Donald Trump Brand: Part 2

Before starting we’ll again state that we were not first to predict the rise of Trump, Scott Adams and our good friend Mike Cernovich posted on the topic much quicker than we did. We *will* however take credit for laying out several thousand dollars on a major bet on him winning (late last year) so […]

The Life.

Most people won’t make it. In fact, most won’t even come close and will fail at achieving every single one of the “Big Three”: Money, Girls and Freedom. Most people will hit thirty and make one major mistake which will prevent them from ever reaching their potential. Mistakes include: 1) relying on someone else for […]

Follow Your Skills Not Your Dreams

We tested a similar post title in a tweet “Follow the $$$ Not Your Dreams”. In short, following your dreams is usually a sure fire way to fail. The skills that a person has will unlikely match perfectly with his or her dream business/career. When people think about their dreams they are really thinking about […]

New Year Book Reviews

In our post, just a few short days ago, we suggested that readers pick up a book. This is the best alternative compared to spending a 10x premium on nightlife and paying UBER surge charges that could cause a global financial crisis. The post will be much shorter in length (~500 words per review) so […]

Bold Prediction: President Donald J. Trump

Lets frame this up. First, we are not the original predictors, Scott Adams (Dilbert Cartoonist) and Mike Cernovich (personal friend) were the original people to make this call (Perhaps a few more we are unaware of).  Second, this article should *not* be popular with Trump supporters because it is coming from a Wall Street blog (Branding 101 […]

How to Have a Killer New Years Eve

Most people are amped up heading into the New Year. If you’ve been running full speed ahead all year, you likely had 2-4 days (even a week!) to recover from the effort you put into the year. Instead of doing what the masses do, expending excess energy on “partying” you should spend your time coming […]

2015 Review and 2016 Outlook

2015 is coming to an end. It has been the best year in history to make money. The best year in history to be single. And. The best year in history to start another company. 2016 is looking better than ever but instead of putting the cart in front of the horse we’ll review the […]