Follow the Hate and You’ll Find the Truth

After launching our first and (extremely likely) last book we saw an interesting trend. Multiple people who said our work was terrible, useless and “BS” all did exactly what was expected… They bought it. Surely a few will slam it as being fake (we know it isn’t), a few will steal and try to emulate it (won’t work never does) and the remaining will simply read it and obtain the full value. Overall, we hope the vast majority who dislike our work will do the third part (simply take the info and make money from it). Why? Well some people just won’t like you and there is no reason to wish any problems on them. They’ll ignore you if you ignore them. This bring us to the topic of the day: following hate.

The Main Points

The general rule is to find what someone hates and you’ll get to the truth. If someone dislikes a person for having a lot of money? They are likely broke. If they hate someone for having a beautiful wife/girlfriend? They struggle at dating. If they believe they deserve something for nothing? They likely lived a privileged life where everything was historically given to them. If you follow the hate… you’ll find exactly what is going on with the person on the inside. You know what we’re going to say next. We’re thrilled to say this website is hated.

Unfortunate Consequence of Hate: The unfortunate consequence of people with insecurity in any area of life… Is they will never fix their underlying issues. You’d be surprised to see the number of people in their 40s/50s with deep insecurity issues in certain areas (not well rounded). This could be dating, money, attention… anything. Essentially, they miss out on an enormous section of life and go through till the bitter end thinking that is “how life is” because it would kill their ego to know it wasn’t so.

Use it to Your Advantage: With the two unfortunate parts out of the way, you know exactly what we’re going to say… “Take advantage of this”. If you know a person struggles in topic A your best course of action is to agree with their struggles in topic A. You’re not going to win any points by telling him how to fix his situation. Why? Well everyone is a genius in every topic (make this an assumption every time you meet a new person).

This adjustment is quite difficult to make. The typical gut reaction is to say “oh I know this well let me help you” (assuming you do). By doing this the other person will feel even more insecure and dislike you immediately. You’re better off doing the smile, nod and agree approach. You can then quickly change the subject to something more amicable and potentially change the interaction into something positive. If they specifically ask you for advice, then you can absolutely give it to them… Otherwise you’ve wasted your own time and started a new interaction off on the wrong foot.

Interesting Psychological Issues

With the main points out of the way we think it makes sense to highlight a lot of underlying psychological issues you’ll find. Who knows if we get them all correct but we’ll go ahead and try to highlight several we’ve seen.

Do This With Your Money: Generally speaking, you shouldn’t tell anyone what to do with their hard earned money. Unless people are going to you for the idea (website, book, financial advisory service, etc.) it just doesn’t make sense. The problem? People do this all the time! The most common example? Poor people telling rich people how to spend their money. It does not make any sense at all. If someone is rich they can do whatever they want with their cash. Now, when you see someone you know constantly “explaining” how they would do something totally different with their money… All you’ve learned is that they don’t have as much as the person they are criticizing. That’s the real tell.

You Must Have Had XXX Issue in the Past: This is another clean tell. When someone makes an assumption about your past and makes it a negative, it means they can’t believe your current actions in that particular topic. For example, if you do well in the dating department a common criticism will be “oh someone must have really done a number on you in the past”. Another example, if you buy a fast car/expensive watch etc. “oh you must be very insecure and have a napoleon complex”. As you can see, the attempt to stereotype someone is a way to protect their ego. If you harbor no resentment and simply like buying an expensive watch… They can’t understand that because it breaks down everything they believe (see rich people are evil).

Passive Aggressive Behavior: This is the most common as you go up the ranks financially. People will attempt to denigrate you with passive aggressive comments incessantly. The best part about the interaction is they are highlighting how insecure they are on the inside. They don’t have the guts to say what they actually think which emphasizes how insecure they actually are. If someone has nothing to lose, they don’t need to resort to passive aggressive behavior because… well… they have nothing to lose. Never trust a passive aggressive person, you’re dealing with a snake so tread carefully. They have an innate need to boost their own egos and if you take their ego down even one notch, you’ll be on their radar forever.

Once You See the Truth….

Once you see the truth you cannot un-see it. That is one of the best and worst things. It is the best thing for you long-term and will likely be a painful experience once you learn a new fact. Why is this an important concept? Well you’ll have to become critical of the things you dislike. Do you actually dislike a specific person, activity or group or is it a reflection of something you lack on the inside. Once you’ve already learned the harsh truths you’ll find that you no longer dislike the vast majority of people! As we’ve stated numerous times in the past, if someone can change your emotions… you’ve already lost because it means you value their opinion. If you really didn’t care you’d ignore it.

Seeing the Truth: For those that have already read Efficiency, you can see many ugly truths come out page after page after page… (after page). We’ve been taught lies on the following topics: fitness, diet, education, internet income and more. It takes a lot of work to swallow the truth and we have no doubt that it isn’t a “fun read”. That said… Once you see it and begin to act on it, you realize it’s an enormous competitive advantage. You’re busy doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. They think you are “extreme” and you’re simply getting all the results. You go to sleep with a big smile on your face.

The process is clear, you learn a new truth and absolutely dislike every person who steered you in the wrong direction (Hello Humanities Professors and the Supplement Industry!). Once you learn the truth however, your income goes up, your spending becomes more efficient and you get to practice the “smile and nod” approach until it becomes second nature.

Quick Conclusion

If your beliefs are largely in-line with what the masses have taught you… it would be wise to add that on the list of ideas to challenge. Go into the weeds and see if it is really true (don’t read about it, act on multiple different opinions from the media to people viewed as extreme). What you’ll find is that the small less heard voices are typically the ones leading the way. No one gets ahead by doing what everyone else is doing.

As a fun bonus, we did end up hitting our sales number goal! We’ll have an extra Q&A on Wednesday August 2 (beginning at 6PM EST). There will be a new post here at that time and you’ll need to put in your PayPal transaction ID to leave a question (put this into the comments section and it’ll be deleted before approved)… We’ll go back to our more normalized posting schedule over the course of this month.

Efficiency: The feedback has been absolutely positive. The funny part is that it is exactly as we expected, most people felt the product was too dense and painful to read (that was the point) since books are usually filled with nothing but filler. Here’s a cool comment left by someone that only talks about a single chapter in the book.


You can purchase Efficiency Here.


  1. says

    Hey, I made it into a screenshot at WSPs! I stand behind my comment 110%. I’ve read through the book three times over the course of the week, and have begun implementing all sorts of e-commerce ideas because of it. Thank you guys so much. This is the only website you ever need.

  2. Alex says

    Super insightful post – hate is a great heuristic for identifying insecurity. Reminds me of all the successful people I know who are kind, calm and rational – why?

    Because hate doesn’t pay. It’s a costly emotion. Another classic one is vengeance.

    Figure out your insecurities early by being mindful (Stoicism helpful here) not simply because “insecurities are bad” (conventional wisdom), but rather because they materialize as true financial costs (eg. missed opportunities, burned bridges, victim mentality, rationalization of inaction).

    People need to realize that controlling your emotions (social skills) is multiples higher E(V) than “being smart.”

  3. says

    “As we’ve stated numerous times in the past, if someone can change your emotions… you’ve already lost because it means you value their opinion. If you really didn’t care you’d ignore it.”

    This is key! If comments or opinions can affect you to the point of changing your emotions, you must be relying on the kudos and “pats on the back” from others to be happy. How awful?!? They are not you, do not know your full situation (no one can but you) and therefore cannot make an accurate judgement or statement on your perspectives or your life. To allow them to will only bring heartache and confusion to your life.

    Keep up the good work, regardless of what others think or say.

  4. RE Guy says

    “if you do well in the dating department a common criticism will be “oh someone must have really done a number on you in the past” ”

    I find that this “doing well” is a function of actualizing your male imperative to the detriment of the female one (maximizing hot sex, minimizing commitment time and energy). So if it’s coming from a man (less likely) it’s because he can’t accept his own desires and has not achieved what he wants in his dating life. If it’s coming from a woman (more likely) it’s because she interprets men wanting what men want automatically in the negative because she herself is not able to give the men she wants what they want, hence the hate.

    Usually this makes sense by adding adjectives, i.e. “All men are assholes” turns into “All (attractive) men are assholes”, even better “All men (who I am strongly attracted to) are assholes”.

    For a guy “All (very attractive) women are bitches” etc.

    When in fact, the members of the opposite sex are going to be much more kind and accepting of someone they like and are attracted to themselves.

    Well everyone is a genius in every topic (make this an assumption every time you meet a new person).
    And This:
    Never trust a passive aggressive person, you’re dealing with a snake so tread carefully. They have an innate need to boost their own egos and if you take their ego down even one notch, you’ll be on their radar forever.

    Recently I took up a new hobby, making myself a beginner again. Having a ton of fun, learning a lot, experiencing ego death and everything, and met some cool and interesting people. However, I also have come into contact with several older people (40’s, 50’s) who I now know have made many life mistakes. I made the mistake of having serious discussions with them. In a friendly, open, dialectic, “let’s explore this together” sort of way and not only did they attack me they also clearly put me on their shit lists.

    It’s strange because these are people I would have never been around for such an extended period of time socially, they wouldn’t have gotten past my filters. But here we are and here I am not exercising the proper caution.

    It’s because as it has been said here in the past, not arguing with regulars is a life skill. A real discipline. Nod and agree.

    Having filters is good, but having some ready at hand maxims like above is even better, for those times I’m in confined spaces with them.

  5. OwnMyHood says

    Oh man. Spot on.

    I’d say the hate can take on a different dynamic with men/women. With your average dude, it’s pretty straight forward: you never want to give advice on anything without being asked or show your hand regarding wealth. It only leads to hate and ending the convo (not usually a bad thing in and of itself, but can look bad to the group which depending on the situation could cause issues).

    With women, it’s not so clean cut. Hate could be legit or it could be flirting (depending on the girl, it can be tough to tell). Even if it is actual hate, if you have any people skills it usually can be worked around. A couple examples I experienced which seemed like legit hate at the time:

    Example 1: “You seem like the jock type who must have picked on kids in school”

    (I keep in shape but have always gravitated toward more artistic stuff, anyone who knows me would never call me a jock).

    Example 2:

    Girl: “What type of car do you drive?”

    Me: “A sedan”

    Girl: “no what brand”

    Me: (reluctantly says brand)

    Girl: “You must be hung like a mouse”

    Me: “You got me …”

    After continuing the conversations I ended up going out with both of the above girls. I don’t usually try to “recover” with average guys, but I’d guess it’s probably more difficult.

    PS. Book is great, thanks for taking the time to write it. Plenty of solid advice for any age group, but I can only imagine the benefits some of the young guns out there will derive from it. It will be interesting to hear the success stories 5-10 years from now.

  6. Katavasis says

    If i may add: i’ve seen numerous self proclaimed ‘nomads’, amazon affiliate bloggers and ebook millionaires(lolz) making fun of/hating the average person for working minimum wage and long hours.

    How much low your self estime must be in order to need to bring people ,who dont have many choices, down? Of course gossip sells or more accurately converts so…

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      It’s all just marketing. For that one they are unlikely earning minimum wage. That said, you’re right, books are not good ways to make money. We’ve 100% confirmed this fact even if we double the numbers it’s not that great and our blog is of medium size (just use similar web to compare sites)

    • IronAutodidact says

      I’ve scraped by in the arts for 10 years, but I’m trying to start a new career selling for a bunch of financial and artistic reasons.

      Looking for sales and/or copywriting work. Any suggestions on how to present myself to a potential employer?

      Some background on why I’m taking this direction:

      -I launched a physical product (my first) that nets about $2k a month now, but has some problems. Long sales cycle and a meh market. Was ignorant of both going in. Living off the money now, but need to reinvest that and position myself better for a new product. Getting a day job or copywriting seems like a good way to free up that money.

      -I wrote a book last year under my real name. It paid my rent for a summer and now makes a little beer money with 0 effort. First online venture that made any money after MANY failures.

      -I’m a very extroverted by nature and enjoy writing. Very average with numbers.

      Haven’t been able to pull it together into a convincing pitch.

      The good news is I’ll be on tour overseas with all expenses paid for a month so plenty of time to test resumes and call people to figure it out.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Sounds like you didn’t read the book! The answer should be clear as day for you, go it alone. You’re already making money so do this repeatedly until you have mutliple cash flowing assets

        working for someone else = no thanks

  7. AC says

    For me the whole post could be summarized in that sentence:

    *Well everyone is a genius in every topic*

    In my experience, in order to get liked fast when meeting new people you just have to validate to them that:

    1) They are great at whatever they are doing or have done (ego boost)

    and then

    2) That you are an idiot (zero threat)

    But it isn’t enough to just say things, you need to act the part, by making yourself temporarily believe these 2.

    Is it worth the effort?

    That depends…

  8. jr says

    I’m in college so take my comment with a grain of salt, but I can definitely attest to treating people like geniuses and playing dumb goes miles. I’ve developed countless relationships like this and found that ‘respect’ in the relationship follows often seamlessly organically, yet I can’t put my finger on what actions that I actually take during the relationship actually lead to mutuality, etc. Perhaps in the baseline humility that you’re presenting leads back to the zero threat mindset that actually commands a respect. Perhaps respect is the wrong word and I still care too much about being on mutual grounds with “normies,” regardless great post that reaffirms’s my thoughts on this topic.

  9. Greg says

    This goes along the lines of pointing the finger.

    When you point the finger at someone, look at your hand and see how many fingers are pointed back at you.

  10. TS says

    Making the other person feel very smart.

    Other words, playing dumb and making the other person believe it, it’s truly mind boggling.

    They think they are smarter than you………. (to which you shouldn’t care regardless).

    Just nod and agree and “okay gotta go, bye”

    If they say something then don’t be attempted to explain or correct them. Sometimes it’s hard because it’s human nature to try to correct something (if they accused you of being spoiled or said your results were “fake”) ..

    it’s tempting to argue and try to prove them wrong but don’t do it..

    Think about the minutes you save from avoiding them…

    Time save.

    You cannot fix stupid and cannot fix hate.

    If you are multi-millionaire, have no problem with money, have plenty of ‘time’, have no problems with women with great health, great body and good future and enjoy your business and life, what is there to hate about?

    What if you can take any of that or even all that away and the person can still get right back up and gain all that “money, health, girls, wealth” and get all that back… and the person made it in life without hating…

    now those are the keepers on your contact list.

    but if someone is focused on hating something, it’s usually a sign of desperation that they want something (that they hate). Since they can’t get it, then no one else should get it too (their low life mentality).

    We live in digital age where almost anything can be found on internet with click of buttons with high speed internet.

    thirty years ago, people had to literally walk to places and spend a lot of time trying to find information.

    With people today, they usually have to spend time discerning the right info from the wrong ones (on internet) and Prioritizing.

    If you want to open donut shop and want to learn how to get started, it wouldn’t make sense if you are spending your time reading about “how to increase your vertical jump by 21 inches”.

    Your “friends” will call you and say “hey man you are working too hard, why don’t you relax and spend time with us”…

    and you say “I’m busy”.

    and they keep saying “you busy avoiding us? come on hang out and have fun with us grab a drink and be cool with us”…


    hang up, and block the number… start from scratch all over… delete and block all your contact list and only keep the ones who will help your goal.

  11. Futurewhat says

    You know what is the one thing I see A TON of hate for and I am sure even many on this blog have a hate for it? Social media.

    Specifically, popularity on social media.

    The fact of the matter is that in most cases, only the following people can get 1k+ Instagram followers (that actually know them and somewhat like/admire them) the legitimate way without having to rely on a phony software:

    1. Hot girls

    2. Celebrities and politicians

    3. Popular people in general

    Show interest in trying to build a good social media following? You will get hate from all sides.

    You will get a lot of “why?” instead of anyone actually answering the question.

    Reason being? People are insecure they can’t be in that popular crowd.

    I know WSPs disapproves of social media but I feel like we live in an age where a good LinkedIn account opens up doors for job prospects and a good Instagram account can make you appealing to a broad range of hot girls since it is to a degree social proof.

  12. Jay says

    Let’s see what the WSPs hates. Feminists, entitled people, poor people over 35, regular people. I don’t agree with the ‘people you hate have something you want but you don’t have’ logic here. Idk what any of these groups have that the WSPs would want.

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