Risk Adjusted Financial Independence. Nothing Is Guaranteed Including Government Bonds.

No return is risk free. We know that many will say treasuries, are risk free but we’d argue that even those instruments have risk (government reliance, just ask Venezuela). Secondly, we don’t view any instrument including treasury bills as risk free because who knows what will happen to the *long-term* tax rate. If someone reaches […]

How to Avoid Negative Life Style Inflation

As you start to make more and more money, something typically happens… You spend a grip more. Practically everyone will make mistakes once they start to feel rich (including every single one of us as well!). It typically doesn’t feel like you’re increasing your lifestyle by a large margin until you look at the year-over-year […]

Get Rich With Real Estate – An Overview

There was an advanced discussion in our highly popular post on passive income. We’ve taken it and organized the content into a readable blog post (thank you to all the commenters “ownmyhood”, “Nixon”, “RE Guy”, “YM” for creating this idea). In addition to adding highly valued comments, we have vetted a few of the named […]