Time to Manage Your Own Book?

We’ve been proponents of Dollar cost averaging for over 5-years (long-time followers of the blog will know this) and now we’re going to switch gears and suggest it is better to manage your own book. We’ve seen too many companies get bid up due to participation in specific ETFs/funds etc. that don’t deserve a propped […]

Follow the Hate and You’ll Find the Truth

After launching our first and (extremely likely) last book we saw an interesting trend. Multiple people who said our work was terrible, useless and “BS” all did exactly what was expected… They bought it. Surely a few will slam it as being fake (we know it isn’t), a few will steal and try to emulate […]

Efficiency is Now Up

Good news, at this point everything is running smoothly. If there are any issues there are three items 1) PayPal holds foreign transactions for 24 hours before releasing the funds – releasing link to product, 2) if you have not received it all you’ll need to do is email us with your receipt or the […]

How to Create a Robot

With all of the hype, noise and emotion around AI and robotics, we thought it would be good to highlight a way to create a “human robot”. Since we’re still several years away from robotics, we may as well create human robots in the near-term. Besides, a human robot can still be underpaid and deliver […]