Five Life Truths No One Has The Guts To Tell You

When you are young or even old, you’re told a bunch of lies. Lets fix this.

1. Money Buys Happiness: It does. You only hear about the wealthy people who get sucked into lifestyle inflation and locked down in multiple divorces. The rest? Couldn’t be happier. Once you realize that money can save your life through advancements in medical procedures and that is buys you time and freedom you will never waste a penny again. That useless car or iPhone isn’t why money buys you happiness it is the freedom and long-term health benefits.

Stress free, cortisol decreases, testosterone increases, healthier food, a better sex life, more time. No contest. Don’t believe the lies you’re being told.

2. Your Family Doesn’t Matter: The harsh truth. Most people have poor fathers and mothers due to our defunct society. A friend of ours over at D&P has a similar life experience, many of our family members are complete and utter losers. Why should you be forced to spend time with someone who is a net loss on your life? In fact I’d say my dad dying in front of my eyes was probably the best thing that happened to me. He was an alcoholic with nothing positive to say and no longer had the opportunity to give me his useless negative and pessimistic life advice. His favorite coffee mug said “Life’s a B**** and then you die”, yeah that’s true if you can’t control your own mindset. You’re a quitter and you deserve to fail.

If your family is bringing you up and helping you grow, then hold on to them tight, for most this is simply not true. Your family is a time suck. You can’t choose your family, but you can certainly choose how they influence you. You don’t need to completely axe people, they did raise you, but there is certainly no obligation to do as they wish throughout your entire life. If they are just dragging you down, cut the cord, this leads to point 3.

3. Don’t Give Handouts to the Poor: Another crazy idea is that you should spend time doing volunteer work giving hand outs to those less fortunate than you. This is complete garbage. If you never learn to work for anything you’re going to rely solely on the hand that feeds you, never leaving your comfort zone and never standing up for yourself. If you want to help someone less fortunate teach him a task that will help him grow as a person, do not simply give him a few dollars from your pocket. Back when I was living in a car I asked many repair guys how to fix watches. After I learned, I simply fixed watches for rich people. Yeah I got insulted and made fun of for having a total of 4 outfits to wear 7 days a week but by month six I had enough money for a new wardrobe. I never bought it. Notably, my clients never insulted my outfit as they respected my desire to earn my worth. My tattered t-shirts likely got me more business since their kids were spoiled brats spending daddy’s money on Spring Break trips having sex with scum bags or striking out with 5’s and 6’s drinking AMFs to the dome.

4. Education Isn’t Always the Answer: By the time you graduate college you have been grilled into believing that 17 PHDs is how you make money. Not true. You ever notice these professors are also typically jaded and unhappy? You make money by adding value to someone’s life not by reciting poetry from the 1800’s or memorizing a bunch of algorithms. If you can help people become better in anything from athletics to making money to getting women you will be well off in the future. I promise. Besides, education today is nothing more than regurgitating the opinion of some old guy or girl onto a 10 page document, double spaced with no hints of disagreement.

5. Get Rich by Helping People. For some reason everyone believes that Wall Street people steal for a living or that they should get ahead by backstabbing people left and right to move up one rung on the corporate ladder. You will lose. You make real money by constantly helping and improving the lives of people, particularly wealthy people (this is similar to point 3). Wealthy people have limited time to waste, they spend time jetting around trying to fit three 30 minute meetings into an hour. So if you can help well off individuals, they will be more than happy to give you a nice paycheck. If you’re a billionaire an hour of your time is worth many thousands of dollars, so if you can save him an hour? You’ll be doing just fine.

We have an elongated and cleaned up version here: Uncovering the Truth. This post has been infiltrated by regular people and we do not have time to clean it up. So. Please refer to the longer version where we are continuing to ban poor comments and questions.


  1. Kevin says

    I can see this being true, especially number 5. Every time I meet a rich person (not all the time) I am always surprised by how helpful they are and willing to teach.

    For number 3 you should always teach a man to fish.

  2. Drew says

    Man, I only let myself read 1 post of yours a day because each post is 100% motivating. You speak the truth. Keep preaching brother & I will keep reading & recommending you site.

  3. AC says

    Stress free? You have to sacrifice a lot to get ahead in this industry and sometimes it’s just not worth. This is just the cold reality. Sure, it’s nice to have money but you will quickly reach a point of diminishing marginal returns.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Correct terrifying work ethic until you get your money. Then you’re stress free.

      Never said getting the cash was easy, that would be utter nonsense. Lazy guys wouldn’t last 3 months on the Street.

  4. krautz says

    Why is the street so unnecessarily stressful? When I read your drugs required description of your work day in ‘flying private’, it just seemed like you could get the same work done without going at ‘burnout’ speed. Me and my friends are guessing it’s a hazing ritual to justify the returns. In SF VCs tend only to invest inside SF so they don’t have to get on a plane in the first place.

    And why do ‘rich’ people fly when they can teleconference just to have talking head meetings?

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Hazing or “beat down years” are only the first 2-3 years. Wall Street on the sell side is… about sales. You can’t read a person without meeting them in person. The more a person on Wall Street travels the more money he is likely making (unless you’re talking to a major PM at say Fidelity who runs a multi-billion dollar book and has people come to him).

      How do you sell to someone over a video chat? This is real sales. Not selling a dinky product. You have to walk in and sell someone your undivided trust. With a product all you have to sell is how the product will help the person.

      Would you hand over millions of dollars to someone you have not met in person when you’re about to make the transaction of your life? Would you choose your advisor over a video chat? I wouldn’t neither would you.

      If you’re talking about catch-up meetings that is a different story and can be done on the phone.

    • Wayne Earl says

      I can definitively say that VC’s fly all the time, in and out of the valley. The market niche determines the play – my first startup during the boom heyday was online affiliate marketing, which was very new at the time (we were Amazon’s first affiliate), so we ended up in Meno Park, half way between our VC directors office in Palo Alto, and our first CEO’s house in Atherton. Our most recent and most successful startup was bi-coastal – the tech side revolved around my mentor and myself in San Francisco, while the business side of things rode hard at 42nd & Lex, where our CEO and COO held court with advertisers and partners. Didn’t matter how amazing things were on the tech side if you had no one who would buy it, and cold calling unknowns from an unknown never works.

      Damn, I miss the Channing building. Felt like I was in an old detective novel every time I’d fly out.

  5. Jake says

    Wow, this is a dose of truth serrum! Funny enough most of this conflicts with the belief of the gerenal public, in which is must be mostly correct ha. You only run into 1-2 of people who will give type of advise to you. Most friends and family just choose the path of least resistance in offering advise, which is most often wrong. This post has def opened up eyes a bit more, particularly on the family doesnt matter post.

  6. 23/24 (@BlackAlphaMale) says

    Excellent advice AND analysis.
    #1,2,3 and 5 have already been taken to heart.

  7. mike says

    Money doesn’t buy happiness. It enables freedom.

    I’m one connection away from almost any big business person in the UK. I’ve also had the privilege of working with many of them, speaking to them personally or discussing deals with them.

    The older cats 45-50 have the ability to slow right down, come to work/leave work as they please. Enjoy lots of support via a PA/Assistant and how many other minders/advisors. The younger cats well it depends, some are ‘pseudo-balling’ and levered up to the hilt. I saw many of these guys get hit HARD at work from fooling around far too much or becoming over confident. The Street will kick you straight in the face and being told to leave isn’t particularly nice either.

    The real cats who are enjoying themselves are the ones running their own show (a business, not necessarily financial services) where they call the shots, can fully control their lifestyle and at a moments notice enjoy the finer things in life.

    However, real wealth comes with stress (people want money or your time) the latter is usually the biggest ask in the form of charity donations, sponsorship, angel investment etc. All of that and more.

    The biggest advice in this thread is however the add value part – this is undeniable, if you do this people will always help you. Plus, the wealthiest cats are always the ones who before you even ask tell you they have someone they can recommend you to or someone they can write to on your behalf to help you out.

  8. Andrew says

    Can you write more about living in your car and learning to fix watches? That’s real hustle and it would be hella inspirational. Thanks for all your work.

  9. Lee says

    I totally disagree with you on these points. You’re outlook is decidedly negative and you seem to passioned by greed. Will getting ahead really make you happy? What is happiness? Why do you want it? It’s it better to be wise and virtuous than it is to be happy and comforted in a private jet?

    Money doesn’t buy happiness. You have everything you need already to be content. Learning how to make more money is not the key, but learning how to be happy with what you have is. Why waste your time working so hard to make money to be happy, when you already can be?

    I’m sorry you’ve been dealt a bad deck of cards with your family, but you have no basis or statistics to claim that most people are the same as you. Family can give fulfillment and purpose and meaning that a mercedes benz won’t. Family does matter and statistically those who come from good families are better positioned to be successful.

    Why dedicate your life to making the rich more comfortable? To providing for them? What shallow aspirations you have.

    Sure, there is the famous story about teaching a man to fish and he will never go hungry and that does have truth to it, but that doesn’t negate all charity. Soon you may realize that your life lacks meaning and virtue and the only way to be happy is the help others. Not being richer.

    Go learn about life and not the stock market.

    Also, you sound like a douche.

    • DoubleLongDaddy says

      You sound like a man close to becoming a woman. Get the fuck out of here and go back home to you namaste new age girlfirend….if shes done sucking my cock that is. Keep on educating Playboys, respect that you take the time and do this for free, i hope you become triple digit millionaire the lot of you! Great gang, with real people.

  10. Your family does matter says

    Each family member is a person. No matter what troubles they had, they were/are people. You are a selfish child, most likely under the age of 30. When you grow up, you’ll realize what a jerk you were for writing this article. I hope no one in my family every encounters your spoiled being. Professors are likely unhappy because they encountered a brat like you. And, money? Money sure does help, but it will never buy you …. and by this I mean YOU…. .happiness, ever. Grow up and please stop spreading your hateful attitude.

  11. Anonymous says

    I love how you said that money buys happiness, but giving money to poor people is a stupid idea. Your grounds that money buys happiness are that it is essentially a stress reliever, so you’re saying that giving money to poor people to pay debt from having minimum wage be lower than the cost of renting an apartment doesn’t count as being okay? Even though money for yourself is totally fine if it’s for yourself and not another person that really needs it.

  12. A.B says

    I agree with all your points but only to a certain extent –
    #1. money buys you happiness but only to a certain extent. if you have, like you said, enough money to buy you freedom then thats about as much as you need. more money actually has shown to have a negative correlation with happiness.
    #2. Family isn’t everything but it does matter – most ‘rich’ people stay are in their respective classes because of their family’s wealth and reputation. this can be seen mostly in america where there is very very little social mobility.
    #3. YOU NEED TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE – this is one i most disagree with. just because you made it with a set of skills doesnt mean that the billions of people in the world can. I’m sorry but thats kind of selfish of you to assume that people who dont make it are bums and good for nothing – not everyone is as smart as you are.
    #4. education isnt the answer – thats true. unfortunately everyone says that
    #5. I think is the most valid of your points and i will keep that in mind

    I still am impressed by your success and you should encourage people who dont have what it takes (i mean poor peole who are stuck in a poverty cycle). you made yourself out of nothing and that should be an inspiration to all.

    • Anonymous says

      What a croc , obviously dealt a few issues in the past but where would we be without family to some extent ?? You need to grow up and opem your eyes

  13. Meh. says

    1. Sounds like it doesn’t take much to make you happy.
    2. You are probably the asshole in your family everyone tries to ignore.
    3. That attitude will put you first against the wall when shit goes down.
    4. Education isn’t always the answer but ignorance never is.
    5. Down on your knees and suck that for all its worth. Whore.

    • Mikey says

      Agreed… the writer might be suffering from some Life Truths that he is too ignorant to allow someone to share with him.
      1. Money buys choice, there is evidence to suggest that too much choice can diminish happiness…
      2. I love my family, and they support me to make my OWN decisions
      3. Helping people less fortunate is what makes humanity, (some of us), human
      4. Education can still be a hunger for knowledge AND discovery… the ‘system’ doesn’t fail us all
      5. Agreed, help people, but never expect any thanks or renumeration, and you will never be disappointed.

    • DoubleLongDaddy says

      The only one who will be sucking is you my friend. You will be sucking life’s behemoth penis, till the day you die you miserable cunt. You dont deserve this free advise, your arrogant, and are letting your smoke and mirros ego get in the way. Change your life, or burn with the cockroaches.

  14. G-Freedom says

    The point about college true. I recently wrote an article called “A f*** you letter to my college teacher”. Check it out if you please at

    This is a good site. I’m enjoying it so far and will keep reading. Thanks

  15. Cliff Scogin says

    This list is crap.

    Family is everything …why the heck do you think the mafia is successful …or the Bush family or…
    Volunteering is a task that actually makes you feel better for a chanc.
    Most rich people are jerks or worse…you don’t see these guys donating blood to the Red Cross .

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      “Most rich people are jerks or worse…you don’t see these guys donating blood to the Red Cross”

      Lets see here, this comment you left implies two things. 1) you are personally not rich and 2) you assume that rich people don’t donate “blood” as if they don’t make up for 90%+ of all charity contributions. Including income from this blog.

      In addition? You didn’t even bother reading the second post which was clearly labeled at the end.

      In short? The fact you think this list *sucks* is actually awesome. Why? It means you have not accomplished anything in life and you naturally *don’t like the list*… Yet you can’t seem to make the connection that if you don’t like it… well you’re likely one of those gutter guys on the internet who make a paltry $100K a year.

  16. Jacob says

    There’s wisdom buried in this, but a lot of it is ignorant and lacking compassion. Something our society is in desperate need of.

  17. rich says

    This is a solid post but it can use a little bit of interpretation & editing. Here is my opinion and I hope the writer/other readers agree with my thoughts. I think my thoughts are pretty spot on, but then again their my thoughts and I tend to be a narcissist at times.

    “There’s wisdom buried in this, but a lot of it is ignorant and lacking compassion. Something our society is in desperate need of.” – Jacob

    #1 Money DOES buy happiness. –

    If you don’t believe so, then you have not experienced being dead broke. I’ve grown up in a lower middle-class family, struggling to make ends meet. Having to worry about making your bills on the daily puts a dark cloud over your life and dampens your mood throughout the day. No seriously, colors become less vibrant, you seek drugs & alcohol to drown your thoughts of financial insecurity.

    Now the more controversial part of this post… #2 must be interpreted in a different manner.

    #2 Family DOES matter, but you MUST NOT adopt any negative ideologies that your parents/siblings may hold…for EXAMPLE…

    The writer of this post obviously had a father who brought absolute zero VALUE to his life (including zero LOVE), so he does not care about his parents (Father) at all. On the other hand, my parents undeniably love me and I certainly love them back because they care about my future success and would have given up ANYTHING to see me move on up in this harsh world. Safe to say they matter, but does this mean their IDEOLOGIES & VALUES matter? NO THEY DO NOT, because I have been quick to recognize my parents are NEGATIVE ROLE MODELS. I think they could have done a MUCH better job moving on up on the social ladder, but they carry antisocial personality traits that I do not agree with; AKA loser mentalities. My parents carry negative characteristics that I need to circumvent on a daily basis, and it is these characteristics that I actually despise. Their psychological make-up is poisonous on MY mentality which is set on becoming extremely successful in my future. My parents worked extremely hard all their life (which I guess you can say is a positive trait) but I have strong beliefs that they did not work INTELLIGENTLY or they would not be financially broke at an old age. Half their time was wasted being immigrant slaves, the other half plopped on the couch watching game shows and the New York Yankees. My parents made bad choices throughout their lifetime (coming to the USA was probably #1). But I care for my parents because they did help put me through college with the little money they had, bought my first car with what they could (even though it was a beater), cooked me food every day, etc. Families matter on an emotional level, but from a sociopath’s point of view, a weak family must be avoided and I AGREE.

    #3 – Agree with handouts to the poor. As long as an individual is fully capable (mentally & physically) of taking on this world, then every choice he/she makes is in his/her hands. Learn a skill, kick the bad habits, and delay instant gratification in order to achieve long-term goals. It is [almost] as easy as that. (I would like to see a post about your struggles, potentially inspring post?)

    #4 – I’m neck deep in student loans, and feel like getting a job on Wall Street is far fetched at this point. Long story short, I was an extremely brilliant kid growing up in elementary/middle school but I lost my way once High School hit. Got into the “popular scene”, drank tons of alcohol and cared about hooking up with girls, and you guessed it– academics took a backseat all the way up to halfway through college. I had negative role models so I graduated with a 3.3 GPA and have to go up against stiff competition.

    Solution? I wish I had not gone to college directly after high school and waited to, A. find my ambition and B. MATURE. I feel like this is the case for MANY 18 year olds who lack direction and need time to find themselves aka GROW UP. I only realized halfway through college that reality was about to hit and I had settled for average performance. Wasted potential, like so many others who come from mediocre families.

    #5 – Solid point all around. Role models are probably the MOST important figure someone can have in their life that will contribute to success. If an ambitious individual has positive role models, then you can GUARANTEE success in the future for that ambitious person. Role models have the obligatory task of passing their mindset because they have created an intangible GIFT of knowledge and skill in their lifetimes.

  18. Robert Broughton says

    I would have to say most of what you posted in this article is BS. I feel bad for those that think the words you put out hold any real weight. But generally you sound full of yourself. If you compare your list to some of the wealthiest people in the world both past and present, it would refute almost everything you put down.
    1. Satisfaction with your life leads to happiness. Money is just a means to an end. Take Warren Buffet as an example. he is generally happy with what he has had for most of his life. Same house, same places to eat, etc. I know for a fact you are not as wealthy as him. In fact children playing seem to be the most happy because they have all that they want.
    2. Family does matter. Most wealthy families have family members with the correct connections. Bottom line, with out your parents (whether you liked them or not) you would not exist.
    3. Also a load of crap. There is a reason that some of the wealthiest people have donated to the poor and different charities. Sure there are some that only donate to benefit themselves, but the others that have donated and get nothing in return have repeatedly claimed how fulfilling it makes their lives.
    4. Now if you had claimed that Formal Education isn’t necessarily needed, I could have accepted at least one point, but instead you make the generalization that education itself isn’t needed. Another load of bull. To get from A to B you will always need to understand both how the system works and how to manipulate it to your own goal. Instead you come across as a college dropout trying to justify themselves by railing against all education.
    5. It sounds like you only help those who can pay you or give you an advantage. In my experience, those are the same people that would turn on you if it made them a buck. Typically those are the most untrustworthy people I have ever met.

    Good luck with your views, hopefully you will gain wisdom and grow out of them

  19. King David says

    A very interesting read. I am most likely older than most here (60+). So here goes:

    #1: I’ve been so broke, I did sales door to door in my middle class neighborhood (Multi level marketing company) to put food on the table for my wife and 2 under 12 year old kids so we could have Christmas dinner. Things are different now but not without a lot of ups and downs. Believe me they WILL happen. Money gives the peace of mind that removes worry and stress to allow one’s mind to be in a more positive frame, including happiness, if one chooses that. The comment on health care hit home for me, my spouse and I are both survivors that with a lesser health care policy may not have been the case.

    #2:Family doesn’t matter. Spot on analysis of family and family relationships in the article. For me, my wife and I didn’t cut cords but we definitely managed the interactions on our terms, not theirs. This was/is for both sides of the families. We did so from the start 35 years ago. Positive encouragement of one’s offspring is a MUST. This does not mean making their decisions for them.

    I believe it is a parents’ job to raise useful, informed and productive members of society.

    #3: To me this is a personal choice. I don’t give to beggars. I will give to a couple of charities of my own choosing. I absolutely WILL NOT give to homeless Veterans! I am a Vet (not bragging, just informing). Anyone who went through any Services boot camp has the where-with-all to survive and be productive. If there is a mental incapacity or severe physical impairment, then they should be properly looked after by the resources available to them. BUT they have to want to. There is absolutely NO Reason for any able bodied Veteran to be homeless unless they so chose.

    #4: I am a Tradesman and proud of it. I have an unrelated Associates Degree that I earned because I wanted to. My spouse has a high school diploma. Both our children have a Bachelor’s Degree, one also having completed a Master’s and one working on his Masters. Both work in their fields of study.
    The one thing each of them have is they have the ability to earn a decent living with their hands. Both of them put themselves through school by working with their hands or through basic services that they provided. No parent money for schooling for either one of them.

    #5:Your points are very valid. Helping people comes in many forms: providing services, etc. Encouragement, kind words, and celebrating accomplishments are other ways also. A handwritten note will be long remembered and makes a difference, much more so than an email.

    These are things that work for me/us. Make your own decisions and use your brains. Common sense is in short supply in our society. If you need to develop common sense go play a few games of dodge ball. If that doesn’t wake you up, nothing will!

  20. dreamchaser24 says

    If you really think about life like this you are a sorry soul. wow.. ever heard of compassion you complete tool? You ever heard of the word love? I hope one day you also realize that you are loved and money does not equal happiness.

  21. Darren says

    I agree with each of your five points with the exception of number three. I do believe the wealthy have a tremendous responsibility to be charitable to the financially needy if they have any desire to preserve what precious little capitalism is left in this country.

  22. says

    THIS!! ALL OF IT!! I definitely agree:
    1. Money CAN buy happiness – Have a lot of it flowing passively and you won’t need to worry about your next vacation… or your entire family’s medical bills if something happens.
    2. Whatever your past (your family, socioeconomic status, etc.) is should not determine your future. If you’ve been born disadvantaged, that doesn’t seal your fate: it simply means you just need to do something different.
    3. This is one quote from Ben Franklin I won’t ever forget: “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion about the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”
    4. Education IS the answer in my opinion… but I’m talking about SELF-EDUCATION, not just classroom stuff. Want to learn how to save and invest to become rich? Study that from books and articles! Want to learn how to start your own business? Study what great businesspeople did! The possibilities are endless.
    5. Definitely agreed with this. We hear about corrupt executives and government people embezzling riches so often that we’d think that was the ONLY way to grow rich… and yet somehow people never notice the doctor’s clinic, the dry cleaner’s owner, the grocery store’s owner, the fast food place’s owner, the owner of the shop that sold our computers and phones, etc. Imagine if they and everyone like them never existed, right? Well over 99% of wealthy people earned their wealthy by doing good and serving others. I’ve never heard of a millionaire pickpocket convention. Have you?

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