life. I can afford (in the literal financial sense of the word) to go watch a sports game or go for drinks with people that contribute nothing to my life. But my growth cannot afford that lost time.

    seriously, best blog in existence.

    With that sort of daily spend…AM?

  6. AlphaAsFAQ says

    I think you need to make a distinction between taking risk, and living below your means (frugality).

    Point and case – Someone who is able to save 1k a month starting at the age of 18 can probably retire a millionaire at the age of 40. That requires frugality. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the person who does such a thing is going to be inhibited by this frugality (which is what you touched on in this article).

    – This person needs to keep a steady income to keep that 1k a month coming in therefore won’t take risks, sack up and ask for a raise, seek higher paying jobs, start his own company etc.
    – This person becomes content with his current living situation and more than willing to remain in the same position until retirement day.

    This person will not get rich, just be content with living off of chump change. Might have an okay retirement though, if you’re one to settle for that.

    At the same time you could still end up a middle class shmuck making 150k a year but up to your neck in debt because you don’t know how to live below or at the very least, within your means.

    “asdsadsasss says” comment was spot on. He’s putting his money only where it’s needed and thus (probably) living within his means.

    • AlphaAsFAQ says

      I forgot to add

      taking risks and frugality are two completely different fruit and should not be correlated with one another. Especially since being frugal can lead to taking intelligent and more effective risks. Just as user “asdsadsasss says” says, he doesn’t have a cable subscription, but this affords him the ability to travel overseas to network.

      • adaadsasdasdasd says

        same user as above with a,s,d in user name.

        Half of what is being argued in these comments is over personal definitions of frugality.

        At the heart of this discussion is the relative value of time and money.

        At the lowest levels of consciousness is the “OMG I get 9.99 off at walmart if I drive 2h away” frugality. I doubt many readers here are on this level. They most likely fucked off when WSP said you should be earning 200k by your mid 20s “oh hell no, maybe if I was born with a golden cock in my mouth” “I don’t have connections” “I’m not smart enough” or whatever limiting beliefs they have. Ironically this group weights money>time, and will end up the poorest.

        Intermediate is what I call middle class frugality. They weight time and money approximately equivalent. This is your group that works a salaried position for their life, saves a good portion, invests it, and retires like a good sheep later. Not likely to become richard branson or warren buffet, maybe ends with a net worth of a few mil, and can get a gold plated colostomy bag in their retirement home. They are not going to go drive 4h to another walmart to save a few bucks, but at the same time are not trying to maximize their time by making their income not tied to time. Their only time advantaged strategy is their retirement investments, but they will be too old to take advantage of their time dependent income later in life.

        intermediate-advanced is accelerated intermediate. This group has a slight weighting towards time seeking maximum imcome for a given time, but still within the confines of a job. This is the high paying professions ie. Wall Street mid level, or doctors. With savings you can retire quick on a strong saving plan or use it to reach the advanced stage. The advanced stage strategies can take capital, so high paying intermediate-advanced is often a gateway for the creation of an advanced frugality mindset

        advanced weights time >money. Income streams are not tied to time anymore. This is the creators. They build something, and remove themselves from it. A hedge fund, or even an app. The advanced frugality mindset knows a time investment is not tied to money 1:1 or even 1:100. They see the exponential growth that can be created from a time investment, so their frugality is now “fuck cleaning, Ill get a maid” as they know their time investment can pay off huge down the line, beyond saving the $30/h a maid costs.

        Of course frugality can help you go up the ladder. Saving money to create a business: + frugality. saving money by driving 2h to save 20 bucks to spend on your netflix subscription:go die.

        I am not wall street, so in order to created the requisite funding needed for an ‘advanced frugality’ mindset, I need to save money to create the money machine.

        Stream of consciousness. Hope it all made sense.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        You are killing it with the great comments. Great thought process for a stream of consciousness

  7. says

    Funny enough, the people I know personally who are actually rich are still frugal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being frugal. Plenty of people in Australia with middle income jobs have been very strict with their small amounts of money. Saved hard and put into real estate.

    I can only half agree with the author on this article

  8. Rafael says

    Pursuing a frugal lifestyle, my libido decreased, my muscles got smaller, I was irritable all day and my car looked terrible…Until I read this article months ago and realized that frugality is for losers who are not willing to work to maintain what they have. Thanks WSP.

  9. Warren Munger says

    Finance 101. Is your wealth the present value of a growing annuity?

    If so, then

    Present value of 1) Next years cash flow (savings) and 2) the growth rate.

    Let’s ignore the discount rate as this is likely to be similar unless we are comparing a doctor and a banker.

    Savings are a function of your after tax salary less your expenditure.

    The growth rate is a function of how much you save and invest and then your return on capital.

    If you don’t understand this then I cannot help you.

  10. GregoryMaj says

    “You guys just need to flex your frugality muscles and get used to living with less”.
    Sounds like MrMoneyMustache bullshit.

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