Efficiency: Get Rich Without Giving Up Your Life

We have written this book as if writing to a son who is interested in becoming rich and maintaining a healthy physique and social life. We’ve seen many people become rich… yet they lack social skills (trapped in relationships they desperately want to escape) or… their bodies have seen material physical decay. We’re putting out the framework in this book and you’ll have all of the tools you need to get get rich and have a fun life at the same time.

We’re not going to lie and say this is a “guarantee” to become rich. There are no guarantees. Getting rich and winning at life is no different than sports. We can give you every single step to take and how to do it. But. It is up to YOU to execute on the steps. Instead of buying 10 different books at the same time, we’ll give everything out in ten key beneficial points:

1) How to get into the top 10% physically with one hour a day of exercise per day. You’re going to be busy and unless you’re a professional athlete, dedicating an hour a day will be enough. This is the first step to become a well rounded individual as a healthy person can work longer hours, has more energy to go out and have fun and extends his life (the most valuable asset in the world: Time)

2) How to eat correctly to be in the top 10%. We’ll give you the rough blue print for items to eat on a daily basis. By simply following the framework you won’t need to count calories/macros etc since we’re trying to be efficient with our time. By following the framework, you will have less stress (no longer calculating everything you eat) and you’ll give yourself some wiggle room to go out and drink when you feel like it.

3) How to figure out what type of intelligence you have. We give you a process to figure out where your skills are. Everyone has *relative* advantage in at least 2-3 categories. Use this to your advantage and develop your natural talents. We believe talent matters more than passions. Talents are natural to you and if they didn’t exist everyone would be able to make money in the exact same industries or throw a fastball at 100mph. Finding your type of intelligence is the first step to becoming rich.

4) How to use this type of intelligence to choose a career and the *right* company: Wall Street, Technology or Sales. We have talked about this in the past and you’ll notice we’re adding a new wrinkle. We’re giving you the tools to figure out what company to join. You’ll have basic mathematical formulas that will tell you if you should join Company A or Company B when the offers come rolling in.

5) How to start an online business and sell (the basics and all you need to start). This one is self explanatory. We go into details on how to start an online business and how to sell. The best thing about online businesses? The margin structure. As you’ll see the cost of running a website is practically nothing and you’ll need minimal start up capital to begin today.

6) Clear outline of how to create and start an online product business with correct copywriting. You’ll never be an expert in sales. No one is! Why? Every single second invested in learning more about sales will lead to a financial return. The game continues to evolve but we can give you the basic framework to start.

7) How to go into affiliate marketing if someone wants to take a stab at the competitive space. We give you both the legitimate affiliate marketing route and the dark side as well. The overnight success stories are “too good to be true” because they are. That said there are legitimate ways to do affiliate marketing as well. If you don’t want to create a product (yet) most people start here and move to starting a Company later (once they learn a specific niche)

8) Overview of how affiliate marketing operates and how to do it. Beyond the overview, we also tell you how to do it. Both the legitimate way and the dark side as well. We explain why the legitimate way is better long-term, but we’d be lying if we said everyone is selling on an equal playing field (they are not).

9) How to do all of this and maintain a normal social life (avoid choking off your personality). This puts everything together, we give a basic schedule and explain how to improve your social skills and meet new people frequently without losing traction with your business and career. If you’re able to keep your composure and go out twice a week, you’ll see your phone numbers increase and you’ll be much more interesting than the average person who works, sleeps and watches TV all day

10) Common questions and a schedule.We provide a rough schedule on a weekly basis under the assumption that a person is not rich yet. In addition, we answer a large number of common questions and provide good answers to “questions around morality” which essentially says “Break every single rule you can because someone else will, just don’t break the law. Ever.” this is essentially the gray area that you’ll operate in if you’re new to any field.

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Notes and Details

Keep Your Receipt: To help prevent constant stealing, we’re only going to host Q&A’s in the future for people who have purchased the product (rare exceptions maybe 3x a year that will be open to public). If the product was not purchased 1) we’re being forced to answer repetitive questions and 2) we don’t want to burn time on people who didn’t have a few bucks to invest into their future. We will likely update the book periodically (every year or two) and anyone who purchases the product will get the newer versions for free. We realize we can’t prevent all theft, however, there is a ton of value in Q&As when specific questions come up in the future. By cutting this off, the thieves will be forced to struggle on their own. Keep your receipt as you’ll need it for future *free* benefits and future products/services etc. 

Writing Style: The writing style is practically identical to the blog. We write to the point and with some incorrect grammar (for dramatic impact of course). It should hurt to read in a sitting since all of the information is actionable. There is too much information and a missed sentence/line could result in valuable information being lost. That said, it is organized in a smooth fashion and should give you a lot to chew on.

Length: The book is 160 pages. Unlike other products, it is written in standard 12 point font (Garamond) on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ pages with no filler photos to take up space.