Efficiency is Now Up

Good news, at this point everything is running smoothly.

If there are any issues there are three items 1) PayPal holds foreign transactions for 24 hours before releasing the funds – releasing link to product, 2) if you have not received it all you’ll need to do is email us with your receipt or the transaction ID number provided by the PayPal account and we’ll manually fix it and 3) remember to check both spam and junk mail particularly if a foreigner.







  1. MDinvestor says

    Reader from France,

    Long time lurker.. first time commenter.
    Just to say you to keep up the good work,
    I actually bought the book.

    Thank you WSPs for what you do.

  2. Moneytalk says

    Halfway through the book. Love the no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach that the book offers. 26 years old, first year at a community college, studying computer science. Plan on starting a digital marketing consulting business on the side. No time to waste!

  3. says

    Cheers on the book! I’m already halfway through and loving it.

    I plan on writing a review of Efficiency, and I wanted to know if you will open affiliate sales through E-Junkie?

  4. TitsOutForTheBoys says

    Book recommends avoiding aff marketing and going straight to product sales. Given 2-4 years in career needed to build up $70-100k, most *efficient* route seems to be: career (funds paid traffic) ==> aff marketing (learn sales/build up war chest faster) ==> selling physical products ==> commence dick swinging.

    • Ayn Rand says

      As a very experienced AM, I recommend skipping AM altogether. Ecommerce is 20x easier to get started in and is just as profitable.

      • TitsOutForTheBoys says

        A question for you Ayn Rand:
        If starting out without enough capital to produce a product (new career), do you recommend dropshipping? Or is it better to buy running ecommerce sites on flippa? Current career stash at 15k – need to find best avenue to take (not enough to manufacture a product just yet).


      • Ayn Rand says

        Dropship via aliexpress. You can do 7 figures using this method this year if you work hard/smart enough. No need for high capital and you don’t have to deal with churn & burn of affiliate marketing (which to be honest 99.99% of people now wouldnt be able to handle it to make enough to make it all worth it)

        If you want to setup a simple product it can cost nothing if you dropship. Keep in mind this method has little lifetime value of the consumer because it takes 4-weeks to get to them. You’re basically an affiliate marketer without having to deal with networks if you go this route.

      • GT3RS says

        Great username lol. Currently halfway through Atlas Shrugged.

        I’m currently drop shipping via Aliexpress too. Aliexpress + Shopify + Oberlo app is really all you need to get started.

  5. CollegeSophomore says

    Best book ever. Insane value for money! Anyone who hasn’t bought it yet should do so immediately.
    Already started reading books about sales and advertising. Incredibly thankful to WSPs for writing such an awesome book. Hope I can get my side hustle started this year. Still in college and I feel lucky to have such an amazing resource so early in life!

  6. Ayn Rand says

    The book is amazing. Thank you very much.

    Surprised you changed your workout routine.

    I did 5×5 for like 8 years and started to just plateau (2x bw on squat, 1.5x on bench) . Also just felt super drained and achey all the time – even if I deloaded for a while. Changed it to your workout program you posted here and started getting amazing results. People even asked if I was taking steroids, because my gains were coming so fast.

    Also, I LOL’d at the AM section honesty. At first I was worried about competition, but honestly it would take a noobie 6-12 months to get scaled up and by then the competition in cloaking will be so hard it won’t be really worth it IMO.

    • Tako says

      I know someone who refuses to go past a certain weight and starts reducing weight when he get’s ‘too big’ because getting clothing is a pain past that. He’s also 10% BF and looks pretty good. You don’t need to push to the max weight necessarily if it effects other parts of your life.

  7. Jacob says

    This is Gold! Im going to Hampden Sydney College this August and will definitely use the steps in the book to break into Investment Banking. Halfway thru and can’t wait to see more! Thank You WSPs!

  8. Maxima says

    guys you give so much for practically free! what’s your motivation ? what’s the purpose?

    this is too good ,

    Thank you very much, i’ve been following your for a quit good moment . every word written is a shot that hurts the feeling of ” normies”.

    All the best

  9. Anon says

    Amazing book. I figured out when I started reading this blog in 2013 / 2014 that I had to implement all of your ideas into a daily schedule and execute on it. Fun to see that my schedule is closely related to yours in the book.

    Maybe some knowledge for the younger people (18-20) who just started college from a person who is 24 and switched to a career:
    -> Everything is possible. I switched from a silly *job* to a career and going into my graduation year right now (masters).

    -> Learned much better skills on personal finance and recovered all my costs that I had when I switched to university for this career (about 5k since education is *cheap* in our country). So no debt for me when getting out.

    -> If you see an opportunity, try to execute on it as much as you possibly can. If it means you only have the possibility to create a full business plan with a solid marketing plan, you will learn insights that you will find useful in the future. Action is better than reading theory, but theory keeps you curious to try new things imo. Read Mikael Sydin’s post about opportunities and how you will always find one in the future that you can execute 100% on.
    ** An example: last year we had the opportunity to start a small scale business during our academic year (partnered with some kind of entrepreneur-ish / startup company) and my team managed to get first place in our school environment and on a national level. The product was simple , low cost and *I wouldn’t use it at all*, but demand was high and we sold with a profit margin of 95% per piece (not kidding lol). I left the company because of management and now the company is sort of dead. No emotion, just life as it is.

  10. somedude_123 says

    thanks so much for both the prompt replies on Twitter and the excellent book.

    can’t wait to show up to your Q&A with specific questions, after taking lots of action (and less thinking)!

  11. Kindle Reader says

    Hey guys,

    You don’t mention what format this is in. Does this come already formatted for kindle? (.mobi)

      • Convert, Bro says

        If you set up a kindle email address through amazon, add it in your settings on the kindle, and email a pdf to that email address with “convert” (no quotes, empty email body) in the subject line, it’ll show up on your device converted to .mobi

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yes you can, the book focuses entirely on what to do. Logging and tracking is kind of an extra, not necessary if you’re 100% determined/locked-in

      Journals are great for proving to yourself the changes are working. You’ll see it in the writing

  12. Impatient Bastard says

    Really appreciate this tremendous value. It honestly seems as though you’re giving us a favor and bidding a prime pitch and turn around for us to eat the pitch of striving to become successful. For this I thank you, as it is very much a selfless act.

    I just have one question. After reading your book, in a day might I add, I have a extreme sense of urgency to start building a business right now, as I’ve literally built a website yesterday. Is it beneficial to live this impatiently or do I kill this away?

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      100% normal you’re probably young so run fast make mistakes learn just remember to take notes.

      Also… be strategic about what you’re going to sell. You better know the market cold.

      Never quit your regular income (koolaid drinkers who create a remote job) just keep building till it works. Then like it says in the book do whatever you want man! Relax, sleep, become a monk, drive a fast car. Whatever you want.

  13. Tako says

    Hey wsps! I just bought the book and i’m wondering if there will be an epub version? Its painful to read a PDF on a small iPhone screen compared to an epub.

      • Tako says

        For anyone else wanting a mobile solution for now, adobe reader has a reading mode that works pretty well with the PDF.

  14. John says

    Long time reader, from Romania, just finished reading the Book and it is exactly what I expected. I love your writing style, so concise, so blunt. Always like a cold shower. When I began reading you a few years ago, I loved the message, but honestly I thought you were not real. I thought there can’t be humans with so much discipline and awareness regarding all important aspects of life. Then, with experience, I began to see that you are real.

    It is such a pleasure to read anything you write. I can understand why this is a fun hobby for you.

    It is all a game. Such a nice game.

    Thank you for everything WallStreetPlayboys, you are my inspiration!

  15. Anonymous says

    I appreciate this blog, at 25 and only a year and a half into working (for a mediocre salary of 60k), I have to say you’ve induced this anxiety/hustle mentality in me. It’s a good thing. I hope anyone younger than I reading this will follow the advice in this blog. My life would’ve been different if I had found this blog when I was 18.

    Good luck everyone.

  16. says

    Would be nice if this book was sold as a package with Cernovich’s. Call it the “No excuse you @$$#o! bundle.” Then charge the masses 3X.

    Great read. This is something only the hungry can digest.

  17. JOSH says

    Just finished reading the book.

    Finding the kindle versions of your reference books on copy-writing made me cry.

    Anyways, to all other readers: see you at the top

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