Donald Trump Brand: Part 2

Before starting we’ll again state that we were not first to predict the rise of Trump, Scott Adams and our good friend Mike Cernovich posted on the topic much quicker than we did. We *will* however take credit for laying out several thousand dollars on a major bet on him winning (late last year) so we are now heavily biased with odds clearly stacked in our favor… as the spread thins faster than a sexy girl with a cocaine addiction. Before jumping into how his brand will change, we will answer a few questions and readers can review Part 1 if needed.

Frequent Trump Related Questions

1) How Did Wall Street Feel About Trump? As everyone knows by now we exited the Street earlier this year, but, we do know that Donald Trump was absolutely hated by Wall Street in general. At least that is the vibe… so that was an easy answer.

2) Are you actually Pro-Trump? Yes. Donald Trump is a successful business man who has more skills than Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Lyin Ted Cruz combined. Anyone who read the capitalization table on his company (before he took his share of the family business) or looked into his actual trademarks would realize he is an enormous success and has been planning for this election for several years. Besides, a billionaire who is ~70 years old is not going to gain much by “ruining” the USA economy. A guy who has been obsessed with success since age 25 is not going to suddenly burn down the entire country… unless of course you’re an unattractive Anti-Trump hater.


3) Are We Upset by His Language? No. Anyone who cares more about what someone “says” instead of what they *do* is an imbecile. This is a classic game in business. Typically, the people who are extremely nice and happy go lucky all the time in front of you…. are sharpening the knife to stab you in the back. Never trust a person who says nothing but nice things to you all the time.

Anyone who is afraid or upset by Trump’s use of language has lived a pathetic and privileged life. Much better to talk the way you would normally talk than to tip toe around everything like a dork. It’s not mean if it is true.

4) Do We Think He is “Thin Skinned”? This is a *resounding* no. Anyone who has managed to create a billion dollar business is not thin skinned. He has made hundreds upon thousands of really tough decisions and has undoubtedly made some mistakes as well.

He is going to fight back every single time a reporter writes negative articles about him because he has *thick skin*.  Only a castrated loser would allow someone to openly trample on his campaign. Only a weak or “thin skinned” person would allow all the negative press to run with no repercussions.

5) Do You Think He Will Make a Good President? Irrelevant. The president has very little power in the grand scheme of things. The goal is to elect Trump and rid ourselves of politically correct culture and absolutely outrageous attacks on Free Speech. It should be illegal to be fired if you are simply a Donald Trump supporter but that is sadly *not the case* in the United States today.

With the extremely aggressive answers to the common questions lets just move along and see how he will easily become the President through simple branding and image changes.

Imaging Changes Going Forward

Commander-in-Chief: As we get closer to the general election the phrase will be used more often to emphasize that we need *leadership*. We’re next to 100% certain everyone has seen this hilarious ad created by the Trump campaign. Fortunately, Trump will have very little trouble positioning himself as stronger than Hillary Clinton. He has a much longer and better track record than her and has absolutely *no* ties with special interest groups. He will highlight over and over again that he is self funding his campaign. How can you be a leader if you’re begging for donations?

Family Angle: The family first angle is just beginning. Going forward he will bring more and more family members into the campaign, particularly his children and wife. Lets go ahead and start with his kids.



To the untrained eye, the only take away is that he is receiving support from the Utah Speaker of the house. The real issue is actually at the end of the tweet. He was sold by Donald J. Trump Junior. Expect this trend to continue because he will begin pitting his family against the Clinton family. This is a no lose situation as none of the previous arguments against Trump will work.

Here are some basic examples:

1) “Donald Trump is a mean man who didn’t bother raising his kids and just sent money”. This argument is now dead. If we look at what each of his kids have said publicly both now and more importantly *over the past 10 years prior to this event* you will find that his kids love and respect him. The argument that he is a terrible father dies over night.

2) “He got two divorces!”. This argument will also die. His current wife has shown glowing support for Donald Trump and even his *ex-wives* have said Trump has a good chance of winning with no material negative comments. Good luck.

You now have a man who has typical personal flaws, (reminder 50% of marriages end in divorce and even more than 50% have considered divorce) nothing to complain about. And. The average American is now asking in the back of their heads… Bill Clinton who cheated on his own wife… Is he actually supportive of Hillary on the inside?

Second question. Do we want a woman running the country who couldn’t even stand up for herself? What type of message does that send to the world.

3) “He’s a misogynist!”. This argument will die instantly as well. His daughters have been as successful, arguably even *more* successful than his sons. How can a guy be a misogynist when he has clearly helped create a successful family that includes both men and women?

We are sure there are a few high level personal issues that people will dislike, however, it is clear his family can be leveraged to dismiss the majority of the issues.

Anti-Establishment: As expected, he has tripled down on his anti-establishment rhetoric. The GOP is making an enormous mistake by making comments that suggest “The GOP decides who gets the nomination not the general public”. By phrasing the race as the Establishment vs. the People… the frame is now broken. He will continue down this framework until the GOP finally acknowledges he will be their best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton.

More Presidential: Going forward, the debates will become less brash and he will turn to a more even keel disposition. Trump certainly has the temperament to manage his emotions, otherwise he wouldn’t be a successful multi-billionaire. Managing emotions is the only skill needed to succeed in life since everything is sales. He is a top tier salesman. In short? He is going to down shift his tone to become more mild mannered but will continue to punch back hard if hit with negative press.

Decrease in Financial Rhetoric: You’ve probably noticed, he has toned down his comments surrounding how rich he is. This is to increase his mass appeal. He used his net worth to gather attention from the media which they took as bait (hook line and sinker) and stole the headlines. It is an irrelevant part of his campaign at this point and will be de-emphasized unless Mitt Romney wants to continue embarrassing himself with his comments.

Long story short? Donald Trump is actually running classic “game” on America. What does this mean? It means he is following the general path to success: 1) Grab headlines with some extreme ideas, 2) use social media to dig up the truth, 3) when attention is grabbed close a hard sell, 4) when the sale is near completion switch gears to your viability long-term. We’re undoubtedly in step four of the process. The general population is now leaning to Trump they are just not sold on him from a “warmth” perspective. This will change as he becomes more even keel and shows a softer side.

Don’t worry though… He will continue to throw punches back if ever attacked by the media.

*Reiteration Absolutely No Questions, No Clarifying Questions Either. They Will be Deleted with ZERO Exceptions*

**We will hold a Twitter Q&A to subscribers only next week**


  1. NikFromNYC says

    Trump is also the only candidate to outright call climate hysteria a BS hoax, unlike debate club creationist Cruz, since the GOP establishment really is anti-science when convenient and they thus lack the moral authority to expose real fraud within it. It’s not exactly hard to do, fascist! The UN IPCC team really is Enron worthy:

    An end to artificial energy rationing should help inflate away absolute levels of insanely inflated student loan debt and thus increase economic vitality.

    -=NikFromNYC=-, PhD in chemistry (Columbia/Harvard)

  2. Bob Smith says

    Running a presidential campaign requires one to get the support of a large mass of voters (selling to the masses)

    Being an effective president requires one to get the cooperation of a few very smart people (selling to the elite)

    In my opinion, selling to the elite is 100x harder than selling to the masses

  3. WahlstreetReader says

    I have been absolutely uplifted by Trump, you can say that I am one of those guilty of falling victim to motivation for this. Every single day I listen to the rallies or interviews the guy gives, they are just so entertaining. The way he handles protesters to how casually he speaks compared to other politicians that seem scripted. While I do like Trump and see him as a once-in-a-lifetime sort of candidate, the one worry I do have with Trump is how he will fare with women voters.

    My comment will come off as misogynist but most women are irrational and cannot think clearly on these matters. Plenty will care more about Trump’s “sexist” past and comments he has made against women rather than what he has actually done for women. Unfortunately, with the state of our nation the way it is today, I can see women voting against Trump for various reasons:

    1. The obvious, his language. While people like you and I do not care for it, women are quick to take offense in this politically correct white knight culture that puts them on the pedestal. The same culture that makes a 5 feel like she is a 9.

    2. Jealousy that his wife is so attractive and his children are of such high quality. Remember, majority of the women in the USA consist of: single moms with bad life choices, fatties, feminists, and mentally deranged women unfit for marriage and relationships. Women like these burn with anger when they see that someone like Trump has the beautiful wife, quality kids, and perfect life. Remember, the Democrats won single women by large margins in the 2012 election and you can’t reason with these kinds of women either.

    Notice how so many of the girls supporting Trump are hot? Well girls that hot are maybe 5% of the American population at best.

    The soccer mom, woman past her prime, and Evangelical religious women all hate what Trump embodies. The alpha male they wish they could marry. I am curious as to how this will play out in the general election.

    I can actually see Trump doing well with black and Hispanic voters compared to past presidential candidates it does worry me when it comes to women voters. Most of the voting population is female and I worry about how Trump will do with them.

    A Trump presidency will be the best phenomenon I’ve ever experienced my entire life. I will jump in joy as the SJWs, feminists, and many others cry. I will enjoy the day when so many doubters who said he had no chance are rolling tears. Man do I look forward to the undesirables of our society moving out.

    Now that said, he does have a tough road ahead of him against the Clinton machine given how the media and so much of the world is against him.

      • WahlstreetReader says

        Women wanting to date and marry him is different than women voting for him, that is my worry. Yes, Trump might date models but models are generally good looking and successful due to their careers. The average American woman is overweight, likely not successful, and bitter. Unfortunately, these women are majority of the voting population of women and will be the ones voting come this November. Guys that date hot girls get a lot of envy from society, especially from uglier women who hate attractive women and charismatic men in general.

        I am referring to your post about average people when I make this comment btw. Most of the voting population is average so I worry whether or not they will have the same views about Trump as you and I do. My biggest worry so far is the female vote, especially given how feminists, SJWs, morally self-righteous Evangelical women, and ordinary women in general seem to have a poor opinion of Trump.

    • ETA says

      Women want men that other men admire and other women want to have. Giving women good feelz (PC) is good but is only half the work. What they want the most is the emotional roller coaster, both negative and positive feelings. He makes very “misogynistic” statements, yet he shows he’s supported by women. If he can have the majority of men and a minority of hot/successful women(queen bees) follow him, then the rest will just join the herd.

  4. says

    Those posts on Trump’s campaign are very instructive, thanks for the breakdown.

    I have no opinion whatsoever on Trump’s ability to lead and run the international political game, all i can say is that as someone living outside the US this is fascinating to watch. I see some very smart people for him (The Playboys) and other just as smart really against him, scared of the aftermath. Really puzzling to see from a neutral perspective.

    Also, seeing how biased against him mainstream media are is almost quite shocking. This is next level. Thick skin indeed. If you want to or are running a business and you’re aiming high, take notes.

    Very instructive indeed.

  5. Miller Time says

    Glad to hear abt the Twitter Q & A. I’m a subscriber but have never received an alert abt past Q & A’s. You need to check that in case others are missing out as well.
    Looking forward to it!

  6. says

    Did you know that Trump launched his campaign with the same brand strategy that made Star Wars, Titanic, Nike, Superman and JFK so successful?

    The brand strategy is the emotional archetype of the HERO. Study the most successful stories from the beginning of time. They all share common emotions that everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or age wants to feel. Those emotions are called archetypes. There are 12.

    The Hero is the one Trump masterfully evokes: good vs. evil; winner vs. loser; stupid vs. smart; illegal vs legal; insider vs. outsider; strong vs. weak; great vs. insignificant. The hero is what makes kids so excited when they defeat the evil monster in video games. The hero is activated when people watch sports and scream when their team defeats the enemy.

    Trump is a master at selling himself as the Hero archetype.

    Luke Skywalker Masters the Force, destroys the Death Star and “makes the Galaxy great again” And Star Wars is the second highest grossing film of all time adjusted for inflation.

    Leondardo DiCaprio risked his life to save his love Rose and won a spot in First Class. Titanic is the 5th highest grossing film of all time ever. Why leave America to sink, when Trump can rescue her like DiCaprio did Rose?

    Nike. The villain is the weaker self that keeps the country poor. The Hero is the stronger self that “makes America great again”

    Clark Kent transforms from the ordinary human into the extraordinary SuperMan.

    Do you see the parallels? Trump is a master salesman. Specifically at evoking the emotion of the Hero to get people to buy his product/brand. It’s the same brand strategy that launched Star Wars, Titanic, and keeps Nike’s brand so on point.

    *I do NOT endorse Trump. I just get his sales/marketing strategy.

  7. BC says

    I was entirely against him a couple months ago, and I still don’t really like how a good amount of his support base are so racist and anger-filled, but personally, his kids did it for me. Looking at them – they all seem like a relatively normal, level-headed, hardworking and reasonable group. Growing up in NYC in a billionaire family with the amount of media/press exposure that they must have gone through, I think Donald did an extremely formidable job in raising his kids with the right values and temperament. You could totally have predicted that they would turn into into waste of space socialite snobs. You think the heir to Kushner Companies would marry into a bimbo family? No way.

    Look at the daughter of Jeb Bush – such a “proper” and “nice” person – his daughter is a waste of life drug addict. Bet that family tried to solve the problems through their money and connections, they didn’t give a shit. Don’t even get me started on the mess that is the Clinton’s family life.

    Colleague served on a company board with Trump many years ago. By his and most other accounts who have dealt with Trump on a personal level, Trump is a reasonable and smart man. He is playing the media, my god.

  8. Ezrawr says

    Definitely pulling for Trump here but I honestly do not see him taking Pennsylvania or New York in the general election. Think he will win but it will be damn close, he will do it by taking Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and one of the former Bush states out west (I am saying Colorado).

  9. says

    It’s gonna be YUUGE.

    Thanks to your or S. Adams I too put my money where my mouth is on predictit back in Jan I think.

    Should have put more dolo down tbh. Bot @ 19c

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