How to Play Dumb

***As noted in our Start Here section we are no longer answering any questions, only during sporadic Q&A’s for subscribers and once every quarter or so on Twitter*** Before we begin, everyone should take note that a smart person can play dumb but a dumb person cannot play intelligent. A smart person is simply spending […]

10 Free Copies of Gorilla Mindset

We’ve been busy to say the least. That said, we did get the chance to purchase our friend mike’s book “Gorilla Mindset”. The bad news? We are only 30 pages into it and will read it when business slows down. We see eye to eye with Mike on a lot of topics and think that […]

Guest Post: Game and Business Intersections

***We have not had time to post and do not think the issue will be solved near term. That said, frequent commenter *RE Guy* may have an interest in blogging and we’re letting him run with his own guest post today. We have not edited any of the content and will read the post at […]

What is a Regular Person?

Cutting straight to the point, a regular person is someone who should not bother reading this blog. They should immediately close the browser and go to a motivational seminar or spend their money on self help books written by unsuccessful people. If they are really ambitious, they can go ahead and update their resume and […]

Things to Know for Your Thirties

We have gotten a lot of requests for a post on “rules for your thirties”. Unfortunately? There is no value in a post like that. Anyone who has succeeded is not going to be interested in a post on rules since they already have their life together. Generally, this question is posed by people who […]

Analysis Paralysis: Damaging Your Net Worth and Future

We’ve been writing too much. The blog grew far too quickly and we’re receiving low quality questions that are being deleted at lightning speeds. Not a good sign. While many of the questions appear to be good from the perspective of the reader, they fall under the same umbrella: Analysis Paralysis. This is a function […]

Is Making Money Psychological?

While our more popular posts have detailed analytical explanations on how to increase income… this post is going to take on the qualitative side of the equation. It will be similar to our post on finding your type of intelligence. If applied correctly? Your income should increase *materially*. There are many hurdles that you will face […]

$1 Million, 10 Years, Zero Excuses

We’ve gotten some mail regarding our requirement for posting here. Which is a $1M+ net worth and at least 5 years of front office experience. For some, this seems “impossible”. But. The math simply doesn’t lie. If you’re 27 years old and you’ve made Vice President in a revenue generating role, you’re already making ~$500K […]