Bold Prediction: President Donald J. Trump

Lets frame this up. First, we are not the original predictors, Scott Adams (Dilbert Cartoonist) and Mike Cernovich (personal friend) were the original people to make this call (Perhaps a few more we are unaware of).  Second, this article should *not* be popular with Trump supporters because it is coming from a Wall Street blog (Branding 101 and why Mitt Romney failed). Third, from a financial perspective we do not care who wins, we are evaluating his candidacy solely from a *Branding* and *Sales* perspective. The only skills you need in life to get rich and live a life you could only dream of.

General Take On Politics

We have already learned more about sales from the debates, Trump’s campaign and his rhetoric than any other election in history. We will give you a taste in this post.

That is the *only* reason we are involved. Nothing in this article will talk about his *ability* to do the job.

To reiterate. We do not care who wins as it won’t impact us at all. Politics is one of the only times where “regular people” get a chance to have equal say as a successful person. So. No. We will not post a single politics related article (recent polls for example) unless it has tangible value.

Making This Prediction a Fun Game

We are certainly putting our money where our mouths are and took a fun bet with our friend Sam who is predicting a Hillary election. Our quick Twitter interaction summarizes the difference in opinion quite simply really. Here it is:


In short, do you believe people are rational creatures? Do you work in Sales? You know the answer. They are not. Sales is the transfer of emotion.

In fact, if humans were rational and logical… Trump’s Casino Empire would not exist would it? It wouldn’t.

With the basic premise out of the way… that people will vote based on how they feel rather than rational thought, lets go through his ability to sell. In short, he has a tremendous ability to sell.

President Trump’s *Branding* Campaign History

“I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich” – Trump (June 2015)

This is probably the first we all really heard of Donald Trump (running for President that is). He throws out three clear and concise punches and leaves you with an enormous negative. Why? He left you with the negative so the mainstream media could run out with a headline making him appear to be a brute and an elitist.

A fantastic trap wasn’t it?

The media expected the following: He’s claiming to be super rich! He is exactly like Mitt Romney who was also super rich! This is the tactic that tanked his presidency now Donald Trump is done!

Instead they got the following: Unlike Mitt Romney, I do not need *lobbyists* or *donors*. He anchored his previous sentence on those words for a reason. Instead of being branded as a rich elitist his rhetoric comes across as a blue collar guy who doesn’t care about politicians. Which is why we saw the following as his second tactic.

“I’m so tired of this politically correct crap” – Trump (September 2015)

All of our readers are smart so you see exactly what just happened here. After letting the “I’m really rich fiasco” run its course he *doubles down* and now uses layman’s language to 1) prove he is not going to speak like a politician (you were already thinking of politicians when you saw lobbyist and donor) and 2) he’s branding himself as *not a politician*.

Our friend Sam disagrees with this being a good idea, his quote is right here: “To win, candidates really need to be more political by kissing everybody’s ass. Donald suffers the same disease as Mitt Romney. Because they are so rich, they just seem too arrogant to understand the math necessary to win a majority”  (no we’re not attacking Sam just showing our difference in how this is playing out).

We will take the opposite view and say if he acts like a politician… his following will fall off a cliff just like a terrible Stock.

You know… like Macys.

Funny enough, you were thinking of Macy’s right when you saw the word stock and that is not a coincidence!

Jeb Destroys His Own Candidacy With an Intern… Oh Politicians and Their “Interns” (October 2015)

While no one really knows exactly why Jeb has fallen off a cliff. Besides the fact that he is weak, a terrible presenter and a beggar. But. We’ll take a stab at the *event*.

It is when the media and the GOP (whoever you want to blame for this embarrassment) attempted to plant an intern into a Trump event.

Now you’re in big trouble.

We now know with certainty that the media ran out with a false narrative. Now you’ve woken up every single person with a social media addiction to scrub any and *every* story on Donald Trump since we know… again… with certainty… someone is attempting to dishonestly discredit him. In our view, that was the kill shot.

There was an attempt to double down on this strategy with a “Hitler” plant at another event, which has done nothing but backfire… Again.

Temporary Ban on All Muslims (December 2015)

Donald Trump stock gaps up and goes parabolic settling at ~40% of national polls and clear #1 leader.

Why? Donald Trump rises up as the only candidate to come up with an extreme solution to a real problem. We do have a problem. No one understands why we are being attacked: 1) September 11th was a Muslim based attack not Iraq based which Trump was against, 2) Boston Bombings, 3) Paris attacks and 4) San Bernardino.

The best part about this fiasco was *not* the headline. The headline was easy click bait for Mr. Trump as the media ran with “Ban All Muslims” instead of the actual message of *Temporary* ban on all Muslims which gave him several hours of air time to explain. A crystal clear tactic. Create hype. Lead.

“You’re a Tough Guy Jeb!.. Let’s see I’m at 42 and you’re at 3.” (December – The Final Debate)

Is it a coincidence that Donald Trump’s best showing in the debates were on the first day and the last day? Of course not. While he cannot receive a script in advance, it was clear he wanted one last push. His comments went viral.

Summary: Given that these were the five most impactful pieces of the campaign (opinion) we now have the following as his marketing strategy: 1) I am not a politician, 2) I will not take corporate money because I do not need it but you’re happy to join my cause *personally*, 3) the Media is out to slander me and we have proof with plants at my events, 4) I am willing to fight back for our country – we didn’t even mention El Chapo! and 5) I’m here to win and you can see it in my numbers as we begin 2016.

Nitty Gritty Sales Specific

He isn’t even trying but is out performing.

Everything written above this line was with regards to *branding*. Lets switch to his sales tactics by first looking at the most useless part of his campaign. His donation section.

Remember, Donald J. Trump does not need a penny. He has spent the least amount of money out of any politician and is still winning. If he is going to put a low amount of effort into anything it is going to be fund raising. We are only going to highlight a few points on the page to avoid giving out more information on why the page is good.



Anchoring: He is anchoring the reader to $2,700. Many will read this page and say hmm the middle number is $250. It is not that simple. He has anchored to $2,700 with the phrase “By law the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $2,700.”

Did anyone know that was the maximum? Honestly we did not (again we don’t care about politics). And. As soon as you’re thinking about that number your anchor is now as high as it can possibly be.

Recurring Payments: Make no mistake. Donald Trump knows the best way to get a person more dedicated to his cause is through a monthly contribution. Simple psychology. The more people give you… the more committed to your cause they will become (human nature). In addition, notice something extremely subtle. The phrasing is “Make this a monthly contribution”. Again highlighting the commitment.

No Begging: Again. This is a page he does not care about at all… yet it is done correctly. This page only exists to get people mentally committed to his campaign since he does not need a couple million dollars.

His phrasing is as follows:

By law the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $2,700” (Select amount) “Make this a monthly contribution”.

Compared to his competitors:

Chip in to stand with Hillary in 2016” (select amount on three different clicks) “Please make this a recurring contribution.”

All of you affiliate marketers can stop laughing now. Seriously, you can stop. We know you’re laughing and we’re laughing with you. Anyone who makes at least 4 figures a day online (we’re drawing the line there) knows this is a material error and is sending the reader away from the page. By asking a person to “chip in” and going with “please” you’re going after the lowest of the lowest common denominator and you’re generating less money.

Don’t worry… Jeb is using the “chip in for a dollar” language as well.

Incredible Voice Control

We wish we could find a better word, but we’ll just use one of his. Tremendous. He has a tremendous ability to control the tone and cadence of his voice. We first recognized this ability in full force on Jimmy Kimmel when asked tough questions about the Muslim statements. The best part? People believe he is not speaking this way on purpose. It is being done with a purpose. He even takes *less* time to “temporarily” say the word “temporary”! (Ie: emphasizing the feeling of the word).

For fun, lets take a look at his latest video thanking his supporters into the New Year. We suggest opening a separate browser.

Here is the message:

“I want to wish everybody, a very very happy new year. Hopefully 2016, will be an unbelievably successful one. For our Country, for yourselves, for your family and thank you very much for all of the tremendous support that I have received.”

We are sure you caught it. What you’ve read does not match what you’ve actually heard because it looks like a boring message with a run on sentence to close. Here is what really happened.


*****Rat, tat, tat, tat, tat*****


(Pause, the word TRUMP is erased in an even faster five paced motion, five again however)

“I want to wish everybody a very very happy new year.”

(this sentence is done in a classic rainbow with the peak word being the second very easing into the new year statement)

“Hopefully, two thousand and sixteen. Will be an unbelievably… successful one.”

(He spells out and elongates the word 2016 to give the viewer something to look forward to by how he *says* it followed by a single strong hand gesture to explain a successful *one*)

“For our Country. For Yourselves. For your Family.” (pause)

(Three step process: he talks about the three things you care about the most in ascending order, you kind of care about the Country, you certainly care about Yourself and you absolutely care about your Family)

“and Thank you very much for all of the tremendous support… that I have received.”

(the final delivery will also be missed, he has emphasized only three words and all you will remember is “very tremendous reception” – not the word received)

*****TRUMP Make America Great Again******


An entirely different feeling going through the second run through. Now, certainly it is laughable to think that this is going to make or break his campaign. We certainly have no clue if he will actually win, we are simply going through his sales techniques and are banking on his ability to *out sell* the other candidates.


We did an extremely small amount of work on analyzing his sales technique (maybe we will do another post if there is interest solely in his wording and salesmanship) but here’s the takeaway.

– Trump is not a politician. If he goes the political route we see him losing ground (a lot of it as he will appear weak)

– The media is out to slander him, the entire nation has proof (intern plants) and now the main weapon is being devalued in front of our very eyes

– He is not going to take money from anything related to politics (doubling down on number 1)

– He is going to use *mass production and marketing* he will not need to pay for air time as the media will attempt to slander him (do not need to spend on distribution)

– If there is a financial crisis or a time of war, we believe he will run away with the election as it is crystal clear that he is the most charismatic candidate and the most hard nosed on the docket

Basic predictions going forward? We see him losing the Iowa Caucus, we see him winning the GOP, we see him going after Hillary’s health, criminal actions and the actions of her husband (branding her as weak and unable to stand up for herself).

Will we be dead wrong? Who knows. But. That is why the claim is bold. We’re expecting this to be the result after all.



    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Oh it is definitely about the majority.

      Who can *sell* the majority. Pandering is for losers. Like Jeb bush.

      “Hey yo man can I get a dollar to maybe kinda do better after I wasted $70M already?”

  1. AC says

    Very, very good break down. You truly have put a ton of hours in marketing.

    I would love to see a second post on this topic.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      We may do one as his branding will unlikely change. He is locked in and expect some more humanizing branding similar to the photo of him reading a children’s book “winners aren’t losers” – from the kimmel event.

      Admittedly we have stolen many of his phrases/online tactics. Just look at crippled America.

      • JCT says

        “Admittedly we have stolen many of his phrases/online tactics. Just look at crippled America.”

        Interesting that you mention Crippled America. IMO that book is his only real branding mistake. The cover shows a scowling Trump and associates that image with the word “Crippled.” Seems to convey the opposite of what he’d want. You mind clarifying? Wondering what you see there that I don’t.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        We took ideas from his sales page. We will not say anything more than that.

        It was a clear sales tactic. Clearer than a Pepsi commercial at a sporting event.

        We only hope he continues to win so we can continue to take new ideas. We’re also extremely careful with everything we write with regards to sales, anyone who is actually doing well in Sales (4 figures net Income minimum a day) will know *exactly* what we are doing and potentially who we are. Not worth it given the fake names and accounts we have created to prevent dreadful internet fame.

        For fun, read his sales page once you read it 3-5 times you’ll know exactly where he got the model from. Find the source of the model page… boom you have a new page to use.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      We forgot to add the same disclaimer, we do not answer questions anymore. Only in Q&As with subscribers.

      Also never talk to your co-workers about politics, just find their view agree, smile and nod.

      You won’t change their minds anyway.

  2. says

    It’s gonna be a very interesting year. They will try everything not to let Trump become president. I am curious what he will do to win and face all the resistence, which will be growing the more we approach November. Probably we all will be able to get some good lessons.

  3. RealtorGuy says

    Just saw the exact same thing in the Canadian election. Emotion wins elections 90% of the time. Emotion+going after a previous neglected base+charisma = success.

  4. says

    Oh, and if anybody else wants to bet, I’m happy to bet up to $100 with 10 people who choose Trump and I’ll choose Hilary. If neither wins, then whichever respective party wins gets $100. We can just do a year end transfer via PayPal.

    Who’s up for it?


    • BEN says

      I am in. WSP has my email.
      Just found this comment on Scott Adam’s blog
      “Iowans are wonderful people. Wonderful. And I appreciate all the support I received. They’re not representative of all of America. They’re wonderful Americans, but they have certain concerns like ethanol that other Americans don’t share, and they don’t have as much experience of some problems like open borders that other states like Texas, Arizona have. It’s a wonderful state and I know that Iowa will vote for me in the end. Not Hillary, never. She’s wrong for Iowa and the nation, and everyone can see that. I look forward to winning this wonderful state in November.”
      It seems some smart people are starting to think like Trump. #ThinkLikeTrump

  5. says

    There is always a difficult point in keeping a balance between “selling” (sound pleasant and a good guy) and stand up and “say your opinion” (break rapport).

    Most average people need to hear a good marketer/salesman. I still struggle to come up with a “formula” as to what works best.

    I guess you always have to deliver the most amount of value, by talking emotion (your sales pitch) while on the same time don’t break rapport with average people (who will finally elect you/be your customers).

    Take for example your site. You don’t give a fuck about being politically correct, rapport breaking is your talent :p

    Someone could argue that if your language was sweeter, you would have a larger audience (of worse average quality).

    I am not sure this way, works for politicians though.

    You can always make money by selling a pen to a million people or a yacht to a handful.

    Politicians on average take the exact opposite route than you are because for them quantity > quality.

    I’d really love to hear your opinion on this one – even better with an article 😉


    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Quite an interesting comment there! Yes this is certainly a polarizing website. We would wager most scoff and leave and the only people we end up keeping are people who “get it”.

      Secondly, Trump’s tactics are not at all in-line with this website, even in point two we explained our site would be bad branding for him. He wants nothing to do with this specific niche, it would hurt him so of course his sales message doesn’t resonate with the “elite”

      To be honest, not sure what you mean by a post on this topic… You named several.

      There are two markets in life: the masses and the elite. He is actually targeting the masses and is doing so beautifully.

      • says

        I will try to elaborate a bit more.

        When it comes to a sell, from a blog let’s say, you can take two distinct approaches.

        Approach 1:

        You address your content to smarter people, more successful, rational and less emotionally stirred.

        This has both negatives and positives. You gain fewer but “better” readers and you lose many “average” readers. (One aspect of a “better” person is someone who is financially free for example.)

        From a monetization perspective you give up possibly a lot by shutting down those average people.

        Approach 2:

        They address not so savvy people, they maintain rapport, and they publish light “how to become a millionaire” types of posts.

        Now where I struggle is:

        From a business perspective is there a better strategy overall?

        Despite the fact that you don’t use this website as an income stream, there are thousands of people that need to use their blogs as such. Even you have said that you are going to make your first products available at some point.

        Online sales grow bigger the bigger your audience is (numbers game). If your content is address only to the “elite” don’t you worry that you are not going to sell much of this product?

        Unless this is going to be a luxury type of thing only wealthy people can buy in the first place.

        I have actually written a post myself called: “Impact millions to make millions” in which I explain this exact principle.

        But besides that, on which principle you base your final decision? Some actual metrics, intuition, your personal favorite style?

        Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I think it’s pretty important as a general principle and we could you use some insights from more experienced people like you.


      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Ah easy then.

        Option two is where the money is at. Again we are being consistent here. You want money? Okay… four options/ Wall Street, Silicon Valley, business owner, sales. End of story.

        This blog will make peanuts if we sell something. Literally peanuts. If we sold a product for $10-20 we would make less in *one year* than we would in *two weeks* (sounds like that rap song look at me now by Chris brown). This blog is not and will never be a good source of income. It is a hobby and should not be used in any way as a template to make money. As a template to make *friends* then yes! To make money? Absolutely not!

        Why would we charge? You’ll see the answer in our next post.

        Finally, we still don’t think it’s even worth it to create anything at this point.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        Yep! Hence why you have to choose what you’re doing it for: money or fun.

        Ain’t no money in selling to a small subset of winners unless your product costs hundreds of thousands: ferrarri’s, homes etc.

  6. David Nystrom says

    Great post–but there’s a reason Trump will win the general election beyond salesmanship.

    Financial Samurai cites *math*, no doubt considering the declining white share of the population and the limited number of swing states.

    This is sound–if you weren’t dealing with Trump.

    Trump has a “killer op” which will allow him to bury Hillary in the general election.


    Trump can count on winning the traditionally Republican states, which as Financial Samurai knows isn’t enough to win an election. Financial Samurai is looking at worsening math for the GOP owing to the declining share of America’s white population.

    Now what largely white states don’t vote GOP? There’s New England, the Pacific Northwest…and the Midwest.

    What has happened to the Midwest in the past generation? Any of you notice that US Steel has the same market cap it did one century ago in NOMINAL terms? Do you remember what happened to the Big Three in 07-08?

    There are *millions* of disgruntled workers in the Midwest who know exactly why they’ve lost their jobs or seen their wages flatline in the past 30 years. These were the same people who supported Ross “the giant sucking sound of jobs” Perot in ’92, but Perot was is a weirdo who doesn’t have Trump’s salesmanship.

    A personal anecdote–in the early 1980s my father ran a division of an Illinois-based manufacturing company. Production workers in 1983 for that company made $14 an hour–IN 1983 DOLLARS.

    Today in Wisconsin, we pay the same NOMINAL wage to our manufacturing workers. And we pay better than anyone else in town.

    Trump is going to win *every* state in the Midwest except Illinois. This will deliver him a massive victory.

    Book it.

  7. JumpinJackFash says

    I agree about Trump’s skills but you guys are overlooking the main obstacle: getting the nomination. How to get the nomination? Secure sufficient support from GOP establishment. Not gonna happen. 2016 is Trump’s national front/ukip moment. Even if he’s got the numbers, the powers that be will not bank on him.

    • RE Guy says

      Here’s what you’re missing Sam.

      Regular people are idiots…and there is a lot more of them than smart people like you and me.

      There’s a reason Obama was our first “Celebrity President”. (And who better to succeed him then the man behind “The Celebrity Apprentice”)

      People have been getting dumber and dumber, relying on branding and sales pitches over substance.

      That isn’t to say there wasn’t substance underneath Obama’s celebrity, or that there isn’t substance underneath Trump’s, it’s to say the majority are too dumb, too distracted and too disinterested to get to the bottom of important issues and make informed choices.

      They’d rather just be entertained and feel like they are informed.

      You’re a smart dude, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re also not a sales type of guy, not trying to bang random 21 year old hotties at bars etc.

      In other words you’re missing the big picture; the media fiasco is the whole point.

      That’s all regulars care about. It’s not a coincidence that Trump is constantly tweeting; you know what else pops up on social media? “This one easy way to lose 10 pounds in a week.” “You won’t believe what Miley Cyrus did at the VMA’s.” a.k.a. emotional masturbation masquerading as information and the masses eating it up.

      Trump gets just how dumb people are and exactly how to brand himself and sell to them, that’s it (and Obama did too to a lesser extent). You don’t see it because you’re smart, so you think “That wouldn’t work, that’s stupid”. And because you don’t regularly bridge the smart-dumb gap (i.e. banging a 8+ 21 year old the same night you meet her). Trust me, as someone who had to overcome this I empathize, but it’s the case.

      So long as Trump doesn’t have a major skeleton fall out of the closet, and likely with all the time he has spent in the limelight I doubt now anything new will come to light, I’m confident he’ll win.

      P.S. You do understand Obama had celebrities with him on his campaign, a lot of them, and McCain even tried to run an ad linking him with Britney Spears i.e. he’s unreliable, irresponsible etc. How did that work? And look at Trump and celebrities. Regulars buy all sorts of crap because celebrities tell them to. And on credit. If they’ll mortgage their futures because some celebrity told them to, they’ll elect a president (and have before).

      P.P.S. To address your original point, Obama carried many Red states because people felt they were caught up in something historic, “the first black president” (and many grown men and women cried during the election), and of course he came into office and did basically the same stuff every other president did. So how do people feel now about a Presidential candidate who isn’t a politician like all the rest of them, doesn’t take lobbyist money etc. all the stuff addressed above in the post. Feels different. Like something historic.

      Like Hope.

      Like Change.

      What is it that people were voting for again? Hope? Change? Or was all that just nonsense. Was it just emotion?

      By the way, lest you think I’m just as caught up with this as anyone else, do you get how stupid it is that Trump constantly makes the argument that he’s winning in the polls and thus you should support him further, i.e. pure bandwagon. Who cares who is winning, who has the best platform/ability to do the job etc. is much more important. But he loves saying “Jeb has 2%” and “This poll showed me at 42%”, because people are sheep and they think “Well if he is winning he must be good, so I should support him too” or “I want other people to think I’m cool so I should support Trump like everyone else, otherwise people will think I’m weird” or some nonsense. Yes, he’s spun it now by explaining how he’s running an efficient campaign, and he’s right, he used lots of free media coverage to get the same and in fact a better effect that the other candidates paid for. But. He’s been making that argument since the very beginning of polling (at least as far back as I started noticing him), long before numbers and spending was adding up. So again, you and me see the logic behind that as faulty, other people want to fit in, are afraid / mentally unable to disagree, and so trick themselves into liking Trump to avoid potential social fallout.

      • RE Guy says

        And one last connection between Trump and Game.

        Notice how unlike everyone else he spent the majority of the first part of the campaign causing emotional reactions, hyping himself up, saying bold things to get people’s attention. All the while he had very little substance necessarily thought out i.e. when pressed about specifics on his plans he didn’t give straight answers, maybe because he didn’t know, maybe because it was strategic ambiguity.

        In game we’d call this “building attraction”, and not answering serious questions, evading them or refraining them, perhaps passing shit tests or keeping a fun loose vibe.

        He had the insight to do this first and then once he had everyone’s attention he delivers the goods, the platform etc. And people actually take the time to listen to it, and weigh it’s pros and cons, give it serious consideration. Look at how everyone else, republicans and democrats, wound up discussing what it was he was discussing, reacting to him and his platform.

        That’s the difference between getting a girl attracted and then slowly giving her information about yourself, and just walking up and delivering your resume either without solicitation or upon request. Which is what basically the other candidates do. “Here I am, here are my policies. I’ll answer all your questions. Please vote for me.” Yawn. Boring. Supplicating.

      • says

        The great thing about a market, is that there are both sides. We’ll know by this time next year!

        Shall I lock you down for a $100 bet payable via Paypal? If neither Hilary or Trump wins, then whichever respective party wins, wins the bet.

        I miss a lot of things. But what I’m always willing to do is put my money where my mouth is, or else, what’s the point?


      • RE Guy says

        Laughing pretty hard here at the $100 wager.

        Also, I have a general rule not to gamble, real estate investing scratches that itch without exposing me to risks I can’t control.

        However, for the fun of it I’ll accept, with a condition.

        I noticed you put in that “Whatever party wins” condition i.e. if Trump is somehow cannibalized by his own party, after he’s pretty much torn them apart, then they’ll have a problem.

        So in exchange my condition is that you have to travel out to NY and I will make the same trip, and you, me and WSP’s will go out and make an earnest effort to get laid (I don’t know your relationship status, so if you’re wifed up we can make it a bit tamer).

        I also believe in putting my money where my mouth is, and since I see this as a function of sales and game, that’s only appropriate.

        Do you accept?

  8. RE Guy says

    You don’t need to participate, just officiate.

    In fact I’d rather you stay neutral that way you’re not winging anyone and influencing things.

    To be clear, Sam, read this in the absolutely more amicable and jovial tone possible.

    First, the “whichever party wins condition” to me seemed like a hedge that gave him an advantage, i.e. me knowing very little about politics or the goings on, other than following Trump for his salesmanship, it seems the dems have two candidates of equal quality and republican’s have one (of greater quality). The gloves on sort of debating (Trump said Bernie tried to protect Hillary from her scandal I believe) may mean that the ticket will be either Bernie/Hillary or Hillary/Bernie (if you remember from Obama, Hillary campaigned against him, then they did a backroom deal, she got secretary of state and he got her support). So, me being totally out of it, I assume that’s why that was there. Further I also don’t know what Trump’s party can or cannot, may or may not do to him, again, I don’t follow politics because I see it as a waste of time and attention. So there is that, but that’s not the most important point.

    The most important point and the reason I made that condition is because money wagers (of this sort) are a Catch22 in my mind.

    If it’s a trivial amount, like $100, then who cares? Not going to miss it if I lose. Not going to affect me if I win either. In other words, there’s no point.

    If it’s a significant amount, let’s say $5,000, then it would be interesting to lose/win. However. Why would I make an even money bet on something I can’t control when I can make the same bet on a piece of real estate and win 100% of the time? Further I can do it with much greater sums than 5k.

    So the only sort of wager that makes sense is one that involves something else, like I mentioned. And since I feel it’s a question of charisma and salesmanship, a demonstration of such makes my point much better than words on the internet.

    Besides, I wasn’t trying to argue with Sam. I’ve been there and I’m telling him that Trump is playing a high level charisma game, and that he should be taking notes (I sure am).

    In fact I stole one of Trump’s moves directly. If you watch that video where he tells the woman off who questioned him about women, and later said “she was bleeding out of somewhere” etc., he does this little “so-so” hand motion. Watch it, see what I mean.

    I was gaming a girl with a boyfriend, she liked me and was reluctant to admit that she had said boyfriend. So I did the “so-so” hand motion and said “If he’s one of those (does so-so hand motion) then we won’t worry about him” and that gave her permission to be single for the night. Now, were they technically still together? Probably. Did they recently have a disagreement? That’s the impression I got. Was she open to being gamed by a guy who could dispel the guilt she had regarding having one foot out and one foot in her relationship? Definitely. So with a waive of my hand, she was absolved of any responsibility to her boyfriend. Thank you Mr. Trump.

    In other words I get what Trump is doing and I’m 100% stealing his moves as I notice them for my own negotiations / game. And what I was saying is that the unfortunate/fortunate (depends on how you look at it) state of affairs in America today is that charisma is much more important than substance, hence Obama, and more than likely in the future, Trump.

    But I’ve got nothing but love for Sam. I’ve been the semi-nerdy dude with bank before who didn’t quite “get it”.

    It’s so much better over here on the other side. Come and join the party buddy. I’d rather “loser buys winner drinks” or some such thing etc.

      • RE Guy says

        If you’re referring to whether or not something happened with the girl, I over-escalated in view of her friend, who then cockblocked me saying “You’re not getting laid tonight” or some such thing. We were grinding on the dance floor and I took it one step too far (in sight of her friend, who in some sense wouldn’t want her to full on hookup with me and “cheat”, but was complacent with a strong flirtation and number, however if I was a bit more aware and keep it more covert, there was a good chance for that night (wait until her friend goes to the bathroom and then kiss my girl, give her a ride home at the end of the night etc.)).

        Which brings me to another game point about Trump, calibration.

        What he is doing is pushing his agenda forward as much as possible while respecting the comfort of his intended audience. In game this means moving towards sex as soon as possible while making sure the girl feels good about the situation. So walking right up to a girl and saying “Will you have sex with me?” would be the most direct thing possible and most likely to make her uncomfortable to a point where you couldn’t recover. However saying sexually suggestive things covertly and gauging her response to know to push forward or to back off and build more comfort/attraction/rapport whatever is the calibration. The act of pushing forward is escalation.

        So what Trump does with Carly Fiona is he says “With a face like that” etc. And of course, Carly is plain to put it nicely. So while Trump is rattling off all kinds of insults, weak, money-losing, ineffective etc. he is pushing the limit. He is escalating. He is willing to go all the way up to “the line” and even cross it, albeit unintentionally, it’s a risk he’ll take and that he’s confident he’ll recover from.

        Then what happens at the debate is telling, Carly does a very adroit reversal. “I think every woman in America heard what you said”, beautiful appeal to emotion and to the audience. Absolutely perfect. And you know what Trump did? He retracted. He immediately saw the tide turn and switched around his position to reflect the emotions of the audience “She’s a beautiful woman”. In other words he’s got great awareness of the crowds emotions, he’s expertly calibrated. And it’s that expert calibration which allows him to be so incisive with his remarks.

        Now look at what he’s doing to Hillary, attacking what you know is her real claim to the presidency, her husband. “A known womanizer” etc. He knows she’s going to play the woman card and he’s one step ahead of her, saying something controversial but in a sense true and certainly damning because he can handle any reversals thrown at him “But wait a minute Mr. Trump, you’ve been divorced twice, you were cheating on your first wife with your second wife etc.” or whatever and I’m sure he’ll have a great response to that.

        In short I’m saying respect the hustle and learn from a master. And I hope I’ve made it clear that I’m no master myself but another guy on the path, that’s all.

  9. says

    @RE Guy – I’m not sure if I fully comprehend your comment, but if you’d like to make it a clean Hilary vs. Trump bet, with no respective party wins as a backup, that’s fine too for $100. Keeping things simple is always welcome.

    I go out to NYC for the US Tennis Open every Aug/Sept if you want to buy me a quick drink and hand me $100 in cash in person next year, since we don’t know for sure by Aug/Sept this year yet. I’m on the UWS.

    Or if you are ever in Honolulu, Lake Tahoe, or San Francisco, I spent time at all three regularly too.

    • RE Guy says

      That’s not my style.

      I will however chill and talk with you for a minute, then leave you by the bar and pull over an 8+ I just met for you to buy her a drink.

      Then we’ll use the hundred you give me to uber back to my hotel room and bang it out.

      I promise to let her know the night’s festivities are “On Sam”.

      And because I’m such a good dude, I’ll even send you a picture of her and me in bed together, caption: “Thanks Sam!!!”.

      $100 pure Trump vs. Hillary, with null and void if either doesn’t win the nomination, sounds reasonable.

      WSP knows where to find me.

      • Wall Street Playboys says

        My god the laughs are worth way more than $100. Will put you two in contact for the future.

        Sent Sam your email.

        Honestly… literally laughing… at worst two of life’s winners get to meet. Awesome.

        It is never fun watching two losers battle, watching two winners is great entertainment!

    • RE Guy says

      Hello Sam,

      Of course my first choice for my win would be a steak dinner, sitting down with you and enjoying your company. I believe we’d have a lot to talk about, and I like being around successful, thoughtful people.

      Barring that, either because our schedules don’t allow it (I won’t be on the west coast anytime soon), or because you didn’t enjoy our exchange or would rather not meet me for any reason, my option #2 is for you to donate the $100 to a charitable organization of your choice that supports veterans. Just email me the receipt showing you made the donation (it doesn’t have to be in my name or anything like that).

  10. AC says

    Here is a nice update: his TV campaign:

    On a quick glance I noticed the following interesting elements:

    – He starts with ” *the politicians* can pretend it’s something else, but Donald Trump” instant differentiator from “politicians”, nice one.

    – Not his voice, but someone else’s (narrator) so it’s more convincing. Calm and authoritative voice. He only speaks at the start and finish, making himself look like he is not trying at all…. and he probably isn’t

    – Powerful, simple, few and to the point words

    – Strong images depicting his work. Very easy to see what he will do

    – Ends with a very powerful affirmation

    A very strong ad imo. Hope one of your 2 scheduled posts is about Trump!

  11. Flail says

    This analysis is spot on, but Trump is going to lose early, and then continue to lose.

    Elections are not about selling to the masses, they’re about identifying and mobilizing supporters. Trump is running a national campaign in the way a rookie loses a congressional or senate campaign. He is going big on what’s referred to as ‘earned media’, meaning press coverage, limiting spending on paid media (ads) until the last four weeks (when studies have shown the ads are most effective), and spending next to nothing on what’s referred to as ‘ground game’.

    He’s doing an awesome job selling when he’s in front of his audience, but your pitch doesn’t mean anything if you can’t close. Closing happens alone in a tiny booth on a particular day of the year–do you know the date of the presidential primary in NY right now, without looking it up? You know that when you have someone hooked, you need to close them immediately, you can’t just get the sale, and wait for them to go buy your product in a month.

    The wisdom in a political race is that once you’re established as a credible candidate, earned media is worthless, because most of the people who see it…are not the people who will actually show up to vote for you. So at that point, you need a mixture of direct marketing to supporters, aggressive polling to identify those supporters, then face-to-face commitments to show up at the polls, and phone calls the night before, and maybe even the afternoon of the election to get the people you’ve identified in the polls out in the streets–and that gets real expensive real quick.

    The sales master in this campaign is Sanders. He has basically zero earned media coverage, amazing fundraising, and if you sign up for his email newsletter or show interest if you get a polling call, you immediately receive a ton of targeted, personalized messaging, that his supporters, and only his supporters receive. His campaign could put a dollar cost on the amount of revenue they were losing per day when his data got yanked by the DNC. Could Trump even provide figures on his burn rate, or estimate his cost per vote? Usually one vote = $10 in a presidential election or primary, there are some ways to push that up or down, but if you’re spending more, you’re trying to buy something nobdoy’s selling, and if you’re spending less, you’re going to come in behind the guy who spends more (Romney’s $7 vs Obama’s $10).

    Trump is basically taking the tact a lot of idealistic rookie politicians take in local elections (big media on a hot button issue, lots of yelling, call the other guy a liar, strut, etc), which those rookies then go on to lose to people with effective machines for identifying and mobilizing supporters. If anyone can make this play work, it’s Trump, but he’d be the first.

    Trump talks a good game, but he isn’t setting up for finding his supporters and buying their time on Election Day.

    Lynn Tilton is more qualified for the job than Trump (he does luxe, she does distressed assets, everyone seems to think the USA is a turnaround play), and has a slightly more aggressive style. If she ran, I’d expect a WSP endorsement.

  12. Hmm... I think hillary says

    Well you can also think the other way around… I’m into sales and I believe more than anyone else that emotion moves the masses…But you know… Trump said so many things that are offensive for most of the “masses”.

    I think the democrats will use all the shitty things trump ‘ever’ said as propoganda to make him look really bad right before the elections. So people will only remember the bad stuff (as you know people love negative shit…)

    So my money is 99.99% on hillary winning. Also just checked out the odds for betting on it and the casino’s are in a big favor for Hillarry, So if you’re really sure trump will win, bet on him as it will 5 fold your money 😉

    Ps: I’m a little drunk last day at ASW *burp* Peace out

  13. says

    Sam referred me here.

    Putting $100 on Trump. Would prefer to have that money put towards some sort of event! But that’s up to your people’s discretion.


  14. The Doctor says

    Who cares about a steak dinner? I will make the same bet you made with Sam, except let’s do it for $50k. If you actually believe what you’re spouting this should be an easy score for you.

  15. says

    What user Flail said is correct. My dad is in politics. That’s all I can say on that topic.

    Trump gets mad media coverage, but in most states, for the GOP party, the district delegates get to vote or get mixed up with the mass majority votes.

    Trump wins the marketing capitalist game, but he will lose the political game because, IMHO, he’s pissed off too many potential allies. In capitalism sales and marketing wins, but in politics, well, there’s politics. Money and power move in different frequencies.

    In fact, you could say that the political game is actually rigged, the GOP and Democratic parties as 2 large entities that control most of america, staking out their respective state delegates and basically marketing who they want to the people of America to play this game that, as you correctly pointed out in this blog, they think they have control over.

    Interestingly, while Trump controls the gun owning, sister loving and racially ignorant parts of America, another candidate called Sanders is making waves with young, intellectual tree hugger types that actually have critical thinking skills. You may call them rich little spoiled kids trying to make a rant that the planet is dying, but I supposed I would rather have that than a redneck try to shoot me in the face for banging his sister?

    So it will be interesting to see, but if you leave my comment on here, my bet is on Bernie Sanders.

    I could be wrong, this is just a hunch.

  16. says

    BTW, while Im here. I gotten pretty good at game via PUA and with Affiliate Marketing Im now killing it there too, I’ve come to realize that, your blog is awesome for seeing the matrix and telling the truth about the masses vs. people who hack the system.

    But I will also challenge you guys out there, maybe there’s another perspective on this? We can view the system as something we can game, simply for our own benefit, or, perhaps, we can view it as a way to lead the masses to a higher level of consciousness. NO doubt, this will take time and maybe the effort wont be worth it, but maybe it can be a rewarding experience.

    For example, most people I meet are really stuck in their heads about their jobs, the bills, and the system. For my regular friends, every now and then, when I listen to them, they will ask me how I got out of the system, and what they can do.

    And every time this happens, I share a little with them. About the space between my thoughts. About the system. About leverage points, and how a man can stop a windmill dead in its tracks if you knew exactly where to push. You can see it in their eyes, the seed is planted. Maybe the guy goes back to being a drone, but every little bit helps. I’d like to think that, somewhere along the continuum, I made a difference in this person’s life.

    If money and power is the end all, be all, it can lead to an empty feeling? At the end of this year, in 2016 I made a promise to myself in terms of my personal and real priorities:

    a) be connected to that universal spirit that binds and animates all things in existence. (I hate organized religion, I practice Zen)

    b) have the most authentic, deepest relationships possible with all that cross my path

    c) killing it in business

    d) killing it with babes

    e) protecting and helping my loved ones, in a way that challenges them to grow (not just handing out money – that’s debilitating)


  17. says

    You are a rare breed! How did you get to this? This is excellent prophecy, may i say!
    Go to Amazon and read a new book kindle titled:
    POPE BLESSES TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, Democrats’ Weapon of Mass Destruction. If you don’t find it return in a couple of days.

  18. says

    Howdy Folks!

    Looks like we got ourselves a head-to0head race in Clinton vs. Trump!

    As a fair betting man, I’m open to increasing the bets and accepting new bets at up to $200 extra each. Who wants some of my easy money?

    Should be a good race!


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