10 Free Copies of Gorilla Mindset

We’ve been busy to say the least. That said, we did get the chance to purchase our friend mike’s book “Gorilla Mindset”. The bad news? We are only 30 pages into it and will read it when business slows down.

We see eye to eye with Mike on a lot of topics and think that many readers here will benefit so we’re going to give it away (a hard copy) to ten readers of the blog.

1) Leave a quick comment on why we should send you a copy

2) Please provide a one paragraph review when you’ve finished reading the book (5 or more clean sentences)

That is it. Provide your contact email when you leave your comment and we’ll take care of the rest privately via email.


***the giveaway is already over. For those that are skeptical we are paying mike cash and will not alter any words on the actual book review. We simply don’t have time to read at this time so this is a cheap option. Coins really.***


  1. John C says

    I’m in financial sales, lift big weights, and alpha a fuck. The best demographic to give an honest review for your website.

  2. Grivendal says

    Hey i live in Greece and my head is about to explode with all these people complaining about the crisis!
    I need this book to get peace of mind!!

  3. D says

    I’m studying to be a doctor, about 1 year away from graduating med school. I’m no finance guy, but you guys could use diversity.

  4. Raylan says

    Hey, I stay in Britain. Lost a ton of weight of the last few years. Turning my life around and developing a fuck you attitude to most things. Progress.

  5. Matt says

    You should send me a copy so I can give it to a friend to share with his 3 sons, ages 15 to 28, who really need it.

  6. Rob says

    Because I believe in actionable advice like you guys give. Unfortunately I can’t buy the book because I don’t have a creditcard and there is no other way to buy it online. Would be silly to pirate that great content.

  7. w says

    Hi, I used to be a full fledged normal. Everyday I continue to make progress and this book would definitely help.

      • w says

        Definitely less normal after this. I’m a college student with tons of energy, and at times it can be difficult channeling my energy into productive activities. The first ~5 chapters were incredibly helpful for this. I like how Mike gives “shoutouts” to many of his influences. It gives me more materials to read, and more insights to discover. Another aspect of the book I appreciated was the interviews, as they gave an additional perspective from a trusted authority into the topic at hand. There were a few typos here and there but overall the book provides several actionable pieces of advice that will benefit me in the long run.

        Thanks for sending me this.

  8. TheMan says

    Send me a copy.

    Always been a late bloomer, but make great progress once on track… And brothers have I ever gotten on track.

    If your allusion to ideological symmetry, with mike is correct, then this book is will be a useful amalgam of the information needed to get the rest of my life in gear.

  9. PB says

    Redpill early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when WSP came out in ’12, I think you really came into your own, philanthropically and artistically. The whole site has a clear, crisp message, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the articles a big boost. You’ve been compared to Alfred Kinsey, but I think Oscar Wilde has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

    First year commerce student in Australia. Getting my life on track and always appreciate new ideas on outlooks. It would be my pleasure to read and review Mikes book, there’s no point in reading for fun, I read to gain something.

  10. LM says

    Big fan of gorillas and would like to know more about their mindset. More seriously, just finished my undergrad and about to start medical school. I want to make the most of time I currently have available before I get completely swamped with school.

  11. Pat says

    Rising sophomore undergrad at semi-target with intent of going Ibanking. Working at a private wealth management firm this summer. Been reading your articles for the past year and a half

  12. Daniel says

    I am a lazy guy and want to find a quick way to get rich, get fit and bang supermodels, big fan of self help books. More seriously, I am 26, have a very good sex life thanks to all the effort i put in previous years, have intresting hobbies (amateur mma fighter, lead singer in a rock band, speak 4 languages, etc). But this blog openned my eyes that it is money what i should be pursuing at my age. I didn t put the required effort in my early 20’s so now im trying to catch up, started my own buisness (cofee shops) last november, I am still losing money every month, but i have faith that if i keep on working, in some near future there will be a cofee shop of mone in every corner. Improving my mindstep could help me a lot.

  13. Gustav says

    I am 18 years old at the very beginning of my adult life. I’ll benefit majorly from it and you will help me not to become another millenial loser crybaby. Besides that, I am Danish which is useful because you will have a more varied demographic.

  14. Blue says

    I love you content you guys provide and anyone you guys cosign. I’m 19 already have my mutual funds working while I’m in school studying Electrical Engineering. Thanks in advance guys.

  15. says

    Reason: I have two startup businesses, one being PhalloGauge.

    Trying to break out of my current job and the ‘normal’ view as described on this blog and trying start up a few more businesses, buying marketing traffic, and doing everything possible to become an elite person.

  16. João says

    Foreign brazilian sophmore here. Been visiting the blog since 2013, got fascinated about the wall street’s posts and also about gaming. Got an internship at a BB in asset management this summer thanks to your main posts. The book would be an amazing asset for me right now, I’m just working on rewiring my brain and pursuing a different mindset.

  17. Technical sales says

    Seriously, the book is only like $9 and nobody is even reading the bold comment that the free giveaway is over (lol at people still posting trying to get it). A bit counter intuitive for you guys to give something away isn’t it?

    It’s a great read.

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      Not really we know what we’re doing.

      We have given away over $500 on Twitter

      We have also now given away $160 (hard copies) of GM.

      We give away free stuff every few months depending on the situation.

  18. Natural Gas Desk - Houston says

    Will go ahead and purchase the book on my own via AMZN – currently reading “more money than god” but it’s def on my list!

    I follow the guy on Twitter and read his blog from time to time – some of it is motivational fluff I gotta admit, but the fluff is surrounded with sound advice – particularly on lifting – so I can’t knock Cernovich to hard.

    At the end of the day he’s in the game to make $$$ and selling motivational fluff to regulars generates $$$$$ (how they *feel* is reality to them) therefore I see him as a guy who understands the game and knows how to play it.

  19. Gary says

    Great tweet on never rely on someone else for income however you always have to rely on someone else. If you are a wage slave you rely on your boss or company. If you are self employed you rely on your customers. If you are an investor you rely on the stock market. Point blank

    • Wall Street Playboys says

      That comment shows a severe misunderstanding of finance.

      When you own shares/bonds you own a piece of the company/required debt payments. Therefore people work for you, you do not work for them. They are forced to pay you

  20. Yuri says

    I am living in third world country, i have been working as corporate planner and saw a lot of your posts.

    Need a lot of guidance about life and money.

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