Controlling Emotions

If there is any skill that you should learn it is the ability to control your emotions and the emotions of others. The degree to which you can accomplish this task will improve both your game and future financial prospects.

Investing Control: We already wrote about dollar cost averaging, however most investors lose money in the market over the long-term as they tend to sell when they see their portfolio decline, particularly if the magnitude is large. Psychologically, it is much more difficult to take a loss relative to an emotional high following a gain. With that in mind you should train yourself to invest consistently, this skill alone is going to net you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dating Women: If you’re upset when your girlfriend dumps you or if you get turned down during a regular approach, your emotional control is weak. If you have emotional reactions to a woman’s evaluation of you, this means she has hand in the relationship. This is counterintuitive to successful business men who continuously prioritize and service relationships. Simply put, if you care about a woman’s opinion of you as a man, you’ve already lost.

As a quick check for people who are just now learning the nature of women, a seasoned player will never place his hands in his pockets after a failed approach and instead will happily move on to the next one. Body language is a dead giveaway here and the surrounding women will notice as well.

Emotional Persuasion: Any time a person attempts to persuade you regarding a purchase or action based on emotions, you should run. You will notice this is a heavy tactic for convincing someone to get married or to sign up for a get rich quick scheme, diet pill or muscle building formula. Once you realize that both of these actions only have emotional arguments you will quickly remove the blinders. Look for the following characteristics to avoid these emotionally charged decisions: 1) arguments for love, 2) descriptive language that paints a picture or story, 3) no basis of logic, 4) easy or relaxing and 5) time constraints. If you can consistently look for one of the five flaws listed here your emotional control will increase as you won’t be sold a lie. Avoiding pitfalls is just as important as making gains.

Fear is Paralyzing: Fear is the most common medium used to sell sketchy products. “Aren’t you afraid of dying alone”, “Aren’t you afraid of missing this opportunity of a life time”, “Aren’t you afraid of what XYZ person will think”. This is the hardest emotion to control but once you have it by the throat, the world will open up to you. The only thing you should be afraid of is living your life on someone else’s terms. Living a life you’ve been told to live is not a life worth living.

Emotional Control is Self Improvement: There is not a single man or woman in the world that has complete control over their emotions. You will catch yourself slipping from time to time, however you need to make emotional control a major theme in your life. Allowing your emotions to drive actions will lead to poor decision making as you will act based on how you feel at the moment. Instead you need to continuously strive to act on situations based on their long-term return. Disregard temporary pain and suffering.

With all of these comments in mind, we strongly suggest you check own emotional IQ. The sooner you can improve your IQ, the faster you will succeed in life


  1. Flosstradamus says

    Wasn’t there recently a post on how future posts would be more detailed and thought-out?
    Said post was the longest in a while.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Yes, the longer posts actually received less views. Unless they were finance related. So we’re doing a mix.

      It seems that if we use charts/financial info and use shorter versions for game/life philosophy readership grows.

      • anon1 says

        respect for using metrics, i personally enjoyed the long form articles for both game and finance

  2. Dave says

    Good shit. I’ve been working on this very topic through mindfulness and just sheer exposure to negatively perceived stimuli. Makes all the difference.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      No. We don’t do that garbage around here. If something is about you or was intended for you, it will be told to you in private before hand.

  3. monster221 says

    dude your website is an excellent place for young men and people in general trying to make something of their lives.

    i know this sounds a little manospherish but… these days with this idea that men should “express their emotions” it seems that it is much easier to get them to do anything you want be it sell them something, get them to do something, pick a fight…

    since the day i realized that i need to control my emotions i have made some money, saved some money, avoided some seriously bad relationships with peers and romantic interests alike, not eaten fast food (they sell it to you by going for a quick emotional response, nobody actually likes it)… and plenty more.

    this really should be a mans number one rule. you could be the toughest guy in the world but if you cant control your emotions you are weak and will end up broke/divorced/in prison. theres a reason why it is a common trope for men to work hard to control them, and its not got anything to do with showing off and being “hard”.

  4. Maui says

    Awesome post as always.
    I read some of your posts before an interview yesterday and had the interviewer answering my questions, talking non-stop, and laughing at everything I said. I think I had him “under my control” because relaxing and controlling my emotions let me think of great questions and answers while he was babbling on.
    I’m 2 years out of undergrad working in project management/planning and wanted to get into banking. There are no jobs on the islands… Do banks even look at your resume if you are out of state?
    Also what are your tactics to “persuade” people to do what you want and any negotiation tips you may have?

    Mahalo again for all the postive posts!

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Your question has been answered in the Ask Us Anything tab by a previous reader.

      Essentially you want to 1) break in before ~3 years out of college otherwise you’re looking at the MBA route (investment banking specific), 2) you want to use any addresses of family members if possible, yes your location will matter. If you’re in Hawaii and the job is in NYC… there are too many people readily available in NYC so there is no reason to fly you across the globe for an interview especially since it is an entry level position. As you move up the ladder on the Street location matters a bit less as it is worth the cost to fly a higher end employee out for an interview since it is minimal relative to their revenue generation prospects.

  5. hungovermotherfuckeruptooearlydrinkinggreentea says


    You guys need to post more frequently.
    I enjoy the shit out of your posts.
    Don’t you have like a whole team? Come the fuck on.

  6. The capn says

    Seems easier daid than done to say to not have emotion if your girlfriend dumps you.

    Losing someone you have a connection with is difficult and even for someone with high state control and emotional intelligence.

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